SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (episode 1) (ishqbaaz ff)

Hey guys I am here with the first episode of shivika- pyaar ki dastaan. One more thing I forgot to tell u is that in my ff none of the oberois have met or known soumya but rudra is a very big fan of love angel and never misses her podcast and tia does not have any role in my ff.
now coming to the episode:

Sunrises and oberoi mansion is shown. Dadi is sitting in the garden and making a video diary as it is late Mr. Prithviraj oberoi’s (tej and shakti’s father) birthday. She has a wide smile on her face.

Dadi – (looking in the phone) see from where to where your name has come? Now I feel that everything is going smoothly for our sons tej and Shakti. Tej is slowly changing and has started to give equal importance to jhanvi.
Jhanvi is walking nearby and tej comes and asks her why she did not have her tablets and scolds her for not taking care of herself. Tej takes jhanvi with him and gives her tablets.

Dadi- see I told u na, tej has become caring. And Shakti has also actually become truthful and now he also takes pinky along with him to parties and social get togethers.

Pinky is walking with basket of decorations and Shakti comes there
Shakti- pinky next week there is small party at Kapoor mansion so pls remember.
Pinky – Shakti ji are you sure u want me to come?
Shakti- if u will not come with me then who else will come with me?
Pinky and Shakti smile and walk from there

Dadi -hmmm. Now if I talk of our grandchildren then I will not stop but still, Priyanka has started to gain more self-confidence, now is not so afraid of media people and all.

Priyanka is shown and is taking on phone she says ‘hello. Yes papa tell me……conference? But for what…….really? if it is for my scholarship and todays maha aarthi then I will surely talk……you don’t worry I will be able to talk.

Scene changes
Dadi- and Rudra is the same, always wanting to have fun, but he has become a little bit more mature from the time he has started to listen to love angel on radio.

Rudra is shown, he is doing push ups in his room and he stops on hearing lovel angel’s show on radio. He sleeps on his back and keeps listening to love angel,
Rudra – love angel is soooo nice. She solves everyone’s problems so easily. (he has a big smile on his face)

Scene changes back to garden
Dadi- now coming to Omkara, he has touched the skies with his sculptures and paintings. His shayaris are so emotional and touching.

Omkara is shown making a huge painting of two lovers and says ‘khwabo ki nazar se aapko manga hai, jazbaato ki nazar se aapki ibadat ki hai, haqiqat ke nazar se aapse ishq kiya hai’ (sorry for the shayari if u feel it is bakwaas)

Scene back to dadi
Dadi- And our billu our shivaay, he still has arrogance and pride in him

Shivaay is shown in his room talking to someone on phone
Shivaay – hey listen I want that work one today do u get otherwise u will be in big trouble oberois can do anything and everything.

In garden
Dadi- but what has changed in him is that he no more has control of his heart and his feelings. The great wall of oberoi has slowly started to melt for someone, in fact that someone has a very big hand in all the changes that happened in the past one year. And that someone is my sweet anika

Anika is shown walking in the corridor towards shivaay’s room
Shivaay is standing with his back faced towards the door and anika is about to knock on the door but shivaay says ‘come in anika’. Anika in her mind thinks ‘how does he always know that it is me’
Shivaay- why do always get that question in ur mind? I told that I can feel and so I know that is u.
Anika stands there dumbstruck thinking ‘now he can read my mind also? is he some kind of antaryaami?’
Shivaay by then realises what he has said and says ‘I mean… I… just know it… it is u… somehow’
Shivaay- by the way u have some work here?
Anika- yes I pinky aunty has asked u to choose one of these kurtas for today’s maha aarthi.
She displays 5 kurtas on his bed neatly and shivaay is looking at her constantly. She does the work.
Anika- I … I will leave now.
Shivaay now has a frown on his face and quickly says
Shivaay- why? Why do u have to go?
Anika has a confused expression on her face
Shivaay comes to his senses
Shivaay- I mean…. Where r u leaving, the event has not even started.
Anika – who told u that I am leaving to go home? Can’t leaving mean leaving this room and going to the garden where dadi is sitting. Your always in ur own tadi. Always in ur own
Saying all this in fast speed she goes out of the room
Shivaay stands there still and says ‘she is mad’.
Anika comes out of the room and leans on a wall and says ‘good anika very good, just fight like that with him. It is better if u stay away from him.’
Shivaay in his room thinks ‘its actually good, cause if we fight, we will stay away from each other, and if we stay away from each other……….it is good, just good’

Scene shifts to garden
Dadi- he has fallen for anika but he will not accept this and he is trying stay away from her, but he doesn’t know that the person who runs away from love only gets caught by love first.
Screen freezes on anika and shivaay’s face.

Precap- shivaay ties the back lace of anika. Anika turns and they are standing very close to each other, they have an eye lock.

I will put more of shivika scenes from second episode and I hope u liked the starting guys.

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  1. Priyali

    Nice Ya…. waiting eagerly for Shivika…. u made me addicted to reading it five times in the first epi…

  2. Sat

    It is very nice Samsun
    I love the story
    It is very nice
    Shivikq hiding their feelings
    And the intro is very good by dadi, and pinky became a brave girl is too good
    And I am loving the precap. Just waiting for it.
    Please update the next epi ASAP
    And please do read and comment mine

  3. Awesome episode.

  4. loved it …. post soon

  5. Nansshivika

    Awesome waiting for next episode for shivika scene

  6. Very nice keep it up and upload next part as soon as possible

  7. Tulasi

    Nyc one yaar……i always luv shhivikaa scenes……suprr daa…..have a look at my ff tooo n suggest

  8. Nida

    Not just loved but great great ?

  9. Yaashi

    Loved it…

  10. Vincy

    Precap is awesome ??

  11. Ishqkum

    Wow shivika scene awesome. Update the next episode ASAP

  12. Vrry gud sam

  13. SamSun

    Thank you all??
    And I have already read all ur ff’s that u have posted recently and all of them r too good just love them. But I am used to being a silent reader but now I will surely comment. Thank you all again?

  14. Priyanka_22

    awsum samsun
    loved it
    n super excited fo next part
    update soon

  15. thank u Priyanka_22 ?

  16. Precap is just awesome….❤❤ update it soon…

  17. SamSun

    Thank usabhya ?

  18. Nainaa

    Oh! that’s really awesome. Shivika scenes are damn cute.
    Oh My God! What a precap! can’t wait for next episode update is ASAP Dear <3 🙂

  19. SamSun

    Thank u nainaa??

  20. What a gr8 ff i liked it a lot
    Starting is really osum

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