SHIVIKA OS: i killed him to make peace within

i dont know why i m writing this sort of OS…like it is quite diff from what i write..maybe bcuz its dussera…the title is quite ironical in a dont worry nit is not abt killing someone…i just used it as a metaphor.n i dont know how is it going to be….bt i hope u like it 🙂 n it will be long as it is a one shot..n some parts r short while some parts r longer..

shi:u can not do this to shivaay singh oberoi! u would have to pay for it!
acp:for the world u might be until n unless u r in the jail,u r a criminal….so act accordingly else i wont think twice to give u a 2nd degree…
shi:bt i didnt kill her..
acp: tell me when u have proof….cuz without proof i can also be shahrukh khan…believe me? huh…
now what could shivaay say..he could just bang his head on the wall…vo khoon ke ghoot pee gya…

omru enters the ps(police station:take this as an abbreviation)
shi:om,ru did u find something which could proove my innocence….?
om: no it is quite hard to find…u have caught urself in a serious case….the best lawyer of the city is out for a month…n no lawyer is ready to take up ur case…
shi:i will not leave even a single lawyer of the city once they come out
om:shh..act patiently..u r in the ps..ur anger has only put u up in this situation.. n no1 wants to take ur case bcuz of this reason only..they gt afraid tht if they dont work properly or r not able to help u what will happen to them
ru:bhaiya now toh god n..
shi:dont start again

ru:bt m i lying?? anika did can still save u have shouted on hher so badly..tht i dont think she will ever see ur face bhaiya..
(shi goes into flashback n remebers how wrong he was in dev n prinku case when he shouted her n called her…)
om: maybe if we all go n request then anika n us cn form a team n work upon it..vaise bhi every1 knows n ow tht u r in jail from 2 days…bt u better be sweet to her shivaay…
acp: bass,bass! ur bhaichara has finished so u guys cn go..this is a ps not a cafe where u can spend long long hrs……..n ur brother ka kissa toh vaise bhi is finished…
(all get angry bt there is a reflex answer to the thing acp says)

someone walks inside n says inka kissa toh abhi shuru hua hai police waale bhaiya…its anika…she continues…inke paas kuch aisa hai jo aapke paas nahi hai
acp asks what is tht ,please tell me.. (cunningly) anika:tht is anika,aur anika ko inki innocence pe poora bharosa hai aur aapke pass naa annika hai aur naa hi koi guarantee dene waala saboot,sirf confusion hai confusion.. (shivaay n brothers get happy suddenly)
now acp turns around n is going to speak something bt….anika??
ru: u know each other?

acp: u r here for this sanki,gussail,irritating,ghamandi,ameer, nacchadha criminal?
(shivaay tightly holds the bars in anger…n rudy is like aaj toh nhi bachega)
ani: no i m not here for any of these… i m here for someone innocent…for my kanji aakh waala baggad billa…jissko ek baar haath lagado toh 10 baar soap se haath dhota how can he manage in this jail for so many hrs.(shiv got happy to see her concern) ..i mean yeh toh blood,lineage,surname par dhabba ho gya i m here to support him!(this pierced shivaay)

acp: anika u dont have to involve in this..this is dangerous..there is a potential tht u might risk ur life in this…
ani: is this acp speaking or rohan?
acp:rohan! ani:u didnt think twice abt me b4 u went tht day..n now u r showing concern?
acp: ohk fine! acp saying ani:sir i can handle myself u do ur work n let me do what i wanna…
acp:ohk fine m back to rohan…anika tht day..i had to leave the movie.. if i hadnt gone..then…then…uhmm..can we stop this…?
ani nods…n they both start laughing n give a hi-fi……..
ani: see rohan mr.sso is innocent..really! cant u let him the cuff ling enough big proof to put him in this fiasco?
acp:see if u r asking rohan,he ll try bt it isint possible.. anika frowns… acp says ohk i ll try,give me some time….

si: anika anika ignores…she acts as if he is no1…..he feels sad….(after half n hr)

acp:anika i tries bt frankly its not possible….if u could get me one proof as small as the cuff ling or an observation then something can happen else no…
omru:thanku anika didi

(MEANWHILE the tv shows lots of rubbish regarding oberois n their stocks go down)
————–next day…….

ani:i found one…..
acp:wht is it? ani: the recording in which he was saying has some part ahead also…n there is no voice of shout or scream infact u can hear some giggling voice…moreover the time of recording is after the death if i relate it to the post mortem details……
acp:this proof wont really help anika…. u could find something bettr?
ani:u r of no use really! huh! why do i get all people sir mein dard krne waale!
shivaay:anika u did a gr8 work..i mean without u…anika ignores……

(media is saying more bad words abt oberois) after 1 more day.. <>

so after 2 continuous days of research n shivaay sitting in jail for 5th day anika came on the 6 th one….
acp:sorry anika
shi:dont u think u took lot of time to come(he said angrily)
anika shivaay felt almost dead… n ani started to chatter with rohan yeh woh falaana dikaana….n shivaay at the same time was grasped with more guilt remembering everything n some part of him was envious…bt tht enviousness was ctrlled by his mind telling him facts abt lineage…

ani:so here is my proof…it was a knife….a knife with fingerprints which dont match to tht of it had gayatri’s blood n she found it under the pile of ghaas-phoos….
acp:anika merko pata nhi tha that u will find so good proof…i mean iss insaan ke liye tumne itni mehnat ki..joki ek criminal tha…i ll get the papers of his bail…
acp:bt all the charges have fully not closed from ur head mr.shivaay singh oberoi…u r still in the suspects u r safe…

—–no1 knew,m particularly talking abt tej n shakti tht shivaay was coming home n they never went to meet him..why? bcuz they were scared tht the company was already in crisis bcuz of this news,bcuz of shivaay,so they could not let the company shut down….boeard meetings had demanded tht if shivaay is involved tehy would not keep any contact any bussiness deal with the company..shivaay was yet to know that..n there was one more thing…

@oberoi mansion
evry one was happy shivaay finally came…..n they were celebrating…bt shivaay told them he wasnt under suspect…pinky n janvi shedded some tears…omru n daadi were alas! if now then a lill later..truth is to be faced..n this is the law of universe….

tej:shi i have decided tht u take some day rest,dont come out n dont do any wrk…ohk?
shi:no bade papa…i cant do tht…i have to work hard n hard day by day
shakti:bt shivaay u need to understand our sentiments as well
shi:but i want oberois to outshine more n more..
tej:ohk u want oberoi to shine more? then..(he is abt to say bt shakti tells him no)
shi:yes! bt then what..?
shak: then go n have rest we will talk tomm cuz it is going to be a big day..

shi goes to his room n byechance sits on tv remote opening it..he sees the news…oberois ka hua naam badnaam..n he hears severl interviews telling bad things abt him…n then finally an interview of tia telling tht she is no longer in alliance with him….

shivaay gets into a turmoil within himself..already he felt bad for his anger thing…
n e gets dso anxious..tht he calls every1 out…n then an almost crying child like shivaay appears..who is asking answers ki why he wasnt told this b4? all r trying to calm then tejakti r irritated….bt then they also keep quiet n explain him what board members said…n the great wall of shivaay reacts in an obilivious way(for his heart) n he says ohk..he is leaving the house…..all were crying except him n tejakti…they didnt want him to need of the hour made it necessary for shivaay to leave…

now at 1 am at night where could have he gone..tht too with no car,wirth no surname of “oberoi”..he was almost crying…his surname,his feelings were all torn..n he landed up in anika’s house…….
anika was shocked bt she could see him distressed..n he coming at her house at this hour made her understood tht something was typically she kept numb..n allowed him to sleep with sahil while she slept on sofa…

next day,shivaay woke on her head..n was like where m i? n suddenly the stone of reality hit him harsh…bt he was not yet broken….his caste lineage surname was still with he owned them n it was his sacrifice…
anika served him breakfast…n now it was face off time…yes shivaay was changed he didnt say her thanku bt said her sorry n asked her tht if he could stay here for some days until he finds a new home..n was she ready to fight the case for him…n he told her he will pay for it..
anika kept few conditions:1.stay here as a frnd not a boss 2.dont humilate her 3.he needs to cook
he agreed….

after days of approaching in different offices n not getting a job..atleast his surname thing was totally broken…now he went to jobs saying i m shivaay..n he finally got a job as a ca in local company earning 20,000…he used to pay rent n anika used to support him..which broke his blood thing apart….slowly n slowly he progressed…..
the case didnt close…n actually when does it, in real life….bt he was cleared from it in the 5th month…he started from 0 n excelled n progressed really well n had annika supporting him everytime n at every step…soon he earned more n more n started to establish his own bussiness…the time had to be tuff now..he couldnt pay rent for a few moths …anika allowed him…. though obviously her bua ranted bt sahil was there to teach her bua a lesson….

in a yr his company was at a good level,not like the oberois bt still a good one…he moved to a new house…with anika n sahil(anika won the custody) ..he met omru at times n they always were there for him bt now om n rudy held the oberoi empire bt not as a ceo..cuz the place was meant for shivaay always…
though after his name from case was cleared tejakti asked him to come back he refused…n this was the time when he could always find annika by himself n he couoldnt even understand when she turned from a kachra to his life for him…. now it had been 1.5 yyrs since he had cleared his name..n his company was the biggest company in shortest time..cuz ofcourse it was of shivaay..only shivaay….

after 1.5 yrs he finally proposed annika giving her favorite hybrid species of flowers…n thanked her for being with him always..n told her his life is incomplete without her n how much she meant to him…bt annika was only convinced when he said tht i take my ever harsh words back n i m changed….n listening to this anika told him yes…they had a very simple wedding,like he always wanted…which could never happen in the case of tia…

soon his company n oberois formed a merger n this was the best mnc in india…n they happily lived ever after…

one day,

shivaay was out in the balcony looking at stars like he always did now… annika came from behind n out a hand on his shoulder..they hugged tightly……n shivaay told her i luv u, n she said i luv u too …
n while he was hugging shivaay thanked god,for sending annika to his life n annika did the same…they both completed each other in every aspect…specially when they both were a little changed,changed for good….

n he killed the him to make a peace with himself…. n so did she do……they were happy to find themselves n to be lost in each other ever after..cuz afterall its only them n sibilings who mattered..nothing else did
i think it was just i tried my best n i hope u like it…n this was not basically of shivika bt my feeling tht this track can do wonders

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  1. Hey nice ending. … i love the way you present your story…

  2. Such a amazing os loved it

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    It was just awesome Kashi

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    It was eo superb. Really loved it that shivaay said he is just shivaay and also the ending was good ? too.

  5. Awesome….. fabulous!!!!!

  6. Kashi awesome yaar.

  7. Kashi

    Thanku so much ☺? it means alot!!…. Thought i thought tht i have not given the story a proper finishing…like its very raw n basic…bt this was ptobably my rant abt dusshere…. So guys happy dusshera!

    N thanku for being by my side

  8. Sat

    Wow kashi you are back. Really loved it. I enjoyed the whole ff????

  9. hey kashi very nice imagination came soon with ur next os

  10. Nice story

  11. Hey kashi it was awesome. The way Shivaye scolded Anika it was awful or dreadful. But in your OS the best thing is you made Shivaye realised his mistake when he too become a person who has a surname but can’t use it. Then he realised the state of Anika.

    But as I think the serial will make Anika do something which will make Shivaye released from jail. Then he would feel guilty when he will knew about Anika’s innocence. Then something will happen that will make them close. 

  12. Priyanka_22

    Superb 🙂 loved it 🙂
    Plz come back soon wid another shivika os 🙂

  13. marvellous keep going

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    too good very nice and the last bit completed the best to make it even better i loved it

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