SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 26(ishqbaaz ff)

Hi guys I am back with the 26th epi as I said I will post soon. It feels good to be back, I am so happy to see

Epi 26-

The elders start talking about the business circuit and its changes over the many years.

Tej-do you remember the Raichands?
jhanvi- of course how can I forget them
pinky- and their work!!! (with sarcasm)
Shakti- yeah, I could not even imagine that Rajesh could do such a thing

When this talk was going on there was a bit silence from the youngster side so they could here the conversation
anika looks at them with shocked face. She goes to them

anika- why? What did they do as such? (her voice was breaking a bit)
the youngsters follow her to the elders
pinky- you don’t know what happened 14 years ago
dadi- Raichands were leading business group
tej- oberois and Raichands had equal power and fame
Shakti- until rajesh suddenly killed his own family along with himself!!

Anika was completely shocked.

Pinky- how could someone kill his own children??
Jhanvi- I still cant believe that RAJESH could have done something like that
Dadi- actual reason behind what he did is still not known
Tej- it is obvious ma!! He could not handle business pressure and may be was under debt
Jhanvi- no, rajesh raichand and debt?? You really think so tej?
Shakti- haan bhaisab, there must have been some other reason
Pinky- whatevers be the reason, whats he did is not rights
Dadi- hmmm. Killing family can never be right

Anika’s eyes were filled with tears and she could not take it anymore

Anika (shouting)- stop!!!! Stop this. You all are wrong. Everyone

She breaks down, everyone is shocked seeing anika. Anika was about to fall when shivaay holds her.

Shivaay- anika!! What happened? Why…….what

Shivaay was concerned, shocked and what not, he just could not express himself.

Anika turns her face towards shivaay’s chest as if hiding herself and she is crying uncontrollably. No one understood her reaction. Tej, jhanvi, Shakti, pinky, dadi, om, rudra, prinku, mallika, siddhart were shocked and surprised but a wave of concern took over seeing anika in such a state. But the one who was the most affected was shivaay. Anika was crying badly in his arms and every tear which rolled down her cheek pricked his heart. He could not see anika this way, but he himself was not able to understand anything or was not being able to react in any way, his face was expressionless but there was a flood of various emotions rushing in him.

For anika, it was bad. She was hurt, badly hurt and all she could do was cry. She could not listen to anything else. Echoes of many screams was all she could hear, black and white flashbacks of someone being stabbed and someone being beaten and some child lying lifeless on the floor with none of their faces clear was all she could see. All that she used to see in her nightmares were coming back to her, she started shivering. With great difficulty, she spoke with a trembling voice

Anika- it is not true. This is all a lie. Tell them billuji please, this is not the true past it is false it is a lie. Please. Please tell them shivaay.

She kept saying that while shivaay could now only think of comforting his lady love, the woman who stood so strong to challenge and win against shivaay singh oberoi was now in a vulnerable condition, in such a state shivaay could only think of being her support and nothing else.

Shivaay- ssshhhhhh……. Anika it is fine. Just forget it. All of this is just a lie, everything took wrong. I am telling you, right? Now please stop crying, stop shivering u don’t have to be scared of anything or anyone I am with you nothing will happen. Stop crying.

Anika felt her head heavy and fell unconscious in shivaay’s arms. Shivaay picked her up, took her to his room and gently laid her down on the bed. Wiped of her tears and covered her with a blanket.

He came out only to be met with the shocked and worried faces of his family members along with mallika and siddhath.

Pinky- shivaay, she is fines na?
Dadi- she is not much hurt right?
Shivaay- no no. she….. she fell unconscious probably because of crying and fear, but she is fine.
Tej- thank god!!
Shakti- but what happened to her? Why did she react in such a way?
Siddharth- does she have any connection with the Raichands??
Mallika- it seems so. Shivaay?
Shivaay- I don’t know mallika, she has a painful past is all I know
Rudra- painful past??
Om- shivaay is right. Even I felt so but I just ignored it
Shivaay- but I am sure about the fact. Now I have a lead, i.e. Raichands.
Prinku- Raichands??
Dadi- all I have understood is that she was connected very closely to the Raichands.
Mallika- but why did Raichands come into conversation suddenly?
Shakti- mallika, we were talking of various business families over the year and the Raichands was one such family.
Tej- in fact, it seems we have a meeting following which a deal will be signed with Mr. Aditya Raichand.

Siddharth- Aditya Raichand??
Jhanvi- but how can you be sure that he is a part of the raichand family we are talking about??
Shakti- no. we are not sure about him being a part of rajesh raichand’s family, we just doubt it. He has the raichand surname
Pinky- in todays worlds there are many peoples with richand surname, but they do not belong to rajesh raichand’s family
Dadi- but if he is, then he might be knowing anika’s connection with the Raichands
Om- dadi is right. There is no harm in asking Mr. Aditya Raichand about it.

Mallika quietly takes siddharth to the side

Mallika- sid, can we please stay back? Anika really needs me. She has been there for me when I needed someone by my side and now is my turn. I know you and shivaay don’t go well together but you and anika do, so please if not for shivaay or oberoi family, for anika. Please can we stay back?
Siddharth- you don’t have to explain much mallika, I understand. I know you are very close to anika she is my close friend too. In fact even I want to stay back and help them here in any way possible.
Mallika (brimming with joy)- thank you so much sid!!!!

Siddika join the other oberoi members who were waiting for anika to wake up.

After a few minutes anika slowly opened her eyes only to find many pairs of worried, concerned eyes looking at her, she came back to the present and reminisced her reaction and their conversation. Her head felt heavy and eyes again filled with tears. Shivaay sat beside her and gently wiped her tears.

Shivaay- anika……………

Anika cut shivaay in between

Anika- I know u all are confused and worried, but……… I ……………I am sorry, I know I had to tell you all this before, but…………. I was lost in the happiness I got, but right now I cant tell anything or reveal anything, I have promised someone very close to my heart and I cant break it. Once I meet him, I will reveal everything to all of you and…………… after knowing the truth whatever decision you take I will agree to it…………… even if it is to leave shivaay.

Shivaay looks at her shocked and so does everyone.

Shivaay- whatever maybe the truth, I don’t care!!! I…………… you…………… what do you mean………… mean by leaving???

Shivaay just couldn’t take what anika just said, and he left from there. Omru ran behind him trying to stop him.
Back in the room, mallika sat beside anika and consoled her. The elders along with siddharth left the two best friends as they knew mallika could handle anika.

In om’s room

Shivomru were present

Shivaay was in a bad state, first he had to see anika go through such a tough time and now he had to hear anika say ‘even if it is to leave shivaay’
Omru were trying to talk to him and calm him down but he wouldn’t budge.

Om- shivaay, just listen to us, try to understand. Anika is not fine, she might have just said without thinking.
Shivaay- said without thinking??? Om seriously!!! She said such a thing without thinking??
Rudra- bhaiyya, she is not well too, and if u behave like this then it will hurt her more
Shivaay- I don’t know all of that rudra, she should not even have thought about saying such thing. First of all seeing her scared and shivering was frightening enough for me and then her words!!!

Om’s pov- shivaay was acting like a small kid and rudra here became sensible and mature. But I understand shivaay, he is shaken up. I am sure he is scared of losing anika and anika’s words have hurt him more. He is confused with her past, he is scared of losing her, he is concerned for her health but he has to stay strong for her.

Om- shivaay, like you fear losing her, she too fears being away from you but what she is more concerned about is you being away from your family because of her.
Rudra- bhaiyya, think she is connected to Raichands and the conversation between chote papa, choti ma, ma, dadi and papa must have triggered such a fear in her.

Shivaay sat silent for a while lost in deep thoughts, omru were relieved that he was finally seeing what anika meant.

After a while shivomru also went to the library where everyone else were present. Mallika too entered.

Shivaay- mallika, how is anika??
Mallika- shivaay, relax. she is better, she just fell asleep
Om- that is good. She needs rest.
Siddharth- I got all the information I could about Aditya Raichand. He is quite a secretive person and it was not possible to get any info of his childhood or any past incident. He used to work in many big business empires in delhi and then set up his own small company call kritesh.
Rudra- kritesh empires??? What name is that!
Sid- no its not any empire, just a small business company which is recently set up.
Tej- that is why we have not heard of it. But why do they want a deal with the oberoi empire?
Sid- tej uncle, it is not only oberoi empire, they had a deal with one of our companies in bandra too also with the shekhawat company.
Shivaay- looks like he is more interested in companies in Mumbai.

Rudra- we got to know about Aditya Raichand, but what about Raichand family
Prinku- papa, chote papa you must be knowing them right?
Shakti- oberois and Raichands were equal but there was not much personal interaction or rivalry. We used to meet them only during business occasions
Tej- but I have my doubts of anika not only being related to Raichand but she herself being a Raichand
Shivaay- what do you mean bade papa?
Tej- rajesh and his wife kriti had three children, the ledest was a son and the other two were daughters. Rajesh’s son never came in front of the media or in front of any of us, but his eldest daughter was always with him and her name too was anika, anika Raichand.

This new revelation surprised the youngsters.

Shakti- yes, I remember. She used to always be there with her father on every occasion and success party. She was very interested in the business world, well brought up and kind hearted.

Shivaay went into a few flashbacks, he reminisced anika cracking the deal with which he was stuck and then her telling that anything could happen in darkness and the elders telling the Raichand tragedy.

Shivaay- maybe, maybe she is the elder daughter of Mr. Raichand.
Om- what makes you say that shivaay?
Shivaay- anika once helped me crack a deal, the deal with which I was stuck for many days. She had shown such a keen interest in business as if she knew it since childhood, and she fears darkness
Rudra- many people get frightened in darkness bhaiyya!
Shivaay- but not like anika, she is scared of darkness because of an incident that had occurred, and the way she reacted, protecting the Raichand name it just might be that she is anika Raichand.
Prinku- It might be bhaiyya but we should not jump to conclusions.
Jhanvi- prinku is right, first we will contact Aditya, sign this deal
Tej- it is a small company without much profit, but if it is for anika, we will sign it.
Sid- once the meeting is done and deal is signed I guess we should make anika meet Aditya
Mallika- sid is right, anika might just recognize him.

After this tej, shakti went to set the meeting, whereas the oberoi ladies left to their respective rooms not before checking on anika once, rudra went to show siddika their room for the day, om went to his room and shivaay to his were his love and life was sleeping.

Precap- the woman gets out of the auto, pays the person and rushes to the reception, she asks for “Mr. Aditya Raichand” and the receptionist calls someone and then asks her to go to billiard room as Aditya is there. She rushes to the billiards room only to find a man standing still with his back facing her. Woman (with suspicion filled voice)- adi bhaiyya?? Aditya slowly turns to see the woman with tear filled eyes.

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