SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 13(ishqbaaz ff)


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Om helps shivaay to the car and shivru drive off to OM whereas om and prinku stay back with anika. It is afternoon and omprinku are having their lunch. Anika is in her ward and talking to herself and in oberoi mansion at the same time shivaay in his room is talking to himself.

Anika (in ward)- I am still very confused with what I think and feel. Billuji was about to fall and I reacted as if something big was about to happen.
Shivaay (in OM)-But then what is wrong if I did react that way? She was lying there in such a condition and I was just…just
Anika(in ward)-I was just worried for him…………but why? Why that person that baggad billa. Why?
Shivaay(in OM)- cause there is something between us. She too feels it
Anika(in ward)- and that something attracts me towards him and it becomes just impossible for me to go away from him, which just makes me feel different. But…
Shivaay(in OM)- but can there be anything else than fight, irritation and anger between us?
Anika(in ward)- maybe just maybe.
Shivaay (in OM)- Love angel is right when I am not able to figure out what this is
Anika (in ward)- And when it becomes impossible to avoid him or stay away from him, the best way is to just stop staying away from him.
Shivaay (in OM)-And by the way why should I stay away from her???
Anika (in ward)- he is not going to eat me up.
Shivaay (in OM)- at least I got this sorted in mind. So no more running away from anika!!
Anika (in ward)- I will just face him, talk to him and stay normal!

(The decision of dropping the idea of staying away from each other gave a weird kind of peace to their minds and eventually they had a smile on their face)

Om and prinku enter anika’s ward and see her smiling and get confused. Om goes near her waves his hand infront of her face calling out ‘anika’ and she comes back to the real world.

Anika- huh!? What…… what happened?
Om – that’s what we have to ask what happened?
Prinku- I have not seen u smiling alone this way before, even if u were deep in thoughts. So tell me whom were u thinking about?
Anika (half consciously)- billuji! (in a soft and deep in thought wala voice)
Prinku- shivaay bhaiyya!!!
Anika (now completely conscious)- hain?!! No no. I was just thinking if reached home with rudra.
Om- haan, they reached about 15-20 minutes ago.
Anika- oh ok.

Om sees that anika wants to ask something but hesitates.

Om- anika do u want to ask something?
Anika- yes. Om how is billuji’s health, he was not even able to walk properly and I know him he will start his tadibaaz and will start his business work today itself.
Om (gives blank wala look)- shivaay is fine he might be taking rest and I will call rudra and make sure that he does not do any work. Ok?
Anika gives a smile.

Om moves out and calls rudra and thinks anika was thinking about shivaay so I can take this as a clue that our plan is working and she knows shivaay so well too

His thoughts were interrupted by rudra as he picked up the call

Rudra- hello? O!!
Om- huh?! Rudra…
Rudra- yes it is me only.
Om- I know it is u. now listen
Rudra- first u listen, how is anika di is she fine? and is our plan working?
Om- yes she is fine. and our plan is working. Now u listen how is shivaay did he take his medicines?
Rudra- yess he did. But there is one problem and I cannot handle it because it is the great shivaay singh oberoi.
Om- come straight to the point rudra! What problem?
Rudra- arrre shivaay bhaiyya called up that mr.khanna and told him to get all his files from office and he wants to resume his work today itself and u know na I cannot get him to change his decision because it shivaay singh oberoi’s decision.
Om- what??! Shivaay wants to resume working? But he has to take rest doctor had strictly told that?
Rudra- I know o! but what to do he is in full tashan.
Om- means anika wa right.
Rudra- o what r u talking?

Om narrates the whole convo to rudra and rudra is also surprised

Rudra- anika didi knows shivaay bhaiyya so well
Om- I told u before itself that they r compatible.
Rudra- hhmmmm. Idea! O we will ask anika didi to convince bhaiyya. She is the only one who can do this.
Om- u r right.

Om went in to the ward where prinku and anika were chit-chatting.
Om tells anika everything about shivaay wanting to resume working and asks her to convince shivaay.

Anika- I knew it that mr taibaaz will not leave a single chance to show his tashan and tadi.

Om gives the phone to anika and on the other hand rudra gives the phone to shivaay.

Shivaay was happy inside cause he wanted to talk to anika but does not show it out

Anika(on phone to shivaay)- what do u think of ur self? Huh?

Shivaay gives a confused look and turns to rudra, who stands there with his hands folded and a victory smile over his face.
Shivaay turns to other side to avoid rudra’s expressions

Anika on the other hand continues

Anika- when will u understand that ur health is more important than ur business. Tej uncle and Shakti uncle r there to handle everything na? but no! u have to how ur tashanbazi otherwise how will u get peace? I just don’t know what u r upto, first u clear up this confusion do u care for ur self or no. because even if u get a sneeze u take so many pills and now u have come out of this accident and u r injured, doctor told u to take rest and not work but u r stressing urself. What do u want? Tell me? Do u want to go on stressing ur self and make ur health even worse so that ur family again starts worrying for ur health and recovery? Cant u just take rest for few days and when u r fit and fine then start ur work. Cant u do that for me or for ur family??

Shivaay keeps on listning to anika’s scolding. When she finishes shivaay manages to say ‘yeah. I will take rest’

Anika- pinky promise ????
Shivaay smiles and says ‘pinky promise!’

Anika cuts the call and gives to a surprised om.

Anika (looking at om and prinku)-what!!??
Om prinku- no nothing.

In shivaay’s room

Shivaay cuts the call and turns and faces rudra. Shivaay still has a smile on his face but looking at rudra he tries to hide the smile.

Rudra- smile bhaiyya smile! No one will stop u but tell me one thing when I told u not to work u did not listen choti ma told u did not listen dadi told u did not listen, but anika didi told and you did not even argue once and then u also gave PINKY PROMISE, and then u have a smile on ur face!!
Shivaay (with a blank face)- just…just shut up rudra. Go and do ur work.

Rudra leaves with a pout.

Shivaay smiles reminiscing his and anika’s pinky promise moment.

Shivaay(coming back to senses)- why am I smiling on anika’s pinky promise???

He shakes his head in irritation, and remembers love angels words and so does anika.

shivaay in his room thinks ‘how should I ask her? Will she accept? Of course she will accept, no one can reject shivaay singh oberoi…………but alas! she is anika! For her I am only shivaay!!’

On the other hand anika too is thinking ‘love angel is right. But how will I ask him? And what if he rejects??’

Shivaay says ‘no matter what I have to ask her and she has to accept’

Anika says ‘bhagvaan ka naam le ke dubki maar hi lungi!! I just hope he doesnt become jwalamukhi singh oberoi’ (sorry guys I had to type the first part in hindi cause I don’t the English version of it ?)

The screen divides into two, shivaay and anika say at the same time but at different places say ‘the only way to get out of this problem is friendship!’

(Om and prinku on call with rudra) om says ‘this is not the end solution of the problem this is just the starting step towards the solution’
Rudra(on call)- but o what is the problem and what is the solution??????
Prinku- bhaiyya!!!!
Om- duffer!! The shivika love problem, and since the problem is their love the solution will also be their love!

Screen freezes on omru and prinku’s excited faces.

Precap- anika is reading a magazine (she is on her bed), shivaay enters her ward and she hold the magazine tighter, closes her eyes tight and starts talking to herself in a very low voice only audible to her ‘phut gaya bomb, I should not have done anything like that, what if he starts shouting here? In his baggad billa avatar he wont think of anything else other than family!’ Shivaay comes and stands in front of the bed but anika doesn’t put down the magazine and shivaay says ‘anika I need to talk to u’. anika opens her eyes wide and she says trembling with her words ‘cant u see…… I am……I am busy……… reading!’ shivaay sees the magazine up side down, with a isska kuch nhi ho sakta wala look says ‘oh really????!’

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