SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 18(ishqbaaz ff)

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Epi 18-

Everyone go to their respective rooms.

In anika and sahil’s room

Anika is sitting near the window looking at the moon and she has a sweet smile on her face.?

Anika’s POV- the moon!!! It is so beautiful and today was more than amazing. I got to see the million-dollar smile of billuji. My assumption about his nature initially was wrong and I am somehow happy about the fact may be because I have gotten to see the real side of mr. shivaay singh oberoi, the actual person hidden behind the rude and arrogant attitude. And it is because he wants to protect his family from everything that can harm them. Today he shared his problems with me and it just fills my heart with unending happiness that I am might be the first person in his life with who he shared each and every problem and secret may it be family or business. ☺?☺??

Sahil sees his sister staring at the moon and smiling, his face has the expression as if he knew what she was doing and one eyebrow raised.

Sahil- anika didi…

Anika paused her thoughts to listen to her brother

Anika- hmmmm…tell
Sahil- didi u were with SSO for so long what did u do?
Anika (reminiscing their walk and talk smiles)- just walked and talked?

Sahil’s eyes widened hearing that from her sis?

Sahil- u and baggad billa went for walk and during that walk u both talked to each other??!!??
Anika- sahil!!! Don’t call him that. U call him SSO that is more than enough freedom I have given u. u should call him bhaiyya!?
Sahil (talking to himself)- bhaiyya???!!!! Here tho I am feeling he will become my jiju. ?Actually sahil u r right. chal start practicing to call shri shri shri shivaay singh oberoi as JIJU!!???

At the pool

Shivaay is standing near the pool and reminiscing his and anika’s walk and talk he too has a smile on his face.

Shivaay’s POV- today was such a good day I just cant forget this day. Me and anika became friends! I, SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI shared feelings and troubles with ANIKA!!! God this girl really affects me a lot and somehow I am happy with it. Shivaay goes and sits dipping his legs in the shallow pool. By then omru also join him and see that he is lost in his world AGAIN!!!?☺?☺

Om- shivaay what is happening between u and anika?? (they know that they r friends cause they read the letter but want to hear it from shivaay)
Shivaay- nothing just friendship.
Omru- shivika and friendship!!!???? (teasing)??
Shivaay- cut it off guys!! (in a very irritated and uninterested voice)
Rudra- and where were u both for such a long time???
Shivaay- just walked and talked on the beach?

Omru’s mouths fall open cause they had not expected this??

Shivaay sees this and says ‘what?? We r friends now!’?

Om- right u r friends now.
Rudra- what did u talk to anika didi about?? (teasing)?
Shivaay- ummm…………just casual talk
Om- for three hours?? (teasing)???

Shivaay (in his mind)- actually I shared my problems with her!!!!! I have never shared each and every problem with anyone till date not even omru but don’t know how and why I felt like just pouring my heart in front of her and I did that!! I have discussed problems with omru but not all at least not about business…………… business! Anika! How? When? ??⁉⁉⁉

Rudra (to om)- om why did he again slip into his fantasy world????
Om- I am sure something new and nice must have happened in these three hours with them!!
Rudra- right that is why bhaiyya is lost in his own world
Om- which actually belong to anika ??

Omru chuckle and give a hi-fi ✋✋, but shivaay is still in thinking mode or should I say shocked mode.

Shivaay is looking at the pool and omru look at each other confused.

Rudra jerks shivaay and asks him the reason for his getting lost in his world.

And shivaay still lost says ‘she knows business, she knows to deal so well’ ?

Om- what???! Whom are u talking about??
Shivaay- she knows business, she knows to deal so well ?
Rudra- looks like he is talking about anika didi cause he is always talking about her?
Shivaay- she knows business, she knows to deal so well ?

He repeats the sentence again and again.

Rudra (to om)- o, bhaiyya has gone mad I think I should call hospital?
Om- not hospital rudra, call mental hospital!!??

Precap- shivaay- I really do love her!!!?? No no this just cant happen.
Anika- me in love with billuji!!do I really feel that way for him?

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  1. Priyali

    Awesome!!! I really liked sahil and omru’s confusion… that was super cute!??
    Also.. can someone plz give me the link for the ep 17? I think missed it or something.

  2. awesome update. I m waiting impatiently for ur next update bcoz it is short episode. .. but I loved it

  3. Mihra-101

    Can’t wait for next ep love it

  4. Awesome update

  5. Nansshivika

    Awesome yaar,so sweet episode.anika knows business how? ?? post next asap

  6. Niceee ????episode

  7. Ishqkum

    Awesome dr

  8. Akshaya

    Definitely send Shivaay jiju to mental hospital??. Awesome episode Buddy.

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    Very awesome

  10. Puvi

    Fabulous dear it’s so cute episode update soon

  11. superb episode..

  12. No shivika scene today …
    Please next time !!

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    sahil rocks.. post next one fast and long. loved the episode

  14. Samm

    that realization part! i’m so waiting for it!! post asap 🙂

  15. awsome….

  16. Amazing update… pls post next update soon…

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    Superb….pls update the next part asap

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    Awesome waiting fr d next update

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    Hai Sam, sorry for late comment… it’s just Osum…Cute shivika pov… I read ur last part n loved it ..especially shivaay sharing his feelings to anika…post next part 🙂

  20. Nainaa

    Sorry for the late comment Dear… Trust me I just read it now and after reading I am commenting here….
    You again rocked it Sam…
    Shivika’s POV is damn lovely…
    I am so excited for next episode…
    Keep going.. keep rocking..

  21. Tulasi

    Aww….. waitng for next…. actually more for their realisation ❤❤❤❤❤

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