SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 20(ishqbaaz ff)


thank u all so much for ur comments and support. today I have a surprise for u guys which is what is in todays epi. so happy reading.
Epi 20-

The next morning shivomruprinku are in kitchen. Prinku is standing on one side of counter and shivomru r on other side (it is an island counter remember?)

Shivaay- this time spring rolls have come out quite well, just like how anika likes them.
Om- phir se naam liya, phirse yaad kiya (sings)

Rudra and prinku chuckle

Shivaay- oh pls not again
Rudra- u know so much about anika didi? I mean u know the kind of spring rolls she likes?
Shivaay- of course I know. If I don’t know then who else will know?
Om- riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhht!! Who else will know?
Shivaay- I mean I am her friend so I will know right?
Prinku- we too are her friends!
Shivaay- our case is different
Rudra- how

Shivaay- its just different
Om- yeah rudra! Relations which r more than friendship r not the same as friendship!
Shivaay- mine and… anika’s relationship is…… nothing more than frien……….friendship (it took him great difficulty to say so)
Prinku- waise where is anika?
shivaay- she said she is on the way half an hour ago

omruprinku stare at him for an explanation cause it is usually them who know when anika is coming and not.

Shivaay- what? I just called her to………to just…………………..just
Prinku- ooooohhh! Now u call her without reason
Shivaay- prinku u too!?

Omruprinku laugh

Pinky comes there with jhanvi and she is talking on phone

Pinky- yes yes……………………………I will talks to her and confirms……………….she is very sweet u will likes her very muchs………………..ok ji bye ji.

She cuts the call and jhanvi shows fake anger

Jhanv- pinky u had to atleast ask her first and then called them
Pinky- I have just called them here where have I have I decided? Decision will be hers only she will talk and then decide.
Shivaay- mom, badi ma what is happening?
Pinky- first tell me where is anika?

Anika comes with dadi there

Anika- I am here pinky aunty.
Pinky- anika, u know na I haves always seen u as daughter only. So u have at least this much trusts on me that I will not do anythings that is not good fors u.
Anika- aunty I know that u will not do anything which may not be good for me, but why r u saying so?
Pinky- I know that u have not thought of anything about ur future. U cant sits like that whole life na? u have to think about urself and sahil too.
Anika- aunty I did not understand.
Pinky- I have seen a boy for u, he is well settled and will keep u happy and u too have to think of ur future and sahil’s future too how long will u stay alone?

Shivika are shocked.

Pinky jhanvi and dadi tell anika importance of life partner and marriage and her future. Shivaay looks on confused and worried.

Pinky- u once meets this boy his name is Raghav. he is very sweet I know him since he was youngs, his mother is a good friend of mines.
Jhanvi- just meet him and decision will be urs not ours, we wont have anything to do with it.
Anika (takes a deep breath)- yes. I will see him.

Shivaay who was looking at anika with hope got disheartened and goes out from there.

Anika too leaves from there and goes to her work room.

In work room

Anika looks at her work stuff on the table such as the diary and other stuff and tears roll down her cheek.

In the drawing room

Shivaay is standing near the window. A tear rolls down, he looks at the tear drop and says in a very soft voice filled with pain ‘anika’.

Its evening

Everyone in mansion seem to be excited except shivaay and are in hall except anika and prinku. Raghav and his family enter and greet everyone.

Raghav’s mom- pinky ji where is anika?
Pinky- haan rudra, go and call anika.
Rudra is about to go but he stops looking towards the stairs.
Rudra- lo anika didi came

Everyone look towards the staircase. Anika is there, she is looking awesome in a sari (imagine any colour guys) with prinku beside her.

Shivaay is mesmerised by her beauty, but he reminisces anika saying ‘yes. I will see him’ and his eyes reflect pain and looks down.
Anika comes down an she does not lift her face, not because of Raghav and his family because she is scared she might meet shivaay’s eyes.

There is a hearty conversation that follows and few questions are asked to anika and Raghav.

Raghav’s mom- really, anika u r very sweet and good natured.
Sahil (who came with omru, how can a boy come to see anika for marriage without sahil’s presence?)- she is my sister so she will be sweet na?
Raghav’s dad- hahaahaa. True very true.
Jhanvi- so u liked anika…for Raghav?
Raghav’s mom- yes yes there is no doubt in that.
Pinky- arrre wah!! Anika what is ur decisions?

Anika keeps silent for a while, she looks at dadi, pinky, jhanvi, tej, Shakti, omru and then at Raghav.

Anika (looking at shivaay, who was looking down)- I have no problem for this alliance.

As soon as these words reached shivaay’s ears, he looks up to her with shock, disappointment, pain and what not. He felt as if someone just pricked his heart with a needle.
Everyone acts happy. Shivaay’s eyes fill up with tears and he rushes out of there as he cannot control it anymore.
Raghav’s family is about to leave

Raghav- mom, dad u go to the car I will just come. I want to talk to anika………alone.

Anika hesitantly goes with Raghav to her work room.

In shivaay’s room

Shivaay is standing near his bed, tears run down his cheeks

Shivaay- she said yes and why should she? Mom was right she cant stay this way her whole life, she has to think of her future and sahil’s too…………………look at my fate! I cant even go and tell her that I love her, I have my limitations not because she is going to get married to someone else but because……………………………what’s the use of thinking about it now?………………………………………………………………..shivaay shivaay control u have to let go of her, just let go of her she cant become urs and this is the reality. U have to let her go
He closes his eyes and cries. Omru enter and they r shocked to see shivaay in that condition, they rush to him.

Om- shivaay what happened to u?
Rudra- bhaiyya why r u crying, look at u

Shivaay wipes away his tears and tries to compose himself

Shivaay- I am not crying….i am fine
Om- really?

Shivaay looks into om’s eyes and he realises that he cant act anymore. Shivaay hugs omru and cries.

Shivaay- om u told me that one day I will come and hug u crying and tell u I have fallen in love. See that day came. I have fallen in love om, I have fallen in love.

Omru have a victory smile on their face

Rudra- finally u realised!!!
Shivaay- use chot lagi par dard mujhe hua, saanse uski thamti gayi par dam mera guth raha tha, aansu uske nikal rahe the par jaan meri nikal rahi thi…… pyaar mujhe hua par shadi uski hogi kisi aur ke saath. (I had to write this in hindi, sorry)
Om- its not too late shivaay. U can still go and tell her.
Shivaay- om I did not realise this today om, I realised it long before.
Omru look confused

In work room

Raghav and anika are standing
Raghav- anika, today when u came down u were not looking up, not even once u looked into my eyes and talked and I can clearly see it is not shyness. What is it that is troubling you anika? I really need to know.

Tears make their way and roll down anika’s cheeks she closes her eyes controls herself and says-

Anika- Raghav, I don’t want to start a relationship with lies and I am not such a girl who would marry someone or like someone for money. But the truth is………I love someone else and I really don’t know why and how I said yes, when I came down I had decided that I will reject the alliance but then my mind got drifted and I said yes. Again I repeated the same mistake. I am sorry, I am very sorry.

She cries and is about to join her hands pleading for forgiveness when Raghav holds her hands from doing so

Raghav- u r an independent woman and should always hold ur head high and not bow in front of anyone. It is good that u told me otherwise many girls don’t do so. But whom do u love and why aren’t u with him?
Anika- I love him, but that doesn’t mean that he should also love me back. His principles and this society will never accept me with him.
Raghav- so he is of the high class. But have u asked him what he feels, u cant always assume things anika.
Anika looks at him.

In shivaay’s room

Prinku (who was standing at door speaks up)- what?

She walks in

Rudra- bhaiyya when u had already realised ur feelings then what stopped u from revealing it to anika di?
Shivaay- its not as easy as u think it is rudra!
Om- its not as difficult as u think it is either shivaay!
Shivaay- om u don’t understand, it is not about revealing it to her, it is about acceptance

In work room

Raghav- acceptance?
Anika- yes, shivaay has always kept belief in class, blood, lineage etc. and has always said this in front of media and now if I go on and become an oberoi bahu, what will media say about oberois?

In shivaay’s room

Shivaay- media wont dare to spoil oberoi name but they wont back off from spoiling anika’s name. anika has already spoilt her image by saving me and I don’t want that it comes back to her. And on top of it ma and bade papa will never accept her as oberoi’s daughter in law. And most important of all anika does not love me. Because if she did she would have not said yes.

In work room

Raghav- anika do u have any proof that shivaay does not love u?
Anika- if he did, he would have at least told something to stop this alliance.
Raghav- in that case even u don’t love him cause u also did nothing to stop this alliance

In shivaay room

Oberoi elders enter the room
Pinky goes to shivaay

Pinky- today u proved that u cannot understand ur mother
Tej- how did u even think that we will go against ur happiness? Moreover anika is like daughter to me and once u and anika tie the know she will become my daughter for ever.

Shivaay looks at them surprised

Jhanvi- go and confess ur feelings to anika and see she will also confess that she too loves u
Dadi- don’t worry about anika’s image because I know that u will always be by her side and she said yes half heartedly now u ask her only the reason.
Pinky- but go and get me my bahu!
Shivaay is overflowing with happiness listening to this and he wipes his tears and omru hug him and prinku joins the hug.

In work room

Anika- Raghav I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
Raghav- well ur wish, but anika one question
Anika- ask
Raghav- if not soulmates, friends?
Anika (smiles)- there is no doubt in it!

Raghav smiles back. Both wish each other good luck and leave from there. Raghav leaves to go to his house and anika goes to the backyard.

In the back yard

Anika goes near the fountain and sits near it and dips her fingers in the water.

Anika feels someone is standing behind her and she turns and her facial expression changes to blank cause it is shivaay. (shivaay is wearing a kurta and anika is in her sari, I have left it up to u to choose their dress colour) She wants to run and hug him and tell him that she loves him but she cant, she clutches her sari and about to leave but shivaay holds her hand and turn her and pulls her to him (they r in the same position as they were in the pool in one of the first episode of the IB but he is gentle this time).

Their heart beats speed increases and they r so close that they can feel each other’s breaths.

Shivaay- till when will u run?
Anika- I was not running from u.
Shivaay- I did not say u were running from me
Anika- billuji pls leave me, this is not right
Shivaay- then what is right? keeping secrets from ur best friend is right? not revealing ur feelings is right? deciding to marry some stranger the day u met him is right?…
Anika- I disagreed for this alliance!!
Shivaay- I knew it. I knew u would.
Anika- billuji leave me
Shivaay- I cant

——————–BG music————————-
Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
junoon hai sehamat hai

Shivaay- u and I have denied enough, not any more. I cant run from my self any more…… anika I ………………………
Anika- billuji pls leave me, I don’t want to talk about it.
Shivaay- why? Why r u not saying it? Why r u not letting me say it? What is it that is keeping u away from me?
Anika- ur principles, ur family class lineage status, this society. They will throw dirt on oberoi name.
Shivaay- they wont dare to do so, and who told principles don’t change? U changed mine!

Anika gives up trying to free herself on listening to shivaay and shivaay loosens his grip and she steps backward.

Shivaay- anika its enough, enough is enough. I am frustrated and I seriously need to get this sorted.
Anika- I am the one who change ur principles and I am sorry for it. I will resign today and I will leave Mumbai tomorrow don’t worry, I am the reason for ur frustration but I will make everything fine I promise.

She says so and walks past him to go back inside when-

Shivaay- तेरे बिना टूट कर बिखर जायेंगे,
तुम मिल गए तो गुलशन की तरह खिल जायेंगे,
तुम ना मिले तो जीते जी ही मर जायेंगे,
तुम्हें जो पा लिया तो मर कर भी जी जायेंगे।

Anika stops on listening to this and turns (she had just passed him, so she is not far from shivaay) and shivaay too turns to face her.

Shivaay moves closer to her and takes her one hand in his brings it up and kisses it, she coses her eyes. He runs his finger on her cheeks, moves closer and closer to her, bends over her shoulder and whispers in her ear

Shivaay- I LOVE U ANIKA (in a very sweet and soft voice)

Anika opens her eyes on realizing what he just said. Shivaay cups her face and looks into her eyes

Shivaay- I don’t care what the society speaks of me, all I care about is my family and my love, u r my love, my life, my everything. The mere thought of u going away just kills me, ur smile ur laugh makes me go head over heels for u………say something anika.

Anika is just looking into his blue eyes mesmerized and small little smile creeps over at the edge of her lips.


Shivaay is overjoyed and blasting like a volcano but with happiness and so is anika. Shivaay pulls her into a hug. They hug each other tight, a hug which is filled with warmth, happiness, truth, trust, and LOVE.

Shivaay breaks the hug and sees anika with his eyes wet.

Anika- I thought that u would never accept me in reality. But I love u, I love u more than anything, just don’t leave me shivaay pls just don’t leave me.
Shivaay- I cant even think of leaving u, cause I love u… by the way u said u did not even think that I will accept u in REALITY so does it mean that u dreamt about me and u (teasing to make the atmosphere a little less emotional)
Anika- as if u did not!

Shivaay just smiled and so did anika. Just as they were again lost in each other, they moved closer and closer, so close that air could hardly pass through. Shivaay moved his face closer and as a reflex action anika moved her arms to his neck and placed them there while shivaal held her by her waist. He slowly kisses anika. For them it was as if two worlds met, the meeting for which they both craved. Even though they were not officially a couple, for them they did not any ritual or any certificate to show they were one cause they were connected by heart and soul, they loved each other from the bottom of their heart. After a while they part, but rest their foreheads on each other (i.e. their foreheads touched). They look into each others eyes and smile with affection.

Anika slows breaks their touch and rests her head on shivaay’s chest, shivaay wraps his arms around her and they stay that way as if there is no time and no other person in the world.

Precap- shivaay and anika are holding a thal (big plate) and staring at each other with love and affection.

I am finished with todays epi now u guys can decide if it was a pleasant surprise or boring surprise. I am very very sorry if the confession part was not upto ur expectations, really sorry.

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