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His only Need.

The banging on the door made annika alert as she quickly left the work she was doing in the kitchen more precisely cleaning it as it was sunday and no work or no Bagad Billa was there while Sahil was out for his school trip. So this was the best opportunity for her to clean the house, both the room was done the only thing left for today was kitchen and then next week she will be doing the drawing room. It was almost dawn and she didn’t realized how all day went away so fast “Maybe she doesn’t met him and so her day went well” she thought with an irked face, making a wierd face but the next moment it was changed into a dejected one.

She missed him.

“What? What did you just thought annika? You missed him? aarrgghhh !this thought only made her feel like vomiting. She just wanted to slap her self for letting this thought ran her mind. Annika I think you have gone mad and you need a good long break” She was thinking all this when the bang on the door was heard once again.

Oh God! Who the hell is banging this door like a mad person? as if it was going to break at anytime that too in this bad weather,it had started raining really terribly just an hour ago.

“Wait, I’m coming, don’t break the door for heaven’s sake”she called out exasperated with a frown adorning her forehead as she opened the door to give who wver the person is a good lecture. But her mouth remain opened while her eyes widen in shock as she took the scene in front of her or rather she saw The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi in front of her door not at all in his usual self.He was drenched from head to toe, His hair was a mess with water droplets running down the lenght of his sharp feature, Eyes blood shot read and weary as if he wanted to cry but couldn’t, lips pale while his eyes spokes fear.

Fear? For what?

He was only wearing his shirt which was half tugged in his trousers and the first two buttons were opened with the tie loosely hanging in there, he looked like a tired man, as if he had fight hard to not let someone go away from him. She first thought it to be a dream but seeing the seriousness of the situation she knew that this was all real. “Shivaay” she gasped as she composed her self. “What happened?” she asked as she made him come inside the house closing it behind them. Shivaay was still the same, not at all in his senses.

She didn’t knew when he started to effect her this much, seeing him like this make her heart squeeze in her chest she don’t know why? and she involuntarily took his pricky cheeks in her soft palm “What happened Shivaay?” she asked being worried, he looked up at her eyes which shows deep concern for him making his heart weld up with a different kind of emotion. And all the happening of the day came crashing down his mind in a fast forward movement making his eyes fill with unshed tears once again. She was confused as well as curious and worried to see tears in his eyes but what shocked her more was he took her in a tight hug dipping his face in her chest,he cried terribly.

All the fear , insecurities , the weariness came all at once being in her arms. He don’t know how he ended up coming here to her house but it seems right. She was making him calm, he don’t know why he was feeling this but he couldn’t even let her go. Annika was wet too,She was in a mess now. She don’t know what to do to make him calm, she was amused to see this side of his that too the most vulnerable side of his.

She always thought that the place in the chest where the heart is kept in all human beings, there’s stood a rock in his case but it got replace to his actual heart when it comes to his family. So does anything happened to anyone of them because such reaction is expected only in this case. Being alert she stoked his wet hair messing the already messy hair”Shivaay is everyone alright in the family no?” she asked fear visible in her voice as she felt the grip getting more tighter at times hurting her but it seems nothing before him.

“Shivaay you are scaring the hell out of me, just say that everything is alright” she said as she tried to make him look at her but it seems he didn’t want to let her go. Sighing she forcefully made him look at her as her breath hitched seeing the dullness in his enchanting blue orbs which always had the ability to make her lost in them. Face wet due to constant crying as more tears made it’s way to his cheeks while lips quivering in response.

“Om” was all he could muster up in between his hiccups making her more worried”he.. tried…drugs.. how…he.. leave…me..this”his unplanned sentence had given her some hint that Om had once again tried to have drugs followed by a major blow to this man who was apparently crying like a baby in her arms.”Shivaay he is alright,please don’t cry”she tried to make him understand but nothing worked,she slided the hair from his forhead when something caught her attension, this is the reason she was feeling warmer then ever when he was close to her,how can she be soo stupid? she thought that because of him crying had made her feel a burning sensation over the hollow of her neck but the reality was– he was burning with fever. being wet for god knows how long,he was tend to have fever,”Oh good lord!Shivaay just sit here”she said as she made him sit on the couch.

“wait I’m coming”she said in emergency and tried to move when she felt cold hand encircled around her warm wrist,”Please don’t go”he whispered helplessly,he was not in his senses, the fever had taken a toll over his sense and what ever sanity was left,he only needed her.Seeing the raw pleading in his orbs haad made her stop,she came in front of him,as he sat on the couch,took his face in her palms”I’m just bringing a towel for you,shivaay,I’m not going anywhere”

“NO please.”

“Okay I promise I will be back with in a sec”she said trying her best to make him understand,”You had fever shivaay try to understand,I promised,I iwll be back”and with that the grip loosen and he let ehr go,smiling as well as giving a sigh of relief,she went to ehr room and came back with a towel and a few medicines.She moved towards him and started dring his hair with the towel standing in front of him when he just held her hand,”Om won’t leave me na?”he asked like a small baby,trying to get an assurance from his mother that everything will be alright,she just smiled tenderly at him and noded her head and she just dried his hair.

“Shivaay,have this medicine and come let’s go inside, you need to sleep”she said and made him have the medicines and later both of them went to her room,he was still cluthing onto her,she know how much om is important for him,his both brother are his life,if anything happen to anyone one of them he is the one who suffer the most,they are his childrens he can’t live without them.”DOctor said if we were just a few minutes late then we would have lost him”he whispered while his eyes clouded with fear,settling herself beside him she made him look at her,”He is now alright isn’t it?”she asked while he noded,”but what if he had left me?”he asked as his form tremble due to the thought of Om leaving him,she had sensed his body stiffining and she knew he was not able to think anything at this very moment.

“Shivaay,seee here,”she made him look t her,”HE.IS.ALRIGHT”seh made him understand his each words,”yes he is alright,he needs to be alright,he can’t leave me like this annika,no he won’t do it right?”he asked instantly demanding an answer,”Yes shivaay he won’t leave you and neither you will let him leave”she whispered softly and made him sleep on the soft matress,covering him in the duvet as the medicines started to do it’s work,once she realized that he was asleep,she move from beside his head and slowly went from there.

After an hour when she returned she saw him sleeping over his stomach peacefully and a smile adorned her face,as she moved towards him to check his fever , he was now normal to god gracious,she was reliefed.


“Om” Shivaay shouted which made annika woke up in jerk and then she was next to shivaay,it was only 11 in the night and annika had been sleeping on the couch in the drawing room.

“Shivaay! Shivaay are you alright?”she asked as she held his cheeks,his face wet with sweat “Annika Om,He was leaving me”he said as tears started to decend down his cheeks”I wanted to meet him”he said as he tried to come out of the bed,”Shivaay it was just a nightmare,don’t be stupid, Om is alright I have called prinku to know about hm and she said that he is now alright and is sleeping”she reasoned her self and made him sit there”NO I wanted to meet him annika why can’t you understand”he protested when she just tightly hold his face standing in her knees,as he sat there”You are having fever and I won’t let you go,Please shivaay try to understand”the voice was a little stern in the beginning but later turned into a pleading,”But”he said but she just kept her finger over his lips”NO nothing,, everyone is taking care of Om so you just rest here”she said.

“now sleep”she said as she made him lay down on her lap and started stroking his hair,he calmed a bit,his body muscles relaxed as sleeep slowly took over his senses.she stilled as she felt his hand slide at the back of her bare waist,as the cut of her top was a little high and holded her firmly there while his face dipped in her stomach.

She sigh after a few moment because she can’t wake him up after he had fallen asleep after a lot of difficulty, she just rested her weight at the back of the head board and starting swaying her fingers in his hair,as he slept peacefully after a long tiring day.


It was nearly 3 in the morning when shivaay sleep got disturbed,he felt his head throbing in pain and he moved his head to feel something soft beneath his face,his grip tighten around the thing he was holding and he lifted his gaze to see a person on whose lap he was sleeping peacefully,being alert he loosen his grip and sat up straight to see the one person he never wanted to axpect there.As there she was sleeping with her head in a comprimising position,lips parted as she sleep peacefully.He invonlanterily smiled as he realized that she was all night sleeping like this just to not to disturb him.He felt overwhelmed,making himself more comfortable,he just made her sleep more comfortably and howered over her face to see her sharp beautiful facial feature,this is the first time he was getting the time to see each of her minute details,sliding the hair strands at the back of her ear he admired her.

Annika felt hot breath of someone franing her face and she realized that shivaay was still pleeping and she should keep a check on him,so she flung open her eyes to see blue orbs with golden fleece staring at her in daze,her breathe hitched due to the proximity, shivaay saw her opening her eyes which had worry in them and he felt more better when he knew that it was for him,”Thank you”he whispered against her lips as she trembled due to the intensity of his voice which made fireworks burning inside her stomach. “For what?”she asked confused still in that position with him hovering over her mouth”For handling me in this situation”he simply said with a small smile while she just noded her head ,her eyes locked with his.

“How’s your fever”she said as she extended her hand towards his forehead and touched it to see it to be normal”Better”he said exasarately while she sigh”I was so scared seeing you like this”she brought out her fear in front of him making him rise his eye brow”Why?”he whispered huskily making her shudder “What if anything happen to you?”she said immediately”Then what’s it’s that to you huh?”he asked now his striaght lips lifting up making it turn in to a smirk”I would have been dea–“she was in a daze and didn’rt know what was she telling but att he right moment she stopped,

“dead?”he completed her sentence while she fumbled”No I mean your family would have been dead,you know how much they love you”she said as she tried to make the mess she had created to change. She closed her eyes shut as he leaned forward and went towards the side of her face,rubbing his subtle against her cheek”What about you?”he whispered in her ear as she gave a sigh”Shivaay you should rest”she said as she pushed him away from her flushed and sat up.He just smiled cheekily at this.

Sleeping on the other side of the bed,he closed his eyes,she just tried to move away from there when she felt a sudden push from back and she was flushed to him,her back touching his chest as he holded her tighted by her stomach”You should also sleep,I kow You are also really tired”he whispered in her ears as he dropped a peck on her hair making her close her eyes in bliss. it took her a few moment to understand her sittuation,he holding her closer,with his one leg over her form as he was fast asleep,while she being flushed like a beetroot.soon she relaxed in his arms and sleep took over her senses and both of them slept peacefully in each other arms as his hold tighten aroung her more.

She was his only solace and he knew what he had to do next to keep her with him forever.


So here it ends,Do tell me how was it.Ireally wanted to write something where annika is calming shivaay and he coming to her to found his solace.So just a stupid try.


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