SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 17(ishqbaaz ff)


Guys thank u for ur support and pls do comment though I know this is short.

Epi 17-

Shivika were still in their trance and were not ready to break their eye lock. This time none of the two-hesitated cause now they have dumped the decision of avoiding each other and were in love with their new- found friendship.

Shivaay (breaking the silence but not breaking the eye lock)- anika, we should get going shouldn’t we?
Anika (still looking into his eyes)- yes
Shivaay- so lets go what r u waiting for?
Anika- waiting for u to let go of my hand (by pulling her hand up along with which shivaay’s also was tugged up cause he was holding her hand)

Shivaay looks at his hand holding anika’s and lets go of it. A smile creeps upon anika’s face.
Shivaay turns to the other side and says- get ready in 10 mins we will be leaving

And he leaves

Exactly after 10 mins shivika are in the car and shivaay was driving. They were chatting happily. Or should I say ANIKA was chatting happily from the time the journey began and

shivaay was just smiling listening to her talks and seeing her cuteness.

Shivaay’s POV- this girl! She is just magical I don’t know what happens to me when I am around her, I don’t feel any anger or irritation around her I just feel like heaven. This is what I felt from the start but I never wanted to accept it and why would I? our first meeting was such……….he reminisces their first meeting in the temple and car glass breaking scene.

But now I feel that my confusion has got cleared at least a bit. But seriously I never could imagine myself going anywhere near people of lower class and now I am here with anika but she is not a low class girl never ever can I bear anyone call her that not even myself!! I know that is what I used to call her but that was just a reason to stay away from her and now I don’t want to stay away from her.

He had a wide smile on his face all the while he kept listening to anika in between his thoughts and all he could do is admire her cuteness.

After a while…………

Anika- stop stop stop !!!!

Shivaay stops the car

Shivaay- what?! What happened are u fine? ur hand and ur head are u feeling dizzy?

Shivaay just stopped with his questions and looked in the direction where anika was looking and saw the ice cream stall. He looked back at her with ‘no anika!’ wala look.

Anika made such a cute puppy face and said- billuji pls pls pls. it will be so fun to have ice cream and walk on the beach and it is just 7:30 so no hurry to go home pls…

Shivaay finally agreed and in no time they were walking on sand with ice cream in their hands and they were walking bare foot.

Shivaay- my god! I am walking bare foot on this sand for the first time and I just don’t know how unhygienic it is. This sand might have all kinds of creatures and people might have thrown what not here!!!
Anika- billuji calm down nothing will happen! U just concentrate on the beautiful scenery and not sand and hygiene and pls enjoy your ice cream.
Shivaay (in his mind)- anika has really changed me and I am surprised at the fact that she influences me so much!

Shivaay was done with his ice cream but anika was not

Shivaay- how long will u eat it? It is going to melt and become milkshake.

Anika- I know but I am used to hold it in the right and eat and now my right hand is fractured and tied up with this stupid cloth and it feels so awkward to eat with left and………

Before she could continue shivaay took the ice cream from her

Shivaay- here now eat (forwarding the ice cream for her to lick and bite into)

Anika was just looking into his eyes and moved forward to take a lick of the ice cream. She did taste the ice cream but since she was looking into his eyes and not paying attention to anything else she got ice cream on the tip of her nose too.

Shivaay started laughing looking at her and anika did not understand first why he was laughing but then she a cold icy feeling on the tip of her nose and that is when she realised what happened but she was lost in shivaay and his million dollar laugh. Of course it was not a daily sight to see SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI laughing.

Shivaay took out his handkerchief and wiped it off and fed her the ice cream.

Then the both just had a pleasant walk on the beach.

While walking……

Anika- billuji u know there must be someone in ur life with whom u should share ur problems with. I know u share all ur happiness but keep ur problems within u. I know why u do that too just so that the other person does not get troubled with ur problems.

She comes in front of him, holds his hand and says ‘u know u can tell me.’

Shivaay just felt to let out his heart. He just felt to share all hi problems with her but he did not understand why rather he did not want to accept why.

And he shared all his problem with her while walking on the beach. All his frustrations and tensions were out may it be of family or business.

Anika understood them all and gave him solutions to many of his problems and he was surprised and shocked to see that she understood business so well that she just helped him crack on of the biggest and toughest deals!!

They walked back to the car and drove back to oberoi mansion and the whole time shivaay was thinking only one thing ‘how did anika understand business and how did she deal so well?’

They entered OM and everyone was waiting for them and were concerned. Everyone shot out questions at them.
Why so late? What happened? Are u both fine? u said u r leaving at around 7:30 and now it nearly 10:30! Did u eat? And so on, but shivika had no answers cause they themselves were surprised at the fact that it was 10:30 and it was like only half and hour!!

Shivika did not want to eat anything cause they had already fed each other with their talks.

Everyone retired to their rooms and shivomru gathered near the pool for their routine.

Precap- shivaay is looking at the pool and omru look at each other confused. Rudra jerks shivaay and asks him the reason for his getting lost in his world. And shivaay still lost says ‘she knows business, she knows to deal so well’ and repeats the sentence again and again. Rudra tells om in a low voice ‘o, bhaiyya has gone mad I think I should call hospital’ and om replies ‘not hospital rudra, call mental hospital!!’

This was a short one and the next one or two epis will also be short because I really don’t get time cause I have to handle academics as well as sports and that is exactly why I don’t comment much on other ffs too but trust me, I read all of them and all the ffs are awesome. I just don’t get time to comment cause I take screenshots and then read whenever I get time. So pls forgive me as I don’t comment much but all the ffs posted are really very good.

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  3. Akansha

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    Today to completely dedicated to shivika !!!!!

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    thanks for updating such a beautiful epi and i am waiting for next epi…
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    out standing update Sam….
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    Awesome epi…. Just loved it.

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    This quite a ShivIkalicious update and I enjoyed it alot an precap is quite funny excited to read next part…

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