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ShivIka OS : Miss. Mechanic By Fenu


“Holy crap ………….” Shivaay muttered in frustration banging the wheel with his foot and then yelped in pain .

“Ouch ”

“On all the 365 days , should my car stop working only today , in this weather , Tough luck ” he cursed moving his wet hair from his forehead .

It was raining cats and dogs and his car was stuck in the middle of the streets in Mumbai at eleven in the night . He pulled his phone and found that it was dead .

“Worst day of my life , ever ” He muttered

He looked around to find a shop . To his bad luck there were only few ones around him and all of them were locked . Just then , a light glowing just a few meters away caught his eye.

He rushed towards and saw the board above . “ A- Mechanic s”.

He read further – A-Z , All kinds of repairs will be fixed .

He looked inside with great hope only to find a girl , with her back facing him fiddling with the tools . She was dressed in a baggy tracks , a loose T-shirt and a black coat over it .
Her hair was tied in a very high pony with few strands out Sensing some one , the girl turned . Her face has several marks of grease but yet she managed to look cute .

“May I help you sir ??????????”

“Urm………..yeah …………Actually my car isn’t starting .Some major problem , I guess ………..Could you tell me where the mechanic is ???????”

“Sir , I am the Mechanic of this shop ”

“What ???? You ?????? I mean , a girl ????? ”

“What do you mean by a girl … why can’t a girl work in a mechanic shop ????”

“Listen Miss or Mrs. …………..I think you are working in this shop . I want to meet your boss . Could you guide me to him ???????”

“I am the boss here …………….”

“What ??????? you must be joking ……………………..”

” I am damn serious …………. I am the boss and the employee here , In short I run this shop single handed ”

“okay , okay hands up …………. Could you tell me if there is any other mechanic shop which will be open around ”

“You won’t find any garage open 3 miles around , this is the only mechanic shop which will be open till 1 in the mid night in this area ”

“Crap !!!!!I don’t have any way out ”

“Nope you have one way , You can get fixed your car here !!!!!!!!!!”

“What !!!!!!! its impossible ……… You can’t fix my car , I mean I have tried to fix it for the past half an hour but it won’t budge a bit ”

“I guess , you are in a mechanic shop as you were not able to fix it …why do you need a mechanic if u can fix the car by your own ”

“I did not mean it ………………..I was telling that , I being a man could not fix it …….how can a girl fix it ”

“What do you mean ???? That girls can’t fix a car !!!!!!!!! We can do everything you can do …………..Do you think girls to be a chit of fashion who keeps wearing pen heels and is worth of handling just a make-up brush and not a spanner ????”She asked in one breathe

“Hey relax ……….I was not telling that ……………..I was just telling that you won’t be able to do it ”

“Exactly !!!!!!!! Why won’t I be able to do it ????? Apne College ki topper hoon !!!!!!! Why can’t I ???”

“You are a graduate ?????”Shivaay asked shocked

“Of course , I am Anika Mehta , B.E (Mechanical Engineering ) ”

“Mechanical Engineering ?????????!!!!!!! I thought girls don’t choose that …………….they are not strong and confident enough to study this course ” He told and then realized he made a wrong move

“That’s your thought Mister …….. ”

“Hey hey no offence , why are you working as a mechanic when you are a graduate ”

“When a person who knows nothing about cars and who has neither completed any course can fix a car , why can’t a graduate who had learnt in detail about machines do it ……”
Shivaay did not know what to reply , “Why didn’t you apply in any company ”
“I had applied , but those pathetic silly pigs rejected me just because I am a girl ”

Shivaay laughed at her choice of words – Pathetic Silly Pigs

“Why didn’t you opt for civil or computer ………Why did you opt for mechanical ”

“I want to be different , No girl chooses Mechanical Engineering …..So I opted for it ”

“I think you love to challenge the world ”

“Nope , I love to be challenged by the world , I am a fighter “She told proudly .

“And I would love to fight with your car “She added and winked

“Do you still have any problem with me fixing your car ”

“No not at all….”

“Good …… even if u have a problem you have to come to me only ….You don’t have a choice ”

Telling this she pulled out her kit and dumped on his hands .

“Carry them to your car ”

She pulled out a plastic sheet and few rods . Shivaay could not understand what she was actually doing .

“Shall we ????”She asked draping the hood of her coat on her head .

“Hmmm…….yeah ”

They walked to his car in the heavy downpour and the very next second he saw Anika tying the plastic sheet to a branch in the tree . She climbed the tree and tied one side of the sheet pulling the rope with all her might .
She made a jump from the tree and repeated the same with the other side of the tree . Shivaay was shocked to see a girl jumping like a monkey .

Anika came to Shivaay and stood before him with attitude .
She put her hand in front of him .
Shivaay dug his pockets and placed the keys on her hand . Anika jogged to the driver seat and inserted the key into the keyhole and tried starting the car .

“I told that its not working ………..then why are u trying to start the car ?????”

“I just wanted to assure myself that you inserted the key before igniting the engine ” She told and smiled cheekily .

“Oh please !!!! I know I am a better driver than you . You need not test me …………….I am sure you won’t be able to fix the car ”

“We’ll see ????????”

“We’ll see ” Man replied

“Halla bol ” Anika told raising her arm in the air .

She brought her arm forward and pointed her finger to his chest and then pointed to the plastic sheet which she tied to the trees .

“Stand under the shed .You may catch cold if you stand here ” She told sensing that he was feeling very cold .

Shivaay did not argue back and stood under the shed . He looked at her opening the bonnet of the car. She inspected the cables and tanks in it for a long time .

Anika turned and saw Shivaay under the shed . She saw that he was shivering due to cold and he needed something warm . She went near him bent down and took a kettle which she had brought with her from the garage .

She poured some hot tea into a cup and gave him .

“Have this , You will feel better ………………………..”

“Thanks ” he told and took the cup .

Anika just smiled and continues with her work . Half an hour passed with Anika trying to fix the car and Shivaay staring at what she was doing .

Anika crawled under the car and started to fix . She put her hands outside and yelled “Torch”

Shivaay passed her the torch . After 15 mins she figured out the worn part and started to fix it .

The clock struck 12 in the midnight but Anika was no where stopping . After almost half an hour Anika came out of the car . She dusted her hands and hopped into the driver seat .
She started the engine and zoomed out within a second .Shivaay stood there shocked .

“My Car” he muttered within his breathe .

He waited for 10 mins but Anika was nowhere to be seen .

I bet this girl did not repair it properly . It must have got stuck somewhere . I am sure I am gonna win the challenge .

He waited for her to come walking . It would be a treat to see her grumpy face . Shivaay smirked to himself .

Suddenly something bright flashed before his eyes . Shivaay immediately closed his eyes and rubbed it and then saw in the direction of the light . It was a car with Anika inside .
The car approached him in a fast pace and Shivaay was rooted to his place. Anika hit the brakes and the car stopped just a few inches before him . Shivaay hopped backwards in order to save himself from being struck . Anika raised an eyebrow and got out of the car .

“Nice car ……..”She said

“I just went for a test ride ……. ”

Shivaay did not know what to reply . Silence prevailed for a few seconds

“Thanks ………………”Shivaay told

“Nah nah , its okay ……………………..BTW I won “She told and winked

Shivaay made a grumpy face .

“Two thousand and five hundred ” Anika told

“For what …..?????”

“Of course , They are the charges for fixing the car ……….. you expect me to be a dhaan prabhu(Daaneshwar) ????? Never ………………………..”

Shivaay dug to his pockets and pulled out his wallet . He took a few crisp notes and handed them to her .

“What’s for the bet ??”

“What ??? We did not make any agreement for money ………”

“I don’t want any money .Just tell :-


“No ways .I’m not gonna repeat what u told ”

“I have the keys with me ……….Forget your car if you don’t want to repeat . ”

Shivaay sighed and told


“Salute ”

“What ”

“I told salute , else no keys ”

“Fine ” and he made a perfect salute

“Much better ” she told and threw the keys to him

Shivaay caught it .

“Good morning ” Anika told and started to collect her things . She unties the shed and folded it neatly and left towards her garage . Shivaay hopped into the driver seat and
started driving . The car was moving smoothly .

On the way he saw Anika’s workshop and peeped out to see that she was working with a car. He smiled and drove towards his home .


Shivaay was driving from his office .

“Yes, Bade Papa …I will be there at the site tomorrow …” he told and cut the call .

His car suddenly stopped and it was not starting . He glanced at his watch and saw that it was 10 in the night .

He peeped outside and saw that all the shops were closed .He realized that it was the same place where Anika’s garage was situated . He started walking towards it and saw that the lights were on .

“Time to meet Miss.Mechanic , again ” He told smiling to himself and walked towards it .

~~THE END~~~

Hello Friends !! Fenil is here with Shivika OS !! Hope you liked it.

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  1. Aarya

    Yaar superb….anika ki dialogues sunkar mujhe sanyu ki yaad aa gayi….😀Aur kya khidki tood anika ko dikhayi tum ne….sachh mein mazza aa gaya ji…

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear Aarya.
      Glad you loved it.
      Yaa I m also fan of SanDheer !!

  2. Tom bhiyaa::
    It was great…..
    Kiya naam rkha hain aap….

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Arfa.
      Glad you loved it.

  3. Niyati

    It’s amazing bhai…..enjoyed a lot while reading…..awesome

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Niyu for always supporting!!
      Glad that you loved it.

  4. UF3355

    Take care and stay safe😊

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much UF.
      Glad you loved it.

  5. Awesome 😉 eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear Hamna !!
      Sorry but here this story is ending….there will be no next part !!

  6. Ashwinee

    woah!! nice one bro..

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear Ashwinee !!

  7. Vivian20

    Hey bro!, loved it….btw what’s with these like and dislike buttons… to use them???

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Vivi.
      Glad you loved it.

  8. Naina0411

    Awesome OS Bhaiya! 😍
    Love Anika’s khidkithod attitude!
    Girls can do everything!

    1. Fenil

      Yes Girls can do anything.
      Thank you so much Mansi
      Glad you loved it.

  9. Shyrakapoor

    Hey Fenil!! This is was something hatke….. 🤗from all other shivika stories….. Seriously really different to read….. I just loved Anika’s confidence….. 😘😘😘😘… Shivay as usual showed his classy tadi😍😍😍😍….. Actually I really wanted to read something on shivika…. But I couldn’t as there are so many ffs and I didn’t know which to read….. And at last I got this OS…. It was seriously amazing…. I loved the concept of a girl pursuing for mechanical engineering though I never had any interest in this field but I really appreciate if girls go in these where people never supposed to have them. I love that part when anika tied the shed without even asking for any help…. 😘😘😘she was quiet brave to take shivay’s challenge… 👍👍👍 and shivay’s face when the lights flashed on his face… Awww Bechara Challenge Haar gaya😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    After 11 months he again got stuck at the same place…. What a lovely coincidence… And his dialog,” let’s meet Ms. Mechanic “….was phenomenal 😘😘👍👍. Apart from that I have seen many articles of yours but they were mostly on other couples of ib…. Seriously I never read them because I am damn attracted to shivika….I was wondering why you don’t write something on shivika but now as you wrote this thanks a lot….. It was quite great 😍😍😍 and don’t know why but I was having a feeling I could read further… That what happened when they met again? …. I know it’s an OS… But I would once definitely request u to continue it if you have time…. Please🙏🙏🙏🙏. Hope you will think about writing further…. Would really like to read more of it… Thanks… It was seriously amazing… Till then Byee!!
    Lots of love!

    1. Fenil

      Hey Shyra !! Hope you know me !! Thanks for reading and your each words means a lot to me !! I m also fan of Shivika and before this i have wrote Shivika 3 shots. Yaa i also know that you are only attracted to shivika only !! Its fine …if i will continue this OS i will tell you !! Thank you so much again for taking your precious time to read this small OS !! Love you too !!

  10. Zaveesha

    Nice one Bhai… Miss mechanic…amazing…

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Zaveesha
      Glad that you loved it.

  11. Muniya

    Wow Bhai…that was really a different concept
    Loved it so much…Its very title is enough to draw attention…then comes the story…which is fabulous
    And last part is something amazing to think what will happen when Shivika will meet again…
    Wonderful piece of writing…

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much !!
      Glad that you loved it !!

  12. VHM

    Awee…..this is so fabulous bro..,…just amazing…a very different story but an awesome story…keep writing…take care and keep smiling 😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩🤩

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Harika Dii.
      Glad you loved it.

  13. This was amazing. Something really different. Totally loved reading it ❤

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Aparna!!
      Glad you loved it.

  14. Radhika.k

    Wow Bro…………………….This OS was so unique n different………….I loved this one also……Seriously Your OS are so easy to be loved!!!So this OS was on SHIVIKA….My favourite jodi!!!!!!!
    From the start,SHIVAAY’S dialogues were so apt…..U had really well-defined his character in this OS!!!Anika ko mechanic bana diya……wah!!!This OS was really special as the story was somewhat like SADDA HAQ….Where sanyukta was also mechanic…Hope that u know the show bhaiya….I was really missing MY SANDHIR a lot…..N there you came up with an OS which was the re-styled version of SANDHIR….By replacing them with SHIVIKA….I love both of them….N i would say this OS was perfect for both couples!!!:D:D
    Both got into a very heated convo…..N i really liked the concept….U promoting GIRLS POWER….That was very nice of u…Girls se never panga haan….Anika proved it…But still i felt bad for shivaay as I am his DEEWANI……….Anika’s care towards a stranger like this..was good to see..Her attitude was on top-noch level….And while i was reading i was like how is he going to end this…It would be difficult for ending…..But mein bhool gayi ki who wrote this…MR.FENU…JO HAI….Very cleverly ended…N i loved their coincidence….Overall bahut hi aflatoon OS tha….*apke language mein
    Keep writing n sending links..hehe
    Love u loads bro…

    1. Fenil

      Each words means a lot to me !!
      Thank you so much detailed comments every time !!
      Glad that you loved it.
      Yaa i too fan of SanDheer!!

  15. Aarti32

    Superb OS Bhai
    Miss mechanic😄😃

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Aaru !!
      Glad that you loved it.

  16. Aayushi_kul

    Awsum nd amazing OS fenu bhaai….loved it….u reminded me of sanyu frm sadda haq…. Anika’s each n every reply to shivaay was damn amazing😍😍😍😍
    I wish ye aage bhi continue hota…bt its okk….thanku fr this 😘😘

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Aayushi.
      I also love SanDheer.
      Glad you loved it.

  17. ReihanaThamiz

    Nice soch..OSM story..

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Reihana!!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear !!

  18. Nilash

    Its amazing….. no other words are crossing tongue. Its actually AFLATOON OS
    Firstly I must Thank You for sending me the link…. secondly I must thank you for such an amazing concept. This was really something amazingly amazing…. TOUCHWOOD
    Now now now… iske baad I am thinking… should I irritate you or not 😉 😉
    But But But…. a girl never looses a challenge 😛 😛 😛 get ready mere bhaiyaa jaan for supertod torture
    Thank You again for this amazing OS.
    Keep writing stuffs like this and yeah never forget me to send links… if you forget it… triple level torture 😛 😛 😛

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Nilss !!
      Glad you loved it.
      All your words means a lot.
      well Boys also never looses challenge oky …i m always ready dear ….well I wrote Shivika so i sent links waise IshKara RuMya and PriVeer stories likhi hain…bhulne ki bimari meri nahi so you will never get that chance !!

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      Thank you so much Navz sissy.
      Glad that you loved it.

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    Wow Bhai ! Such a nice concept…
    Totally different and so so gripping !
    No love scenes but better than a love story.
    Way to go Bhai…

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Pui Sis.
      Glad you loved it.
      Love scene didn’t make sense always in story sometime we should avoid.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Sam !!

  21. Banita

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      Thank you so much Bani !!
      Glad that you loved it.

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      All your words means a lot to me !!
      Thank you so much Dear !!
      Glad you loved it !!

  23. TuttiFrutti

    So different and Nayi Soch Type OS.
    Perfect for Shivika and SanDheer !!
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      Thank you so much Shirali !!
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      I too love SanDheer!!

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      Thank you so much Vanisha Devi !1

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    It is lovely
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      Thank you so much Nikita !!

  26. P_lata

    Oh , So sweet Fenu, Nice story track haan. Anika- Miss Mechanic. Good story showing the true nature of Anika and Shivaay…………..

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      Thank you so much Lata Dii !!

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      Thank you so much Dii !!
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      No sorry !!

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      Thank you so much Fatmi
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  29. Fatmi

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