SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 22(ishqbaaz ff)


Epi 22-

Shivaay breaks the eye lock

Shivaay- o really? Maa asked u to get it?
Anika – no but I know she needs this

Shivaay takes the thal and keeps it back on the table and holds her hand

Shivaay- don’t worry u don’t need that thal excuse, we r going inside. Family must be waiting and it has been more than an hour.

Scene change to hall

All oberoi members are sitting in the hall and have a tired expression. All elders are sitting on the sofa and sofa chairs while ompri are standing on two sides of sofa and rudra is near sofa chair where jhanvi is sitting.

Pinky- oh god! What is going on? It has beens more than an hours that shivaay and anika went to backyards.
Dadi- when confession is done then time is not seen. I am sure shivaay and anika are happy together.
Jhanvi- u r right maaji, see they r walking hand in hand.

Everyone look at shivika who were walking towards them hand in hand (they did not hear the convo)

Rudra- finally my bhaiyya came with my to be bhabhi!

Listening to the word Bhabhi, anika blushes and is a bit confused as she does not know how they knew about their confession.

Shivaay notices her expression

Shivaay (whispers to anika)- they all know about it.

Anika looks at him and then at the family members.

Anika (thinks)- phail gaya raita, how should I react or talk. What should I do??
Prinku- what r u thinking anika? Oh sorry BHABHI!!! (teasing)
Anika- prinku!!!

Shivaay laughs a little at anika’s state (laugh is heard only to anika as she is standing beside him), anika gives a deadly glance to shivaay but then her expression changes to a puppy face.

Anika (softly to shivaay)- now how do I survive them?

Shivaay smirks and nods his head.

Anika looks at him with narrowed eyes and says ‘don’t worry even u wont be spared’

Om- shivaay, my brother has at last fallen in love, I mean the great shivaay singh oberoi did not even believe that love exists so this is a miracle right? (with a teasing smile)

Shivaay’s smirking expression turns blushing red and now anika smirk looking at him.

Anika (to shivaay in low voice)- told u.

Shivaay gives her a glance.
Jhanvi notices this

Jhanvi- will u both keep stealing glances from each other or tell us something too?

Pinky comes near anika and says ‘anika, tells me everythings, how did shivaay proposes to u with details!’
anika has a blush attack and so does shivaay.

Shivaay- maa!
Pinky- what? I am askings about my son only
Shakti- pinky, what u also are behind them?
Jhanvi- why? Mother has all rights to ask
Tej- but still just leave the two poor LOVE BIRDS! (tej smiles and laughs a bit)
Anika- I……..i think I need to go, it is quite late. Sahil come on!!

Anika moves out as quickly as soon as she could with sahil, and shivaay to silently slipped out of there and went behind anika. While om stood there in disbelief as he saw tej mocking and laughing along with family.

Anika sees shivaay behind her and asks sahil to go and wait at gate as she forgot something at OM.

Sahil- haan, u forgot to say bye to shivaay jiju na?
Anika (turns red from blush)- shush!! Go and do what I said

Sahil goes and shivaay comes and stands behind anika

Shivaay- do u have to go?
Anika- obvio! This is not my house
Shivaay- but it is mine and what is mine is urs

Anika had a shocked expression

Shivaay- what?
Anika- SSO said what I just heard! What a change what a miracle, that too in one day!
Shivaay- not one day. I have always wanted to say this to u but I always stopped myself. I shouldn’t have waited so long
Anika- I know, even I should have accepted my feelings before. But now we wont repent on our past because I want a perfect future for us!

Shivaay cups her face in his hands

Shivaay- of course we will. Just don’t leave me and go.
Anika- I wont, because I myself cant live without u. if anytime we have to get separated then I would prefer to die first.
Shivaay- shhhhhh. Don’t say so, such a situation will never arise.

Anika hugs shivaay, burying her face in his chest and shivaay reciprocates the hug.

Shivaay- anika, sahil must be waiting for u.
Anika- hmmmmm. Good night (she smiles)
Shivaay- good night (he toosmiles back)

He caresses her face with his fingers

Anika leaves with sahil in car with driver on shivaay’s insistence.

Precap- rudra- we all should party! Prinku- but no fruit punch! Rudra- don’t worry, no fruit punch. Scene shifts and all are busy preparing for party.

I am really sorry for short epi. I have my monthly assessment going on but I will soon have a one week holiday.

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