SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 24(ishqbaaz ff)

hey!! I am here with the 24th epi. I know you wanted me to post it yesterday, but there were continuous power cuts, so every time I would try to post, right after two minutes power would go. I am sorry for the delay, I will try to post frequently.

Epi 24-

Shivika were completely lost in each other, a slight smile appears on their face. Shivaay slowly moves his hand and places it on anika’s cheek and gently rubs it, anika closes her eyes and shivaay’s smile widens seeing the effect on her.

Omruprinku’s eyes widened seeing shivika, especially their big brother shivaay singh oberoi ROMANCE with anika. All three make noises such as clear throat, cough, and take out a sound that goes tring-tring like a phone call (obviously the phone call sound was taken out by rudra). While shivika came out of their trance and parted feeling embarrassed, ompri look at rudra in a weird way. Rudra looks at ompri.

Rudra- what? I could not think of a better sound! Om was clearing his throat, prinku was coughing, what would I do??
Om- nothing can happen of you rudra!!
Prinku- uuhh………… om bhaiyya, where did shivaay bhaiyya and anika go?

(all three scan the room, but shivika are nowhere to be seen)

Rudra (laughs a bit)- looks like they took advantage and ran from here to save themselves!!!
Om- in a way it is good, at least we can work on our surprise
Prinku- right!
Rudra- which surprise are you talking of O?? (scratching his head)

Om and prinku look at him and together say ‘shivika surprise!!!’

Rudra- oooooooohhhh right!!!!……………… then what are we waiting for? Lets get started

Scene shifts to shivaay’s room

Shivika enter in a hurry and shivaay closes door. They look at each other and after a few seconds break into laughter.

Anika (controlling her laughter)- what billuji!! Couldn’t you once see that om, rudra and prinku were also there?
Shivaay (moving closer to anika)- couldn’t you see and stop me?
Anika (reminisces his touch)- I…….i was
Shivaay- lost in you
Anika- huh?
Shivaay (comes back to real world)- hhhuh!………………I mean you were lost in me
Anika- I was…… wait… what?…… I was lost in you? You were lost in me!
Shivaay- no, you were
Shivaay- you
Anika- you
Shivaay- you
Anika- you
Shivaay- you

Shivika (together)- ok both of us!!!

They look at each other and smile a bit.

Anika- what can I do? I always get lost in your kanji eyes
Shivaay- you are asking me? I myself get lost in you chocolaty brown eyes and innocent face.

He cups her face and covers the distance between them. Anika holds his suit tight at his waist.

Shivaay places a kiss on anika’s forehead and then her cheeks, anika moves forward and kisses his cheek and on this move of anika, shivaay smiles

He gets his face closer to her face and their lips are inches away. Anika closes her eyes and so does shivaay.

None of the two move closer and their breathes are teasing the other due to which the fire inside them gets woken up.

Their lips meet, but for them it was as if two worlds met.
(now you guys imagine further okie dokie?)

The day passes by with shivika romantic moments and omruprinku catching them red handed and teasing them every time.

Next day- oberoi mansion

shivaay’s room

shivaay takes out a few clothes of his (obvio all are suits) and place them on his bed.

shivaay- what should I wear, this or this or this (seeing many clothes of his lying on the bed) I don’t know what to wear, I just hope I look my best for anika!

He picks up each suit and denies and then literally throw it to the other side of bed

At anika’s house

Anika is thinking, but she seems to fail in whatever she was trying to do, so she makes a sad wala pout and it is revealed that she is standing in front of cupboard. She shifts each hanger from left to right and then right to left, just then her phone rings and sahil’s name flashes. Anika picks up the call.

Anika- hello…… sahil, you called at right time… sahil, help me na! I don’t know what to wear, I want to look the best with shivaay!
Sahil- didi wear whatever you want! You look good in whatever you wear.
Anika- you are of no use in this matter!!

In om’s room

Om- rudra everything is ready?
Rudra- yes
Prinku(excited)- this should be the best!!
Rudra- prinku, the great rudra singh oeroi’s ideas never fail!!!
Om- but this was not your idea, it was love angel’s
Rudra- how did you get to know??
Prinku- I am no able to understand anything!!!

**Flashback (the same night when shivaay proposed anika) **

Rudra is in his room and talking to love angel

Rudra- love angel do you know, my bhaiyya and didi are together now…yay! My wish came true and of course how can I forget to thank you so much because of you their friendship started so thank you thank you……….. you don’t know how happy I am, I can finish 10 protein shakes in a jiffy!!!………………………………………..

Rudra keeps on talking his heart out, whatever he was feeling he was taking and at last he came to halt.

Love angel (her voice is only heard, she is not shown)- oh my god amar prem!! You love your bhaiyya and didi or ur to be Bhabhi so much?? I think you should give them some gift, something like a collection of all their moments.
Rudra- collection of all their moments!!………but how??what??
Love angel-………………………… (this I will reveal later)

**Flashback ends**
(this was narrated by rudra)

Rudra- but O how did you get to know about it??
Om- I came to your room when love angel told you the idea

Prinku giggles and says ‘so this all was love angel’s plan and not yours’

Rudra- so what………….she……………she is MY friend only na??
Om- oooooohhh!!! YOUR friend??
Rudra- O please, concentrate party will start in two hours

Scene shifts to shivaay’s room

Shivaay comes in front of the mirror and sets his hair (he is wearing a black suit)

Shivaay (in his mind)- where are omru? They still did not come here?! How can that happen?

Just then omru enter

Rudra- I came bhaiyya!!!! (spreading his hands like a cool dude)

He trips due to the couch placed front of shivaay’s bed and falls flat on the floor

Shivom start laughing, rudra says ‘why are you both laughing, I did not fall……that I did intentionally because… because I wanted to do pushups… see’ (he was still on floor na so he started doing push ups)

Om- pushups?? Why?
Rudra- voh……… If I see some hot girl in the party then I will be able to show her my just exercised muscles and impress her!!
Shivaay- but this a family party and no one else will be coming except mallika and siddharth
Rudra gets up and makes a sad puppy face

Om pats his head playfully and says ‘duffer!!’

Just then shivaay’s phone rings and anika’s name flashes

Rudra- uuhm uhm!!
Om- ooooooooh!! Anikaaaaaaaa
Shivaay- hey! Cut it of okay?
He picks up the call and leaves the room in a hurry

Omru give a high fi

Scene shift to pool side (where the party is arranged)

Shivaay enters, he cuts the call he was attending and he has a smile on his face (he was talking to anika remember??)

Pinky- shivaay, call anika ask her to come fast!

Omru enter then

Om- he was talking to anika only choti ma
Rudra- that is why he has a wide smile on his face!!

Omru and pinky pull shivaay’s leg whereas he blushes cause he has no answer to their teasing questions!!!

A female voice (from behing)- get used to this shivaay!

Rudra- mallika didi!!!

Mallika and siddharth walk in and greet all elders

Rudra and om hug mallika and siddharth

Mallika comes to shivaay and says ‘you better get used to the teasing because now even I am here!!!’

Shivaay- you too will join them?? God!!

Mallika laughs.

Mallika- by the way, why is there no music and no party going on??
Om- anika has to come
Anika- I came!!

She enters and shivaay’s eyes are stuck on her. (guys you can imagine her wearing a simple yet elegant gown)

Anika comes to elders and greet them, then she goes to siddarth and mallika and they three are having a light chat. But our shivaay’s eyes are stuck on anika. Omru notice this, om was about to go to shivaay when rudra stops him

Rudra- o wait! We can add this scene too na?
Om- nice idea mr. dumbbell, I guess you have started to use your brains a bit since you started talking to love angel openly!!!
Rudra (showing tashan wala expression)- thank u thank………… (he realizes om was pulling his leg) oh please O!!
Prinku (she is making a video of shivaay lost in anika)- om bhaiyya, look at shivaay bhaiyya
Om- I know prinku, when he is around anika, he is completely different
Rudra- and the best. He is the best otherwise also, but with anika didi he is the bestest!!!
Om- rudra there is nothing as bestest
Rudra- for my shivika there is!!
Prinku- why is it only your shivika??
Om- it is OUR shivika
Rudra gives a smirk
Mallika comes to them

Mallika- hello? What is going on here?

And they get into talk, meanwhile shivaay was going towards anika when siddarth came and he starts talking and laughing with anika.

Shivaay looks on

Shivaay (in mind)- god!! From the time anika came, he has not left her, I did not even get a chance to talk to her. Now I must do something so that I get sometime with anika WITHOUT sid around.

Shivaay goes to the centre
Shivaay- we all are here so let us get the party started, where is the music guys??

All youngsters and elders start dancing around to different songs.
Rudy is dancing around dadi and mallika gets jhanvi and pinky to dance with others while prinku gets tej and om drags Shakti to dance. All of them are lost in songs and dancing
Shivaay grabs anika by her arm and pulls her out of the party.

Scene shift to corridor where shivaay pins anika to the wall.

Anika- billuji, what are you doing, everyone is at the pool side and we are here, what is this….

Shivaay puts his hand over her mouth

Shivaay-shhhhhhhhh!! I have got you here because there is no one here and so that I can tell you how mesmerizing you look.

He moves his hand from her mouth and she gives a pleasant smile

Anika- hmmm, so that means I look good only in gowns??
Shivaay- I did not say so, anything you wear is fine by me

Anika reminisces something and smiles and her eyes become moist

Shivaay cups her face
Shivaay- anika? What happened?

Anika hugs shivaay

Anika- just stay by my side for sometime
Shivaay- I am always by your side, till my last breath

Anika hugs him tight and shivaay reciprocates

O jaana plays in the background

Anika breaks the hug and shivaay kisses on her forehead.

Just then they hear rudra calling them and so they move towards the party

At the pool side

Tej- where were you both?
Shivaay- uuuummmm… voh
Rudra- it is ok bhaiyya, we understood

Everyone giggle which makes shivika blush AGAIN!!!

Om- ok ok, guys listen. (he turns towards shivika) there is something for both of you
Shivika- for us!! What?
Prinku- surprise!!!

A screen rolls down (it is hanging), everyone looks towards the screen

Everyone is standing such that shivika are in middle and rest are standing in the shape of arc.

Precap- tej says ‘do you remember the Raichands? ‘ jhanvi- of course how can I forget them pinky- and their work!!! (with sarcasm) Shakti- I could not even imagine that Rajesh could do such a thing anika looks on with shocked face.

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  4. Loved it… romantic …funny .. .scenes at the same time… waiting for next part

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