SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (episode 3) (ishqbaaz ff)

Everyone are assembled near the huge Ganesh statue for the maha aarthi except shivika and omru.

Dadi- om, rudra, billu and anika are nowhere to be seen. Where are they?
Prinku- dadi, om bhaiyya and rudra bhaiyya went to get sahil as he was alone at home and anika could not go home. They will be here any minute.
Dadi- billu and anika, where are they
Pinky- I had called shivaay he saids he is coming, I think anika is with him.
Dadi- but where is he? Why did he go leaving such an important event?
By then omru come with sahil. Everyone greet sahil and om asks about shivaay, but no one know where he and anika are.

Panditji says ‘shubh mohurat will go off so better call him fast.’
Dadi- om call billu.

Om nods and is about to call but shivaay comes there with anika and says ‘that is not needed’
Everyone are happy to see shivaay and anika together that too with their perfectly matching dresses. Shivaay is looking handsome in his kurta and anika looking so beautiful in her sari.???

Pinky- anika, why did u change ur dress?

Anika remembers goons misbehaving with her and shivaay fighting with them and looks at shivaay and shivaay looks back.

Dadi- leave all this and come for maha aarthi.

Pinky and Shakti see anika and shivaay coming together and pinky says ‘look at them, they r perfects Jodi.’ Shakti smiles agreeing to this.

Panditji- who will do aarthi this year?

Prinku prays ‘god please do something. I just hope that choti maa and papa are not at loggerheads like they were last year.’
Dadi is also worried and she looks at Shakti-pinky and then at tej-jhanvi. Shivomru look at each other and through their facial expression it is clear that they won’t leave each other’s side.

Pinky- panditji is this any question to asks?
Tej- yes panditji there are three sons of this house
Shakti- so it is clear that all three sons will do the maha aarthi.
Jhanvi- shivaay, om, rudra go forward and perform the aarthi.
Dadi, prinku and anika are happy to see this. ☺☺
Shivomru- dadi one more thing, can Priyanka also join us?
Dadi- yes yes why not she is our only daughter and she is not less than anyone.

So shivomru and prinku do the maha aarthi. Anika is standing just behind shivaay and shivaay can just feel her presence there because of which a smile creeps upon his face.
After the maha aarthi, all the youngsters i.e. shivika, omru, prinku and sahil are sitting in a circle on the grass in oberoi mansion.

Anika- I think me and sahil have to leave it is getting late
Shivaay- why do have to leave… I mean it is so late
rudra- shivaay bhaiyya is right and all of us are having so much fun pls stay back for today anika didi.
Om- and tomorrow is Saturday so sahil also does not have school.
Prinku- pls stay back anika.
Anika- ok ok ok.

Everyone are overwhelmed especially sahil and SHIVAAY. ☺?

All of them talk and play games. Everyone are having fun. At around 12:30 anika sends sahil to sleep and then they play a game of truth and dare. They start the game and turn the bottle. The bottle stops at prinku.

Rudra – prinku all u have to do is sing a song which u can relate with. Very simple.
Priyanka- I know that all my three brothers love me very much and u have sang this song many times for me so the song with which I can relate is ‘ek hazaaro me meri behena hai’

She sings and they have a obrosis moment. Anika gets emotional looking at their bonding and her eyes get filled with tears, tears of pain of past and tears of happiness of present.
Shivaay notices this and sees the pain on her face and thinks ‘why is she getting teary eyed is it only because of seeing our happiness or something else too, there is something that she is hiding otherwise she would be smilling and not having any sign of pain on her face’

Screen freezes on shivaay’s worried face.

Precap- shivaay confronts anika asking her about why she gets scared in the dark and why he could feel pain on her face while playing truth or dare.

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  1. Mukta

    Really very sorry for not commenting in last 2 parts but I was out of station n was not able to read the ffs!!!!! But now I’m back!!!!! I must say ur ff is too good… I love the way u portrayed Shivika!!!!!! All the 3 episodes were more than awesome!!!!!!!! And all the Shivika moments brought smile on face!!!! Just super duper episode and super duper se upar wala ff!!!!!! Loving it very much…..

  2. Nice ep

  3. Ananya7044

    Nice yaar..upload the next soon

  4. Priyanka_22

    Awsum Samsun
    Hope shivaay realize soon his love for Anika
    Update soon

  5. Nansshivika

    Superb lovely waiting for shivay confrontation

  6. Rithik

    Nice update

  7. Awesome

  8. wow caring side of bagad billa love it and waiting for next

  9. Tulasi

    Awesummm….bagad billa itna understandng kaisee

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  11. SamSun

    Thank you all sooo much. I am very happy seeing that u guys r liking it. By the way shivaay has is understanding and caring but only for his family and now for anika too???

  12. Ishqkum

    Superb dr

  13. SamSun

    Thanks ishqum ?

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    It’s nice samsun dear……waiting for next…??

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