Shivika Os – Masquerade Party, Ft. Tia.

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Only one week is left for the grand Oberoi Wedding and the paparazzi had been in frenzy since then, not at all leaving the gates of the mansion, and hence the back door had been very useful, well this all things goes to only one direction that is everyone was very excited for this wedding, they need to because it was the wedding of Shivaay Singh Oberoi, one of the most eligible bachelor of India but among all this there were other’s who were highly dissapointed, firstly, the millions of girls who had lost their heart to this extremely handsome guy just having a glance of him in business newspapers and interviews, secondly, the other high profile families, as it was not their daughter to whom he was getting married, thirdly was Shivaay’s own siblings as well as his grand mother, they believed that the girl whom he was getting married was not meant for him, and last and the most importantly was the guy himself who was getting married.

Weird right? he too wonder the same, he really don’t know why he is having the feeling that this is not right, whatever is his dicision it is not making him Happy, but he never gave any importance to his happiness? ever? no. once Shivaay Singh Oberoi make his decisions he never changes it so putting a fake smile on his face, which is so effortlessly get unravelled in front of his siblings, he looked ahead at the Camera’s len and waited for the other man to take his snap. His fianc clinging onto his right arm, showing how elated she is, too smiled at the camera but today something was off with her, he don’t know why he is thinking like this but he can’t help it.

Tia Kapoor, the daughter of the business man with whom his company is going to merge and sign a deal of 50,000 crore, today have a gloomy look on her face, all this while, doing the fake acting, she was tired, every morning she used to wake up, look at her husband’s face and sigh out loud, feeling terrible for doing this to herself as well as to shivaay and his family, but after a few minutes of pondering, she just justify herself that it’s only a week left for the marriage and once it happen, she’ll have everything, give it to her mother and flew as far as she could away from everyone.

She don’t know from where she had trapped herself into? Everyone get hit by the hammer on their feet but she on the other hand had gone in search of it and herself hit the hammer on her feet. She looked up at shivaay unconciously and what she saw made her smile softly, well if any other girl would have been in her place she would have been burning in jealousy, would have started making plans in making the girl sue to whom her fiance was looking at or had been lost because she had gone through this alot of times, the look with which shivaay was looking at Annika, their clumsy wedding planner who was busy instructing the workers fully unaware of the piercing gaze filled with admiration of someone particular on her was the same way Dushyant look at her.

She only know what it felt when someone who you love, look at you as if you are his only reason to live, for some confusing reason well according to her, she secretly wanted shivaay and annika together, another admirer of these two. She smiled a little brighter, the stress lines vanishing on it’s own, but the second thought, that is this thing can never be going to happen made her gave out a defeated sigh. She felt sorry for both of them, she was helpless but above all this she had been selfish, selfish because she wanted a small happy family, can’t a person be selfish for such a small thing? well yes you can but she is not a girl who will destroy someone’s life just to make her’s beautiful? was She? No not at all, she can’t be this cruel that she will do this sin.

Giving a proper fake smile for today, she moved away thinikng of a solution how to make everything alright, which she ever so royally had messed up just because of her mother and her selfish motives. Today morning only, Dushyant had adviced her to do what is right and so she was left wondering upon the matter and drowning herself in a pit filled with grief but now she need to make this right, whatever had been happening from the start, they need to be rectified, and she will do this.

Maybe letting Shivaay know all this will be the best option? yes this has to be the best option, she doesn’t care about her Mother anymore now, what she want is only Dushyant that too not doing anything wrong.

As she stood up to go to meet Shivaay, she was stopped by Pinky who asked her to go and get ready as today they have thrown a party for the sucess of the Oberoi Empire becuase this was the day, the company was opened. Smiling to the lady as a way that she understood, she went in search of Shivaay.

On her way towards his room, she bumped into annika who dragged her so that she could choose her outfit for today as well the mask which she’s going to wear tonight, and inbetween making wierd faces taunting why they had to keep a masquerade party for this function.

Tia smiled at her blabbering and asked her to go and too dress up. Annika twisted her mouth saying why she needs to be dressing up as she is not a part of this party, but after much of persuading from Tia’s side annika agreed and asked her to go as she will too go and get ready.

Tia smiled to herself as she went to see her dress thinking that tonight Is the best moment to talk with shivaay about that matter as well made him realize that annika is the best girl for him. Picking a black cocktail dress for herself as well a sky blue long gown with her she headed towards the allotted room for annika.

Knocking on the door, she entered to see her still in her casual clothes and talking to someone on the phone.

Annika smiled delightfully at the sky blue dress showing how much she liked while Tia smiled thinking that her choice was right, well no one can say no to her choice.

Smiling proudly at herself, she kept the dress on the table along with a white silvery mask and was going to leave when annika stopped her asking her why she is leaving this dress But soon her eyes widen in shock, “I left it here” Tia started, “perhaps, it had to be yours”

Annika was dumpfounded, she moved towards the gown and swayed her finger in the light satin cloth, adverting her gave from it towards Tia who was grinning, “Mine?” She gasped.

“Yes, ofcourse”

“But how can I wear this?”

“Just think that if you will not wear this then you are going to be fired” Tia smirked because she know now she will never disagree for it.

“But this is not fair, you are actually blackmailing me for wearing this”

“Think watever you want” she turned around and opened the door “But you have to wear this” and so Tia Kapoor made her way to get ready with a satisfaction that whatever she is doing, she is doing right.

Annika bumped herself onto the chair and sighed, the most defeated one ever, she rubbed her face with her palm and growled in response. How much she tried to be away from that green eyed cat, someway or the other, she end up been more close to him. She had just agreed for the party because of Tia at that very moment and would have made a steady escape once she ordered everything to everyone that is before the party, but see what happned? She has to now go to the party that too wearing this gown and that stupid mask. Well mask! it had been a part of her life since he entered, wasn’t the actual mask she wore everyday before stepping into this white priestly mansion enough that everyone is forcing her to wear this fake one?

Rich people and their weird ways! Too much.

She don’t know when and how, he become the most important part of her life that not seeing him in a day make her restless, the feeling whenever he catches her as she tripped feels so good and exciting, she don’t have words to explain it. but what’s the use of thinkng all this when he isn’t going to be her’s? where, he is the groom but she is not the bride, misfortunately his wedding planner? Where she see a different kind of emotion in his startling blue eyes whenever he look at her but couldn’t decipher it? Where she is just an employ of this big Oberoi empire and he being the newly crowned monarch? She felt tired of herself for being this feeble in falling in love with a man who is ready to kill her with his arrogance and rudeness.

The door knocked and she was back on the earth, fumbling to herself she kept aside the gown and went out to meet pinky who had called her, alot of work needs her attension and she’s here thinking about her cruel faith.


Annika knocked on the door nervously, trying her best to not let the mask to fall from her face but little did she know that she was terrible in it. Wriggling in her spot she closed her eyes, hoping that he might not be there, and in between she cursed herself for agreeing to Pinky Aunty who asked her to go and give this suit to Shivaay.

As she turned to go, a whisper of come in annika was heard and she narrowed her eyes, how he always make out that she is the one who had come? Is there any camera fixed over her? Agrh! it just irritates her to no end.

Sighing she entered the room to see shivaay standing near the large window facing the pool side, his hands dipped in the trousers pockets on either side, she hoped that he didn’t move abit and be like this because facing him nowadays had been a very difficult task for her.

“Long time you know?” he whispered much to himself “What you want?”

“I came here to give you this suit for tonight’s party” saying so she kept the suit on the bed and turned around to ran out when shivaay’s voice stopped her in her tracks.

“why you always try to run away from me annika? Am I that bad?”

Annika was shocked would be an understatement, she gulped as she didn’t dare to turn around, the only thing which now was to be heard was the tapping of the shoes on the carpet, she tried to be as normal as she can and closed her eyes when Shivaay grabbed her arm from behind”I’m talking to you” he said a little disheartened, “Not your back”

“I don’t think if there is anything to talk with you Shivaay”she replied softly, as the grip grew more thighter.

“Why are you ignoring me?” for the first time in these god knows how many days, annika can feel the desperation in his sharp voice, well she don’t know what to do, being away from him as much as possible was the best option for both of them.

Suddenly she was turned around to face a vulnerable Shivaay looking at her with a pleading look, “I’m asking you something Danm”

“I wish I wouldn’t even see your face but one way or the other something or the other leads me to you” she took a deep inhale “you know, it’s your wedding coming up next week and I’m your wedding planner, so I assume I had to be very busy?” saying so she tried to come out of the grip which was getting more thighter every passing seconds hurting her to no end.

“so you really don’t wanna see my face?” hurt was visible in his voice making her look straight in his eyes.

“I assume” and in an instant the grip was gone and she was left unharmed, Shivaay didn’t said much, he turned, “I’ll make sure that from now onwards you really don’t get to see my face ever, you can leave now”

annika just turned and moved out because she doesn’t wanted to let the tears to fall off her cheeks in front of him.


Dusk came and so the flood of guest in the Oberoi mansion, decked up in cocktail dresses and tuxedo everyone had different types of mask adorning their faces, hiding their real Identity.

Annika moved around the mansion instructing everyone and checking all the last minute preparation. She was really nervous, she don’t know why, her thoughts were soo preoccupied by the encounter she had with shivaay this afternoon that she wasn’t able to concentrate on any of the things around her.

She realized that she didn’t come face to face with Shivaay, but on the other side she was glad that he hadn’t come to her view after that and hope it is like that only.

“Annika madam’ someone called her through the wakie talkie, she answered it and realized that there is some problem in the catering section, hurrying up her steps she was going towards the backside of the mansion when she bumped on someone and cursed herself to be so clumsy, instantly murmuring an apology she lifted her lashes to see that particular person she wished not to see as there stood shivaay in all his glory, pushing her aside from his bubble, he murmured a sorry. She could see the hurt sparkling in his bluish eye as he made his way from there without sparing a glance at her making her heart break a thousand times.

Having such cold behaviour from him was really devastating for her. Sighing she made her way towards the place where she was going and tried to recover the damage which was made there but what about the damage that was made inside her?


“Oh My God!” Tia’s shrill voice was heard making annika turn around in horror to see Tia looking at her with wide open eyes.

“Annika? What is this?”


“I have told you to go and get ready but see what the hell are you doing over here”

“See Tia, try to understand I hate such parties, I’m not going to be a part of this”

“Well, I hope you remember what I have told you”

“I know but you can’t do this to me”

“Tia Kapoor can do anything”

Annika made a wierd face and then cringed making a screeched voice as Tia smirked.

“Okay fine, I will come”

“So what are you waiting for? go and get ready, anyways, I totally forgot why I came here, Yes, do you know where’s Shivaay? I have been looking for him” annika shifted uncomfortably and looked here and there as if she’ll look at Tia then She’ll be caught.

“I saw him going towards the hall half an hour ago”Annika supplied hesitantly and went away even before Tia could utter a word.

Tia looked confused at her retreating figure but moved towards the hall in search of shivaay, she had to talk to him soon.


“Hello! ladies and gentlemen!” Tej started, “we are glad that you all came here to be a part of our happiness, this is for the sucess of Oberoi Empire” saying so he lifted his glass of wine followed by the rest and with that everyone get busy with each other.

Annika entered the hall, her face securely hidden by the silvery mask on her face as she adjusted it. – Annika’s dress.

As she moved towards the centre of the hall someone cleared his throat catching her attension, “May I have the pleasure to dance with this beautiful girl?” a soft yet sharp manly voice was heard and annika started to get nervous, refusing to who ever he is will lead her to a big mess ans she can’t hazard for it. Smiling to him she extended her hand to place it on his and with that they were off to the ball dance.

The man was smiling looking at her while she did the same and matched his steps, well this is why she doesn’t like these types of parties, as he swinged her she was in the arms of the other man, his touch feels so fimiliar that it frigthened her to believe that he was him.

Lifting up her lashes she met startling blue eyes making her swallow hard because what she feared was actually happening, the man was Shivaay.

She tried to be normal because he won’t be able to recognise her because of the mask but she also knew that he senses her much before she comes into view. her breath started to become erratic as she felt him grip her waist protectively.

she dared to look at his eyes who bore through her soul leaving her naked in front of him. how freaking times she tried to pull her self backwards he held her firmly not letting her to move even an inch away from him. he held her like he had all the right on her. She was his and only his.

he twirled her around making her back hit his chest as he kept both his hands on the front of her stomach where millions of fireworks were started to bubble up inside her. She closed her eyes as his hot breath fell upon the back of her ear, his nose occasionally nuzzling it’s way there inhalling her fragnance. she shifted uncomfortably as her emotions started to bubble her up.

his silence was saying that he knew who was the one he was dancing with. turning her around yet once again, she was forced to look at him, his eyes shinng even in this dim light. A straight line was adorning his lips as he made patterns in the small of her back.

“why are you doing this?” she asked tired of his behaviour and trying hard not to let the tears fell she forcefully distangled her self from him and moved from there.


The large balcony was deserted, no one was present except a girl in a sky blue gown sitting on the bench, her mask kept beside her while her tresses fell till her waist.

She had her head slightly up as she looked at the moon, her hands constantly rubbing her wrist.

her mobile rang as she shifted her gaze towards her screen to see Jhanvi aunty written on it and she was back to the earth, she is the planner of this party, how she can just sit here and cry? stooding up she rubbed off her cheeks and moved towards the exit when someone held her, pushing her aside as he locked the doors.

Annika was shocked.

“what the hell is worng with you?” Shivaay asked been repulsive as he held her arms tightly in his palm, “What are you doing Shivaay?” she wispered painfully, “why you left from there?”

“Because I was feeling suffocated, suffocated in your presence”

he was trying hard to control his feeling but this girl never leave a chance to fire him up, “why don’t you understand? leave me alone, I don’t want to see your face”

“Liar, your eyes are saying that you are lying” shivaay said sharply as he stared back at her.

“No!, I don’t, now please let me go Shivaay, you have become insane, talking nonsense”

“Okay so I’m talking nonsence then what about you damn it?” he shaked her in fury making her flinch.

“Shivaay leave me!”she screamed, “you are hurting me” her eyes had become hazy due to the tears that flooded there.

“No, you need to tell me why you are ignoring me”

“Leave me shivaay” she jerked her hand away from him and moved away, the tears now spilling efforlessly down her rosy cheeks.

“don’t do this to us pl..” he trailed off, and she knew she had to let out this burning sensation out off her chest, blinking away the tears she stopped.

reaching for him, looking straight in his eyes, she knew at that very moment that he was her’s.

Shivaay had wounded his hands on her waist pulling her closer as they got lost in each other eyes. He only know how undefinely he love her but the situation had made him weak. he felt the most unluckiest person in this whole world because being this rich he can’t even win over his Love.

She had her hand on his shoulder while the other rested just above his beating heart and the moment stopped for them. they don’t know when their lips met and when they started kissing each other ravishly. It was soft and tender, their lips moving lazily over each other as if trying to recognise each other.

even though it was wrong, it felt good, no it felt right, kissing the one you love is one of the most beautiful moment of life. breaking apart after what felt like eternity they rested their head against each other as they tried to calm their breath.

“Shivaay” annika whispered, “shhh..” shivaay replied as he held her tight and with that pushed her hard on the adjacent wall, capturing her mouth yet once again making her gasp. Nthey know that it was wrong but nothing matter to them at that very moment, it was just him and her.

Her long slim fingers were lost in his hair, messing the alreadly gelled up hair and for the first time, he didn’t get annoyed else he kissed her deep and hard.

Breaking apart, he looked at her messed up form, lips swollen, half drowning eyes and messy hair, she looks more beautiful like this, smiling he whispered, “You look beautiful” saying so he nuzzled her neck making her breath hitched.

“Thank you” she whispered much to herself.

“my pleasure” he kissed her collar bone while she in turn gripped his arms in anticipation.

“Someone will see us” she was able to whisper this much only as shivaay started to trail kisses down her swan like neck.

“I don’t care” he whispered huskily near her ear and soon bite her earlobe making her moan in response.

Reaching out for her hand, he grabbed her wrist and took out something from his inside pocket.

‘what’s this?” she asked curiously, “see yourself”. Looking at his palm she gasped and her gaze insantly went towards her wrist to see it empty.

“How did you find it?” she whispered as she swayed ehr finger on her moon bracelet while shivaay shrugged, “when you bumped into me before the party”

She started to wear it when he made her stop, “May I?”

“Ofcouse” and with that he took the bracelet and made her wear it with such tenderness that it was making her restless.

The minute he finished she took him in for another kiss as a sign of gratitude making him smile inside her mouth.

they were broken apart when shivaay’s mobile rang, still holding her in his arms he looked at the caller Id making annika crash to the ground mercilessly into pieces.

“This shouldn’t have happened” Annika breath as she tried to free herself. what a sin had she committed? she can’t let Shivaay betray Tia because of her, what have you done annika? you blo*dy kissed him! you are his wedding planner for heaven’s sake.

“This is not right, oh god” she panicked as shivaay groaned, trying to hold her in place, “stop it annika”

“No, what have I done” she gasped, ehr eyes starting to flood with tears as she felt like a cheater, she was betraying tia, she was betraying herself.

Shivaay answered the phone and after talking in bits he ended the call with a Thank you , good bye and take care, but there was no sign of betrayal in him.

“Annika wait” he got hold of her wrist as she tried to open the door with trembling hands, she was feeling weak on her kness, No she freaking not have done this.

“Annika” he screamed as he shaked her violently, “Stop this” as she continue to say ‘this is not right’ like a mantra.

“Tia” she whispered as if she was going to pass away any moment because tia would choke her to death, “She called me just to say that she is going to Hexhill to start her new life with her husband”

“No I’m very bad, I shouldn’t have done that” she looked at him with scary eyes royally ignoring his words which clearly indicate that they were over, this grand Oberoi wedding was going to happen but not with tia anytime soon, she was in her own world of grief.

“Annika listen’ shivaay said calmly, “she is going to start a new life with her husband”

Annika shaked her head, then instantly her eyes bulge out in such a manner that shivaay wasn’t able to held back the smile which curved at the corner of his lips, “Oh bete Ki!!” Annika sreamed being shocked, “How come she married in just a moment and went to hexhill with you? You are Shivaay na?” she touched his cheeks trying to recognise him.

Shivaay laughed out loud at her innosense, “Oh gosh! annika, you are just epic, it doesn’t mean that I’m her husband or she had went with me to hexhill” he continued, controlling his laughter “it means that she was married and she went with her real husband”

Annika made a wierd face, slowly all the words gather in her messy mind and things become more clear, “So is this means that you are not going to marry and I’m not cheating anyone”

Shivaay just nodded smiling admirely at her as she gave a sigh of relief.

“But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to marry the next week” he smirked.

Annika gave a quizical look as she narrowed her brows, Shivaay once again pinched her towards the wall and pecked her lips, “Because the next week, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to marry annika” he whispered and soon after he took her in for a kiss.


Before you all think what I’ve written, let me tell you all that this is just a frustration of mine which I have scribbled down for missing old days of IB. Girl! I really miss those days, *Shedding big fat tears as I screamed my heart out. Now coming to the Os I always wanted to see Tia like this, the innocent reike queen, but it never happenned, their bad! I hope it didn’t bored anyone of you and if you have made it to the end do hit the like button and give your opinion on it because my exams are just a week ago and I’m doing this! LOL so it will my pleasure to know how it was.


Loads of love and kissies,

– Anya.

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