SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 16(ishqbaaz ff)


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Episode 15

Recap- shivaay-anika reveal to themselves that they want to be friends, and so anika writes a letter to shivaay about what she feels and puts forward the proposal of friendship and sends the letter through rudra. Shivaay reads it and accepts the friendship cause this is what he too wanted.

Epi 16-

In hospital-

Shivaay- there is still one thing stuck in my mind…
Anika- what?
Shivaay- ur question……
Anika- my question??which one?………………………biluji don’t act like rudra and come straight to the point. U r making head go round and round in circles!
Shivaa- ok ok! I was talking about the question u asked me ‘why did I accept u as my friend when u have no status, lineage ect.’

Anika has a blank look on her face

Shivaay- even I don’t know what is happening to me and why. I used to say that for me blood, family, status and all mater a lot but from the time u entered my life I have started to doubt this cause I started to lose the belief in it. But still I kept on saying that just to make sure that u stay away from me. But today I am confessing this in front of u anika that I have lost the faith in blood, family, lineage etc. all because of u.

Anika has a pleasant smile on her face

Anika- so finally the great shivaay singh oberoi aka oberoi family ke billuji (in a teasing tone) agrees that I was right and he was wrong.
Shivaay (in a voice showing his ‘so called’ irritation)- hey! Don’t call me that!

And he too had a smile on his face.

Scene shift- just outside the hospital

Omruprinku are talking or actually planning with dadi on call

Rudra- dadi, I think ur and love angel’s idea is working
Dadi- what did u think only u know planning?

*Flashback plays in dadi’s mind*

Omruprinku and dadi are in dadi’s room and talking to love angel

Love angel- amar prem, from what u have told me, they will not accept that easily we need to first make them realise that they are of great value to each other and then they will start accepting their feelings slowly.
Dadi (to rudra, in a low voice)- puttar she is right and according to me friendship is the best way to mend any relationship.
Rudra says the same line to love angel

Love angel- hmmm. There is one way to start their friendship.
Rudra (excited)- what?
Love angel- u make ur brother talk to me and I will do the rest and at the same time make his love lady listen to the conversation through the radio somewhere else. And the rest leave it to me.
Rudra- u r too good love angel. U r awesome

*Flashback ends*

Dadi (on call to rudra)- rudra first confirm what was in the letter
Om- dadi is right we need to first confirm
Prinku- so let go now.

They cut the call and head towards anika’s ward

They enter and find shivika talking with each other and both of them are smilling
Prinku notices that the letter is kept on the table where shivaay was standing.

Prinku (to omru in a low voice)- om bhaiyya, rudra bhaiyya how will we get the letter?
Rudra- we will ask bhaiyya to give it simple!
Om (giving him a u r impossible wala look)- and he will give it to us right?! why would he do that and if he gets to know that we had planned all of this then don’t know what he will do.
Rudra- I did not even think that way! Good job long hair creature!

Om gives him a stare

Prinku- om bhaiyya leave that and tell how should we get the letter? shivaay bhaiyya has kept his hand too on the letter, now what to do?
Rudra- why r worrying prinku? I am here na! see u go and distract anika didi in some talk and o u take shivaay bhaiyya out for second then I the brainy boy will take the picture of the letter and then our work is done!!
Om- good idea. But what will I tell shivaay to take him out?
Prinku- and what will I talk to anika about?
Rudra- that u both only think!!!

Om and prinku look at him unbelievingly and rudra ignores

Shivika noticed omruprinku coming in but that did not stop their conversation and were busy in each other’s company.

Om goes to shivaay and prinku goes and sit near anika

Om- shivaay I need to talk to u and it is important so come with me, come!

Om pulls shivaay out who was unwilling to go.

Prinku diverts anika’s attention and starts talking to her about something and anika has a not understanding wala look on her face.

Prinku- so I do not know what to do, u help me na?
Anika- I can help u only when I understand the problem, first of all I did not understand u r in problem or ur friend is in problem or ur friend’s cousin is in problem or ur friend’s cousin’s mom is in problem. No wait ur friend’s cousin’s mom or ur friend’s mom?
Prinku (thinks)- I myself don’t know what I am uttering what will I make u understand

By then Rudra slowly takes the letter kept on table (the one anika wrote for shivaay) and takes a pic of it and signs prinku.
Prinku sighs a sigh of relief

Prinku – ok anika I will leave bye. U take rest. Don’t take stress I will sort out it is a small problem.
Anika- but prinku…

Before she completes her sentence, they leave. Anika has a confused look.

Outside shivaay is staring at om and om is folding his hands and is looking down

Shivaay- will u speak om?? What imp work do u have with me?

Om looks at him and then looks at the door

Rudra and prinku come out almost running out and om has thank god wala expression

Om- rudra work is done??
Rudra- yes o. work is done don’t worry.
Om (turns to shivaay)- its ok shivaay work is done don’t worry
Shivaay- is it something serious guys tell me
Om- no it was small work we just wanted picture

Rudra looks at om with eyes widened and om realised what he was about to say

Shivaay- pic of what?
Rudra- pic of us in hospital!! (he said so suddenly that shivaay gives a weird look)
Shivaay- u have gone mad!!!
Saying so he leaves to meet doctor.

Rudra- u could have spoilt then whole plan o!
Om- shut up rudra!!
Rudra- don’t u know anything other than this?
Prinku- let us read the letter first.
Om- but did u notice shivaay and anika were enjoying each other’s company so I am sure something good must have happened.

Rudra and prinku nod with a smile

The three of them read the letter and are surprised, shocked and what not

After few hours shivaay comes to anika’s ward
She was standing near the window cause she was tired of her bed

Shivaay- anika I talked to the doctors and they said u can be discharged today and I have informed everyone at home.

Anika was super excited cause she had felt so bored and suffocating in the hospital and wanted to be discharged.

Shivaay- but I hope u remember the condition for the discharge, u will stay at oberoi mansion and will not stress urself with any kind of work.
Anika- yes yes I remember. But once again say what u said na pls pls pls.
Shivaay- what? That doctors agreed to discharge u today??

Anika’s face brightened up with happiness listening to this and in excitement hugs shivaay

Anika (hugging him)- thank u thank u so much billuji!!

Anika has her hands around shivaay’s neck and shivaay instantly wrapped his hands around her waist just like a reflex action and he was surprised and happy at this move of anika.

Anika realised her position and broke the hug but shivaay still had his hands around her waist and she had her hands just below his shoulders and both of them just looked into each other’s eyes and lost in their own world.

Precap- shivaay and anika are in the car and shivaay is driving. Both of them look happy and chatting away.

Sorry for not putting in more of shivika scenes but that happened due to lack of time but next epi will surely have more of their scenes and romance.

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