SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 33 (ishqbaaz ff)

Guys I am sorry for not updating on sunday and also not replying to many of the comments. I was busy, and I wont be able post daily but I will be regular, pinky promise I will not give very long gaps but just about a day or two.

Epi 33-

Om- ra… ranveer singh Randhawa?? Prinku are u serious.
Prinku- yes om bhaiyya, I am very much serious
Ishana- there is no one better than ranveer for the police duty and for the blueberry on top, he too hates chaddas.
Om- first of all, it is “cherry” not blueberry.

Ishana- I know it is cherry but I don’t like cherry, I like blueberries.
Om (muttering under his breath)- oh god! Here is another rudra, a lady rudra!!
Ishana- I heard that zulfi singh oberoi!!
Om- hey! Stop calling me that and what should I do if u heard it?
Ishana- I will, I will call u that only zulfi! Zulfi! Zulfi!

Everyone was enjoying their fight, adi and anika were quite surprise seeing Ishana tease omkara and shivaay and rudra were quite surprised seeing om react like a kid.

Om- ok now that is it!! I have had enough argument with u.
Ishana- oh really o? just a while ago u was so sweet and now u r fighting with me like a kid
Om- first, only rudra calls me o. second, I was sweet to u cause u were innocent. Third, u have to fight like a kid with a kid (pointing at Ishana)
Ishana- hey!! I am not a kid
Shakti- uffho!! Enough now keep quite both of you!!

Ishkara went quite like young students who were just scolded by their teacher.

Shivaay- now if u both are done, can we go on and talk about what we are supposed to?

Ishkara nod their heads in a ‘yes’

Prinku- shivaay bhaiyya, I know we had a few clashes with RV but now that is an old story, he is a nice person, honestly.
Ishana- Priyanka is right, RV is a very sweet person. And he will help us, it was because of those chaddas that he lost his sister.
Prinku- but Ishana, how do u know about RV
Ishana- when RV got transferred here, we became close friends. BTW how do u know him?
Shivaay- ranveer was the one handling the gayatri murder case so he knows him, but I did not know there was some other connection too (with a surprised voice)
Om- no, Ranveer had another connection with me and prinku.

All heads except shivrupri turned towards him ((ompri told shivru everything once it was cleared))

Om narrated the accident but prnku had something to add to it.

Priyanka- our car did hit ranveer’s sister radhika but then it was unavoidable because it was rohan chadda, the only heir of chadda grp who pushed her infront of our car. He had a few clashes with RV and he tried to molest radhika that day but then she hurled insults at him and in rage he pushed her to our car because of which she fell down the bridge, we could not get her body as it was night. And rohan had already buried her body by morning.
Om- how did u get to know this? As much as I know, we had no connection with RV after he apologized for the trouble prinku.
Ishana- prinku? RV? accident?…………… oh! Wait wait. So u r the prinku about whom RV keeps talking? With whom he shared what rohan disclosed to him a few months ago? And also became friends right?

Shivomru and tej and shakti looked at prinku surprisingly, the protective and possessive nature of brothers and fathers was woken up.

Prinku- ummm, yes. once everything was cleared we kept meeting as the police station is quite near to my college and then we became friends and he also told me about rohan disclosing the truth about what happened that night a few months ago.

Shivomru stare at their sister and then look at each other.

Shivomru- yeh ho kya rha hai?! ((what is happening?!))
Aditya- ok so ishu call ranveer or RV or whoever that is, we need to explain him and also head towards that lawyer
Ishana- ok bhaiyya

After a while ranveer aka RV as called by loved ones was in the oberoi mansion. He was told about Raichands and then their rivalry with chaddas, he happily agreed to help. Well there was a kind of awkwardness brought in by the three brothers but was ignored by RV and the females.

Ranveer- okay, I have gotten a few things cleared. The case will reopen and the court would take up the issue of the will, but we need to at least get the copy of the will which I am sure is with the lawyer.
Om- how do we know he has not destroyed it?
Ranveer- well, it is just a copy. If he is a dumb person he would have kept it and if he is clever enough to destroy it, we will get permission to get the original will from the mansion.
Shivaay- great! Now lets go without wasting any time

Soon, the youngsters left for the lawyer’s work place.

When they reached, shivaay made a straight clear statement to get to the point.

Shivaay- I am shivaay singh oberoi, so don’t u dare play games with me. We need Mr. rajesh raichand’s will. The case will be reopened and it is better u give it to us
Lawyer- wha… what… what will? I… I don’t have any will
Ranveer- don’t lie. We know u have it, better speak out the truth otherwise I know how make u speak the truth. ((he is in his uniform))
Om- otherwise, we can get your license canceled—forever.
Lawyer- no no, please don’t do that, I… I agree, the will is in the mansion and I have a copy of it.
Aditya- you worthless lawyer!!! My dad trusted you so much and u… u betrayed him when u had to support him!!
Lawyer- da… dad?
Anika- yes, dad. He is Aditya Raichand, eldest child of Raichands.

Lawyer was obviously shocked. Well, they had a hard time finding the will as it was buried down deep cause it was 14 years old. They at last found it and left from there not before asking the lawyer to find another job as his license will canceled in a while!!

After a month…

Anika was in the garden of oberoi mansion adoring the flowers when shivaay came and back hugged her.

Shivaay- so? We will be going to the Raichand mansion in a while huh?

Anika just hummed in response. Shivaay broke the hug and made her face him.

Shivaay- finally u have got back your home after 14 long years and there is no excitement in your eyes??

Anika takes a deep breath in

Anika- I know, I know I am going to my home after all these years and I should be happy and excited, like how mona and adi bhaiyya are. But I am scared shivaay, that house has so many beautiful memories which can never be recreated gain, the house held blissful dreams for the future which broke. It…… it gives me the fears.
Shivaay- anika, don’t let the fears take over your happiness, never let that happen. When u let, fear take over u, u miss the most beautiful moments of your life.

Precap- court scene. the police is seen taking Mr. chadda and rohan chadda away and Mrs. Chadda is wiping tears whereas adi, ani, ishu, mona, naren Mehta (ishu and mona’s dad) are happy and relieved and so are shivaay and omkara looking at their love interests.

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