Shivika Os || Insecurities || Ft. Sahil.


Sahil sat by the window of his room in his boarding school as he wondered upon the night sky, the stars twinkling around the lonely moon giving it some most needed company. While he stood being gloomy and lonely. A days before his winter vacation have started and almost all his friends had went with their family to enjoy this holiday but no one came to take him, even his Sister who had last time promised him that she will be going to spend most of his holidays with him is nowhere to be seen. She neither tried to contact him nor did she come. Mere thoughts of her made him tear up and soon silent tears slide down his rosy cheeks effortlessly.

He missed his Annika Di terribly.

He was homesick.


Sahil woke up from his deep slumber because of the shrilling noise which strike his ear drums like bullets, he felt as if a hard rock had been kept on his eyelids when he tried to open his eyes, the sound become more clear each passing second and he realized that it was the honking of the cars, but hey! He was sleeping in his hostel room then how come he’d been in the car?

“Annika Di” he cried out as the blackness in front of his eyes for the first time haunt him, how ironic it is that earlier he used to encourage his sister not be afraid of darkness but now he himself is afraid of it just the difference she is not here with him unfortunately.

“Sahil are you okay?” someone caressed his cheeks while a soft yet worried manly voice was heard, he tried his best to open his eyes but still wasn’t able to do it. He felt tired, he felt like sleeping. Finally giving up on trying he let the desperate sleep taking over his senses not before hearing the same manly voice who barked at someone to drive fast.


Sahil opened his eyes and closed it again due to the bright light that entered his pupils, flickering his eyes he tried to adjust to it, when fully awake, he looked at the different ceiling from that of his boarding school where he last time slept and then to his surrounding. the wall were painted sky blue while the wall in front of him had all the superheroes he ever know, looking at him for real, casting his gaze towards the left he saw a small window where a small wind charm hang in all it’s glory, in time making a soft tinkling sound as the wind strike it. Looking outside the window he realized that it must be early morning as the sky was bright and clear while birds chirped in their melodious voice trying to wake up all the sleepy people’s including him.

The room was different, he really can’t understand where he was. Even in his state where he was slipping from his unconciousness he never got the time to look around and admired this room.

Lifting up his mickey mouse duvet he saw himself into a new pair of night suit, shifting a little to the left he realize his whole body aching profusely. The one word which came from his mouth at the time of pain was the lady who was his everything. “Annika Didi” he cried out in pain and try to sat up straight when the sound of the washroom door being opened adverted his attention and he saw a manly figure coming out as the person wipe his face with a white towel.

“Sahil” the blue eyed man alert voice was heard and he was next to him the next minute helping him to sit up straight. “Are you alright” he asked, his voice worried as he touched his forehead with the back of his hand and held his cheeks.

“SSO” Sahil whispered, he was surprised to see him in this place, “What are you doing here? and which place is this?” a thousands of questions was building up in his mind.

Shivaay gave a defeated sigh, he don’t know whether to say him anything or not. But after wondering upon the matter he thought that this was not the right time to tell him every damn thing which was happening in their life, he is still a small boy even though he always state that he is mature. “Leave all this Sahil and tell me how’s you know? Do you feel cold or anything right now?” he tried to change the topic and to his relief it worked as Sahil complained that he was feeling weak.

“Okay!”Shivaay clapped his hands in nervousness, “I’ll fetch you a soup and then you will be all fit and fine”

Sahil just smiled, he was looking for someone, gazing all around. Shivaay understood his actions “Annika is sleeping right now, she will be with you in a bit” While Sahil just nodded, his face falling all of a sudden, “Hey Champ! Don’t be sad, I’m sending her in a bit” he ruffled his hair and leaned forward, dropping a kiss on his hair he went out asking him to take care of himself.

As soon as Shivaay left Sahil gazed at the ceiling, his mind, a complete chaos while he was left with nothing but disappointment. Being here too his sister didn’t came to meet him, earlier she used to wake up all night sitting beside him when he used to have a slight raise in temperature but now she hadn’t even came to see him. His eyes started to stink but he tried his best to not let it flow.

Trying to stand up he felt like a jelly and soon sat down breathing heavily. He should wait for SSO to come. He wondered.

Shivaay entered his Room to see annika sitting in the balcony, shivering due to the early December cold winds striking her bare skin as she sat like a ball, her eyes lost while her thoughts were wavering. He shook his head at his over worried wife who hadn’t had an ounce of food or sleep from the past two days. Sitting beside Sahil all day and Night, she had abandoned everything except the guilt which gripped her heart toring her apart in the most cruel way. Grabbing a shawl he moved towards her. She was startled when warmth swayed through her veins while a pair of hands held her shoulder tight.

“You didn’t slept, Right?” he whispered, making her sigh and relax in an instant, “How could I, When Sahil is not alright how could you expect me to sleep peacefull-”

“But he is alright now, you have seen his temperature getting normal, Don’t you and beside he is now awake” he moved beside her and wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled in his body trying to get some solace as well as warmth. Closing her eyes she just hummed, “I know but still” she sighed as he dropped a kiss on her hair nodding his head. “I understand, I have gone through all this” his voice choked as floods of memories strike his mind. Annika as if understand his situation, rubbed her palm near his heart trying to make him calm, “Everything will be alright soon” she whispered and kissed near his heart as his grip become tighter each passing second.

There was silence for a few seconds when Shivaay scooped her in his arms and went inside the room making her comfortable on the mattress “You rest for sometime I’m coming”

“But” she tried to move out of the bed, “No” he warned and tugged her in the mattress, “Sleep for a while, I’m going to Sahil” he asked her again and hope that she would agree to it and sleep for a while, “You don’t want to show your dark circles to Sahil? Do you?”

She nodded her head negatively “So sleep” saying so he moved out of the room.

Sahil on the other hand had dozed off due to weakness when Shivaay entered, he woke him up and fed him some of the soup which he had brought for him. “Just this last spoon” he tried to make him have some more when Sahil started refusing to it. “Can I ask you something?” he asked Shivaay as he just nodded with a smile “Carry on”

“How I got here because I remember I was in my Hostel when I last slept and why anyone of you haven’t came to take me when the winter vacation started?” He asked with such innocence that it make Shivaay smile at him admirably, “Actually, as you have seen that we are not in Oberoi Mansion but in Goa” he gestured with his hand making Sahil understand that they are in Goa “I got the call from Khanna who told me that a call from your Hostel had come and So I got there, but On reaching there I realized that you were high at fever and this is the reason you don’t remember anything” he tried to make him understand while Shail just nodded.

“Where is Annika Didi?” he asked the next moment making Shivaay chuckle at his constant questions. “You know it takes a lot of hard work to wake up your sister and I think I don’t have enough of that energy to wake her up early morning, so have this then you’ll go and wake her up by yourself”

After making him eat the soup he gave him his medicines and tugged him securely in the duvet, kissing his hair he asked him to rest.

Sahil stayed awake for a few moments, he can understand that Shivaay was lying to him all this while [he still needs to practise in it] just because his sister doesn’t wanted to meet him but deep right in his heart he knew that he was wrong maybe she has some reasons why she isn’t here but meeting her brother, there shouldn’t be any reason, his mind prompt making him wonder.

Let her come, I will not talk to her.


“Yeah, I will be coming tommorow” Shivaay ended the call when he entered the room with a tray in hand. He looked around to see it empty. Keeping the tray at the side table he moved out of the room. Looking around the house he was left with Sahil’ s room, hoping to see her there he opened the door to see her sitting beside Sahil’ s sleeping form and ruffling his hair softly.

He sat at the edge of the bed looking at them admirely. “Wake him up, he was asking for you” he whispered but annika just nodded negatively “let him sleep Shivaay, he needs rest” her voice was deep and hoarse as the lump in her throat made it hard for her to speak.

They sat in silence as she gazed at the little bundle of joy while his gaze stood adamant at her each expression. “Why are you doing this?” He whispered, asking her something which she already knew was going to be thrown at her.

“What?” She asked blantly, standing up she moved towards the door, “I’m coming in a bit” saying so she left the room trying her best to escape from this unwanted situation. As she stepped on the first step a tug on her wrist made her srop, “you don’t have to run away like a coward Annika beside I’m not letting you do that” he whispered as she tried to come out of his hold which was becoming tighter each passing Second.

Leaving her hand she made a run downstairs as Shivaay followed her in toe, “Annika tell me what’s bothering you, you only said that we will share our feeling with other, don’t you?”

She sat on the couch while shivaay sat in front of her, holding her hand in his as he tried to see her eyes which was hidden due to the hair on her face, swaying the strands of her hair at the back of her ears he took a deep breath as he saw her eyes filled with unshed tears of agony.

As he opened his mouth to say something Annika started, “How could I be so irresponsible Shivaay? Okay I agree that I’m not a good wife but now I think I’m a bad sister too” she sobbed as shivaay tried to cut in between but she stopped him, “let me speak Shivaay, I’m a good sister Shivaay, trust me and I will never try to hurt him, seeing him unconscious that day, you don’t know what it felt, I felt like something break inside me, if I would have remembered the date of his holidays nothing of this would have happeded. I’m a very bad Sister Shivaay, I failed in being a good sister” she cried while hiding her face in her palm as floods of tears descend down her cheeks like river.

Shivaay held her hand and dragged it to her lap. Holding her face he make her look in his eyes, “Shhh Annika” he tried to calm her down, “You were never a bad wife neither a bad sister annika, dare you say that again. I know even Sahil is going to say this to you when he’ll come to know about it” he rubbed off her tears with his thumb as he continue, “stop punishing yourself when you are not at fault, the changing season was the reason for his fever but now he is alright, you have seen right now, don’t You? He is looking for you and now I can’t say more lies about you not being with him, so go and meet him, he need You Annika” he assured her while annika bow her head down, not able to look straight into his eyes as it started to get hazy.

“Annika!” he tried one more time while she just nodded.


“SSO please inform your wife that I’m not talking to her” Sahil said as he pulled his duvet over his head hiding himself from Annika who just entered the room with Shivaay. Annika looked at Shivaay helplessly while he whispered that he is just angry trying to assure her but the damage was done. The little bit of courage which Shivaay was Able to gather in her was lost. She became a bad sister, her priorities had flickered from it’s original place.

Shivaay saw every little change in her eyes, firstly there was hurt.

She blinked, it was disappointment.

She blinked, it was disgust.

Again, she blinked, it was fear, and it remain the same. Making him look at her in concern, the childish act which Sahil just now put was not at all childish for her, she was going through a terrible trauma. “Sahil” she called out helplessly, the lump making her choke In between, “please just listen to me once” but Sahil remained unaffected, he really wanted to make his sister realise her mistake of meeting him after this long, “No I will not, you are a bad sister, you don’t love me anymore” and the last sting of confidence drained out of her as she stood up to go so that she could live in her own little hell.

Shivaay was fast enough to hold onto her, “Sahil” his voice was a little angry yet calming, but what could he do? He knew no one was at fault, both of them had their own reasons well he could understand what is annika going through because he too had experience such situations a lot of times with Priyanka and especially Rudra.

Sahil just turned inside his blanket and buried himself In the soft pillow. “Please Shivaay, don’t tell him anything, I’m going” she said as silent tears spill out of her eyes.


“No Shivaay” saying so she left the room silently while Shivaay stayed there.

“Sahil?” Shivaay sighed, “look she’s gone, now look at me” he grabbed the duvet and pulled it from him.

Sahil just sat down, his lips in a cute pout while Shivaay just sat down in front of him and caressed his rosy cheeks, ” Sahil you shouldn’t have done that”

“But, she never came to meet me”

“Who told you she didn’t came to you?”

“I have seen it by my own, how you were lying to me every time” his remark made him stunned, he surely is a very intelligent child.

“But how do you know that when you were burning in fever for more then two days your sister was by your side every second without having any food?”

Sahil stilled, his black orbs getting covered with the layer of guilt which now consumed his whole body, ” is that true?” He asked, fearing that he might say no.

“Yes Champ, it is true, you know you are the most important person in her life, how can she leave you like this all the way, huh?”

“I’m sorry” he whispered as he bow his head down in shame, shivaay just ruffled his hair and asked him to not to be sad and go and talk to Annika.

Shivaay helped him to get to Annika who was in her room crying bitterly while cursing herself in between. The little boy moved towards her sister and sat down beside her, he handed her the tissue box while she excepted it without looking at the person, “I’m a very bad Sister” she sobbed, when she felt two small hands wiping off her tears and she looked up to see Sahil smiling at her weakly, “I’m sorry Di, and you are the best sister ever” saying so he hugged her tight while annika embraced her little brother protectively.

“I love you Sahil” annika whispered as she kissed him on his forehead and then to his eyes and cheeks making him groan, “I know and I love you more but please don’t spoil my face” he complained while annika was forced to chuckle at her crazy brother, “shut up you little devil, I will always do this to you no mater what”

Every little insecurities of being not a good sister vanished in the thin air as she held her brother close to her heart. She was his only family before and after Shivaay, him not talking to her was devastating. But now everything is great, she all the way still loves him while he is sound and save in front of her eyes. What else both of them wanted? Nothing.

Shivaay stood at the door smiling at them, he moved towards them and cleared his throat, “can I get some space in between too? I’m feeling like I’m out of space, you know” he said faking embarrassment while the sister brother duo looked at him for a second and then at each other.

Shivaay looked confused when suddenly Sahil jumped onto him and hugged him tight by the neck while annika kissed his cheeks murmuring a Thank you as he held both the important person of his life smiling contentedly.


Hello Everyone, I know I’ll be getting chamelis because I have been vanishing from here every now and then but this is only what my life has become, Anyways, Coming to the Os, this Os was a request from somone, so I wrote this, for the first time Added Sahil in some emotional Shot I hope you all like it.

And if you have made it to the end, do hit the like button and let me know about your thoughts regarding this. It will mean alot to me.


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    The way shivaay consoled and managed both the duo is lovely??
    It’s good to see *sahil* at least in the FF even if not in the show……. I assume, the CVs might not even remember that Anika had a brother in the hostel!!!!
    It feels so bad to see how the side characters are neglected in the show ?????
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