Shivika Os||Night Before the Exile|| [Vanvaas] (By Anya)

The Night Before The Exile

Annika turned, trying to snuggle into the peaceful wamrth of her man but ended up hugging the soft pillow, she squeezed it hard and rubbed her cheeks against it as if trying to recognise it.

Extending her arms more, trying to get hold of him she realized the place was cold and empty just the way he seems to be behaving that whole day, opening her half drowsy eyes, trying to adjust to the light which fell upon her face from the lamp beside the bedside table, she looked around, raking her eyes all around in search of him. Earlier, he used to be near the glass window speaking in hush tone to his clients just to not to disturb her sleep or must have been sitting on the couch with the bluetooth and laptop beside him but today he was no where to be seen.

Thinking that he must be in the bathroom, she lay there, now fully awake as she looked at the white ceiling above her, pulling the blanket close to herslef as the cold winter winds made her shudder in response.

whatever happened today, it revolves around her mind, well, today was one of the most wierdest day she had ever experienced in this mansion just because Shivaay was behaving out of character, he was like a lost man who lost his everything and now wondering upon his losses while doing nothing in particular.

She tried to ask him why he’s behaving like this but everytime she tried a simple ‘I’m busy, we’ll talk later’ always made him safe from speaking the truth.

Sighing, she looked at the bathroom door and sat up, grabbing her mobile she saw the time to realize it was past two o’ clock. shifting off the warm blanket, she felt the ice chilly wind pierce her skin like bullets but she didn’t stop, else grabbing a shawl she wrapped it around herself and went towards the bathroom to find it empty leaving her to wonder where he could be at this hour of night.

Existing the room she moved about, her eyes trying to find the particular person who was her reason to live. she reached the coridoor, it was dark and eriee, the atmosphere made ehr think about the last horror movie she saw making her gulp hard, muttering a few words of encouragement to herself she walked through the white marble, suddenly she heard sound of someone weeping, well who would be weeping like this in the middle of the night?

Her breath quicken, she moved forwards to hear the sound was coming from inside a room, well more precisely from Rudra’s room, but today Om was also accomapining him as Gauri was sleeping with Dadi. She moved ahead, her steps getting more cautious each passing second, opening the door a little ajar, so that she could see what’s going inside.

Her eyes filled up with tears as she saw whatever was happening inside the room, her throat getting dry because of the numb which started bubling up there. She saw Shivaay sitting beside Rudra and Om’s sleeping form while a photo frame of them held close to his heart as tears effrotlessly descend down his cheeks. she never saw something like this, well never imagined it though and entered Rudra’s room not at all making any sound.

With a feeble smile she reached him making him concious of someone in the room other then him, “Shivaay” she whsipered letting him know about her presence, he stilled, and after a few seconds he turned to look at her who was looking at him with flash of concern shining in her cocoa brown orbs.

“What happen Shivaay?” she asked as she caressed his subtle with her palm, the cold invisible tears striking her warm palm making her flush.

He didn’t said much, he just turned and looked at his lifelines, his brother who were in deep slumber hugging each other like teddy bear, “I will miss them annika” he whispered letting out his insecurities in front of her making her confuse as well as amused, “No one is going anywhere shivaay” she said grabbing his shoulder and squeezing it trying to convince him while been unaware of the things which Is going to happen tommorow morning, “we all are here with each other”

He seemed to be in his own world, swaying his long fingers in their hair like a nursing mother, he smiled as tear slide down his cheeks, “Whatever I’m doing I’m doing for them Annika, I know they will never forgive me but I had to do this”

This act of him was making her wonder what he was talking about, “Shivaay” she whispered a little too loud, turning his face towards her, she rubbed off his over flowy tears and tried to ask him why he is behaving like this, but instead he hugged her tight by the stomach, his sobs getting pressed against her fabric making it wet, she ran her finger in his dark hair hushing him before the two of them wake up, “Shivaay stop crying, do you want them to wake up in the middle of the night and see their superhero cry like this?” she made him look at her as he sniffed.

“I Love them Annika, I can do anything for them”he said like a child trying to say that he is scared of losing his parents, Annika nodded, runnning her palm all over his pale face, “I can never see them suffer” he was in a daze trying to find himslef in which he was trapped. Annika still don’t know what was the reason that why he was behaving like this but still kept mum just nodding her head don’t know how to make him stop, he was blaberring like a mad man and she knew that it was futile to make him understand.

“I can never do wrong to them, you know that annika, don’t you?” he asked with such expectations, there was so much fear in his sparkling blue orbs of being wronged that it made her tremble with the intensity, who was he? he was not her Shivaay, he was not The SSO, he was some other guy she had never got the chance to encounter tilll today.

“Shivaay first let’s go from here” she begged him as she saw Omru turning in their sleep, “I know you don’t want them to be worried for you, do you?”

Shivaay just nodded negatively, rubbing off his tears fearing that they both might wake up. she with much difficulty made him come out of the room and closed the door softly behind them not before glancing a last look on them.

“You know what annika? Once Rudra got a high fever just because I was abroad for a bussiness trip which was longer then we expected” he talked about the trip as they moved towards their room, his voice heavy and hoarse due to constant crying “In truth I had to be there for one and a half month but because of it I was in mumbai before more then two weeks, do you think he will be able to live without me forever?”

This question made her look at him with suspicion, what the hell he is really talking about, “Shivaay nothing is going to happen to you, then why are you talking like this?”

She made him sit on the bed and sat beside him, holding his hands in a tight grip when a gasped escaped her mouth, she realized that his skin was icy cold, his face which was pale now turned bluish, with out any second thought she made him lie and covered him with the blanket, “Shivaay just wait I’m coming”as she stood up to go and bring an extra blanket he held her wrist and stopped her, she waited for his answer, “we don’t know what the future hold Annika, what if tommorow I will not be ther–” he was silence by the palm which landed straight on his lips,”Dare you say that again shivaay” her eyes were red due to the tears that flooded there.

Sighing she remove her palm and took his cheeks in her soft palm,”Tell me Shivaay what’s troubling you? you are scaring the hell out of me” she asked for the final time but didn’t got any response, he was staring at nothing particular but after a minute he started, “Annika what if I take any wrong decision would you leave my side?” without any doubt she nodded negatively, “No never because I know you can never be wrong”

“Omru will understand it?” he asked again with the same blank expression but his eyes were begging her something, maybe asking her to say yes, she nodded, “yes they are the one who will first at be your side, even before me” she whsipered trying to remove the fear that had captured his mind and soul.

“Really” he wasn’t able to believe it, “Yes Shivaay, neither me nor they are going to leave you”

“Now sleep you need to rest, see your condition” saying so she grabbed another blanket and pulled in over the first one and massaged his hair, he fumbled something under his breath and slept, while she stayed like that the whole night checking on his temperature and by god graious he was back to normal. She didn’t asked much to him at night thinking that when he is alright in the morning she will ask him about it.

When her eyes opened she was on the bed, with the blanket wrapped securely around her and she didn’t knew when she slept because last she knew that it was 5 in the morning when his temperature came back to normal.

Looking around she saw he was not in the room, standing up she tried to call him but he didn’t picked up the call just left a message that he is now feeling good and had went to the office for some important work and will be back soon.


Annika stood beside shivaay with tearful eyes, she holded his hands tightly while the other was holding a suitcase, “I’m with you Shivaay, no matter what” Shivaay nodded with gratitude in his eyes for her, his masks at the verge of falling off as they moved out of the house and then she knew why he was behaving so wierdly last night.

That devil of a lady will surely give that record tape to the Media and he never in his wildest dream is going to let her do this beside his promise to his Badi Maa was worth keeping, he is not a son who will disrespect his mother’s order, even if she is not his mother by blood but from childhood, the respect, the admiration with which he look upon her never made him realize that she wasn’t his own mother. Jhanvi on the other hand never distinguised between Shivaay and her three childrens, they were equal for her in all aspects and for her Shivaay was her first son.Janvi was broken when Shivaay did all this and in the fit of rage she asked him to leave this house.

He will do anything for his brother and family, even if it costs him to leave this house he will do this.

Whatever was his decision she was with him no matter what and so she choosed her husband above everything and they left.

The mery thought of living without his brothers made him Insane and frightened but now at this very moment doing it in reality was devastating.

He Lost Everything.

He Lost Himself.

But he had her by his side


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