‘Him’ & ‘Her’….A Shivika OS (Part-2)


Guys I’m very happy because you liked my [URL=Click Here]The diary letter[/URL]

.So I’m coming up with a sequel to that one. I hope you guys like it too…

Om’s words echoed in her room.’I wouldn’t blame you Anika, you were never wrong. I know he was, but I’m afraid whether he’ll get through all this’ .Anika crushed the little piece of paper she was holding to, a page torn off ‘the diary’

Entry 6 : Hidden feelings
I feel I know him, but I don’t know why..My heart is taking his side, fighting my conscience. Why did he wear this cold mask. Why couldn’t he learn it the easy way. Why can’t I hurt him, like he hurt me. I hope he won’t break beyond repair. I see his heart beneath the great wall. The price he paid for his brothers’s freedom. I suffered, he did too. Being poor inspite of all the riches. He had chosen to be the protector, to run the business, so that Omru could live life to the fullest. Even marrying Tia, for the 15,000 crore deal. Oh poor heart, stop loving him…
POV : Omkara Singh Oberoi
I was pacing through the corridor, when I found Shivaay carefully burning something. Rushing by his side I found ‘their’ divorce papers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I looked into his, ‘broken & defeated’, still an understatement.

Except ‘Chotti Ma’, no one talked to Shivaay, after Anika’s departure. I knew well that Shivaay was just masking his emotions, every time he walked with an air of indifference around him. But when the news of the background stories reached him, he failed, that to, too miserably, and his facade fell off.

While Shivaay was continously trying to trace Anika’s whereabouts, the Mansion received a small packet with a pendrive. An audio recording of one of Tia’s & Daksh’s phone calls, how they have backed each other, in their selfish motives. Lifting all the misconceptions that had crept between ‘him’ & ‘her’, in no time. Tia had already paid the price, Mrs kapoor had got Robin killed!!! Karma, Universe. Wait…define ‘gold digger’.

I tried hard to contact Anika, the last time I heard her, was when she successfully arranged a short notice wedding, she had sent me the money to close a part of her loan from Dadi. His screams broke my trance and I ran to his room. ‘Chotti Ma’ was trying to put him back to sleep. She saw me, but refrained from facing me and went away sobbing. 

Me: Shivaay.. 

I held him back..placing my hand on his shoulder..

S: I did this Om…I broke her..She was right, innocent..I love her, She loved me Om, I hurt her…she won’t forgive me…will she be safe…if something happens to her..

He continued talking subconsciously, under the effect of the sleep pills..

Me: She will be fine, nothing will happen, we will find her..

S: No Om..she is not fine, we need to help her…I have to tell sorry..sorry..

Shivaay fell on his knees, folded his arms and kept on mumbling apologies. I made him lie down forcefully and pulled the comforter over him. As he drifted into unconsciousness, I slowly wiped away the sweat beads that glistened on his forehead.

I knew him well, maybe more than he himself. I knew, when he fell madly in love with ‘her’.I knew how he will break, if she goes away. I tried hard to convince him to accept and face his feelings. But he never knew what love was, powerful enough to break him apart ,something beyond what he felt for me, Rudra, Prinku & Dadi. Shivaay had forfeited his life trying to be like someone, the worst role model, my Dad, yes Tej Singh Oberoi. An utter failure in case of ‘relationships’.

Where was Anika after all, we had to find her. Shivaay was losing control, he started getting chest pains again. The doctors have clearly told me, that his heart will not take any more pressure. ‘Chotti Ma’ had begged in front of me to save her son, before collapsing down. Dadi’ was also weakening seeing her billu’s condition. Mr. Oberoi was also trying his level best to find the ‘lost miss’, yeah the media named her so, when they came to know our dark truths..Rudra called out behind me. 

R: O we have to find Anika Di, no Bhabhi..Yes O we have to find our bhaiya’s heart..

Yes he was right, she was his heart, no one else would be able to cure him, save him..Where are you Anika??My phone rang loudly..the news made me freeze…as I came out of my shock, I heard Shivaay’s phone buzzing. I eyed Rudra, and he jumped on it..

S: Is it khanna?

R: No from press bhaiya..

S: Anika is afraid of darkness…help her please..help her..

O:Yes Khanna, I am coming..

POV: Rudra Singh Oberoi

I could see everything going around, I could understand it too. I can see my superman defeated and sick. O was kind of avoiding me, fearing that I’ll break down. But I won’t, I will be strong for my Shivaay, he was always there for me…now its my turn..

Me: I’m coming with you..

O: No Rudra..


Bhaiya word seemed to ring in my ears as I walked down the broken steps, a dark musty building. ‘Anika is afraid of darkness’. I had got to know about Daksh bhaiya’s psychotic problems. But he kidnapping ‘bhabhi’, was the last thing, I would dream. I would have killed him, if O didn’t pull me back. I punched him hard, he made my superman cry, he hurt my angel. I saw her, pale & white, shivering slightly, crouched on one corner of the room. Om picked her up, I touched her hand, she was cold, ice cold…I fell on my knees..

O: Rudra…Rudra..she is just scared..Rudra..

I got up, and rushed towards O, to help him, take her home..I prayed to all gods, to save my sister and my brother..he wouldn’t live without her..and we wouldn’t without them..

Will Shivaay & Anika be fine??… should she forgive him??

Did you like it guys, I’m planning to write the epilogue..

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    pls pls tell me that u will write the next part of this ff for sure and u will not leave it in suspense.
    rudra and om’s emotions were shown in such a nice way. I loved the way u managed to put shivika feelings as well as the obros bonding, thus, making it an awesome expressive ff.

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