A Shivika OS :shivaay jealous from his Om ???Part 2

Hey guys thanks for your support I’ve replied to everyone comments and I’m glad you guys didn’t judge me by thinking I didn’t complete my ff

Let’s begin
Ita afternoon
Om room
Om:shivaay rudra I’m sorry I didn’t tell u one thing about my life infact my biggest secret bcoz I wasn’t sure myself but now I’m sure and I want to tell u guys about it
Shivaay:I think I know what you want to tell om
Shiva’s said controlling his emotions
Rudra:o what’s this we decided no secrets between us and u
Om:the secret is that I umm I love a girl
Rudra:what o u what
Shivaay:who is that girl
Shivaay was silently praying that she shouldn’t be his anika although he knew it’s her by the pendent incident
Om:I can’t tell her name now I’m going to introduce her tonight in shivaay engagement
Rudra:see bhaiya I told I’ll get my Bhabhi and I’m getting her wow
Shivaay smiled painfully

Shivaay went out giving an excuse
Om:what happen to him he’s behaving indifferent
Rudra:I think he’s happy for u
He did his logic sign
Rudra:BTW o I didn’t know that u r so romantic u love someone did u propose her
Om blushed
The teased eo

Screen shifts to shivika
Anika:billuji from when I’m asking which sherwani you’ll wear where are u lost
Shivaay:umm anything choose one and keep it
Anika:what I choose for u you’ll wear my choice r u sick shall I call Dr bagad billa is not showing tadi today
Shivaay:I’m busy
He turned to leave when he noticed anika duppata stuck in his watch he tried to remove it
Anika also tried their hands touched get felt a current pass through them
They had a eyelock
Shivaay went from there so that he doesn’t do something wrong

Shivaay’s room
Shivaay:why god why in my life I love one girl anika and you r taking her also away the girl I love she lives my bro and he also loves her how much I try but I’m jealous why why

Time skip to eve
Tia:I’m sorry shivaay but I can’t Marry u I live someone else mom blackmailed me but now I’m not doing it anymore I’m sorry
After some family drama tia left with Whr family

Om:attention my dear family I want to tell something important I am in love with my soulmate
Jhanvi:what u didn’t tell me whose she
Everyone fired questions at him
Om:OK OK now I’m introducing her to you all
Shivaay closed his eyes he was teary eyed
Om:plz come
A girl back is shown
She enters the hall with a smile and greets everyone and goes towards om
Om:this is gauri sharma my love
Shivaay heard this and was shocked
He opened his eyes and saw gauri standing with om and anika smiling at them
Shivaay:what how is this possible om you were talking to someone on phone and pendent you gave to anika you love anika right
Aniak:what nonsense billuji mind your language yes he gave me pendent but he was just practicing to forgot to gauri
Om:yes shivaay and I told this to anika bcoz gauri is her cousin
Shivaay:what it means anika you don’t love om and you also don’t like be her yeah
The great sso was so happy he jumped in happiness
Everyone was shocked like hell
Pinky:shivaay what happened r u fine
Anika:pinky aunty that only I was asking g him in morning
Shivaay:no I’m not fine I’ve gone mad yes mad in your love anika
He goes to her
Shivaay:anika I don’t know to express my feelings but I can only say say that you’ve made me ishqbaaz I love u anika

Everyone was again shocked to see shivaay proposing a girl with lineage
Anika:shivaay I umm can I get some time I mean
Shivaay:I understand take your time

Leap of 2 months
In this 2 months anika has realized her love for shivaay
Shivaay has made every possible thing available to make her fall in love
And finally anika said yes I love you too sso
They laughed

Then after 2 weeks they married along with rikara

**************the end *****************
Sorry if I bored u guys

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