Shivika OS~A whole new side of SSO

hello guyzz….Once again Anya here…I have just written a random shot on Shivika hope you all will like it…


Annika was the wedding planner of famous bussiness man Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi for more than 1 months now and by this time annika realized that shivaay was an arrogent and an angry bussuness man who beleive in only blood surname and lineage from outside for the world to see,While he is just a broken soul who craved for love and affection and wanted to be mended from inside.his hidden self was so perfectly safe gaurded by the unbreakable wall which surrounded it that no one realized let alone thing that this man who is so strong from outside is so weak and fragile from inside.

Within this one month annika and shivaay had made some type of connection between them but they are totally unaware of it.There is not a day left when these two had not fighted.They have sensed that they have feelings for each other but never wanted to believe it and for that reason shivaay alwayzz behaved rudely with annika but annika was annika she always see the hidden self of shivaay in his beautiful blue eyes who alwways show pain and hurt in them.Sometime she would see so much anger in them that she become tatally frightened.

One day annnika was as usual was completing her work when it was time to go home.She quickly finished her work and went out of the OM.It was raining and no auto was seen as it was raining really fast.She was standing under a roof when a car stopped bt her side.
‘hey annika come sir said that he will drop you as we were going that way only”Khanna said,shivaay’s driver.While she just smiled at him and went and openned the back passenger seat where shivaay was sitting and sat beside him.”thank you Billuji”annika wishpered while shivaay just shook his head looking out of the window.

“how many times I have asked her not to say Billuji to me in front of anyone but this girl never listened to me”He thought with a frown.

When they reached annika house Shivaay’s car tyre punchered and so after lot of requesting shivaay agreed to annika to come inside her house until Khanna chanded the car’s tyre.

they entered her house which was a small apartment with two room, a drawing room which was attached by an open was small but it’s decor was simply elegant.As Shivaay entered the house he was mesmerised by the simplicity of her house.Shivaay closed his eyes and took a deep breathe as the atmosphere of the house was os welcoming.It was giving him a feeling to be at home.He smiled a little and looked at annika who was standing still at her place shock was writtened all over her face.

shivaay realized why she was shocked and soon changed his expression itno an emotionless one.Annika was feeling very nervous,she don’t know why?.she looked up at shivaay and she was shocked to hell as she saw him smiling a little bit with his eyed closed.The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi was smilling that to in her house.

“I thing Anika you don’t know when a guest come to your house you must asked him have a seat’he said normally while annika come out of her shocked state.”huh…hmm…come have a seat billuji, I fetch you some water”with that she went towards the kitchen ans soon returned with a glass of water,”Your house is nice Annika”shivaay said while gulping down half of the water cotant in the glass.”thank you’annika smiled at him.

“So you live alone?where is your little brother… Sahil right? ” he asked.”yes billuji but sahil is not at home he had gone on a school trip”she said .Shivaay just humed in response.Shivaay just stared at her and they had an eyelock.

“sir I have changed the tyre but there’s a problem”Khanna came and said. both of them broke the eyelock”now what’s the problem khanna”shivaay asked irritated.”actually sir a tree fell down on the road and so we won’t be able to reach OM today”.”what the wuck!!!”shivaay shouted.

“Billuji you can stay here for tonight”annika said hesistantly.”No annika i will go to some hotel”.”Billuji at this time you won’t be able to get any room free so I request you pllzz,stay here for tonight”Annika pleaded.”sir I think annika is right you stay over here I will go stay in the car for tonight”Khanna said as soon as annika finished.

“but”shivaay said” Billuji please”annika said.

“Ok”shivaay at last agreed.


Annika bought the dinner for both of them on the dinning table.Shivaay was replying to his Emails on his laptop,sitting on the cough in the living room.He had opened his blazer and was in his shirt only.

“Billuji the dinner is ready please come”Annika came in front of shivaay and said.Shivaay who was busy on his laptop looked up and was mesmerized by annika.She was wearing a white colour Churidar gown and her hair was in a bun with some hair coming out on the side of her face.

“yes just a minute”shivaay said coming to his senses.”hmmm…I’m waiting there”she said and walked off.”she looks like an angle”shivaay thought and smile.”what are you thinking shivaay focus”he said to himself and kept the laptop on the table and headed towards the dinning table.

Annika was setting the dinnning table and looked up at shivaay and gave him a small smile.Shivaay just went and sat on one of the chairs.Annika served him the dinner and soon the two of them started to eat their dinner.There was silence but it was soon broked bt annika.”Billuji do you want some thing else”annika asked.”No annika it’s enough”he said”but I Didn’t thought that you cook so good”he added after few second.Annika smiled at him”thank you Billuji”she said.While shivaay just hummed in responce.


Annika came in the living room and saw that he is still working on the laptop.”Billuji you can go and sleep in my room’she said”and were will you sleep?”shivaay asked.”I will sleep on the couch”she said.”but I have seen that there is two rooms right?”he asked while raising his eyebrows.”yes but as we two only live here and sahil is still a small boy so two live together and We made the other room as store house”She said justifying her self.”ok then,you go sleep in your room i will sleep over here only as I had some work also”he said while looking on his laptop.

“but Billuji you don’t have the habit of sleeping on a cough”annika said as a matter of fact.”annika I’m saying na go I will be sleeping here”shivaay said strickly.”But…”annika said but soon agree as shivaay shoot her an angry glare.


It was 12 at night and sleep wa far awy from annika’s eyes when Annika came down to have some water and also to have a look on shivaay.She came in the living room and saw it empty.”Billuji?” she asked while not finding shivaay.soon she heard someone’s snore coming from the kitchen. She slowy went towards the kitchen and saw a figure sitting on the chair and his head was resting on his hand,his face on the left side which was placed on the kitchen counter and was fast asleep.There was a laptop and some papers on the table also. She switched on the kitchen light and slowly went towards his left side to see him.

She was lost inhim.”he looks like a baby while sleeping”she thought and caress his hair with her hand.He moved a little in his sleep and a small smile made it’s way on his lips.

She thought to wake him up as it was very uncomfortable to sleep over there.”billuji?”she wishpered.”billluji?”this time she said a little louder.but there was no response.

“Mr. Oberoi wake up”she said while shooking him on his shoulder.Again NO response.Now annika was irritated.Soon her expression changed into a mischievious one and and she moved a little closer to his ear “Billuji wake up there is fire over here”she shouted and soon shivaay jumped in horror”what!! let’s go out of the house,call the fire brigade”he said while taking annika out of the kitchen.

Soon annika was laughing as hell and shivaay become confused ‘is she stupid or what here there is fire and she is laughing”he thought.”Billuji actually there is no fire anywhere”annika said between her laugh and shivaay looked around to found all the things on there own places.perfectly fine.”You were not waking up when I tried so I thought to scream like this so that you’ll wake up”she said giggling.while shivaay sat on the chair with a sigh of releif.

“what was this annika you just gave me a mini heart attack”he said while calming his fastened breathe.”sorry billuji for what i did because you were sleeping like a kumbkaran but It wa fun seeing you like this”she said gigling at last.

“what? kum…kumb…karan? whats with the language annika?”shivaay said irritated.

“arre!! kumbkaran ‘kumb’ ‘karan'” she said while trying to make him understand.Shiivay gave her’what the hell are you talking about’ look.

“Ok leave that why were you sleeping on the kitchen counter?”she asked him”but what are you doing here at this time”he asked her instead of answering her.”this was not my asnwer”she said with a frown.”and this was also not the answer of my question”he said.

“Ok I was here to have some water when I saw you sleeping over here”she said with a sigh as it was useless to argue with this SSO.”hmm..I was having my espresso while doing my work when I just felt asleep.”he said while rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.Annika noticed it and said”billuji I think you need the bed”she said.”but you?”he asked.”I’ll sleep in the cough and on top of that you have a buzy shcedule tomorrow and you need to have a good sleep so go and sleep on the bed”she said justifying her POV.

“NO but I can’t let a lady sleep on the couch in her own house”he said.”so this baghad billa had some humanity left in him”she thought.”AARRGHH… I said na I will sleep on the couch”annika was now irritated.”Okay we will both sleep on bed”he exclaimed bossily.He was agian in his bossy mode.

“Okay!!” she said with a defeated voice.”hmm..annika can you fetch me a cup of espresso?” He asked.”please!!”annika exclaimed. “what??” shivay asked confused.”you know what billuji when a person ask for something from others he must use the word’please'”she said while emphasising on the word please.”you know na i don’t say please to anyone one”he said with a frown.”ok then you won’t get anything and as you say it is my house and not your mansion then you have to say please”she said.”yeah!there is point though”shivaaay said and after a pause he said”Annika can you please fetch me a cup of espresso”he said sofly while annika smiled”yeah,why not ofcourse”she said and asked shivaay to wait for her in the living area.shivaay goes there and after some time annika came with two cups in her hand.she handed shivay his cup of espresso and sat beside him while keeping a safe distance betweeen them,feasting on her hot chocolate.

“thank you”shivaay wisphered while annika choked on her hot chocolate.Shivaay just laughed out loud while annika who was still in shock get again another shock of her life.THE SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI has said thank you and on top of that he was laughing.”are you okay annika”he asked while controlling himself.annika who was still in shock said”you said thank you to me..?really? and you laughed also”.shivaay smiled while seeing this innocent side of annika.

‘hey you smiled again? am I dreaming or what?”she asked the last part to herself.”no annika it is true see”he said and pinched her”AAhhh!!”she winched “it’s true”she said with a pause and her eye’s widen in shock.”it is true”she wishpered again.shivaay who was watching her now smiled wider.”OK leave that annika have your hot chocolate”he said pointing on the mug in her hand.”yes”she said softly and take a sip of it.shivaay smiled once again on her innocent act.

Shivaay had his espresso and said”it’s really good as well as fimiliar”he said while inhaling it’s aroma.”it is like the espresso you always give in OM”he said and then realization struck upon him.”Hey !! so you were the one who made my espresso everyday in house?”he asked shocked. annika just smiled at him and nodded her head with her head down.”oohh..!! annika so sweet of you”he exclaimed lovingly.While she just look down and was having her hot chocolate.

soon they finished their breverage.”so now what”shivaay exclaimed.’now you will be sleeping on the bed and I’ll be taking the couch” she said while thinking that he had forgotted about their decision to sleep together.

“you think that I’m a fool?”he asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Annika was caught and she know that”Okay!! let’s go”she said and went towards the kitchen to keep the empty cups and then followed shivaay to her room.

Annika was walking just behind shivaay and was looking towards his well build body as the cloth of his shirt was sticking to his body’s flesh.

“well stop drooling over my body annika”he said with a smirk while annika bow her head down as blood rushed towards her cheeks.”and sleep it’s late”he added after a small pause.Annika was all red now.she quickly went towards the left side of the bed and lay down.while shivaay take’s the right side of bed.both were sleeping looking the other side.

It was 2 p.m but still sleep was far away from annika’s eyes she was just still like a statue on the bed without turning around as she was scared that if she will turn then something will went wrong.She was just recollecting all the things which had happened just a few moments ago.It was a day full of suprises for annika.Shivaay’s behaviour was creating a havoc in her senses.

She was still lost in his thoughts when a pair of hand slided around her waist and she stiffened.She turned around to see shivaay was fast asleep and was really close to her face and he was hugging her with his one leg over her.Her breathe stopped and she was scared to breathe as her slightest move would broke the spell.

she slowly tried to remove his hand from her waist.but his hold get more tighter on her.Soon she stopped trying.She was feeling really save in his arms and than sleep took over her.

Both smile in their sleep as they were in the most safest place on the earth.


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