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Shivaay’s Study Room-

“You don’t worry bhaiya I will see that gangaram”rudy said with a smirk,making him comfortable on the chair and took a bite of his apple while the rest grin in response.”but annika Bhabhi ko kaise aap wahan lekar jayenge?”Prinku asked confused.”wo tum mujh par chor do”Shivaay said and sat on the table,taking the apple from rudy,took a bite and winked.Rudy just gave a wicked smile”but aaj kal aap bahut romactic ho gaye hai bhaiya! mujhe toh lagta hai Choti maa ki wish jald hi poori hogi”he replied being excited”Kon si wish?”Prinku asked”Arre pagli! choti maa ki wish thi na ki unke chote chote kanji aakhon wale grand childrens ho..So lagta ahi wo poora hone waala hai.Kyu bhaiya?”he asked Shivaay playfully while Shivaay blushed a little but soon got his composure”Shut up Rudra”he said and smack his head a little.while PriOm smiled.

“but ye dumbell kuch gadbadi na karde”Om said ,rudy made a cry baby face”O tumhe apne chote bhai par beilieve nahi hai?Main bol raha hoon na ki main usse dekh longa”he winched,Om just smack his head lightly”tera koi bharosa nahi”.

“Accha aisi baat hai toh abh aap sabh khud dekhiye ga ki main kaise karta ho uss duplicate ki Oh My Mata”he said and made his way toward the exit”Prinku I need your help,so follow me”with this prinku went followed by Shivkara.


“Bhaiya”Prinku came to the lawn and called to him”aa gayi bhai ka jaap ratne wali”He muttered under his breath and turned around with a fake smile.”haan priyank..prinku bolo kya baat hai”Mahi said”Wo bhaiya rudra bhaiya aapko bula rahe hai”she said fumbling “abh uss pandu pehalwaan ko kya chahiye?Mujhe toh lagta hai usse phir se gale lagne ka mann kar raha hoga issiliye bula rah hai”He though”Haan chalo main aata hoon”he said and smiled”Bahiya woh aapko abhi bula rahe hai bahut urgent hai”she said after a pause as she saw rudra glaring at her from a distance.”accha thik hai main jaata hoon”he said and went towards the guest room where rudy was staying.Prinku sighed and went towards shivkara who were behind the pillar.

“Now it’s my turn”Rudy said and pulled his collar and went behind Mahi.”Abh main tujhe bata ta hoon mere superhero ki jagah leni ki kya punishment hoti hai”he thought and smiled wickedly.The three of them followed him while Mahi went and knock on the door,getting no response he opened the door to see it empty.rudy came behind him with slow step and took the vase from the side table and was going to hit him when suddenly he turned,he hide the vase behind his back while mahi looked suspiciously at him.”arre bhaiya aap yahan?”he asked confused,The three of them just smack their head”tumne hi toh mujhe bolaya tha”Mahi said”maine..”he said and looked to the side to see Shivaay glaring at him”haan haan maine hi bulaaya tha”he said instantly and the three sigh in relief as rudy was save”Rudra tumne mujhe bulaya tha na kya baat hai batao”Mahi said but deep down he was cursing him.”Wo..Wo..haan bhaiya mujhe aapko kuch dekhana tha aap ander toh aaiye”he said with a sweet smile”Hmm..okay!”mahi said and turned to go inside,seeing this rudra just bang the vase on his head hard and he went unconsious.

All three of them came forward and shivkara helped him in hiding that imposter. “Dekha maine kar diya!”he said with a proud expression while both the men just smack his head at the same time,he just made an irking face”Ye kis liye tha?”he asked “Q ki aap dumbell ho”Prinku said while the two noded”Agar tu pakra jata toh..”Om started but was cut off by rudy”Dekho main aap sabh ke samne khara hua hoon..aur main pakra bhi nahi gaya”he said “par..”Shivaay started”Par varr kuch nahi abh aap bataiye aap bhabhi ko kaise lekar jaaiyega?”he said and smirked”As I have said before..Leave it to me”he said”And haan uska khayaal rakhna ki wo jaag na jaaye”he said”Agar wo jaag gaya toh ye kab kaam aayega?”rudy said and showed them the same vase which he had smack on Mahi’s head,They just gave a confused look”Arre aaplog bhi na kuch samajh te hi nahi hai dekhiye wo agar jaag gaya toh ek aur laga denge uske sir par”he said and did the logic sign while the rest just rolled their eyes.”accha jo bhi karna hai karo and Om and prinku keep a check on this dumbell”He said while the two of them gave each other a knowing look.

With that Shivaay made it’s way towards her wife not before flicking his hair.


“Annika ye lo aur isse aaj shaam ko pehen lena becoz I have an award function to attend and you are coming with me”He said as soon as he entered and give the packet to Annika.”par wo DKKM ko kon dekhe ga?”she asked “DKKM?”he asked confused “Arre DKKM Duplicate Kutta Kamina Mahi, Aap ko ye bhi nahi pata..Maine aur Rudy ne ye mil kar banaya hai”She said cheekily while Shivaay just rolled his eyes”Oh god they are unbelievable”he muttered under his breath as these two can only do this.”Mere pass ye sabh ka time nahi ki main tum dono ke bakwaas baaton main shaamil hoon”he said while she glared at hm”Bakwaas Hey Watch it..It’s not bakwaas ok”She said fiercely,seeing this he thought to made her cool down as last week they had a fight and annika didn’t met him the whole week.So he had metally made a note for”No fighting with his Jhansi ki Rani”.

“Omru and prinku are taking care of him so we can go”he said as he wanted to chnage the topic.”hmm..ok I will be ready”she said and went away as dadi had called her.

He made a call”Hello Khanna tumne sabh preparation kar di hai na as the way I wanted?”he asked”Ji sir sabh ho gaya hai”He said”Good! and if there is any mess than you’ll see what I will do to you”he said sternly”No sir every thing is good”Khanna said in a trembling voice”Fine”and with that he ended the call.


Shivaay was checking his mails on his phone while waitng for her to come down.He looked at his watch and than at the stairs for 5 to 6 times from then on and didn’t got the glimse of his wife anytime soon.As he looked at the stairs he saw her desending down the stairs cladded in a white saari with silver and golden border and golden works at the bottom paired with shimmary silver blouse with minimum makeup and jwellery and her tresses were freely swaying till her waist.How can a person look this beautiful even being dressed as simple as this?he thought and smiled looking at her.she was setting her saari as she came down and sensed someone hard gaze on her ,she looked up and saw him staring back at her with a intensity which she couldn’t decipher.she blushed and took a good look at her husband who was looking as handsome as he in a black tuxedu.

“Chalen?”she asked blushing at his intense gaze”beautiful”he whispered still in daze,this made her blush hard”Shivaay hum late ho rahe hai chalna nahi hai?”she asked and shook him a little which leads him to come to his senses”Haan.. yes.. Chalo”he said and they went.


“Yeh aap kahan jaa rahe hai Shivaay? Venue uss taraf hai aur aap is taraf turn ho gaye”she asked as soon as she realized that he had taken the wrong turn.He didn’t said anything just continue to drive”Shivaay main aapse kuch puch rahi hoon”she asked a little aloud but got the same thing’Slience’. Now she had it enough”Shivaay stop the car!” she screamed and started shaking him.”What The wuck! Annika what are you doing I’m driving?Can’t you see?”he asked irritated and stopped the car nearby.”Toh main aapse kuch puch rahi thi wo toh aapne suna nahi issiliye mujhe ye karna para”she argued back”Hum kahan jaa rahe hai?”she asked with a stern voice. with that he started the car and started to drive.”you will come to know about it soon”he said in a soft voice”and don’t you dare do that stunt again”he warned her while she muttered a bagad billa under her breath and kept mum.

It was nearly 10:30 pm when Shivaay stopped the car somewhere at the outskirts of mumbai.The weather was plesantly cool giving a hint as it was going to rain but it seems these two were not aware of it.Shivaay turned towards annika who was looking outside the window muttering”ye billuji kahan le kar aa gaye hai mujhe?lagta hai inka dimaag ka screw thora dheela ho gaya hai subah se hi mujhe ye thore badle badle se lag rahe hai”she said and looked around to see where they were.”Ye konsi jagah hai Shivaay?”she asked when suddenly she felt someone wrapping a cloth on her eyes”Ye aap kya kar rahe hai shiva…”she started but stopped as Shivaay made her shoo away.”Shh…I had a surprise for keep quite”he whispered”but..”she replied”you trust me na?”he asked tenderly while she noded her head”so do as I say”he said,came out of the car and went ot her side,Opened the door and made her stand.

He slowly lead her toward his destination and looked at the preparations done by Khanna and was imensely suprised as it was way more beautiful than he had ever expected.HE mentally made a note to increase his salary from now onwards.”Shivaay please abh toh mere aankh se ye kapra hata dijiye”she asked being curious to know what is the surprise”Dekhiye mujhe na bahut excitement ho rahi hai so please jaldi kijiye”she added while Shivaay chuckled seeing her like this”Patience mari jhansi ki rani”he said and tapped on her shoulder”Patience? itne der se toh yahi main kar rahi hoon”she said in a sulking tone.He smiled and made her turn towards the left and then untie her cloth.

She slowly opened her eyes and a gasp left her mouth as she could see the whole of mumbai in front of her eyes.It was looking like the universe had asended down on the ground beneat her very eyes.The small spot of brigth light seems as if they were stars shining brightly in the dark sky.she looked upwards and saw the full moon which add more beauty to it.she totally forget that she had a companion with her while Shivaay stood over there,hand dipped in either side of his pocket, eyes full of admiration for his wife who was having the same feeling in her eyes,but the difference was that he was admiring his world while she admire the beauty in front of her.Her honey brown eyes shining while her facec was glowing in the moonlight.He smiled and went towards her.

Suddenly she felt two pair of fimiliar hand wrapped around her waist,she smiled and relaxed in his arms,putting her whole weight on him while he hold her tight”Shivaay ye..” she whispered while he made her stop”Shh…” and both of them stood over there for a few minutes wrapped in each felt as if the silence was more comforting than anything else at this very moment.he put his face on her shoulder and rubbed his subtle against her cheeks while she giggled as she sensed a tickling sensation over there.”Shivaay I’m speechless! it’s so beautiful”she said after a pause”yes It’s beautiful”he said looking at her face in a husky voice which send jolts of shiver ran down her spine.She then turned her face towards the right feeling shy when her eyes caught her surrounding and with that once again a gasp slipped through her mouth.

“Shivaay…”she whispered being shock and soon it turned into a lovely smile.”Yeh sabh aapne mere liye kiya?”she asked while turning aroung to face him”Nahi!”he said with a smirk,while a frown made it’s way to her forehead.”it is for my Paanika”he grinned while she lightly slapped his arm ans blushed.”Annika are you hungry?”he asked”yeah,bahut zor ki bhook lagi hai”she said and smiled cheekily as him while he chuckled seeing her, taking her hand into his they moved towards the large tree which had small moon shaped lights hanging from it’s branches giving it a mesmerising look and a small table with two chairs just under it’s shade was the perfect spot for a moonlight dinner date.The ligths of the lanterns were giving a very soothing illumination for them.Shivaay went and pulled out the chair for her like a true gentleman which indeed he was and then sat opposite to her.He smiled and asked her to start eating while they had some and inbetween they chatted about random things.Annika talked about her encounters with various people and how she had handled them and this was all possible becoz of her Chameli.

She continue to talk while Shivaay sat over there admirng her,keeping a keen look on her cute expressions which continue to change after each minute”How can anyone be so adorable?”he thought and continue to stare at her like a love sick teenager.He looked at his watch and realized that it was nearly 12 so he asked her for a dance while she excitedly agreed for it.”Par music?”she pouted”Hmm…ye raha”Saying so he started a soft music in his phone and took her towards the open area and they started to sway with the rhyme.

Both of them were lost in each other as Shivaay hold her tightly in his embrace.His eyes color was changed itno the softest shade of blue with specks of brown in them,she loved this shade as this happens when he is around his family and is happy and she would be always elated to know he feels like home when he is with her.She was thinking all this when he made her turn and back hugged her keeping his hand on her stomach and nuzzling her neck,making her shiver in response as they continue to sway.He moved towards her ears”Happy aniversary”he grinned while she looked confused”Aniversary?”she asked as she very well knew that there is still a few months left for their aniversary “Hmm yes becoz aaj se 6 months pehle maine ek tadibaaz ladki se shaadi ki thi so hua na Half year aniversary”he whispered and kissed her earlobe while she was over welmed by this,she stopped and turned around with an invisible layer of liquid in her eyes and gave a small smile to him.

“Won’t you say anything?”he asked with a pout”What I’ll say?You made me speechless once again”She said with a cracked voice and a lone tear made it’s way to her cheeks”Hey why are you crying annika?Is there something botherig you?”he asked panicked and held her cheeks,she just noded her head negatively and held his hand which was on her cheeks”Bas thora senti ho gayi thi as I got such an amazing husband like you”she smiled through her tears while he too reciprocated it.”you know what shivaay aaj tak kissi ne mere liye itna sabh kuch nahi kiya jitna aap ne kiya hai,mujhe toh lagta tha ki main hamesha aise hi sahil ki behen hi ban kar reh jaaon gi mujhe na ye sabh fairytale love stories par ekdum vishvaas nahi tha par aapne mujhe bataya ki main kon hoon,you made me feel special..made me feel that there are others to whom I’m wanted,Ignited a fire of love with in me,which I though was not there,you made me believe that there are prince charming in this world which is made for you,and yes you are my prince charming.”she said,after hearing all this Shivaay was really feeling happy but at the same time he felt a wave of guiltiness washed over him as he thought about the conversation with her few days ago which was about the inhuman thing he had done to her,

He become a beast and treated her very badly,but what could he do.If he havn’t forced her to marry him then his family reputation would have come to stake.And after doing all this to her she still forgive him,she was still by his side and he felt the luckiest person on earth at this very moment.”Dekhiye shivaay i know hamari shaadi jaisi honi chahiye thie waise nahi hui par aap please aisa mat sochiyega ki main gussa hooon isse lekar balki I’m glad that you married to me,And will always thank god for giving me such a loving husband and dare you feel like you have done anything wrong than you will come to see the real Jhansi ki rani in me understood”she said the last part sternly while shivaay nodded with a smile and hugged her tight.

“Happy aniversary to you too Shivaay”she whispered clucthing on his coat tightly while he caresses her back and smiled contently.They stood there for sometime when suddenly shivaay realised something and pulled out of the hug and took out a small box from his coat while she continue to watch him with a cofused look.he opened the box and took out the ring from it and slided it through her delicate finger”main toh ye bhool hi gaya tha,How’s it?”he asked her as she looked at the ring with an admiring look”Ye toh bilkul aapke kanji aakhon ki tarah hai”she whispered and looked up to meet his eyes which is having the same colour as of the stone in the ring.” are right,tumhe meri kanji aakhen bahut pasand hai na issiliye maine ye tumhare liye le liya”he grinned and winked at her.While she caresses her ring in her finger”Par maine aap ke liye kuch nahi laaya”she said in a soft voice and downcasted her eyes,shivaay smiled at this and made her look in his eyes”Hey! don’t feel sad,tum abhi mere saath ho yahi kaafi hai mere liye but yes I wanted a promise from you”he said while she asked what he really wanted.”Promise me that you will never leave me”he asked with such softness that he realized could ever exsist.

She squeezed his hand assuringly and smiled nodding her head and moved forward and kissed his cheeks,shivaay was shocked while she blushed when tiny drops of water started to pour on them.They looked up and saw that it started raining,shivaay strated moving towards the shade of the tree with annika but she didn’t budge from her place”Annika what are you doing?it’s raining you will get cold”He said and tried to drag her”Nahi shivaay..Dekhiye na kitna accha lag raha hai yahan aur aap hai ki aapko jaana hai””thik hai main jaata hoon tum raho yahan phir mujhe mat kehna ki meri wajah se tumhe cold ho gaya”Saying so he went and stood under the tree.The rain got much faster and annika enjoyed being drenched in the rain,he stood over there and a wave of desire washed over him to kiss her senseless as she was looking breath taking at this very moment,but he brushed off those thoughts from his head and watched her.

she went and dragged shivaay in the rain too after a lot of request”See agar mujhe cold ho gaya than you’ll see what I’ll do to you”he threatened her while she assured that nothing will happen. she made him wrap his one hand on her bare waist and held his other hand and started dancing in the rain.Shivaay smiled at her childish behaviour and gave in.As they danced shivaay put a few strand of her hair behind her ear and looked straight into her eyes which show pure love for him.he know that they love each other but never cofessed it as he know that those 3 simple words can never explain their bond that they held for each other.The situation in which they were,fully drenched her saari sticking to her body’s flesh exposing her perfect curves makeup spoiled except the red lipstick which was stilll in it’s place wet hair and most of all there bodies being really close was making hard for shivay to control his desire.

He pulled her closer and started to move closer to her face,she closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little in anticipation,with that his lips met her’s and he started to kiss her,she was feeling like as if she was dreaming and stood still, sensing her not responding he broke the kiss”Kya hua maine kuch galat kar diya?”he asked with a frightened voice and lessen his hold on her waist”I’m sor..”he whispered but stopped as annika stood on her toes and once again pulled him into a kiss.

He held her cheeks and strted kissing her even more passionately while her hands made it’s way to his hair as she pulled him closer.He bite her lower lips making her gasp in his mouth which gave him access to enter her warm mouth,his tongue explored every corner of her mouth while she continue to pulled him closer.As he sucked her small tongue she felt like her legs turned into jelly and she was not able to stand,but he held her firm in his arms and continue to taste her.When they were satisfied with each other they broke the kiss being out of breath.He joined his forehead with her’s and smiled’Welll I will be glad if you continue to surprise me with this bolder side of your’s”he said teasingly,she blushed hard”This was all becoz aap ek no. ke fattu hai aap mujhe kiss karne ke liye sorry bol rahe the”he pulled her closer”Main fattu?”he asked with a raised eyebrow”Haan..mere Fattu Singh Oberoi”she siad and kissed the tip of his nose,he chuckled and did the same,rain still pouring above them.

They stood over there when the wind started to blow a little faster sending shiver down annika’s body,seeing this shivaay asked her that they should go home as it is very late and she will feel a little warm.She agreed to it and they went.

“tumhe pata hai annika mujhe yeh pata tha ki meri jhaansi ki rani kuch bhi kar sakti hai par aisa kuch maine kabhi nahi socha tha”he smirked”hmm..apko pata nahi ki aapki jhaansi ki rani kya kya kar sakti hai ye toh bas trailor tha poori film toh abhi baaki hai”she said and gave a bitter sweet smile to him.”Would love to see the film”he winked while she hit his shoulder a little,”cheapde”he just laughed at it as they entered the house.”Oh My Mata!!”a shrill voice was heard and they looked up to see rudy coming towards them followed by PriOm.”Bhaiya Bhabhi ye aap dono bheege hua kyu hai?”he asked while Om smacked his head lightly from back”dumbell Oberoi bahaar baarish ho rahi hai aur shaayad ye dono bheeg gaye honge kyu shivaay?”he asked while shivaay agreed for it when suddenly a gasp escaped rudy’s mouth”what?”they all asked him, he kept a hand on his mouth and stood shock.

Just then annika sneeze and shivaay glared at her”maine kaha tha ki tumhe cold lag jaayegi dekha lag gayi na”he said sternly while she made a puppy face”accha guyss main aata hoon isse antibiotics dekar aur huume kapre bhi badalne hai”he said and staretd to move when rudy stopped him and asked prinku to go with annika.She agreed and went with annika,shivaay waited for him to continue.”Kya hua rudra?”he asked calmly.

“O mujhe lagta tha ki tum waise ban rahe ho chulbul ke saath reh reh kar par yahaan toh bhaiya hi wo ho gaye..!Oh god..! abh annika bhabhi ka kya hoga?”he whispered in a cry baby voice in his ears while he looked confused”kya bol raha hai tu rudra?”he whispered.”Ye tum dono kya kar rahe ho?mujhe kuch koi bataye ga?”shivaay asked annoyed.”arre batane waali baat hi kya reh gayi bhaiya..dekhiye aap jaise bhi ho hum dono aapko pyaar karte rahenge par mujhe annika bhabhi ka nahi pata”he said and hugged him by his shoulder and acted as if he is crying.

Shivaay looked at Om who gave the same unbelievable wala look to him in return”Rudar ye tum kya bol rahe ho”he asked”Mujhe laga tha O uss raaste jaa raha hai chulbul ke wajah se par nahi main galat tha aap toh usse bhi kharaab raaste jaa rahe hai”he said in a frightened voice,Om glare at him while shivaay eyes literally poped out of his sockets”What the Wuck! Rudra have you lost it?”he asked aloud”haan toh aur main kya bolon ye dekhiye”saying so he rubbed his lips with his thumb and showed him the red color”aap lipstick lagana kab se shuru kar diye?”he asked while both Shivkara blushed”mujhe toh shak ho raha tha in dono par,but now I’m sure about it,mujhe in dono se dur rehna parega”he thought with a frightened expression”shut up rudra”saying so shivaay rubbed his lips with his hands and blushed once again”aisa kuch bhi nahi hai”with that he went away to safe himself from further discussion.

“arre bhaiya”he screamed and looked at Om who was smiling”O bhaiya aisa kaise kar sakte hai bhabhi ke saath?”he said sadly while he smack his head”tu sacchi main dumbell oberoi hai”he said”Par..””tu bas samjh jaa ki choti maa ki wish jald hi poori hone wali hai”saying so he went towards the room were Mahi was unconcious,leaving rudy in great confusion.”sabh paagal ho gaye hai..agar bhiaya aise hai toh khaak choti maa ki wish poori hogi”he whispered in a pleading tone and sat on the sofa with his hands on his forehead.

“Ye jhansi ki Rani ke wajah se mujhe kya kya sunna par raha hai,pata nahi aage aur kya hoga”Shivaay though and sigh with a small smile on his face.


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      dear In my whole life I have havn’t recieved such feedback..*LOL*
      it is a code or anything similar to that?as I can’t understand anyhitng!

  22. Shuklarashi


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    amazing yaar… like as usual…

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