Shivika Os||His remedy|| (By Anya) [Current Track]

Hola people,long time I think I havn’t written an One shot, to be true this Os was halfly written during the seperation track and now I got the desire to finish this and so here is the stupid result.Getting the hint you all had come to know that it is somewhat related to seperation track.

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Shivika Os||His Remedy||

Character – Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi , Shivaay Singh Oberoi , Samar Jeet Malhotra , Ragini Malhotra.

Genre – Angsty , Mild Romance.

Background : Both of them met after three months for the first time, Samar didn’t knew about Shivaay and neither any of the brother sister duo knew about Shivika being Couple.

Warning : A little Bit Long.


Annika looked pleadingly at Samar who was happily talking to his sister ragini but here she was feeling awkward,she looked around at the dim light restaurant whose interior spokes luxury. Well she had been in these types of restaurants with Shivaay,Yeah she was okay with it as Her Shivaay was with her. But today he was not. She had asked Samar not to take her but he was bend upon to let her meet his sister as well as her fiancè. She helplessly sigh looking at the golden colour liquor filled glass. If it wasn’t Samar she wouldn’t have come here

“Annika are you okay?”she heard Samar asking her,with a fake smile she nodded her head and waited impatiently for the mysterious person to come and this dinner to end as soon as possible.

“I’m really sorry ragini, you know that I had an important meeting in th–” his words died down his throat as soon as he met her glance,she was shocked and so was he,”No problem Shivaay come have a seat it’s already late” Ragini stood up from her chair and gave a hug to him”thank you very much shivaay! for coming otherwise I thought that bhaiya would definately kill me and make me marry that stupid bussiness partener of his”while he was too astonished to do anything.

“Shivaay what happened?” Ragini asked as she came out to see him looking at something particular, she advanced her gaze in the direction he was looking and was amused”Shivaay you know annika or what?” Shivaay was snapped out of his thoughts while annika looked a little embarrassed”How can I Just forget her?”he muttered to himself while “No” was an instant reply, her heart skip a bit as she can sense the coldness in his husky deep voice.

She looked downwards at her fidgeting fingers and didn’t dare to look up,his hard gaze seemed to bore to the deepest corner of her soul, leaving her naked infront of him it seems.Her eyes had started to stink, how can he just say that they don’t know each other? and was it’s too easy for him to move on?Shivaay sat just infront of her,his eyes not moving an inch away,it’s been there where it was from the last few minutes.

“Okay then Shivaay meet Annika,bhaiya’s friend and annika he is shivaay,my fiancè” Ragini chirped happily making him look at her with a fake smile “Well,hello Miss.Annika” shivaay fake sugar coated voice made her flinch, it wasn’t coated with honey or anything such but it was hatred, anger and mocking clearly heard.

Gaining her composure and not wanting to create a scene she simply took a deep breath and looked at the hand which was extended by him,smiling she slipped her cold hands in his warm one’s “Hello Mr.Oberoi, congratulations for your engagement” she said and pulled out her hand as it hurts because of the tight grip he had on it. He felt miserable as he saw her eyes filled with unsaid accusations but he didn’t care. He had long lost to care anything,neither himself though.

What she did, he can’t forget about it, she was a gold digger and she will continue to be as see now she had trapped Samar in her fake love. And soon after getting everything form him she will to leave him like she did to him. He felt pity for the man who was probably his FAKE going to be brother in Law.

“So shall we order something to eat?”Samar said as he glanced at everyone. “Yeah why not ofcourse”Ragini answered with a smile. Annika was feeling hard to be there infront of him, it was slowly slowly breaking her apart, torning her into smaller shread of pieces. She got hold of the glass of water and gulp it down in one go,nervously.

Samar felt a hand gripping his and he turned to look that annika was looking at him helplessly,her face had suddenly turned pale and blue, being alert he held her hand which was over his and asked in a worried tone “Annika are you alright?”

shaking her head negatively she started “Samar” glancing at her side she saw him looking at her still, with those wild piercing orbs”I’m not feeling good here, it’s making me feel nauseous please can I go?” Samar knows that she doesn’t wanted to go with him but he had taken her to change her mood as she always being gloomy and sad but what happened was that she was still upset. He gave a defeated sigh, nodding his head in assurance he looked towards his other companion”Ragini” he started softly “Annika is not feeling good here so I think I will take her to her house,I’m really sorry for ending this dinner at this very moment”he gave an apologetic look towards shivaay.

“but bhaiya”Ragini said dejected at this turn of events “please just have the dinner and then go,Annika please for me”Ragini said with puppy eyes while annika sighed,”Okay” she said half unsure as the hard gaze was making her tremble on it’s own accord.”Thank Miss.Annika for staying here for the dinner”Shivaay said politely but his eyes were saying something else,she wasn’t able to lift up her gaze and met his as they were asking her something which she can’t say to him.No she can’t.How could she?Everything will be destroyed.

Soon the food came and samar ragini and shivaay started to have small talks with annika just humming and nothing much,her voice had suddenly got lost in her vocal cord it seems,What the hell are you doing annika?You are not weak,by doing this you are letting him know that he still effects you,get a grip on yourself you stupid girl.She tried to encourage herself as she saw the smirk not at all leaving his face,she just felt to scartch that smirk off his face. just when she tried to gain her composure she heard him say “Ragini is amazing,she will never part me with my family like other girls usually do you know?”

“So was there anyone who did this to you?”Samar asked curiously.

Shivaay just laughed at this, a fake laugh”No not at all if there would have been a girl then she would have been out of my life until now”

Annika knew that those words were for her,yes they were definately for her,what she did to him was clearly coming in his words,he was mocking her,and she been the nervous griefed wreck didn’t know when tears started to wheld up in her eyes ready to desend down on her rosy cheeks anytime.She blinked her eyes trying hard to held back the crystiline water.Her heart was squeezing mercilessly in her ribcage,it was burning and it wanted to be cool but it’s remedy was only hurting her.

Shivaay looked at her with curious eyes,she had her head bow down in such a manner that her hair was becoming a hindrance for the clear view of her face and the dim light was also not helping much,He wanted to see her reaction,to see that if his words were effecting her or not but it seems impossible making him grip his hands tight in a ball,Once again she was hiding herself from him,once again she was behuaving like the out-of-the-mind annika he didn’t knew about till that unfateful day.

As the servant came taking the dishes away,Unable to held back herself she stood up,making the sister brother duo look at her in alert while shivaay anger rose much to higher folds,she’s been a coward running away from him but he will not her do this.”I’m coming from the washroom”she whispered and made her way towards it,she was feelign dizziness,she don’t know where to go,her insight was getting hazy due to the tears,with much difficulty she got her way towards the washroom and found it empty. She felt glad for this,closing the door behind she looked at herself in the mirror.

Who was this girl?see the irony she wasn’t able to recognize herself,she was not his annika,no she was lost, and what left was a gloomy girl in this mirror who was staring back at her with red pluffy eyes,dark circles adorning her eyes bags,lips pale blue,body shivering and what not? She left herself when she left him. And he what he did? he engaged someone else and moved on.What about her? she was still there,on the thereshold of Oberoi Mansion hoping that he will come and bring her back,hoping that she wasn’t forced to do all this,hoping that all that was just a freaking dream but nothing like that such happened.

“No not at all if there would have been a girl then she would have been out of my life until now”

Tears started to scroll down her cheeks like a flowing river and soon it was turned into voilent wails, she was helpless, she don’t know what to do? his words rang in her ear like a shrill music which seeps into the deepest corner of your heart and left a crack there.Sliding down on the floor with her support on the wall she gathered her knees close to her chest and dipped her head in between it crying uncontrolably,she was the cause of her own destruction,she did this for his sake and let herself drown into the pool of pain and grief just to save him.

Meanwhile as soon as annika left shivaay left from there in an excuse of attending an important call and followed the way towards the washroom but stopped near the gates waiting for her to come,but she didn’t showed up for long making him restless,well going inside ladies washroom was not Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s thing that to like a theif was not at all tolerable.

Annika tried to calm herself,she just can’t sit and cry over her loss,what was done was done,no one can chandge it and it will make a scene if she does this,wipping off her tears,she stood up and splash some water over her face,taking the tissue paper she rubbed off the black strains of her kohl and mascarra and made herself presentable.She just doesn’t want to go there once again,she know that she’d been a coward but she can’t see him with anyone else,maybe she can call it jealousy? MABYE,she is still wondering upon the matter.

He waited for some more time when he saw a faint figure coming out of the long pathway which attached it with the washroom and the main venue.He knew it was her,she on the other side had made up her mind to go towards the doorway,and message Samar that she wasn’t feeling good so she went.Taking a turn towards the exit she was pulled harshly by a hand and then to a dark room,mainly the storeroom which was dimly lighted by the bulb in the furthest corner of the room and by the open window throug which the moonlight was coming.She tried to scream but her mouth was clasped with a tight grip in an attempt to make her stop shouting. She wriggled in the hold but a husky voice made her stop, “Stop it” and she relaxed but the next moment panic rose in her viens,she doesn’t wanted to face him like right now,No she can’t,she even didn’t know what excuse she would make when he will ask her why she did this,No freaking no,this is not the right moment.

Sqruiming in his hold once again made his blood boil in anger,she just can’t move away from him now,he wanted his answers that why the hell she did this to him,What was the blo*dy reason behind all that she did.”Annika Stop!”it was a warning but she continue to do it,he just turned and now she was smashed in between the door and his hard chest,both of them facing each other,annika looked at him , fire igntting in them hiding the fear of being caught while shivaay’s was too spitting fire,she shaked her head trying to remove his hand,but his grip inturn tighten,”Annika,this is my last warning,just stop this or else I will do things which you can’t imagine I can do”his low husky voice was filled with anger,but she was too stubborn to take the warning and bite his palm,making him groan in response,his hand automaticly left her mouth and she started to lash out at him.

“What the hell is this Shivaay? what are you really blo*dy trying to do huh? bringing me in this room doesn’t make any difference”she continue to blabber “Stop!”he whispered dangerously, “who the hell are you that I would listen? Ragini’s fiance? oh yes you are her fiance then why would I listen to you? I won’t stop,I will scream an—” her words died in his mouth and she stilled,eyes widen in shock she didn’t responded for a mere seconds,and within seconds her hand tried to push him but he didn’t budge out, he continue to nibble on her unmoved lips,it was harsh and wild,it spokes anger,she tried ehr all might but it didn’t helped else her hands were slamped on the door on either side,as he continue to do what he was doing,waiting for her to respond.

She knew it was a lost battle and her every attempt will be futile,so she just started reciprocating it, the feeling was new for her,she felt wanted in this one kiss, he just left her hands,and slided it at the back of her waist pulling her even more closer,while her hands involentarily went towards his dark hair,pulling him closer,the kiss was now turned into a soft passionate one,the longing,the love everything was poured in this very moment,as she kissed him back with equal need.

Being out of breath they parted,resting their foreheads together they tried to calm their raging breath, the huffing sound was heard clearly in the empty room,she had her eyes closed but when she opened,her breath hitched as she saw green eyes with brown flakes,tears filled in them staring back at her with love pure love,she longed to see this in his eyes and when it did she felt miserable, he had moved on them why his eyes tell her that he loved her, anger rose and he was pushed away from her while aa burning sensation was felt in the right side of his cheeks, “How dare you kiss me Mr.Oberoi? who the hell had given you the right to do this to me?”she shouted, but soon she was pinched to the door once again, steel green eyes staring back at her and she tremble at the intensity “How dare you?”he growled against her lips.

“Because you have no right to kiss me li—”

his lips once again found it’s way towards her lips in a wild kiss,punishing her while she tried to push him,he bite her lips hard making her gasp as he entered her mouth, she was now not in a state to do anything,but her hands didn’t gave it’s protest,she punched him on his chest trying her best to push him and he did,not because of her protest but to tell ehr the universal truth.

“You are my blo*dy wife”he whispered as he slamped his palm just beside her head on the wall.

She gave out a mocking laugh “Wife?like really?that day you were the one who had thrown the divorce paper on my face infront of everyone then how come Iv’e been your wife?”she questioned him with accusing eyes while he shut his eyes close, how he wanted to say that he didn’t gave the papers for procedure and that the papers were still burried in the deepest corner of his closet and they were legally husband and wife”And being engaged to Ragini and calling me your wife, does it make any sense?Huh?”he involentarily smirked as he can see jealousy dancing in her honey brown eyes.


“My chandni will also won’t do that”

“But it seems her owner is definately doing it,you know?”she could see the victory shinning in his orbs making her raged,”I’m not jealousy of her but I’m amused that it took only few months for you to move on like this”,her eyes started to stink,”You just moved on”tears started to decend own her cheeks freely making him miserable,his facial expression soften as he saw her like this.

Annika you won’t have to be weak,thinking she wiped off her tears and pushed him”We are already done shivaay just leave me”she turend and moved her hand to open the door when she felt a tug on her wrist,”She isn’t my fiance,I was just acing as samar wanted to make her marry to his bussiness partner and she wasn’t ready”he reasoned his action guiltly “what’s the use of saying shivaay?does it changed anything between us?”She asked from behind making him sigh,No nothing changed,everything was still at the same place,she being closer but at the same time far enough from him.

“We can make everything alright”he whispered with hopeful voice,taking her in a back hug,trying to stop her”Now it’s too late shivaay”she said and pulled out herself from his grip dejectedly, opened the door and moved out as tears decend down her cheeks once again,he stood there helplessly looking at ehr retreating figure,”annika”he whispered as he once again bumped his palm on the door. but she didn’t gave a backward glance and moved away from there.The burning pain in his chest started to come out with her each steps.She was his remedy when she was with him and when wasn’t there she was his cause ironically.

He knew that when he will be with them, she wouldn’t be there, “Hey shivaay where you were?” ragini asked’just got some important call”he said and looked to the other to see samar missing”where’s samar?”he asked curiously “Annika wasn’t feeling well so he took her to her house”she said simply,”i think we should also leave”he said as he rub his forehead with his index finger,”what’s that?”she asked as she held his wrist and took it to his eyes level, “Nothing”he said as he took out the moon out of his wrist and threw it away.

As they moved out ,he moving ahead, opened his fist and glanced at it with a small smile,he dipped his hand in the inside of his coat pocket and kept the moon chain inside it securely,taking a vow to bring her back to his life.

He will find out the truth.
He will bring her as his wife once again.
He will not let her leave him.
He will be the one to struck this chain on her bracelet soon.

Kitne Tere Karib Tha Main To Tera Naseeb Tha
Hoton Pe Rehta Tha Har Waqt Bas Naam Tera
Kya Tumhe Yaad Hai?
Haan Mujhe Yaad Hai.


So here’s is the end Lovies.I know the ending didn’t come that good but I hope it was good enough to be read. I was in a rush and so there had to be alot of mistakes so pardon me for that.I know Iv’e been in the TU not quite oftenly,but my exams are just round the corner and I can’t afford to loose it.

I was really fed up with my works so thought to write this or rather end this Os so keep me motivated and give your reviews.

I will surely update my others works soonish I promise.

With Love,

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