Shivika Os||Wreched Faith|| (By Anya)

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Shivika Os||Wreched Faith||

Shivaay sleep got disturbed by the voice of a lady huming a song which he didn’t heard off, groaning he turned and opened his eyes but soon shut it down as he took the view in front of himself.Does she wanted him to die due to his need of having her? it’s been more than a month since she was here but he just kept a distance from her, what she did he didn’t forgot about it but he know he had forgiven her.

Maybe forgiving her was easy but forgetting what she did was still a harder fight for him.

Last night he had a mild fever, so he wake up this late to see her in a sky blue plain satin saree, the knot of her designer blouse left open while she was drying her hair looking in the mirror which had a good view from his bed.Why from all of the days she had to wear saree today and look this breath taking?He took a deep breath as the thought of kissing her senseless gripped his heart, not wanting his desire to took a toll over himself he just stayed like that for the next five minutes when her painful scream made him stood up and move towards her in an instant.

“Annika are you crazy or what?”he said worriedly sitting on his knees in front of her while annika was shocked, his colongue was making her lost her sanity, she only knew how much she had craved for him in these four months, yesterday she had fallen asleep beside him as she was taking care of him and thought to freshen up and go from here before he wakes up,but see what had happened?her yell had woken him up and being the protective husband, which he surely is,came running to her not understanding this proximity was making her weak.

Holding her bruised finger in his hand,he took the finger in his mouth and suck it to stop the flow of blood,making her stiffen in response, he had sensed the effect on her and looked up to see her staring back at him but immediately turned her gaze away from him and pulled out her finger out of his mouth,”I’m okay” she whispered and tried to stood up to go when he held her hand and made her sit down once again, she looked confusely at him but soon bite her lips to not let the whimper to escape her mouth as his cold hand come in contact with the warm skin of her bare waist.

His other hand moved towards her nape and then back to her ear she had closed her eyes as the feeling was making her feel giddy,he could see the natural blush on her cheeks running till the lenght of her ear, moving towards her face she could feel his hot breath franing her face and her hands instantly went to the side of her torso as he rubbed his subtle against her cheeks making her breath ereatic.

She gave out a moan when his hand slided her wet hair to one side and his other hand which were making circles on her waist started to move upwards,moving his palm over her delicated bare skin he took some moment to reach towards her open knot.Her grip tighten as he took both the end of her knot in his hand and slowly made a knot. it was as if shivaay was hugging her with his head over her shoulder,his hot breath falling over her naked neck making her lost in her own world,this proximty had effected both of them, the desire had started to burst out from every cell of their’s.

He moved backwards,rubbing his subtle against her soft skin yet once again and looked at his enchanting lady love, who had her eyes closed,pink plump lips parted in anticipation as her chest fall up and down in a rhymetic manner, a smile crept to his lips as he saw the same desire in her half closed drowning eyes,his hand were now at the nape of her neck,holding her face in his palm gently, both of them were in the spell of their love, lost in each other eyes, holding her cheeks he leaned forward and captured her lips in a gentle kiss,her hands moved from his torso to his neck while the other went up to his hair,as she pulled him closer, reciprocating with the same intensity.What started as a soft gentle kiss was now turned into a passionate one.

When it felts like eternity,they broke apart due to the need of oxygen,he didn’t stop there,hence he moved towards her swan like neck and started giving her trails of kisses from the lenght of her jaw till the nape of her neck,she just tilted her neck backward in bliss giving him more access,moving to her shoulder he nibble over there, while his hand now started moving down her waist making her tremble in response. Moving once again to face her,he captured their lips in yet another feverish kiss, and scooped her in his arms,still kissing he dropped her on the mattress,moving over her he broke the kiss and joined his forehead with her’s as they tried to calm their raging breath, he looked up to see her looking at the ground with an embarressed look and reality dawned upon him, they had shared a kiss and gone way more ahead, feeling guilty for doing this,he stood up,not uttering a word he went to his washroom opening the shower and with out removing his clothes he let the cold water hit his body which was steaming with desire.


Drops of blood imprinted on the white pristine marble of the Oberoi mansion as Shivaay made his way to the house,his eyes spitting fire,hands curled up as a ball while his body literally tremble due to the anger he was holding with in him self, his side of his forehead had a bruise which was visible enough for a person to see from the first floor of the Mansion,but it didn’t matter to him,what matter to him was to go and ask annika some questions,which only she can answer and if she doesn’t then he will take that whatever ragini said it was true.


“Shivaay see this”ragini said, showing him the laptop which had a camera photage of a hotel, “what’s this?”he asked confused,”Just wait and se”she said her eyes fixed on the screen,shivaay too did the same when a person come into view,he couldn’t see his face but the girl who cam next mwas fimiliar to him, more precisely, his wife.But what was she doing here? That too with this man?

He looked at ragini “Who’s this guy?”he asked “her fiance ofcourse”she said , shivaay eyes’s spitted fire at that very moment when realized that she had come to have a secret rendevous with her fiance in this hotel,”how cheap she is, she had spended almost three hours here with him and what was going on inside we don’t have any guesses,maybe both of them were having their quality tim—” she said with a smirk on her face but was cut off by a hoarse voice”Stop!” was all he said to her as each word felt like as it pierced into his heart like a sword, making a way for the newly freshed wound to embed on his heart.

“I was just–” she again started but his one glance had made her stop as chills ran down her body because of the intensity it caused.

Moving the recorded tape further he saw that after about 3 to 4 hour the location was changed and it was of the parking lot, where annika was hugging the person tight and then kissed his cheeks while the other person did the same as he held onto her waist tightly while she smiled softly.

Then they said each other something and the person held her cheeks and kissed her forehead while she closed her eyes.

“see how she is clinging onto him, I must say how easy it was for her to move on like this shivaay, she is just ridiculous”she said but later gasped as the glass with he was holding shattered into pieces making the small shreds of glass pierced his palm.

Not listening to her protest to clean his wounded hand he moved towards his car and drove away angerly.

“Now this annika is out of my way and all thanks to this phottage which bhaiya bought for me but who was this guy she had came to meet? well it doesn’t matter to me,what matters is that the path is now free,yah!”Ragini smiled victoriously.

In between due to the high sped he had just bumped into a tree making his forehead wounded.

FlashBack ENDS.

Everyone had gone on a wedding except Annika and Omru, with each step he felt his body turning into ice as the feeling of being betrayed crept his heart. She blo*dy betrayed him,How could she? But at the deepest corner of his heart he thought that she can’t do this to him,No she will never do this but who can stop the great shivaay singh oberoi to think from his mind?No one in particular except he himself so the mind started playing it’s own game

“how cheap she is, she had spended almost three hours here with him and what was going on inside we don’t have any guesses,maybe both of them were having their quality tim—”

“see how she is clinging onto him, I must say how easy was for ehr to move on like this shivaay, she is just ridiculous”

And everything went out of the window accept hatred and anger for her.

He know she must be in their room no his room and his instinct were right as there she was sitting on the window which was attacted to the pool side lost somewhere, and his anger rise to some more level. Moving with long strides he held her arms tightly and made her stood up facing her, she was alert by this sudden pull but gasp as soon as he saw his face,”Shivaay”she whispered as she held his face in her palm and touched his bruised part,making him close his eyes shut in pain but the pain which was inside his heart was way much more then this external pain.

Jerking away her hand mercilessly,he holded both her arms and turned making her back smash on the wall hard,”Shivaay what are you doing?”she asked with a cracked voice tying to come out of his grip which was hurtting her.”where have you went today afternoon?”he whispered sharply making her look at him confused, “What do you mean?”she asked and wriggle in his hold, “Where have you been today afternoon?”he repeated his question holding her tightly.


“hello”she answered the unknown number.

“Hello is this annika I’m talking too?” a soft manly voice was heard from the other side while annika affirmated that she was annika,

“Oh Gosh! I really couldn’t recognise your voice nika for a moment, you must have changed alot”the other person said excitedly making her smile brightly as only one person called her nika which was her childhood friend.

“Oh Bete Ki! Adi you? it’s god gracious that finally I was able to talk to you, otherwise I though that you have forgotten me”she said excitedly and ended it sadly.

“Huh! How can I foget my Nika? Well After alot of hard work I got your number so i will not waste anytime, I’m here at mumbai for a week and I’m going tomorrow let’s meet then”he said as a matter of fact.

“yeah why not offource, as I wanted to talk alot with my buddy, send me your address I will be there”she said and hanged up.

Actually Aditya had come to mumbai for a busisiess meeting with the malhotra’s and wehn he was talking to annika samar was there and he thought maybe the annika he was talkign to can be shivaay’s annika? so he kept the phottage with him and to his luch he was riht as it was annika whom adi was meeting.

FlashBack ENDS.

Annika shared everything with Aditya and said whatever happened in her life in these five years while adi was really sad knowing about all this, he wished that he could be here for her but he had to go so they become emotional as they parted.

“annika answer me”he said hoarsily shaking her while she looked at him”pearl Inn hotel”She said”Why?”

“What the hell is that to you?”but soon shiver in response as he hit his palm on the wall just beside her”This is not the answer to my blo*dy Question”he yelp making annika look at him with accusing eyes.

“Why would I say when you never told me that you havn’t file the divorce paper”she said as she realized that when after coming back she was searching smething in the side table and got the divorce paper which had both of their signs.Shivaay stilled but soon recovered,”now you got it that you are still my wife, now tell me why you went there?”he gritted his teeth as he pushed her once again on the wall,”I won’t tell, I don’t know why are you doing this to me? do you think if you’ll torture me than I’ll say?No never I’m not gonna hear you anymore”

“Torture? Living with you was a torture to me instead and now I regret why I didn’t filled that papers”he said angrily but soon realized his mistake as she pushed him hard away from her as angry tears come out of her eyes,

“So now rectify your mistake,Go and fill that papers and get blo*dy rid of this torture like me”she shouted as more tears come out of her eyes,his expression soon changed into a soft one,”No I can’t”he whispered guilty

she just gave a mocking laugh,”You never told me that we aren’t disvorced and now when I asked you to filled that papers, you are telling me no? you are now behaving like this is as if it was just a small thing?”shivaay moved his head from right to left trying to get hold of the situation which he had messed up, “What the f**king hell do you want from me shivaay? Neither you wanted to divorce me as I’m a torture to you,nor you freaking wanted to share a bed with me”she at last shouted making him still.

she realized what she said and quickly changed the sentence”and it isn’t that I wanted it either,it’s better you stay away from me”she said still angry on him.

“how cheap she is, she had spended almost three hours here with him and what was going on inside we don’t have any guesses,maybe both of them were having their quality tim—”

“see how she is clinging onto him, I must say how easy was for ehr to move on like this shivaay, she is just ridiculous”

She narrowed her eye she saw him giving her a smirk”yeah that’s the reason you always enjoy my touches don’t you?just like today morning”he said sharply while annika looked accusingly at him. How could he bring those moments at this time,”you are a jerk shivaay, and have only forced your self on me , there’s nothing which I feel for you,it’d better if there was someo–“just her words died in his mouth as he once again took her in for a wild kiss smashing her onto the wall harder.

She said what he never wanted to hear from anyone,he kissed her angrily punishing her to the obvious while she tried hard to push him but he was too strong for her,but after with all her strenght,she pushed him hard and a burning sensation hit his cheeks making his eyes blaze with fire, “What are you doing shivaay? What had gone onto you?”she said helplessly,holding his collar with her hands shaking him back and forth,he just hold her hand and twisted them at the back pushing her closer

“How dare you?” he whispered dangerously while she cried helplessly,”You are not the shivaay I have loved,No you are not”she said crying bitterly on his chest but he was too blinded by the anger that he didn’t registered her words.

“You wanted to know na why I went there? My childhood friend had come to mumbai after many years and so I went to meet him,now that’s okay with you?”she said as she lifted her head and looked at his stone like face with teary eyes, as soon as the words entered his eardrum he stilled while his heart filled with an overwhelmed feelign knowing that his annika would never betray him,she will be always loyal to him but it last jsut for a second as soon the guilt of accusing her for being with someone else hit him hard.

he loosened his hand from her arms making her slide down on the ground crying bitterly while he looked at her with an ashamed look,”dammit!”he whispred exasserately hitting his woulded palm on the wall leavign the blood hand print on the wall.

What the hell did he did?he just forced himself on her, he yet once again accuse her of sleeping–okay he won’t be able to finish this thought, but what could he do? the thought of her being with soemoen else hit him hard and he couldn’t understand what to do,his mind was somewhere else,not knowing what to do he just took few backward steps,turning he moved out from there.

He will never be able to forgive himself for this,no he can’t.

Next morning.

As he came inside the room, he saw it empty looking aroung he sigh, he can’t face her for what he did yesterday night, moving towards the bed,he saw a letter struck on the side table with a document, he first opened the letter and saw it to be annika’s handwriting, while a fear gripped his heart.

I Know I’m a torture for you to live with so I just wanted to make it easy for you, here are the divorce paper,go and filled them up to the court and if you still don’t want to do it for god sake why,then don’t do it as now I wouldn’t be there to trouble, I’m going Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi, and I hope you enjoy your life with out me.


He looked at the papers and then started laughing like maniac,his small misunderstanding had cost him this much, but he know he deserves this.Laughing at his cruel fate he sat there looking at the letter as his fear come rushing down to him,he Lost her again and this was all because of him.



Atlast I was able to finish this.I know you all will be angry with me with the ending but this was what I had palnned to do and what was bound to happen, and no continuation for this.sorry in advance.Do give yuor reviews regarding it.

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      Hello Sairish!
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      hello kriti?
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