SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 14(ishqbaaz ff)


Epi 14-

Days pass by, shivaay has recovered. He now has been granted the permission to walk around as much as he wants and resume his work.

Shivaay (in his mind)- thank god! I can resume my old schedule now. Dadi, ma, omru and prinku were behind me like I have broken my leg or brain. Now no one can stop me from doing what I want. And what I want to do now is go to the hospital, straight to anika’s ward, talk out that we need to take a turn in our journey and name it friendship. No one even let me step out of the house for past one week and every time I tried to speaking to anika on phone someone or the other would interrupt, well I done with this pause and play game. Now I really need to meet anika.

Shivaay walks out of his room with a determined expression on his face and starts walking in the corridor towards the entrance. He was stopped midway by dadi and om.

Dadi- billu? What r doing here at this time? Why aren’t u going to sleep?
Shivaay (with a what to say? Wala expression)- umm…… I ……… I was just going out.
Om (with raised eyebrows)- shivaay even we know that u were going out and we want to know where out?
Shivaay (in his mind)- I cant tell om and dadi I am going to anika, if I do I will be met with many questions and teasing it is better I keep quite.
Dadi- billu om and me are asking something, answer us?
Shivaay- dadi…… u r asking me as if I am a small child. I was just going out to take a walk!
Om (now really shocked)- shivaay? U and walk that to at night!!!???

Shivaay still with his what to say wala expression, opens his mouth to say something but don’t know what to say.

Rudra come there and sees shivaay with his mouth open (guys his mouth not open so wide u can imagine right????)

Rudra- bhaiyya close ur mouth otherwise mosquito will go inside.
Shivaay closes his mouth
Shivaay- I …………… I am going…………….to sleep…good night!!
Omru- good night (almost singing a song)

Dadi stands there smiling at what just happened.

Rudra- by the way I was searching for mom where is she?
Om- rudra how can u forget so soon ma has gone to hospital, today night she will be with anika.
Rudra- oooohhh!!! Right how can I forget? I asked mom to take me with her but she refused. (making a pout and puppy face)

Om shakes his head looking at his younger brother

Rudra- and dadi where is mr. amrish puri??? I have not seen mr.angry man around too?

Dadi and om who were standing opposite to rudra saw something/someone and their eyes widened up. Om tried to sign rudra to stop but he is our dumbbell oberoi!!!

Rudra- u know dadi when he is angry his face becomes balloon!!!!!????

Om looked at him with totally confused expression.

Rudra- arree like this (makes a funny angry kind of face the khadus kind).
Om- u r just mad rudra !!!!
Dadi- rudra, beta once see behind na?
Rudra- yeah sure dadi??

He turns back in a full josh bhara swag, but looking at the person standing behind him his swag is washed away and he has a crying puppy face expression.

Yup tej was standing behind him and he had listened to all that rudra told about him!

Rudra- papa you??!!
Tej- yes it is me, any problem (with a serious expression)
Rudra- no…. no problem……. Why will I have a probem……… fact why will I have ANY problem………….i am perfectly fine!
Tej- good! But what were u showing om once show me also, even I want to know how I look when I am angry. (with a calm but serious expression)
Rudra- huuuh? Hahaa no I was not talking of u I was talking of some other man……not u……….how can I say anything like that to my father?…………………….my dad is soo sweet, so nice…………… papa is
Om (whispers to rudra)- rudra don’t u think u r overacting?
Rudra (whispers back)-I know o but this is the only way to handle mr. amrish puri!
But he said that a bit louder than o and tej heard it.

Tej- so I am amrish puri for u?

Rudra (not even paying attention to whom and what he is saying)- of course papa! U r soo………..(he realises what he said) u r sooooooo……………… so sweet that no one can call U amrish puri……..of course papa not u. (trying to keep his calm and cool expression)

Rudra realises that he cant hold up for long and runs from there excusing himself. Tej looks at him going and smiles. He turns to dadi.

Tej- ma I am going to hospital, jhanvi must be waiting for me.

Dadi nods and tej leaves. Om is left shocked.

Om (in his mind)- mr. oberoi is going to hospital with ma that to for anika?! And was he just smiling looking at rudra’s tactics???!! But no! he cant change he is still that arroagant stone hearted person!

Om leaves from there. Dadi understands his state of mind.

Dadi (in her mind)- om, when will u start accepting that slowly tej is changing for good. I know it is difficult for u, but it is difficult for him too, to win ur hearts again. I just wish that someone comes in ur life who will make u realise where u r wrong.

At the same time, in a house-
A girl is dancing to a (instrumental) song, her payal are swaying with her and r making the pleasant noise.
Back in OM-
In om’s work place
Om is listening to the same instrumental and sculpting.

It is morning

Shivaay is in the kitchen and has prepared breakfast and has got it arranged neatly on the dining table by his servants. He is about to leave when he gets a call.

Shivaay (on call)- yeah….just prepone or postpone all my meetings……uh prepone them to before 3:00 or postpone them to tomorrow………this is my business and everything will be according to me!

He cuts the call, does his signature step and goes.

As shivaay goes from there, pinky is shown (she was standing behind shivaay itself).

Pinky- oh my mata! What happens now that shivaay does not wants to go for meetings??? What work does he have after 3:00????

It is 3:30 and in hospital

Anika’s ward

Anika (thinking)- this not fair bhagvaanji! These doctors say that I cannot get out of this stupid hospital until 4 days and on top of that billuji has not come even once here after his discharge and everytime he calls, our talk is left incomplete. Dadi, jhanvi aunty, pinky aunty, Shakti uncle, tej uncle, om, rudra, prinku, sahil everyone have come here to see me and stay with me but billuji has not even come once here…………….anika u also na how can billuji come here? He is injured and yesterday only the doctor told him that he can start his usual works…………………so couldn’t he have come yesterday? Anyways now I only have to find a way cause I cant wait anymore!

Anika is writing some letter, she folds it.
Just then rudra enters, she gives it to rudra

Rudra- what is this didi?
Anika- it is a letter or a short message for billuji.

Rudra smiles naughtily and says ‘hmmmm (teasing) love letter haaan didi!!’

Anika- what!!?? Me and love letter that to for ur bhaiyya never! It is just a letter. So pls give it to him and don’t tell anyone else.

He is about to open it. Anika stops him

Anika- rudra !!!this is not for u only billuji can read this!

Rudra is shocked with anika’s reaction but he somehow guessed what it is so he agreed not to open it.

Rudra leaves to give it to shivaay. But he meets him in the corridor itself.

Rudra- bhaiyya! U here?
Shivaay (with an oh no! where am I stuck kind of expression)- why? Cant I come here?
Rudra- nothing like that, by the way I was coming to u
Shivaay- me?
Rudra- anika didi asked me to give this to u. (he says so giving the letter)

Shivaay has a surprised expression.

Anika sees rudra giving the chit to shivaay through her window. Seeing this she gets nervous and starts thinking what will happen now??
Shivaay reads the letter standing there while rudra leaves. Anika could see only his back so could not even make out anything that was going on his mind.

Anika- uffo! Yeh billuji na… I cant even see his face, now how will I make out if he is happy reading it or angry???

Shivaay moves towards anika’s ward door and now anika cant see him.

Anika- billuji is moving towards my ward…… I don’t even know how he will react.

Just as shivaay was about go near the door (the door was open), a nurse passing by accidentally drops a medicine bottle and it breakes. Anika could here the noise and shivaay’s ‘what the wuck’

Anika- I think billuji is in angry mood, otherwise why will he break what ever he broke? Oh god save me from this jwalamukhi singh oberoi!!

Shivaay enters the ward in a few minutes.

anika is reading a magazine (she is on her bed), shivaay enters her ward and she hold the magazine tighter, closes her eyes tight and starts talking to herself in a very low voice only audible to her ‘phut gaya bomb, I should not have done anything like that, what if he starts shouting here? In his baggad billa avatar he won’t think of anything else other than family!’

Shivaay comes and stands in front of the bed but anika doesn’t put down the magazine and shivaay- ‘anika I need to talk to u’.

anika (opens her eyes wide and she says trembling with her words) -cant u see…… I am……I am busy……… reading!
shivaay sees the magazine up side down, with a isska kuch nhi ho sakta wala look says ‘oh really????!’
anika- yes! Cant u see the magazine???
Shivaay- I can see it very clearly, but I don’t understand how come u can read a magazine holding it up side down!

Anika looks at the words carefully and then she turns it upright quickly???

Anika- happy? Now I am reading properly!

Shivaay moves forward, snatches away the magazine and keeps it on the side table.

Shivaay- why do try to act in front of me?
Anika- what act?……………… I was not acting…………I was just
Shivaay- wanting to hear my answer!

Anika has a blank look on her face not knowing what to speak.

shivaay goes and closes the door. Anika has a quizzical look.

Anika- why did u close the door?
Shivaay- I guess we need some privacy right now, as I don’t think it is necessary for other people to hear our conversation.

Screen freezes on anika’s face.

Precap- anika- are u sure about ur decision?
Shivaay- once I take any decision only after thinking twice
Anika- but how come u said yes? I sent that letter without thinking second time but then I realised that I was asking u for friendship and I thought u would come here angry and insult me. U only say that sso keeps relations only with people of his status then why and how me?
Shivaay has no words and falls into his own thinking.

I know even though it is long, it is very boring and is missing on some major elements needed for an interesting ff, pls tell me what ever u feel, I will heartily accept rotten tomatoes and other such stuff cause I am feeling this is what it deserves and sorry for boring u and disappointing u all.

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    Rotten tomatoes huh ??? ?
    Coming to episode ….
    It was fab triller I loved each and every bit of it whether it is Mr amrishpuri ? omru…..
    ??chithi ja rahi hai aur kabutar (pigeon ) hai Rudra….
    Suspense khol dena Nahi toh I will ….

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