SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (episode 2) (ishqbaaz ff)


Hey guys I am here with the second episode of shivika-pyaar ki dastaan. I was soooo happy yesterday as it was Diwali and on top of that I got such a nice response that I did not even expect??. Thank you guys for ur support. Ok now to the episode.

In shivaay’s room
Shivaay is looking at the kurtas displayed by anika on his bed and reminisces his and anika’s conversation. He starts to think ‘why did I feel a pinch in my heart when she said she is leaving? She was right leaving could mean leaving the room and going somewhere, I just hope I did not over react. But why the hell am I thinking of anika and how she would be feeling? This girl will make me mad too.’

In the hall

Anika is doing some work and starts thinking ‘I should have not shouted like that at billuji, how would he be feeling. And what was his mistake…………… o bete ki anika! What has happened to u?!!? u r showing concerned for that kanji aankho wale bagad billa. You better stay away from him cause vo gusse ka aur ghamand ka jwaalamukhi hai (cause he is a volcano of anger and pride)

It is evening, everyone r ready to go to mandir where the maha aarthi is to take place but anika is not ready as she is still busy doing all arrangements and she has been running from temple to oberoi mansion and from the mansion to temple since morning.
Anika enters the mansion with her diary filled with list of things she has got to do. Priyanka and dadi were passing by and notices that anika has not got ready yet and is immersed in her work

Priyanka- anika you’re not ready yet? We r going to leave in sometime.
Anika- I will just complete this work and get ready you all go
Priyanka- how can we leave u and go? Now u r also family, so come and get ready I will help you.
Dadi- haan puttar go and get ready fast.

Dadi sees rudra doing something to his hair to make it stand straight (spikes)
Dadi- rudra what r u doing to ur hair?
Rudra- dadi this my new look. How am I looking? Ek dum dashing right? (he winks)
Dadi gives a light slap and says ‘tere paas aur koi kam nhi hai? Go and tell everyone to come fast it is getting late.’

Rudra pulls up his sleeves and gets ready to go in full style when someone pulls him back holding his shirt. It is om.
Omkara- are u some big celebrity that u r going in so much style?
Rudra- o please I am bigger than any celebrity all girls are behind me. You don’t know anything hm??.

Shivaay comes from behind and hits rudra on his head on the left side where om is standing and stands towards right of rudra. Rudra looks at om with an angry face. Om gives a ‘I did not do anything’ look. Om then hits rudra on his head on the right side where shivaay is standing. Rudra looks at shivaay with an angry face. Shivaay gives a ‘I did not do anything’ look.? Rudra turns to face shivaay and rudra and says ‘I don’t understand u guys first u both irritate me and if someone else does anything wrong to me u people fight with him’
Shivaay and om say ‘that’s the bond between loved ones.’

Rudra gives a thinking expression and says ‘in that case bhaiyya, for u anika didi is also a loved one’
Shivaay gets stunned and asks ‘what?’
Rudra- yeah! See u irritate her and fight with her so much but if some other person troubles her u can’t bear it so she is ur loved and dear one na??

Om and rudra get into their own talk and shivaay is standing there lost in thought. Everyone gather in the hall and are waiting for anika and prinku to come.

Pinky- where is prinku and anika?
Jhanvi- Priyanka was all ready then where did she go?
Just then Priyanka says ‘maa I am here’ she and anika come down the stairs and anika is looking sooo beautiful in her lehenga that shivaay could just not his eyes of her.
Omru noticed this and gave shivaay a jerk so that he comes back to his senses.
Rudra- O see bhaiyya is again lost in his own world where only he and anika didi r there?
They tease shivaay and laugh whereas shivaay gets irked.

They all reach mandir and get into preparations. Anika is standing outside mandir where no one is there and talking to sahil over phone and says ‘what? You r coming here to mandir? But with who, how, when?
Sahil on the other side of the line- didi how many questions do you ask omru r here they will get me there.
Anika- ok. But lock all doors and windows and then come did u understand?
Sahil- ok.

Anika cuts call and turns around only to find four goons behind her. She tries to go from there but the goons don’t let her go and one of them holds anika’s hand and says ‘where are u going u will come with us.’ ??

Anika slaps that person and tries to run but the other goon stops her and pushes her she falls on a tree branch in that process her sleeve gets torn. The goons come near her and before anyone could do anything to her shivaay comes in between and the anger is clear on his face he fights with them and hit them badly. They run from there and shivaay goes back to anika and scolds her ‘can’t u be careful anything would have happened today if I had not come and…’ before he could complete his sentence anika hugs him without thinking, resting her head on his chest. Shivaay too reciprocates the hug unknowingly. ??they break the hug and shivaay sees that anika’s sleeve is torn, so he takes her veil/dupatta and wraps it around her and takes her to oberoi mansion.

Oberoi mansion

Shivaay and anika are in a room.
Shivaay- anika u better change, choose any of the dresses here(pointing to a closet full of new dresses)
Anika nods and says ‘it is getting late for maha aarthi so u go I will come’
Shivaay- no I don’t want to leave you…… I mean I don’t want to take any more risk so we both will leave together; you change I will be waiting for u out.
Anika- but what should I wear there r so many dresses here.
Shivaay- where anything u want
Anika – u r talking as if all of this is for me
Shivaay- it can be…… (he stares at her)
Anika- what?
Shivaay- nothing

He moves towards the closet and selects a beautiful white sari with shiny studs on it (u can imagine, right?). It perfectly matched his white two-piece kurta (as in the episode where they do the aarthi). Anika took the sari. Shivaay goes out of the room and waits.
After sometime the door opens and anika comes out dressed beautifully in the white sari. Her beauty mesmerised shivaay and he was again lost in her.
Anika- lets go
Shivaay coming back to senses ‘what? Ha yeah we should go’

Anika turns and is walking when shivaay notices that she forgot to her back lace so he calls her says wait.
Anika stops and is confused. Shivaay comes near her tells her she has forgotten to tie her back lace.

Her eyes widen and she is like ‘god! How the hell did I forget?’

She struggles to tie it. Shivaay comes and takes the lace (touching her hand) and takes his own time to tie it. In between his hands touch her back. Anika turns and they are standing very close to each other and they have an eyelock.

Shivaay (still looking into her eyes)- I have so many questions in my mind and it is like…
Anika (she too is looking into his eyes)- it is like I am fighting with my own emotions. (completing shivaay’s sentence)
Shivaay- whenever u come near me…
Anika- my heart beat increases
Shivaay- when u are around me…
Anika- if feel secure and happiness floods
Shivaay- when u come in front of me…
Anika- I am lost in you
Shivaay and anika – why does this happen?
Shivaay- first I trouble u and next if someone else troubles u, anger has no limits
Anika- first I irritate u and next if someone else irritates u I feel like slapping that person.

Both are quite and the cool breeze blows but they so close to each other that it can’t pass them. Both shivaay and anika are lost in each other’s eyes.

Just then shivaay’s phone rings which bring both of them back to senses and they break their eye lock. Shivaay attends the phone call it was pinky
Piny- shivaay where are you? Maha aarthi is about to begin in sometime each here fast and I do not care where you are.
Shivaay- yeah. I am just coming ma.

He cuts the call and leaves with anika.

precap- pandit ji asks who will do maha aarthi this year, dadi looks at shakti-pinky and tej-jhanvi and worries. shivomru look at each other and then at their parents.

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