SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 34 (ishqbaaz ff)

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Epi 34-

Shivaay- anika, don’t let the fears take over your happiness, never let that happen. When u let, fear take over u, u miss the most beautiful moments of your life.

Anika looks at shivaay lovingly and gives a smile

Shivaay- now that is like my anika
Anika- shivaay, today before going to the mansion, it is the final judgement, everything will go right na?
Shivaay- of course everything will go right. Mrs. chadda herself confessed the crimes committed by her son and husband. Mr. chadda will pay for the lives he took and rohan will pay for attempt to rape and murder.

Anika and shivaay hug.

Anika- shivaay, yesterday pinky aunty had come home
Shivaay- mom? Why?
Anika- she asked me to take a call.
Shivaay- on what?
Anika- our marriage. She said that today the chaddas will leave our lives for good and so we should think of the future of our relation
Shivaay- anika, I honestly did not know about this, mom has been telling me this but I thought she understood. I will talk to her, u don’t worry
Anika- no shivaay, she is right in her place. She is worried for her son’s future and on top of that, ever since this case reopened and my identity of being a Raichand has come out, media has posted all sorts of crap about us. And I am not telling u about my and pinky aunty’s meet yesterday so that u can make her understand, I want to know what u want.

Anika looked at shivaay with insecurity and awkwardness clearly visible in her eyes.

Shivaay- anika, I love u and will always love u. I can wait till my last breath for u. I don’t want to get into a beautiful and pure relation of marriage with force, I want it to happen when we both are ready and I know u need time. I know it is difficult for u to accept what is going on and u cant get committed right now.
Anika- shivaay… thank u, thank u for everything. U have been my support all this while. I know I haven’t told anything about us yet to adi bhaiyya, shanu, mona or naren kaka, but I will tell them when everything is fine and settled.
Shivaay- its ok. I understand anika.

Anika pov- shivaay, u r understanding. But I know that u r not happy with my decision of telling my family about us afterwards but I don’t want any other topic discussion or drama right now.

In om’s room

Om is chatting on his phone. Of course with his anjaani. Their convo—

Om- thank u so much for everything
Anjaani- what did I do?
Om- u gave me the strength to face the problems that I was facing since a month.
Anjaani- ?? u broke our rule!! No thank u!!………………
Om- ?? I just wanted to show my gratitude
Anjaani- ?? that’s ok. Actually I wanted to break it too. U too helped me out with roller coaster of emotions I was going through and if I was emotionally stable even after so much tussle, then it is only because of u so thank u
Om- u don’t need to thank me.
Anjaani- BTW, did u realize something? Today is an important day for both of us!!!!
Om- yup! It is.
Anjaani- not bad huh??
Om- ??
Anjaani- u typed “yup!!” !!!!!!!
Om- oh! Right! That is again because of u
Anjaani- ??
Om- ok got to go bye!
Anjaani- me too, bye!

Om keeps his phone in his trouser pocket and starts to leave with a wide smile on his face but stops on seeing rudra looking at him with his infamous detective look.

Om- wha… what?
Rudra- u were again chatting with ur virtual GF weren’t u?
Om- rudra!! She is not my virtual GF
Rudra- o I catch u red handed everyday
Om- hey! Listen, there is no such thing, she is a very sweet, mature, understanding…
Rudra- yeah yeah, I hear this everyday too. If u start about her u wont stop.
Shivaay (he enters om’s room and hears the same old story)- and u still don’t know anything about her.
Om- I don’t know about her, but I know her
Rudra (confusing look)- what?? I don’t understand
Om- and u wont understand in a lifetime, we will get late for the hearing, shall we go?

Shivru nod and they leave.

At the same time, in a corridor of OM.

Ishana has a bright smile on her face and was looking into her phone, she keeps it in her bag and looks up to find anika and mona looking at her with their detective looks.

Ishana- wha… what?
Anika- shanu, we have heard enough alibis and stupid explanations
Mona- now tell us what is happening to u!
Anika- shanu, u don’t trust us or what? U wont tell ur taai what makes u smile so bright when u are in a bad mood and what is in that phone that u don’t let it go away from u!!
Mona- taai, not “what” it is “who” I am sure

Ishana (giving a defeated look)- ok ok ok!! I am telling. (ani and mona look at her as if they have been given a bag full of candies) there is this guy I met… not met but called and talked to because of a wrong number, actually I had took disha my friend’s no. but then I ended up calling him always because of wrong number before I call the right number i.e disha’s and eventually we stopped calling and started messaging.

Anika and mona look at each other and then at ishu

Anika- do u know who he is, where he lives, what he does and things like that??
Ishana- ummmm… no
Mona- then??!! U keep chatting with a stranger
Ishana- he is not a stranger!! I don’t know about him, but I know him!!!
Anika- hmmmmm. So he is the reason behind your evergreen smile nowadays huh?
Ishana (blushing)- yupp
Mona- u don’t know his name also
Ishana- no
Mona- then what do u call him?
Ishana- anjaana!!
Anika- ooooooo Ishana’s anjaana!!!

Anika and mona tease Ishana a bit more and leave for the hearing.

Court scene.

Ranveer submits a video in which rohan was tricked into speaking the truth of what happened two years ago with radhika (ranveer’s sister) and they already had Mrs chadda’s confession statement and today, Mr. chadda accepted his crime on repeated questioning as he realized there was no use of running because all other proofs were against him.

The police are seen taking Mr. chadda and rohan chadda away and Mrs. Chadda is wiping tears whereas adi, ani, ishu, mona, naren Mehta (ishu and mona’s dad) are happy and relieved and so are shivaay and omkara looking at their love interests.

Pinky- aals well that’s ends well!!
Jhanvi- thank god, everything went fine
Shakti- now the children have got what they deserved, the Raichand mansion, their long lost home is given back to them
Tej- now the Raichand empire is also under Aditya. And Raichands are back in business!!
Aditya- um.. no uncle, Raichand empire is not under me. Actually I never wanted to get into business, it was the situation that forced me to do so.
Pinky- arre!! If u wont handles business then who wills??
Aditya- the one who always dreamt to do so, the one who always wanted to become a business tycoon like her dad since childhood, my sister, anika… anika Raichand

Shivaay looks proudly at anika and rest all are given a very pleasant surprise.

Aditya- I have always wanted to go into film industry as a director or producer, anika was the one who always was behind business.
Om- wow!! Director, nice choice!
Ishana- thank u! it was me who gave bhaiyya that idea years ago
Om- you??
Ishana- yes, me! Bhaiyya loved making videos and capturing pics. He used to do that all the time and he was damn good at it too.
Anika- I know, he had made so many videos of so many moments. All of those must be in the mansion right?
Mona- yess!!!! We can go through all of those again!!!
Ishana- but will those work now?
Naren- if they don’t then I have the copy of all of them at home
Anika- you do??
Adi- yes he does! I had given aatya a copy of each those videos
Shakti- that is good. U children go to the mansion now, cherish ur memories and take rest
Rudra- chote papa, papa I was thinking if we all could… I mean me, prinku, shivaay bhaiyya and o stay there with them… we all will give them emotional support and…
Jhanvi- enough enough, u don’t have to give frivolous reasons. U can go but don’t u dare pester them.
Rudra- no no I wont!!
Om- hmm. Idea is very good, and me, shivaay and prinku will go but u r mot coming

Rudra makes a cry baby face

Rudra- why?????!!!!
Shivaay- did u forget? Tomorrow you’ve got to go for your outing with your friends
Rudra- this is not fair!!!!
Prinku- everything is far in love and war. You only told that you have completed your last year in college and u will miss your friends and that is why you are going for this outing with them.
Ranveer- you were so excited all this while for the outing and now look at u
Om- u cant go from Raichand mansion as it will take another on or two hours from there to reach the train station and u will not get up early, so u better agree.
Shivaay- see, I have agreed for this train journey halfheartedly and now I can easily cancel it
Rudra- no no don’t cancel!!

Rudra makes a cry baby face but then agrees

All others chuckle except anika and Ishana as they pretend to console him giving him bribes and telling him that they’ll have a blast once he comes back.

Ishana- RV, u must stay back with us today as promised. U remember, right?
Ranveer- yes yes yes. I remember

Prinku smiles and her heart flutters hearing this. Ranveer looks at her with a smile

Ranveer (whispering to prinku)- u r coming right?
Prinku (blushing and whispering)- ummmm… yes!

Precap- anika enters her room in Raichand mansion and shivaay is holding her hand tight. She reminisces many moments spent with her family. Shivaay back hugs her and she lets her weight on him, closes her eyes and silently cries.

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