SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 21(ishqbaaz ff)


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Epi 21-

Today is POV day cause I feel I rushed through the confession part and could not clearly express shivika’s thoughts.

Shivaay’s POV- there we were in each others arms and this time not by accident but by wish. Our wish. Holding her in my arms feels like heaven, I feel like I am complete, I feel totally relaxed. With her I forget all my worries and just speak my heart out, I have longed for someone in my life for such a long time and I could just get that person in my dreams until I met anika and broke all my walls of restrictions. I never dared to share my problems with omru as they r my brothers and I don’t want them to take stress because of me and my problems, but today for the first time I felt that it would have been better if I would have spoken out to them. And maybe it will be better if I spoke more often and more about my life to them from now on and this realization is again because of anika. ‘Anika’ her name is enough for me to go way far from the shivaay singh oberoi I used to be and come down to the one I am now. The first time I saw her was in the temple she was there dancing with children and I did notice that when I came up the stairs.

In fact she was the first and only person I was looking at when I walked up the stairs, but I just ignored that strange attraction towards her and move on with what I came to do. That day I realized that there is a person who is equal to me, not that my brothers are not equal to me they are, but in very different ways. The connection and bond with anika is far more than words. She challenged me and so did I, I lost the challenge but I was happy that I lost and she won, then I did not understand why and how, but now I have the answer and it is because I was already in love with her, with her character, her attitude, her antics, her language and everything else about her.

I tried to stay away from her and still kept myself in the closed room in which I was alone with blood, lineage and all and this time I locked it too just to stay away from her to stay away from my feelings. And because I locked myself in the room of class and lineage I hurt her, I hurt her so much that I snatched away her self respect by blaming her for a one night stand. Seriously how did I even think of it?! I still feel michmichi when I even think of it…… and she still affected me and changed me see I am using her language even in thoughts ‘michmichi’ don’t know when that got down in my dictionary… maybe the day she used it, in that patch up party. That day was just so mesmerizing, I lost myself and danced with her and slept cuddled into her!! All those moments are captured in my mind even though we deleted the video, I did not delete it from my mind and I hope she has not done it too. The pinky promise moment of ours was so cute!………………………………… wait, did I just name a moment cute?! God! This girl has really got me head on heels for her. But I happy, cause I got my love. I, SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI fell in love, the person who did not believe in love the person who did not even care or look at low class and poor people fell in love with a girl from that section of our society and that is when I realized that that section of the society is actually very different from what we term it as. But right now all I know is that I have finally confessed my feelings and my lady love is in my arms and this means the world to me.

Anika’s POV- gosh! I just cant believe it! I am here hugging the man I thought who could never become mine, who would never love me. I was wrong, shivaay loves me from the bottom of his heart, the love and affection I saw in his actions was true and I was not assuming. I finally fell in love that too with such an arrogant, rude, egoistic but sweet, caring, loving, handsome, dashing man……I just got more words in his favor than against him!! I know I know this is not the first time it happened but still…… I think I am going to die out of happiness, billuji kept aside all his blood, class, lineage and stuff for me, he forgot all of that and accepted me and this has given me all the happiness. In his arms I feel so secure, I feel this is the safest place I can be, I feel complete, I feel like I have go back all what I have lost. Now shivaay is not a part of my life but he is my life, I just cant even imagine what I could do without him. Sahil was my family until I came here and that day I felt so comfortable and adjusted as if I belonged here and now I know why I felt that, because my heart, my soul resides here, my shivaay resides here. Its not only about him, the whole oberoi family is so sweet, loving and caring. Tej uncle, Shakti uncle, pinky aunty, jhanvi aunty, prinku, omru they have always treated me as part of their family. Shakti uncle, tej uncle, piny aunty, jhanvi aunty and dadi have always considered me as their daughter………………………….. but will they be able to accept me as their daughter in law?

With that question buzzing around her mind, anika opened her eyes and slowly broke the hug and looked up at shivaay. Shivaay could make out that something was not right with her and cupped her face.

Shivaay- what happened?
Anika- billuji, will everyone accept me their daughter in law?
Shivaay- they accepted u as their daughter wont they accept u as their daughter in law?

That is when it clicked to her that how dumb she was! And so she let out a sigh of relief.

Anika looked into shivaay’s eyes and smiled.

Shivaay- what?
Anika- I love u
Shivaay (smiles)- I love u too
Anika- I love u three
Shivaay- I love u four
Anika and shivaay (together)- I love u infinity!

Shivika look at each other affectionately and laugh a little.

Shivaay gets closer to her and she senses that he is getting a bit romantic, she sees a thal (big plate) on the table (u know the kind that r kept in the garden) with a cloth covered on it. She frees herself and goes near the table.

Anika- I think I need to go………vo…vo…vo pinky aunty had asked……for this.

She lifts up the thal but it is so heavythat it was about to fall but shivaay holds it and supports her hand. Anika looks into his blue orbs and shivaay into her chocolate brown eyes. They have a passionate eye lock filled with a rush of emotions. They r happy cause they r free from the chains that held them back from each other’s love, they r………………………………………….. IN LOVE!!!!

Precap- all are in hall and are happy. Pinky comes near anika and says ‘anika, tells me everythings, how did shivaay proposes to u with details!’ anika has a blush attack and so does shivaay. Shivaay says ‘maa!’, pinky says ‘what? I am askings about my son only’

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