SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 15(ishqbaaz ff)


Guys today’s epi is short so sorry for that, but I cant help cause of my hectic schedule and I have a function coming up tomorrow. Pls adjust with the short epi today. And thank u sooo much for all ur comments I am happy that many read my ff.??☺☺

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Epi 15-

In hospital

shivaay goes and closes the door. Anika has a quizzical look.

Anika- why did u close the door?
Shivaay- I guess we need some privacy right now, as I don’t think it is necessary for other people to hear our conversation.?
Anika- wha………what con…conversation?
Shivaay- about this! (showing her the letter)?

Anika gets tensed and it is shown on her face.

There is silence for a few seconds. Then anika breaks the silence as she cant take in any more frustration and suspense.

Anika (closes her eyes tight)?- billuji, I am sorry. I was thinking something and the only idea which struck my mind was to write a letter and without a single thought I sat down and wrote even after writing I did not read it even once and just gave it of rudra to give it to u even then I did not think of anything else, but when I saw u taking the letter from rudra then it stuck my mind that I wrote that letter for u! mr shivaay singh oberoi! After that I realised my mistake and I am sorry I should not have written that to u. I am so sorry. Pls don’t vent out ur anger I am sorry I am really sorry!

She says all of this without even giving shivaay a second to speak. Anika slowly opens one eye she sees shivaay standing there calm folding his hands and listening to her. She opens both her eyes and composes herself on realising that she just apologized shivaay. For her it was a big thing, SHE HAD JUST APOLAGIZED SHIVAAY!!!!??????

Shivaay- over?? Anything else u want to speak? Or u want to tell more?

He waited for a few seconds and then again he started off-

Shivaay- but I have to remember this day. Paanika apologized me not once but four times. But u know what? I too feel the same.

Anika who was fiddling with her dress out of embarrassment stopped and looked at him with questioning eyes.

Then anika slips into her thinking…

Anika (in her mind)- o bete ki!! What am I hearing??!! ❓⁉⁉❓

*Flashback in anika’s mind starts*

Anika starts writing the letter and she writes……

I don’t know where to start from or what to start from but all I know is that I felt a very weird connection with u from the day we met. When I first saw u in the temple and the impression that I got from u was of arrogance and stone hearted. My so called hatred increased for u with the challenges and allegations u put on me. But still for dadi’s sake I joined as ur wedding planner and there too we had misunderstandings and fights but between all this I got more and more involved with u and ur work. I used to go home and even there I used to talk about u and I don’t know why I always waited for the night to end and the time for me to come into oberoi mansion for my work. Between all fights and arguments there was something else which I cant understand. I saw the great wall of shivaay and why u were stone hearted for the world, because u were soft hearted for ur family.

After tej uncle and Shakti uncle were proved innocent u announced ur marriage with tia, then also u did not believe me when I told u about tia’s truth and daksh stalking me, u insulted me u called me a gold digger and what not, u thought I had a one night stand with daksh, was this not enough for me? But still I wanted to save u from tia and her trap and I was somehow successful on the sangeet day. I don’t know why I did that. U got to know of daksh and saved me from his clutches and that night I trusted only u, somehow I don’t know. Whenever I am in trouble the first person I call or think of is u. I just don’t understand this.

That night I forgave u for what had happened, and that night we got all our misunderstandings clear. But that night I felt an even more stronger connection with u. since then my mind was in a confused state. It has been 7 months that I came back to oberoi mansion as the event manager and it has been 7 months that I tries to avoid u but failed each time and each time I failed my confusion increased. But now I am tired of running away from u and the only way I see now to clear of all confusion is friendship. So can we start our journey as friends? As friends for life??

*Flashback in anika’s mind ends*

Anika comes out of her thinking and looks at shivaay again

Shivaay- yes. I too felt and feel the same so…………
Anika (in sweet and curious voice)- soo?
Shivaay- so lets start our journey as friends……for life.?

Anika looked on shocked, she could not believe that this is the same baggad billa who she had met a year ago.??

anika- are u sure about ur decision?
Shivaay- once I take any decision only after thinking twice
Anika- but how come u said yes? I sent that letter without thinking second time but then I realised that I was asking u for friendship and I thought u would come here angry and insult me. U only say that sso keeps relations only with people of his status then why and how me?

Shivaay has no words? and falls into his own thinking.

He is still in his thinking and he has many questions for himself.
“Why did I say yes? How did I say yes? To anika! Anika, she does not have a surname, she has no background of family, lineage, blood nothing! No no no what the hell am I thinking?! Anika is independent, strong, bold, she is a beauty with brains so why not her? Why am I thinking twice to say yes to her?”

Anika is just looking at him and then he calls him out of his thinking.

Shivaay- u should just be happy that I am accepting ur proposal ok?
Anika- what? See again tadibaaz!?………………………………………………but wait?? u said u also feel the same so even u wanted to be my friend right?
Shivaay- huh?? What? No………………I do feel the same but that does not mean I wanted to be ur …………………………..ur friend!
Anika- ooohhh ok. But why did u come here in the first place??
Shivaay (not even thinking what he is saying)- to talk to u about what I feel and start our friendship!?

Shivaay realises what he just said and tries to cover but anika speaks

Anika- enough enough, u don’t have to explain I got my answer. I knew u also wanted the same when u told me that u feel the same as I do.

Shivaay runs his fingers over his forehead.??

Shivaay- uuuuhhh. Yeah. U r right………………………

Something strikes his mind and he looks again at the letter, and then at her

Shivaay (in a furious voice)- are u mad??!! U wrote this letter??

Anika gets shocked and confused and murmurs ‘now what happened to him all of a sudden?’??

Shivaay- why did u write this? Ur hand is fractured for god sake!! Anika are u mad? Seriously!
Anika- but…
Shivaay- what but? U could have talked to me right? and if u couldn’t do that then should have sent a voice message!! What was the need to write???
Anika- billuji calm down I wrote it with my left hand and not right!

Shivaay gets shocked again ??

Anika- now don’t look at me like that!………………………..what? I know how to write with left too. ?
Shivaay- u r really mad!
Anika- haaaaii?!?
Shivaay- people find it difficult to write neatly with right/left and u can write so neatly with both hands! Thoda un bikhariyo ko bhi sikha deti jinhe liikhne mai problem hoti ho (u could have taught those poor people who have a problem in writing too)???
(I wrote that line in hindi cause a few lines have their essence only in Hindi??)

Anika (with a pleasant smile)?- so even u have started to learn to cool down a bit?
Shivaay (realising what he said and how he reacted)- hmmmmm.

Shivaay- but there is still one thing stuck in my mind.
Anika- what?

Screen freezes on shivaay’s face.

Precap- rudra, om and prinku enter anika’s ward.
Om- shivaay I need to talk to u and it is important so come with me, come!
Om pulls shivaay out who was unwilling to go.
Prinku diverts anika’s attention and starts talking to her about something and anika has a not understanding wala look on her face.
Rudra slowy takes the letter kept on table (the one anika wrote for shivaay) and takes a pic of it and signs prinku.
Prinku – ok anika I will leave bye. U take rest.
Anika- but prinku…
Before she completes her sentence they leave. Anika has a confused look.

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    @ SHIVIKA and u – provide me a list what u both like dislike ,clothing sense,pastime activities what all then I will check how much I no u too without meeting u guys ..

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