SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 23(ishqbaaz ff)

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Episode 22

Epi 23-

Shivaay enters the oberoi mansion after seeing off anika and sahil with a smile on his face.

Omru are there in the hall and seeing him smile they give each other a glance and then om start singing ‘jaadu chad gaya hai kisi ka….’ (जादू चढ़ गया किसी का…..)

Shivaay looks at them.

Shivaay- hey no jaadu vaadu haa! Anika is not a magician that she will have magic effect on me! (he says sarcastically with a smirk)
Rudra- when did we say anika didi has magic effect on you? Leave aside that, when did we say anything about you?

Shivaay opens his mouth to say something but he does not know what to say and how to say and so all he could do is scratch his forehead with his index finger and rush to his room leaving omru gigging in the hall.

It is Morning and oberoi mansion is shown

Scene changes to hall

Shivaay is walking right to left and omru are standing behind him near the center table with popcorn bowl in rudra’s hand.

Anika enters and shivaay stops right in front of her, his face expression is as if his decade long wait was over with the presence of just a girl but for him she was his everything.

Shivaay- who comes so late anika?
Anika- you should be happy that I at least came!
Shivaay- what?
Anika- yes! First of all today sahil had to go to his boarding school and on top of that today there is auto strike so I had to wait for bus to come, my poor champa got ill. (she says this with a puppy face)
Shivaay- anika, now don’t get sad please

Anika gives a faint smile to shivaay

Rudra (tossing popcorn in his mouth)- who is champa? And what illness does she have?
Shivaay- rudra, u don’t know this much? Champa is her scooty’s name and by ill she means there must be something wrong with it.

Omru’s expression was as if they had seen something unbelievable rather they heard something unbelievable, their brother understood such a thing????!!!

Shivaay- and so she had to come by bus…

He stopped for a second and then again continued

Shivaay- you mean you came by BUS!!
Anika- I think that is what I said?
Shivaay- you…you came by bus!!! I mean you should have called me, I would have come to pick you up, why the hell did you come by bus?
Anika- what is wrong if I come by bus?
Shivaay- what is wrong? Do you even know how dangerous public transport is becoming?? I am letting you travel by auto, that is a big thing because I know you will not go and come in car every day, but bus……… I can never allow that. You will not travel by bus from today that’s it!
Anika- what!? I know how to take care of my self billuji!
Shivaay- and that is why those goons were able to pester you on the maha aarthi day!!!
Anika- that time I was talking to sahil and they came from behind
Shivaay- thank god I came there otherwise I just don’t know what would have happened.
Anika- nothing would have happened, I would have bashed them (with full tashan)

Before shivaay could continue dadi speaks up

Dadi- uff!! Now you both stop fighting!!
Rudra- you know what?
Om- no. tell us what
Rudra- it has been two months since I did not party!!!!!!!!!!
Shivaay- longest till now bro!!
Om- yeah! How come?
Rudra- arre! Last time I could party was on my friend’s b’day and after that I got soooo busy.
Anika- busy in what??
Rudra- in shivika mission!!
Shivaay and anika (in chorus)- shivika mission??!!

Om hits his forehead and says ‘blabber mouth!!’

Rudra realizes what he said and says ‘sorry’ making a puppy face

Shivaay- wait…does shivika mean
Anika- shivaay and anika??
Prinku- yes bhaiyya
Anika- o bete ki!!! That means you all planned that hospital wala scene??
Shivaay- so that our friendship starts??
Om- ummmmm yeah
Shivaay- u guys are mad!!
Rudra- waise bhaiyya you must thank us because if we would not have done that then would have not become friends and you would have not even accepted your love also if dadi would not have thought about that Raghav wala drama!!
Prinku- rudra bhaiyya!!
Om- rudra!!!
Dadi- khoteya!! You cant keep your mouth shut?
Rudra (making puppy face)- sorry……….again!
Anika- means Raghav coming here and that marriage proposal all was fake drama??
Shivaay- do you even know what you have done? You all scared the hell out of me!
(ok this I have to write in hindi)
Shivaay- mera to aansu ka nal khul gaya tha aur band hone ka naam hii nhi le raha tha (आँसू की मेरी नल खुल गई थी और बन्द होने का नाम ही नही ले रहा था)

Everyone look at shivaay (arre! He was talking like anika)

Om- aansu ka nal?? (teasing)
Shivaay- voh…….voh we were talking about rudra right (changing the topic)
Anika- haan… haan we were talking about rudra not partying for two months
Rudra (to om in low voice)- see, it has not been two days since bhaiyya proposed didi and they are supporting and covering up for each other!!

Omru giggle

Prinku- om bhaiyya, why are you laughing?
Rudra- this called giggling prinku,

Rudra fakes a laugh
Rudra- this is called laughing
Now he giggles
Rudra- and this is called giggling

Looking at his antics, anika starts laughing. Shivaay looks at her and just pauses his eyes at her and a pleasant smile creeps over his face looking at his angel laugh.

Om clears his throat so as to bring shivaay back to the real world

Rudra- if your romance is over can I say something shivaay bhaiyya?
Shivaay- what…….. what romance? And who stopped you from talking? Speak what you want to speak.
Rudra- so I was saying…………
Om- tell fast rudra, we don’t have the whole day!!

Rudra glares at om and then continues

Rudra- we all should party!
Dadi- idea is not bad
Prinku- but no fruit punch!!
Rudra- don’t worry, no fruit punch. This time elders will also be there
Dadi- what will we do in party?
Om- this will be a family party

Pinky and jhanvi come there

Jhanvi- family party???
Pinky- I am so exciteds

Shakti also joins them

Shakti- this party will be for shivaay and anika
Dadi- true!!

Shivaay and anika look at each other and smile, they have a cute eye lock, but are disturbed by prinku’s announcement

Prinku- so let us start the preparations!!
Rudra- yes, if we don’t start now, then we wont be able to party tomorrow
Jhanvi- tomorrow??
Om- yes mom

Tej who was passing by heard their plans

Shakti- what is the hurry?
Tej- Shakti, if children have decided upon it then let them, they want to party tomorrow then let them

He smiles and leaves

Shakti- so you all carry on

He also leaves

Jhanvi and pinky also leave with dadi. Om is still standing there recollecting tej’s words

Om (thinking)- mr. oberoi spoke like that? He never was supportive and I don’t remember himtalking in between such discusssions.

His thoughts were interrupted by rudra as he was calling everyone for the preparations

After a few hours all youngsters are busy in decorations and food and many other stuff.

Anika- ok everyone listen to me

Everyone stop what they were doing and look at anika who was standing on a chair

Shivaay- anika! What are u doing on that chair!!! Get down you might fall
Anika- oho billuji, you are simply worrying nothing will happen, just listen to me.

Shivaay shakes head in disbelief and again looks at her

Anika- I was thinking why not call mallika? I mean last time she was there and we all had so much fun!
Prinku- good idea anika
Om- yeah nice thought!
Rudra- awesome anika didi, u are too good!
Shivaay- yeah yeah! I will talk to mallika
Anika- and ask Siddharth to accompany her too

Shivaay looks at with a ‘why would I do that?’ wala look and anika understood

Anika- pls billuji, pls pls pls
Shivaay- ok ok, first get of that chair it is moving
Anika- haan haan, I am getting down, relax!!

She was about to get down but suddenly she slips and is about to fall but shivaay acts fast and holds her from falling (anika has her hands over shivaay’s shoulders and shivaay has his around her waist, the same position as in the karwa chauth episode). Both of them look into each others eyes and are completely lost in their own world.
O jaana plays in the background

Precap- shivaay’s room= shivaay- what should I wear, this or this or this (seeing many clothes of his lying on the bed) I don’t know what to wear, I just hope I look my best for anika!
At anika’s house=Anika- sahil, help me na! I don’t know what to wear, I want to look the best with shivaay!
In om’s room=Om- rudra everything is ready?
Rudra- yes
prinku(excited)- this should be the best!!

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