A Shivika OS :shivaay jealous from his Om ???

Hey guys I’m not able to complete my ff bcoz of some problems so I’m here with an os I’m sorry for not completing my ff

Let’s begin
(This ff starts when anika enters OM as shivaay wedding g planner )

Shivaay:hey u anika u are here for work not for time pass
Anika:oh I didn’t know only Mr sso
Anika:yes shivaay singh oberoi
Anika:now if ur done I’ve lots of work

Tia comes there
Tia :shivaay baby I was thinking tht in our wedding we’ll be dresses in same color and have theme wedding what say
Shivaay:whatever u what tell it to anika she’ll arrange it after all she s the wedding planner
Tia:I now tia I’ll get that done
Tia:thanks anika ur so sweet
Anika smiles
Shivaay goes from there followed by tia

Anika is moving g around in OM bcoz its shivays engagement tomorrow and it’s going to be only family due to security reasons but the pics and everything will be given to media anika is super busy

Om comes to her
Om:anika have your lunch you haven’t eaten anything
Anika:no no om I’m fine u know so much work is there
Om makes her sit
Om:I know but I can’t risk your health after all you have done so much for our family
Anika smiles and eats fast
Anika:down now I’m going
Om:OK but do take care that u don’t skip meals
Om goes to his room while anika continue her work
All this was seen by shivru
Rudra:bhaiya are u thinking what I’m thinking
Shivaay:yes om is getting too friendly with that manner less girl
Rudra:maybe I’ll get my bhabhi soon
Shiv:ofcouse I’m marrying tia
Rudra:I’m not talking about lady baba I’m talking about ani
He stops seeing shivaay glare g at him
(Rudra told all this to make shivaay jealous he didn’t mean aniom )
Rudra went towards his room
While shivaay continued thinking about what he said
At night
Anika:dadi I’ve done all the work I’m leaving
Dadi:puttar it’s late I’ll tell someone to drop u
Then shivom come
Dadi:om drop anika to Whr home
Om:sure dadi come anika
Anika and om get going but shivaay stops them
Shivaay:wait I’ll drop her
Everyone looks at him shocked
Shivaay:I mean there are may street I’ve gone there before om will get confused so that’s why
Dadi:OK u go
He drops anika
On his way back
Shivaay:what has happened shivaay why u reacted that way when om was dropping anika

He reached home and saw om in the garden talking on the phone
Om:yeas u reached OK so what r u doing now
Om:ofcouse I miss u to I know we met some time ago but what to do
Om:yes I’ll gift u your favorite pendent tomorrow I’ve bought it for you OK bye luv u

Shivaay was shocked by his words
Shivaay:was he talking to anika my anika what my anika I’ve gone mad

Next morning
Shivaay comes down and sees aniom talking and laughing
Om removes a pendent and showed anika
Anika:wow it’s is pretty
Om:is it
Anika:yes but I can’t take it
Om:come on anika I’ve bought it for u plz accept it
Anika:OK if u say

Shivaay:what the wuck om loves anika seriously he didn’t tell me
Shivaay was sad to see anika laughing with om and them holds g hands and looking g at eo happily
Shivaay:what I’m affected by this no it might be bcoz om didn’t tell me or may be bcoz she does not have blood lineage no this isn’t the reason said his inner mind

He went near them
Aniom stopped talking and looked at him shocked as if their lie was caught
Anika:sh shivay u
Om:I I was umm
Shivaay:what happened om
He tried to sound normal while aniom sighed in relief which was noticed by shivaay
Anika:nothing we were taking about work so much work on plz show me which room were telling g
They rushed to avoid any further questions
Shivaay went to his room and broke his phone
Shivaay:urghh why I’m feeling g bad am I jealous no I can’t be jealous of om but why I’m feeling sad coz anika is with someone else and that somelse and that’s his bro his life no I can’t ruin om love life for my selfishness for my jealousy but still I’m jealous why did I become ishqbaaz as dadi says no yes maybe
He closes his eyes and sees anika and gets shocked
Shivaay:it means I live her but what her bg no this time I’ll not see bg I’ll se my love but now om loves her and I can’t separate my bro from hai love I’ve to sit quite I’m not selfish
He gets teary eyed

After sometime he goes outside and sees ani om talking g something secretly and laughing

He was sad but for his bro he had to do it
Anika saw him and moves away and went to do her work while om stood there
Om:hi shivaay
Shivaay:om do u want to tell me something about u or any girl
Om went from there coz jhan vi called him
Shivaay was praying that it shouldn’t be what he’s thinking

Precap:shivika ,with whom was om talking ???

If you want to K of plz comment and tell me criticism is also welcome

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    Hey Summaya!!!! Firstly, i just loves this concept ???…..THE Shivaay Singh Oberoi jealous of his Own Brother and that too Om?…. Haha…. that’s a superb mind-blowing idea dear…And the way you presented it???…. It’s so sweet and interesting. Felt like watching a ‘specials’ episode!!!!And Om and Ani bonding… Wow… So adorable. And this is the best jealous-despo version of Shivaay..bechara Shivaay baby ..so helpless ??? you are really amazing girl…Loved it!!!!!!! And please please​ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee please tell me that the one Om was talking to is none other than Ishana….(plz make only Ishana as Om’s pair….not anyone else!!!!?) And thanks for ths wonderful Shot…. It’s ROCKING

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