ShivIka OS- Love realisation

Heya everyone Happy valentine’s day. Hope you all like this os on shivika. This story starts when Annika hid under the bed.
Annika is hiding under the bed pinky enters the ward all gets tensed seeing her and shivaay holds her hand tightly. Everyone were looking at each other. Pinky sits beside shivaay she takes the food from rudra hand and starts making him have the food and when he finishes eating she is about to leave by mistake her phone fell down. She bends down the bed and takes the phone luckily she didn’t noticed Annika and leaves from the ward. Annika comes out from under the bed. Shivaay and Annika share an emotional yet intense eye lock. Oh jaana plays in background tune.
Shivaay(emotional): annika!

Annika: why shivaay why did you save me if you don’t save me instead I would die or would be in the place of you.
Shivaay(puts finger on her mouth): shh! Don’t say that Annika you are my responsibility I couldn’t let you die in front of my eyes.
Annika(shocked): for responsibility you are ready to die also!
Shivaay: shh! But I didn’t die no and how can you even think of leaving me alone.
Annika: I can’t shivaay but I cannot even come in between you and mom relation? She loves you a lot shivaay.
Shivaay: but why you care about me Annika? Why you are doing so much for me? Why?
Annika: because I love you shivaay.
Shivaay: Annika! What are you saying?
Annika: yes shivaay it is truth when I saw your condition in jungle I felt like someone snatched my soul from me when you were in that state I felt my heart beat stopped I can’t even imagine my life without you! yes I love you so much bagad billa.
When Annika completed her sentence then pinky enters the ward room. She gets shocked seeing Annika.

Pinky (shouts): oh my mata! Annika sharam nahi aayi baat aaya tha na shivaay ki zindagi se door jaane ke liye phir muh utha ke chali aayi
{oh my mata Annika don’t you have shame told you na that go far away from shivaay life but you came again}
Rudra and soumya: we only hid her choti mom.
Pinky: oh my mata tumne yeh kyu kiya?
[oh my mata why did you do that?]
shivaay: because I was only for asking Annika again and again.
Pinky: mujhe pata hai iss ladki ne mere peeth peeche tere upar kala jadoo kar rahi hai
[I know that this girl has done some black magic on you]
Shivaay: no mom you don’t about Annika she is very good person.
Pinky: no shivaay it’s enough today I will only throw her out from our lives.
She holds Annika hand tightly and drags her to outside the hospital and leaves her on the road. Annika breaks down and starts crying. She walks on the road aimlessly and she thinks about her and shivaay moments and a lone tear escapes from her eyes. on other side shivaay gets teary eyed thinking about Annika. Oh jaana plays in background tune.

~oberoi mansion~
Shivaay gets discharged from the hospital and comes to oberoi mansion with all family members. Tia and Svetlana gets happy after knowing that their many enemy Annika is out of their lives and now they can execute their plan without any tension. Shivaay roams here and there in his room thinking about Annika. Tia and Svetlana thinks to execute plan today. After so much of thinking shivaay finally gets determined to bring Annika back anyhow. He leaves in his car to search for Annika after so many hours of searching he finally founds Annika. He gets down from his car and rushes towards Annika.
Shivaay(shouts): Annika! Stop
Annika: shivaay! What are you doing here? You should be in home taking rest.
Shivaay: shh! Annika come with me right now.
Annika: but where?
Shivaay: what silly question Annika! Of course oberoi mansion.
Annika: no way shivaay I can’t let you go against pinky aunty decision.
Shivaay: okay if you won’t come with me to oberoi mansion I will also not go.
Annika: shivaay don’t be stubborn
Shivaay: no come with me or I will stay here.
Annika: fine.
They both leave in car to oberoi mansion. In car shivaay and annika were stealing glances of each other.
What is happening to me? Why I am getting attached to Annika? Even after knowing the fact she loves me I am so calm means shivaay singh oberoi is never like this but when Annika entered into my life everything changed. When I didn’t get affected by low class people I started getting affected by her. What magic she has done on me that I can’t think of leaving without her wait a second I am thinking so much nothing like that she is my responsibility and shivaay singh oberoi fulfills his responsibility honestly. Meanwhile we reached to oberoi mansion and as soon as we entered. Mom started shouting on Annika.
Pinky: shivaay why did you bring this girl again?
Shivaay: because there is no fault of Annika in whatever happened with me?
Pinky: but whatever happened with tia what about that?
Shivaay: stop it mom! Annika didn’t do anything and I have full faith on her.
~ few days passed~
Annika was taking care of me like a small child she didn’t let me step out of the bed whenever I tried to get up she called om or rudra and they picked up in arms and took me where I wished to go I was not allowed to touch my phone only. Seriously man I was fed up of these treatment my family treated me as if my home was no less then hospital. I realized my love for Annika and thought to confess her on valentine day and because of her only tia and Svetlana truth came out.
Tia and Svetlana were discussing the plan Annika was passing by the room but she stopped listening their talks she took her phone and recorded their confession and bring out the truth in front of everyone. Pinky forgives her and tia Svetlana were sent to jail along with mrs kapoor and romi.
-flashback ends-
Meanwhile Annika entered with mixed vegetable soup she feeds me with her own hands. We share an intense eye lock. Oh jaana plays in background tune. After she finished feeding me the soup she kept it on the table beside the bed. The day passes and next day it was valentine day. I decided to do something special for her. I decorated the whole room with candles and rose petals and arranged a table for both of us in balcony and a heart shaped was made in bed written shivika. I am having red roses and greeting card specially for Annika. As she enters the room she got awestruck seeing the decoration I bend on my knees and takes out a diamond ring.
Shivaay: I don’t know when I fell for you Annika but I did the moment you entered my life everything changed now I can’t think of leaving without you. You have became the reason for my breath. I love you Annika to eternity.
Annika: I love you too!
She rushes to him and hugs him tightly he lifts her in air. He smashes his lips on hers they both kiss passionately.
#the end#

How is it? Hope it is not boring one. Love you all.

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