Shivika os “my heart beats for u” – ft mahi’s marriage

hi everyone i am here with my new os. It’s very long more than 3500 words. In my os mahi was introduced after anika left from oberoi mansion. It’s mainly based on annika’s pov. Please like and comment as it will encourage me to write more. A single like can make this soul very happy. Eagerly waiting for your response.

Anika’s pov

I left this house before 2 years. Now I am back but not to meet my ex husband or my ex in-laws. I am here to attend the marriage function of my newly found brother in law. You may be surprised even I too was surprised when Omru informed me that they found long lost brother of shivaay. I was supposed to be in London for my event management function. But I can’t refuse Omru. I never wanted to come back. It doesn’t mean that I forgot Shivaay. How can anyone forget their heart?

Then you may ask me why I left from here? To my ex husband everything that meant was my blood lineage. He did support me when he came to know that I am an orphan. But still he was not able to accept me whole heartedly. He tried to find about my past. I warned him not to do so. Then everyone knows what happened? Pinky Aunty arranged someone to act as my mother. The whole World believed it. She played with my feelings. She don’t know the pain of being an orphan. But from day one I refuse to accept her as my mom. Shivay started avoiding me. He was not able to digest the fact that I am daughter of a bar dancer. He tried his level best to accept me. But the damage was already done. Slowly our relationship started to break.

One day I heard Pinky Aunty talking to my fake mother. Then I realised that she did all this to separate me from my husband. I confronted her for hurting me. When everyone came to know about the truth they felt sorry for me. But I was already broken. Shivaay shouted on his mother about her act. But Pinky Aunty justified her actions saying that I am making her son away from her. Later she realised her mistake when I explained her that her son only belongs to her. She realised her mistake and asked for my forgiveness. She accepted me as her bahu.

My fake mother was arrested by the police. In media she claimed that she did all this to defame oberois. shivaay tried to talk with me. But I refused to talk with him. I trusted him a lot. But he did not accept me the way I was. He tried his level best to convince me. But I was done with him. I asked him for divorce. He refused to give me we had a huge fight. I can’t live with them anymore. I can’t live in a relationship where no love exist. I loved him with all my heart but he didn’t reciprocate the same. It’s true that I was not expecting him to love me back. But this relationship don’t have any future. We are not meant to be together. All family members was against my decision. Dadi said me no divorce will take place in Oberoi mansion but I was stubborn. Shivaay​ tried his level best to stop me. But I left from there without his knowledge. I know he would have searched for me every where.

After 2 years when Janvi aunty came to London she found me. She was very happy. She hugged me tightly. From that day every member of Oberoi mansion came to meet me. I was waiting for him but he didn’t come. I thought he moved on in his life. Whenever anyone came to me to talk about shivaay I changed the topic. I wanted to meet him but remembering all those incidence which happened in my life I was not able to forgive him. Till date my heart only beats for him. He may refuse to acknowledge me but he still in my heart. Before one month Omru called me and invited me to Mumbai for there cousin’s marriage which happens to be shivay’s long lost brother who is a humshakal of him. When they showed his photos to me I was not able to believe. Only their kanjhi aankhein was different.

Now I am standing in the middle of living room. Visiting Oberoi mansion after 2 years seems like a long journey. Now I have everything money, name and fame. My event management company is the most successful one in London. I may not be rich as oberois. But still I earn a good amount of money. Sahil is studying in a best school in London. Everyone who knows me thinks that my life is the best. But they never see the struggle I faced to reach this position. Now I have everything but still my heart only want shivaay. I don’t know why my heart always betray me? It always take his side. But I can’t forgive him. I have to be cool before him. His presence will never affect me. Once the function gets over I will soon leave from here. What if he married someone and started to live his life? Thousands of questions came into my mind. Omkara noticed me. He came towards me and hugged me.

Om: Anika bhabhi, thank you so much for your presence. We really missed u a lot. We are eagerly waiting for you. Please come and meet groom and bride.

He introduced me to Mahi, shivay’s long lost brother and Sarika his would be wife. He looked exactly like shivaay except for his eyes. Sarika was very beautiful. She is very sweet and nice. She belongs to Rana family. Yes u heard it right she was Siddharth rana sister.

Sarika Rana told me about their love life. Mahi was reunited with shivay’s family. They started to train him as an Oberoi. That’s when both of them met in a business meeting. Mahi liked her at first instant. Sarika was strictly professional with him. But slowly her heart melted and she started liking him. Convincing the family was the biggest problem. But with the help of obros they successfully convinced them and now they are getting married. I wondered how Tej uncle agreed for this that’s when Rudy told me that this marriage would lead to a merger among Rana’s and oberois means a lot of profit. I asked him who gave this idea? He instantly replied shivaay bhaiya. I know he still think from his brain. But Mahi was very good. He deserves all happiness in this world.

After meeting other family members I retired to my room. I was given a room next to that of shivaay. When I crossed that side I found his room closed. I felt something terribly wrong. It’s more than 6 hours but still no one spoke about him. Yes I wished not to see him because I won’t be able to control myself but still I wanted to have a glance of him.

At evening

Anika got ready. She was looking very beautiful. She was wearing a simple saree with minimal makeup but still her look was the best. Dadi asked her to come before few days of marriage so that she can spend some quality time with the family. She was not able to refuse her. So she arrived a bit early. She went to meet Sarika. She knocked​ the door and was waiting for her. She opened the door and let her inside. She complimented her look and praised her beauty. She was very happy for Mahi. Sarika was a very good girl. Suddenly someone hugged her tightly. She was shocked by the sudden gesture. That’s when she spotted Mallika.

Anika too reciprocated the hug. Mallika scolded her for leaving without telling anyone. When she was about to say something to shivaay, suddenly someone shouted outside. They rushed out to see what happened? They witnessed an emotional family reunion. Anika was confused. That’s when her pair of orbs got locked with the dangerous yet protective blue eyes of his. Her mind got stuck for a minute. Her heart started to beat faster. She ran away from there as fast as she can before she could reach out for her.

Shivay’s pov

I saw her after 2 long years. I was not able to believe myself. When I first entered the mansion my Anika sensemeter worked exactly after 2 years. I thought I was dreaming. But when my eyes met her I was not able to refuse the fact that she is standing in front of me. When I was about to go to her she ran away. I can’t believe she did the same mistake again. She again left me without informing me. This time she have to face me. I will not leave her easily. I got my reason to live again. He thanked God for sending her angel back to him

She ran as fast as she can. Her legs didn’t stop at last she reached the garden. That’s when Mallika came to her. She sat beside her. She said “Mallika I need some time to be alone, I’ll come back soon. No need to worry”. “Why u r torturing you as well as him?” asked an angry Mallika. “What do u mean I am torturing him? It was because of him I lost my everything. How can u blame me for his mistake? It was him who wanted to know my Naam, khoon and khandhan not me”, Anika retorted.

Mallika cupped her face and made her to look into her face. She said calmly ” did u ever know what happened to Shivay after u left him? He left Oberoi mansion. He left his brothers, sister and his entire family only for u. He was not able to live with this guilt. He went faraway. He started to work in abroad. He didn’t contact his family. He thought that staying away from them will be the best punishment for him”.

Anika was shocked he didn’t expect him to do this much for her. He left his family for her. Her heart jumped in happiness but her mind warned her about his early behaviour.

She said ” I just need some time Mallika. Once my mind is calm and clear I will meet him. Please understand me”.

“I respect your decision. But don’t forget Anika your heart only beats for him. U can convince the world but not u”, said Mallika and left from there.

At night

She successfully avoided him entire evening. It was midnight and she felt thirsty. She went to get some water for her. When she was about to cross shivaay’s room someone pulled her inside. She was about to shout but he closed her mouth with his hand. She looked into his eyes. His eyes showed a lace of pain, anger and desire. He slowly removed his hand from her mouth not before slowly rubbing her lips with his hand. She started to breathe heavily. He smirked on her. He still had the same effect on her. She cursed herself for being so weak before him.

Before she could say anything he hugged her tightly. She stumbled for a minute but composed herself. She was hesitant to reciprocate the hug. He kissed her hair locks, her earlobe, her neck. She closed her eyes in response and held him tightly. He broke the hug and cupped her face and gave a long soothing kiss on her forehead. She felt relaxed. She felt Thousands of butterflies in her stomach. A new wave of desire arised in her system. She don’t know how to call it. Her brain wanted to stop him but her heart wanted more of his touch. It’s been blo*dy 2 years but still she felt so protective in his arms. He continued to do his magic on her. Meeting her after 2 years he was not able to resist himself. He missed her so much. Her warm skin, her touch, her scent and most importantly her terrible language which he always loved to hear from her mouth.

He kissed her eyelids, her cheeks. His hot breathe was fanning on her lip. When he was about to claim her lips she pushed him away. Due to this sudden act he fell on the bed and pulled Anika along with him. She was on top of him. Suddenly he rolled her down and now she was lying down beneath him. She was shocked by his act. She tried to get up but he was so strong for her.

He slowly leaned towards her and asked her in a cold tone ” why u left me Anika?” I told you not to leave me”

” Why should I answer u Shivay?”

“Because I am your husband”

“I already signed those divorce papers. Now we don’t share anything between us”.

“How can u say this Anika? Don’t you know how much I missed u? I can’t live without you”.

“Shivay it’s over I asked u to not hurt me but u never listened to me”.

“I agree it was my mistake Anika but please stop punishing me. I can’t live without you. I am sorry. I will accept u the way u r. I don’t care about your Naam, khoon and khandhan”.

“U can never win my heart back Shivay”

“And what if I do that?”

“Stop daydreaming Shivay, u can never do that”

“Challenge”, Shivay asked curiously

“Challenge”, accepted said Anika

She pushed him away and left to her room. Shivay looked at her lovingly

Shivay’s pov

I will bring u back Anika. I will win your heart. This your billuji’s promise.

Next day

At haldi

Everyone was busy in function. I was helping dadi in arrangements. She asked me to get some things from storeroom. I went to storeroom. I tried to take those things from shelves but i was too short. Suddenly someone lifted me up and I gasped. I looked down only to find my Shivay grinning at me like a lovestruck teenager. I took the things and asked him to leave me. He slowly placed me in ground just like a flower petal. I noticed haldi on his face and asked him. He replied that someone accidentally applied haldi on his face thinking that he is Mahi. I smiled at him and started to leave from there. He held my wrist and pulled me towards him. He rubbed my cheeks with his cheek thus applying haldi on my face. I was blushing like tomato and he winked at me. He whispered in my ears “don’t blush too much Anika I may not be able to control myself”. I was too shocked to see shivaay Singh Oberoi turning into romantic Singh Oberoi. I pushed him away and ran as fast as I could. Throughout the function I could feel his gaze over me. I tried to remain unaffected but my heart always betrayed me.

At mehendi

Anika was applying mehendi on her hand. When the designer asked her for name she said intial s. After applying mehendi she realised what she said. She panicked thinking what if Shivay will find his name in her mehendi. While she was worried Shivay came to her. He asked her to show mehendi but she didn’t. He slowly took her hand and found his intial. He asked her u still consider me as your husband. She didn’t have any answer for his question just a tear drop left her eyes. Sensing her pain he left her hand. She left from there.

At sangeet

It was oberoi’s tradition to dance with a partner. Everyone have to dance with a partner. Outside guests are not allowed in sangeet function. Any Oberoi can introduce their future husband/wife, lovers in this function. Rudra introduced Saumya every one was surprised but they decided to give their marriage a chance since they realised their love for each other. Omkara introduced Gauri they are getting married soon. Priyanka with her husband Dev chabra. Yes Shivaay arranged for their marriage. That’s when she really felt that he changed. Then Mahi started the function by dancing with Sarika. Followed by other Oberois. Shivay came towards me and asked me for my hand. I said to him only partners can dance.we don’t have any relationship between us. He smiled at me and said “u r still my wife Anika. I never signed those divorce papers. So officially u r my partner tonight not only tonight but also for my entire life”, saying so he pulled me closer and we danced. A corner of my heart started to shout u love him.

At anika’s room

My phone ringed and I noticed caller ID. It was from Rohit my business partner cum my best friend. I found him accidentally in London. He was my childhood friend. We lost our contacts when we got adopted but it didn’t take much time to recognise each other. He is happily married and blessed with a son. His wife Sara was like my sister she helped in my business and was like a family to me. It was Rohit and Sara who forced me to visit India.

I attended his call and spoke with him and Sara whole heartedly. I ended my call with I love you and I will come back soon.

At cocktail party

Rudra decided that we will play truth or dare game. The rule was that only their partners can decide whether to give truth or dare. We started the game. First it was Omkara chance. Gauri gave him dare to dance for a folk dance. Om started to dance we all are shocked and he rocked. I asked him when did he learn to dance? He said dancing is gauri’s passion so he learned for her. He blushed like a tomato and we all teased him. It was sarika’s chance Mahi gave her dare to propose him. She did it very easily like she practiced it for many days. She said that she always wanted to do this but she was afraid and nervous. So she practiced many times. Mahi smiled at her and hugged her tightly. We coughed to gain their attention. Then it was Rudra’s turn Saumya asked him truth .She asked him about his first kiss. That was when he told that he never kissed anyone till date. It was a big shock for all of us especially Saumya she fainted on the spot. After she woke up we continued it was my turn. Shivay asked me truth. He asked me ” do you love anyone?” I nodded my head in approval. He silently left from there. I noticed tears brimming in his eyes. I excused myself and went to his room.

At shivay’s room

I knocked his door but he refused to open it. I entered his room through window. I saw him sitting on floor. I noticed him carefully. The great SSO was crying. That was the moment I noticed that he was my Shivay only anika’s Shivay. I went to him and cupped his face. He refused to look at me. I said please look at me Shivay but still he didn’t respond. I hugged him tightly but he didn’t reciprocate. I lost my cool and slapped him in anger. I thought he would shout at me but he remained quite and hugged me tightly. He said to me ” I am sorry anika. I am sorry for everything. I should have not entered in your life. I broke your heart so much. I understood now u moved on in your life. It’s okay to me your happiness is most important. The one u chose will be the luckiest one after all he got my angel. If he bring tear in your eyes I will definitely kill him”, saying so he broke the hug.

I looked at him with confusion. How come he know that I love him? Or he is talking about someone else. I asked him immediately and he said he heard him talking with Rohit and thought that I love him. I laughed at him and said about Rohit. He looked at me with a shocking expression and asked me that I said I love someone​. I laughed at his foolishness.

I said to him “yes I love someone”, hearing those words his face fell down. But Shivay u already know him. He looked at me confusingly. I went away from him and looked at him.

” I love you shivaay”

He looked at me in disbelief but he understood my words and came towards me and hugged me tightly.

“I love you too Anika”

Saying so he kissed me and I too reciprocated. He kept my hand on his chest and said “my heart only beats for you”. I kissed his chest. That night witnessed the reunion of two souls.

At shadi

Mahi and Sarika got married. They got blessings from all. Sahil came to me. I was suprised. I asked him who got him here. He said sso. My husband came to me and sat down on his knees. He took out a ring from his pocket and said ” will u marry me Anika?”

I was beyond shocked and said we are already married but he said he want to start a fresh life with me. I realised that he brought sahil for my marriage. This could be the biggest suprise i ever got. I agreed happily and we got married on the same stage.

God always give me little happiness and snatch something big from me but this time I am not afraid because Shivay will protect me. He is my wall and I am his shield and most importantly my heart beats for him.

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