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hola guys! i m back again with another OS! firstly,thanku so much, i dont even expect one comment but u guys r seriously so lovely tht i gt many…n moreover it is not the comments but the feeling which is imp..the feeling which u get after reading my OSs n i gets after reading the comments…it matters alot,moreover i m not a literature luving person,so for me they r like diamonds…
BTW (by the way) belated happy diwali!i hope u all enjoyed..! nyways ,this time,it is a free style OS again..idk(i dont know) what i m going to write exactly but i hope u ll like it..fingers crossed..n did i forget to mention that this is a shivika OS? n yup it is on the current track…

he was a tall,handsome and rich bachelor ,wearing a blue armaani with a red tie ,carrying all the class n attitude as he stepped out from the red austin martin ….he took of his gucci sunglasses and gave a small gesture asking about the house being OM to the tendril lady who was carrying not much but 10 boxes in her hands….
n the tendril yet astonishing n beautiful lady said to herself, “just before sometime he begged me for friendship n once we have reached,he forgot n made me coolie..huh..vadda aaya! it is my fault,how can i forget he is billuji’s friend so he has to be like him only naa..”
(but her blabbering didnt went unnoticed)

daksh: aah annika! why r u carrying this all..someone will come n pick this! or wait,i ll help u..(tring to pick 6 boxes but annika moved backward)
annika:thanku! but no thanku! i can handle it myself..vaise badha jaldi yaa aa gaya aapko?

n daksh could not do anything but get influenced with the girls attitude…

n they both walked n while entering annika tripped in such a way that the bags scattered here n there n her hands were on daksh’s shoulder and daksh’s hands were on her hands..both trying to protect her….
the ‘saving her’ continued as she was trying to compose herself n stand straight while he continued to stare her n get mesmerized by her beauty…

ru:arree bhaiya! when did u come! n this..this bhabhi?! when did u mary daksh bhaiya? u didnt even call us?
ru cut him down.. ru:i guess u have married a little time ago that is why u n bhabhi r romancing but this is a very public place to romance…
ru:kya aree…vaise u n bhabhi looking gud together..bhabhi pleas show me ur face n do romance vagerah later…
annika turns..
ru:haww! annika didi! aapne daksh bhaiya se shaadi krli?! bt when?? n u didnt even tell us n shivaay bhaiya?ab unka kya hoga…
om:Shut up rudra! now let daksh speak..
ru: i now understood u both are lovers,first sight,right?
annika:nahi vo billuji..
ru:so tht means u really married..?
om:shut up ru!
daksh:no he is right…i infact we fell in luv at first sight when i saw her..then we thought why to waste time so we thought first let us go to mandir n get married, n mere yaar ki shaadi attend krne toh mai late bhi aa hi sakta aisi beautiful(shivay fumes) lady ko akele nhi chhodh sakta..
ru:sacchi??(Shcked) om:duffer oberoi..he was sarcastic…
ru:leave! how did u fall annika di?n how come u r with daksh bhaiya..?
annika:actually rudra, ur bhaiya had an meeting with tia,so he asked me to pick daksh up…n i fell due to these gifts..
sh: annika khyal nahi rakh sakti tum tumhara..?what is the need to carry all this stuff,u r not paid for this,ohk?? n i had not meeting with “tia” annika…
ann:kisi ke saath bhi ho billuji,mera kya?!

daksh:billuji? (n he started laughing) i like it billu..billu-shivaay-shivaay-billu..hahahahah..
sh:shut up daksh..! annika:lo jwalamukhi oberoi ne bhaap dena shuru krdiya hai..
daksh: j..waala…mukhi oberoi??? (laughs again) i m luving it..
annika: it is not j-waala its j-w-a-a-l-a!
sh:shut up daksh n pannika! thats enough for today..

daksh:pannika??(laughs) shivaay no sorry billuji(in annika’s tone) i didnt knew that u have started keeping nicknames..
om:this is the first change u have seen,annika ke aane ke baad so toh shivaay ki kaafi aadate badal gyi hai

ru:vo chhodo how did u bcome friends? u were frnds b4 also?
daksh:we became frnds 1 hr before..she was standing holding a card in which my name was written..i quickly understood shivaay has sent her..though i was angry that he diddnt came to pick his best frnd but then seeing her i realised that she must be quite special to shivaay thatswhy he sent next thing i did was propose her for frienship followed by putting up my hand like this(he forwards his hand) n then she reciprocated in a similar manner like this(he took annikas hand n kept in his for a handshake)
n they handshaked..n shivaay got a lil envious..n when they didnt broke their hands apart..
shivaay:daksh u came to meet me,n till now u have just given handshake to her(he said tapping on annika’s hand n giving daksh a sudden tight handshake)
ru:vaise bhaiya i have to agree..that u have done the best job by making annika didi ur frnd..n i must say that time,there would have been something in u that she accepted..

daksh:u know what rudra,at first i thought that she is shivaays going to be wife,but then thankgod i asked her n she told me she was a wedding planner….shivaay u have control man!! if i get a bful wedding planner like this n i was at ur place,i would have left my bride n married her..but thankgod u didnt..atleast now i can be frnds with her..nahi toh bhabhi ho jaati..
shivaay got irritated n he fumed..
annika got red…
daksh:leave it..btw where is ur fiancee..?
tia enters ..n says hi daksh..u r shivaays best frnd ,right? then handshakes n hugs daksh..
daksh:i thought u will come to pick me up!
tia: i guess universe wanted me to meet u infront of shivaay…

soon enough annika n daksh turned out to be good friends or maybe more than just ‘good’ n shivaay turned out to to be more envious or maybe more ‘jealous’

tia:shivaay baby, look daknnika… sh:daknnika? tia:oho shivaay baby..dont be so stupid..just liike shivaay+tia is shitia ,annika+daksh is daknnika..(i m sory bt as of i dont want to give their combo a gud name)
sh:daknnika dosent look good practical …annika dosent like him…. n it just looks like shitia(shivika looks better,he thinks.. n then what why i m thinking like this)
ti: so if u r comparing us with them,tht means u think they look good…n i think annika has a lover now..maybe we should..
sh:why is everyone saying lover n why is every one concerned so much abt daknnika,noo! i mean annika n daksh…annika has her own life..n she dosent want it..why is everybody pairing them?
ti: how do u know she dosent like him , look..

ti:look dont they look good together (shivaay is lost,loooking at annika n at the same time burning also)
ti:shivaay baby u r lisening? ti:shivaay? ti:SHIVAAY!
sh:y..yes..why r u shouting..i m hearing naa..
ti:u werent…ur concentration was on someone else only..or maybe they r looking so gud together,right? tht is why u r continously staring at the bful couple..
sh:its oh tia!enogh for today..i have to make an urgent call!
pi:shivaay, chhamak chhalos krwaane waala has come u dont go to office…u have to practice with tia…
sh:no mom,i have an urgent meeting,choreographer can teach her bt i m not interested…….
pi:bt i have to see my shitia’s dance…
sh:no i m going.. just then annika enters..
pi: oye annika! u came? now u go to the choreographer n learn a song….u will also perform naa?
daadi:yes! y will not my annika puttar perform? infact my dannika will perform..
shivaay stops listening to dannika…he murmers to himself why god,why?why is every1 chanting dannika?i mean really? annika ke liye daksh is not right,only…why m i so concerned..n annika ke liya? daksh ke liye annika is actuallly not right! i ll tell him to stay away from for now i would ask her to do what she is supposed to..plan! n not talk to my best frnd!)
sh:mom..i ll fulfill ur dream, i n ann..tia will dance…
choreo: so couple dances r of : shitia, ruanka,saumkara,ishveer n anaksh…. (guys vaise its ishkara n rumya only,bt here bro-sis dancing togethr..n ishkara is there bcuz it is a free style looong os)
sh:will u stop calling that!!!
ti:what shivaay baby? sh:anaksh! omru:what is wrong in that,bhaiya(smirking)
sh:a..a..anaksh is whole wrong,dannika looks better(n shivika looks the best-not shivaay bt i say)

sp choreo starts teaching them steps n says starting will be done by the 3 othr couples n then breide-groom will come..n he explains steps…n he tells that it is combination of two songs: which starts with a very romantic tune…n then ae dil hai mushkil plays
so firstly he picks out ani-saksh n says u r a couple..n like this he pairs everyone according to the list…
just as tune finishes he asks them to roatate partners..ishkara,rumya,priveer,tiaksh n shivika…n thts when he says that the next part is going to be intense…
so everyone is following him n his steps but he finds something the choreo says only these two( tiaksh n priveer) have chemistry,others lack… u(rumya) both should do in a little more sync, u(ishkara) should look into each others eyes,u(shivika) should come a bit closer…

actually the thing here is that the chore. is not caling any girl by her name..n he thought that shivika is shitia n so he though by the way they looked at each other…so byechance the real list couples got only a part bt the real couples actually get to dance on whole song..

practice continues..whenever shivaay sees anaksh dancing he gets burnt..n omru comment something is burning……
the mehendi day…
the first performance is of boys, then there is a funny aniru,saumkara and ishaay (u know bhabhi n brother in law’s performance) …then there is a break…
ru: listen om bhaiya u go to ishaana di n i ll go to saumya n daksh bhaiya u go to annika di ,ohk? (speaking loud so that shivaay hears)
shivaay in his mind why, om n daksh aloud:why?
ru:bhaiya they have their performance on desi girl na so we will dance for 30 sec with them..
shivaay in his mind,(daksh will dance again?)
after few mins…..
tia:hawww… sh:sorry tia … actually my phone had rung so i had to attend it,n i didnt saw the drink( he spilled drink on her dress)
tia:its ohk shivaay baby,i guess unviverse wished this to happen..ohk i ll go n change…
sh:umm daksh! please will u help tia… n tiaksh leave…
n the girls performance is about to start.. n shivaay decided to stop it or maybe inform tht daksh is nt here
shi:omru! they ignore shi:om! ignored shi:ru! ignored
actually they both have seen him doing tht so to make shivaay’s plan successful they r indirectly helping him
n the song starts n then in b/w song shivomru come n twist their belly along with desi girls…

then their actual romantic song time comes..n it starts with shitia,anaksh.ishver,rupri n saumkara dancing lightly..
then the tune changes n they swap… n the intensity n romance starts..(shivika os so i m writing abt one only)
shivaay holds her waist much below the comfortable region ,pulls her closer so that only sufficient amt. of air passes n they r lost into each other eyes..(now see any of ur favourite romantic dance video,they do all that)
now THOUGHTS: shi– thinks to himself i wish i could always keep u that atleast i have satisfaction that u r safe n i could see u each n every second n get lost in your bold n depthful eyes…no shivaay!no! u should think abt tia nt annika….bt,bt annika n me r like land n sky,we r linked…yes u r like land n sky u r linked bt u can never why?
ani—billuji! u have such a beautiful eyes..i love them n look i m thinking abt u only n ur eyes only when i m already lost in them..why do u do this to me? why dont u believe me..tia is lier n i cant see u like wait,if u dont trust,why do i care? no annika i cant see him in trouble,its like there is some annika! he is just a baggad billa,there is a connection but it is loose n it can never be strong until blood,lineage comes in b/w

so all the time they were conflicting…….
_________________________________________n jelousy continues n possessiveness as well..n now he is jalkukda oberoi
shaadi morning:

shivaay:no! i cant! i cant luv her..speciallly when i m getting married today…
annika:how can i luv him? i m not meant for luv..
tia: i think i m very i feel that i should backoff…
anaksh:only annika can save me…i m going to tell her everything
shivaay n annika r moving around the fire n they get married…BOOM! but thats shivaays imagination…shitia r moving around the fire..when,
ann: billuji u cannot marry her!
shi:i m not listening to any of ur baseless talks today..
ann:bt billuji! u cant u n her,both of u will never be happy!
ti:annika not again..please dont do this to me…(n she starts shedding false tears)
shivaay: ANNIKA!(shouts)
ann: its not abt u or me billuji,its abt ur best frnd n tia..
shivaay: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ANNIKA! GO GET OUT! n some of his usual rant
Ann gets disheartened..n leaves
when they r on their 5 round..
lights go off…n a ppt plays…with tia face n a person back,it comprises of 2 videos n 4 pics… everyone get shocked…
tia gets angry n says no shivaay baby its lie..they r photoshopped…
ann:i can show u the person’s face as well billuji…
sh:annika,u..u..u again, n this time too u saved me?(he getting sent)
ann: lehro se ladhne waale boondo se nahi ghabraate billuji..i have seen this alot..
ann:u wont understand..n rite now its abt u..see billuji iatia is not wrong she luvs someone else,n tht someone else is ur frnd daksh.. actually ,they wanted their daughter to marry in india so that the value of their company could rise n losses could be recovered…

n whole drama..n tiaksh marry…
media is putting up q. n blaming…..
-________________________________________________NOW THERE R 2 WAYS:if according to the current track,shivika should marry bt actually annika should deny…n then shivaay should manaofy n then finally agreeing n marrying… bt this second one i guess i have written once before,n many of us have..

Shi actually gets happy inside but out..
shi:annika they r blaming our family bcuz of u…n its all bcuz of u! had u showed it b4 marriage,it ouldnt have happened,n the situation of our shares going to fall down n this much humilation wouldn’t have occured…
anni: ek toh i have saved u AGAIN ! n instead of saying me thanks u r blaming me….seriously u r such a billuji!!
shi: ek toh late bataya upar se u want a thanku? u could have told before..
ann: u didnt trust me! huh..
media does some more hue n cry drama..n alleges annika…
shi:annika,u would have to pay for this as well..why should i be the only payer….
ann:but why should i pay??
shi:bcuz its ur fault..
ann:oh really! i dont care billuji..u have to be sorry n u r ordering me..i m leaving right away!
he holds her hand n says marry me?
ann:oh wow! now shivaay singh oberoi wants to marry this kachra to save himself…or to make my life as far as i know u will not make my life hell by the risk of marrying a poor blood roadside girl?? or MR.Shivaay singh oberoi is not marrying me but deaing me for his shares falling down?
shi:no annika! i m marrying u..bcuz u..bcuz i..i..would love to do so..bcuz i would love to marry u n punish u. for this fall..for not showing these proofs before n stopping it before….n this is what u have to pay..
ann: u might be shivaay singh oberoi for others but for me u r just billuji .. n i m not like others who will do as u sso kahe u r a sadak ka koodha, so i ll be one of them, sso says to throw myself out,i will, sso will say get out! i will…n sso will say marry me! i will…I WILL NEVER MARRY U..

(N I CANT CONTROL MYSELF TO SHOW SOMETHING ELSE…bcuz actually their marriage will be something not of luv..n after marriage luv n all..n i was going to show that bt..dil hai ki maanta nhi)

sh says U WILL!
ann says I WONT! n she turns around but shivaay holds her again..pulls her closer just like in the pool scene..they r cms apart…n lo ho gayi shaadi ,shivaay puts vermillon on her forehead…
lone tear escapes from her eyes n she says,
Ann: khareed toh aapne mujhe liya hai par aap mujhe kabhi bhi paa nahi paaoge ( though u have purchased me bt u will never get me) n she frees herself n runs away…

then for 4-5 days the depressed n lonliness feeling arises..filled with finally ..
omru tell him to listen to his heart …n understand his luv n say sorry to her….n tell him how he was wrong..shivaay understands….
n stands up , n goes to get ready..
after some time while he is leaving daadi gives him a flower n says jaa puttar jaa, apni dulhania ko ghr le aa aur batade sabko ki tu apne daada ka pota hai,ek saccha ishqbaaz ru throws him car keys,
omru:jaa simran nahi billu..ohk retake.. jaa billu jaa! jee le apni zindagi!
n shivaay goes n drives to annika’s home…

annika opns gate n throws poche ka paani on his face…shivaay gets irritated but controls as he is here to make things right
ann:aap? aap yaha kaise? aap kaun?
sh ignores her n tries to enter…
ann: i dont allow strangers inside..
shivaay comes near to her n asks m i a stranger?
annika says yes..he comes more closer n says m i a stranger? she says yes then again he comes closer n asks m i a stranger? she says yes.. they r cms close… n he asks again m i a stranger champ..? saahil who just came out of room replies no u r not u r baggad billa,the gr8 SSO who married my sissy..annika looks at him (Sahil)with an angry look…
n shivaay swiftly bents down (bcuz annika has kept hands on door)n goes inside the house …

sh: i m sorry annika! ann comes with one more bucket of pocche ka paani n throws on him..
ann:r u sorry now?
sh:yes i m..i m sorry annika…my intentions werent wrong but my way was..u know how hard is it for me to say sorry,thanku n..n i luv u…..i luv u annika..
an:n how do i trust u? btw yes they were wrong,nt just wrong but totally incorrect
sh: do u think i would have had two buckets of this water from anybody’s else’s hand how do i know tht u r genune enough?
shivaay takes out a ring bents down n asks her..
sh: will u MS.ANNIKA make me the most lucky man on this world by giving me the honour of being called as your husband?
ann:aww..mai impress ho gyi! zyda angrezi matt jhaada kriye?
sh: tumm naa bilkul pannika ho..
ann:toh aap bhi koi kamm billuji nahi hai..aise oot patang tareeke se kahenge toh kisi ko samajh nahi aaega..say it normal!
sh:will u marry me PANNIKA?
ann:yes BILLU,PANNIKA will marry BILLU, bt ANNIKA wont marry SHIVAAY
sh:fhat the wuck!
ann: i dont want to be the victim of any more sso’s punishment..
sh: i m not punishing u,i wasnt even,tht day too..i was just hiding..n i dont wanna marry u for u to pay for it or for a punishment..
ann: then what else could be the reason for u to marry me?
snn:no reason right!? its better u leave mr.shivaay singh oberoi..
sh: i wont leave until u say yes..
ann:i wont marry until u give me one genune reason..vaise toh bade unpredictable hote hai aap,jab jo sochte hai aur jo krna chahte hai ek dumm se kr dete hai pr aaj phussi kyu ho rakhi hai!?
sh:language annika!
ann:thats the reason? ohk i think i should better leave if u dont want to go..GET OUT SHIVAAY! or let me go!
(he understood the get out thing)
sh: sorry annika..i was very harsh with my the truth is tht i wanted to hear tht thing from u which i wanted to u just only told me to see proof ie only break marriage bt i wished to get committed at the same time..committed with u…
ann:its ohk!
n annika turns around n is abt to leave shivaay holds her n pulls her n she falls down n says aah..
ann:khud gire the mujhe bhi gira diya,ab aise tukur-tukur kya dekh rahe hai…aap…shivaay puts fingers on her lips n says i luv u annika tht is the reason..
ann:Say that again!
shivaay:i luv u annika!
annika: pinch me! n he pinches
ann: aah! pincch kyu kiya! sh:bcuz u said..
ann:tht is a way to say ‘unbelievable’ ,aap bhi naa.. n she hits him… n gives him a pleasurable amt of load on his body..n their heartbeats rise as they hug each other tightly
sh: annika u r clothes would have got dirty..from the 2l poche ka paani i possess..u shouldnt hug me..
ann: u r mad billuji! i dont care whether its poche ka paani or kachre ka dibba ,if its concerned with u..i would hug it anyway..
(shivaay blushes)
ann:bt shivaay..
sh:Say that again!
ann:Shivaay sh:again!
ann: arree yr! lo..shivaay-shivaay-shivaay-shivaay-shivaay-shivaay-shivaay..
sh:soo cute..
ann:aapka cute shute ho gaya ho toh..i dont have a name,i m an orphan,no surname,no known blood,will u still stay with me?
sh: u have one..n soon 4… bt for me annika is enough..
annika:then yes!
sh:yes for what?
annika:marry me? for tht..
sh:btw u havent replied me “that” again..he said pulling her closer again..
annika:what “tht”?
sh: i luv u shivaay,like i luv u annika (he says kissing her forehead)
annika blushes n kisses his cheek..n then gets tomato red…n with full velocity bangs her head to his embarassement..shivaay laughs a lil..n they keep hugging…

—after some time,
ann: for listening “that” u need to do impress me,n make me agree to the fact!
sh:(makes frown face) but i did efforts to do so naa…n u r marrying too..
annika:marrying dosent mean luving…maybe universe wants this shvaay baby..
both laugh…n rub their nose

thats it..
i hope u like it
n at times its bettr o not give a name..
i hope u like it! tata

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