Shivika Os|| You are my Everything|| (By Anya)

Hey everyone I’m here once again with an Os on shivika and I hope you all will like this.This is not related to the actual story so do bear with me.

kindly ignore grammatical mistakes and typos ?

Happy reading❤


Shivika Os~

“I will make you confess those three words tonight at the party”Annika said in a challenging voice,keeping both her hand on the arm rest and moving closer to shivaay who was sitting on the chair with a not-so-decent smirk.He moved forward,mischief clearly seen in his bluish orbs and with a swift move she was now sitting on his lap with her back striking his hard chest”Are you challenging me?”he whispered huskily,grabbing her waist in a tight grip and inhaling her intoxicating scent which always drive him crazy.

“Maybe”she was only able to say this much while tilting her head to the right,giving access to him.He smiled and nuzzled her neck.”ok than challenge accepted Miss P.A”he said against her skin and bite the black spot near her ear which leads to escape a moan from her small sweet mouth.He always know her weak spot while she cursed her mouth to not to listen her.She shivered as his hands started to move sensually towards her chest while he continue to do spell with his mouth to his not-so-innocent yet clumsy PA.He sucked the spot and rub his tongue to soothe the pain,his hands dangerously moving upwards sending shiver ran down her spine.”Leave me Mr.Oberoi..”she moaned but suddenly hiss in pain as he bite her hard this time”call me shivaay!”he said sternly while she smirked”No , until you won’t confess I’m not gonna call you by your name”saying so she held his hand which was just an inch away from her bosom,stood up and was going towards the door when a sudden pull made her strike hard on the nearby wall,she know who did this and looked straight in his eyes”you will soon call me shivaay and that’s my promise”he whispered keeping his hands on either side on the wall trapping her”in your dreams Mr.Oberoi”she said and pecked his lips.

“than be ready to make my dream come true Miss PA”he said and captured her lips in a wild kiss.Both their bodies were flushed as they continue to taste each other”I just can’t get enough of you”he whispered against her lips and once again took her in for a kiss pulling her as much closer as he can. he sensed her smiling in the kiss when suddenly the ringing of his phone broke their make out session.”I’m going Mr.Oberoi see in the party and be ready to loose”she said in a teasing tone as shivaay went to have the call,he tried to stop her but she was too fast for him and went away.

“Ok tell them to come online after 10 mins”he said and ended the call.He went towards the large mirror placed at end of his cabin and looked at himself.Hair fully messed,tie loosed,shirt’s first button opened with lips still having her red lipstick”Great! she always do this to me”he thought and smiled while making himself presentable for the Video Conference which is going to held in a few minutes.”eagerly waiting for tonight”he said while rubbing his lips with the tissue and smirked.

“Today I won’t leave you Mr.Oberoi,get ready to loose”she thought looking at herself in the mirror,doing a little touch up to hide those hickeys which he had given.


There he was sitting on the bar counter drinking yet another glass of whisky ,with his eyes looking around in search of his prey for tonight-His s*xy PA. As he took the last sip of his whisky and asked for another he saw her making her way in the venue cladded in a red one shoulder long dress with a long slit which just started from her right upper thigh exposing her slender leg with a compliment of a small slit at the left side of her waist with her tresses falling till her pitite waist,making her look like HESTIA-the most beautiful greek goddess. He looked at her with lust and admiration in his orbs and realized that she was staring back at him with the same feeling but she had a smirk playing on her red luscious lips. How he wished he could just go and Kiss her senseless,but he kept himself captive in his place,sipping his drink,his eyes not leaving her’s even for a second.

He saw her moving towards him while swaying her waist in a sensuous way making his breath stop. He looked at her with much need and as she neared him he smirked but is was soon replaced with a shock expressions but he controlled himself and looked unaffected as he saw her turning her way and going into the arms of Om who was the host of tonight. He held the glass tightly in his hand while making him knuckle white,he saw her kissing his cheeks while his hand was on her waist moving in sync making her laugh.Both of them had some shots, she gave him a sweet smile while giving his hand to him for a dance and they went swaying in the soft music.His eyes blazing fire when he saw him moving his hand towards her slit while she looked at shivaay and smirked.”you are gonna pay for this annika”he whispered with clenched teeth and gulped down the whole content in one go.”Not so soon Mr.Oberoi..I’m just loving this feeling by seeing you burning with jealousy”she thought and made Om’s hand tighter on her waist. Om was a really close frnd of her and never leaves a chance to flirt with her,and seeing her behaving like this he too played with her.”You don’t need to climb the tree so come back to earth and please stop doing this flirtatious things with me you know how I’m?”she whispered to him in his ears while he chuckled and turned her around as her back facing his chest”I know’s just I’m taking advantage of this situation you know I never leave a chance flirting with you”he whispered in her ear keeping his head on her bare shoulder,back hugging her.

she just slapped his hand lightly which was on her stomach”I know you are a big cheapda”she said with gritted teeth”yes I’m but this is all because of you”he said,his head still on her shoulder while swaying with the music.”Don’t you have any shame what about Ishu?”she said”Hmm..Ishu..I’m going to propose her this sunday”he said with a smile while she squealed like a 5 years old child and turned around to face and hugged him tightly whike kissing both his cheeks”I love you Om at last you are gonna propose her I’m so happy for you both”she shouted being elated and once again hugged him tight.”Uffu..Anni control I’m gonna propose her not winning an award”he said and steady himself for not falling as she literally howered over him.”But still I’m happy for you both”she said and smiled at him while he too did the same as they continue to dance.

If looks could kill than Om would have been killed for a thousand times till now , Shivaay was shaking with jealousy with a hint of anger in his bluish orbs which had changed into the deepest shades of blue or rather say jet black. How could he touch his annika like this?He is the one who had this right and no one else.He literally shouted at the bartender for no reason while the poor fellow was frightened at it.

He saw Om hugging her frimly from back and they were talking to each other when suddenly she turned and once again kissed his cheeks and her lips action said that she said I love you to him. This was just enough for shivaay if this world was something magical than you all should have seen steam coming out of his ears. He closed his eyes and smack his hand on the table with force,but soon he smirked and started moving towards the dance floor,in that process he pulled one random girl from the crowd and started dancing with her. No one can resist The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s charm and the same thing happen with that girl. She was wearing a short dress which was coming till her upper thighs with a hint of cleavage.She started moving with him and touched his cheeks seductively while his eyes were still on annika who now seems to see him dancing with this girl and a flash of jealousy seen in her honey brown orbs. He smirked and started moving closer to the girl and moved his hand all over her body while she continue to cling to him.

Annika moved away from the dance floor as she was feeling a little nausea. Om went with her and before she could enter the washroom he gave her a key to a room in the hotel so that she can stay for tonight as it is late and she is not feeling well. Shivaay saw this and went behind her. When annika came out she was pulled by a sudden force by someone to the corner,she closed her eyes in terror and was going to scream when a hand closed her mouth making her stop.”Someone was really happy with that blo*dy Om”he said sarcastically while annika looked at him with a raised eyebrow,she removed his hand from her mouth”Is that so?but I thought someone was jealous few minutes ago”she whispered and smirked”jealous and me who told you this?”he asked casually”more than this I saw someone burning with jealousy when I was dancing with that s*xy girl”he added with a smirk as he knew that she will be now angry as hell as he called that girl s*xy”jealousy my foot and dare you call someone else s* can only call me that”she said sternly while he suppressed his smile”and why would I call you that?”he asked with a raised eyebrow”hmm.. because…I’m your”she tried to reason it but failed miserably as she doesn’t know what she is to him”You are my?”he asked not knowing the consequence of his question at her.She was lost in her own world thinking what she is to him. Is she his girlfriend or lover?No he didn’t confess yet. She is just his PA and nothing else who had fallen head over heels in love with her handsome boss and she doesn’t know if he had the same feelings as her This means she was nothing to him..NOTHING!

She was taken out of her thoughts when shivaay pinched her near her bare waist.”answer me annika”he whispered hoarsily against her face.Annika eyes filled up with tears as the mery thought was making her feel dizzy. Shivaay thought as if thousands of knives had been inserted in his heart one after the other when he saw her tearing up a little”What happened baby?”he asked in a soft voice while cupping her cheeks with his palm”you wanted to know na who am I to you?”she asked with a crack voiced while the tears were just going to flow down her cheeks,he just nodded his head don’t know what to say”I’m nothing to you..” she said as floods of tears started to flow from her dove shaped eyes.”NOTHING”she whispered trying to make her believe rather than him and pushed him hard and ran towards the elevator to go to her room to cry her heart out.

Shivaay never took advantage of her as he respected her and her dignity but at time when it was hard to escape from her charm they end up kissing each other but didn’t go any further.Annika who had a crush for her boss from the day she stepped in his cabin,had fallen hard each passing day and the same thing happened with him.Annika was a different girl who he ever met,where everyone was afraid of him she used to challenge him and talk to him with out any fear.. and this increased his love for her.

Shivaay on the other hand was shocked to hear all this.What was she saying?I love her for god sake!She is my everything how can she think that She is nothing to me?Yes I haven’t confessed yet but I will never take advantage of her for my Lust. “Annika wait”Shivaay screamed and ran behind her.He saw her entering the elevator and was successful in entering it while annika continue to cry and tried to move out but he tab on the start button of the floors which she pressed and grab her tightly with her shoulder”Leave me”she said and tried to move crying”What is wrong with you annika?Have you lost your mind or what?”he asked and shaked her”Yes I have lost my mind!And I have lost my heart too.And you know what to whom I lost it?You!It’s you..”she shouted and bumped her fist over his chest hitting him at last while crying.

“Dammit It’s you but as always my fate betrayed me once again in my life as I’m just a pass time fo… “she said but her words died in her mouth as he pulled her in a kiss.She tried to stop him but he was too powerful for her.She hit his chest and tries to push him but he in turn tighten his hold and pushed her hard on the door,kissing her to his obvious.He nibbled on her lower lips and sucked it hard while she gave in as she knew that it was futile.Seeing her responding to the kiss shivaay moved his hand on the stop button,pulled her closer and started kissing her.Both there lips moving in sync,body flushed as they continue to kiss.

He moved his hand towards her slit and touched her inner thighs making her gasp and giving him access in her warm mouth. His tongue moving to the furthest corner of her mouth making her forgot everything. She pulled him closer by his hair while tears still coming out of her eyes as he held her cheeks and rubbed it with his thumb. As they were humans they need oxygen to live so they broke apart.Shivaay made her join his forehead with him and they stood there trying to calm there raging breathe.”You are my everything! Dare you say that again” he threatened her and looked straight into her blood shot red eyes”Why?”she asked in a dead voice”I’m just your PA and nothing else than why I’m everything to you?”she added in a pleading voice as she need to know it. Seeing him not saying anything her heart broke into a zillion pieces,she pushed him away and started the elevator and waited for the floor to come not sparing a look at him even for a second while continuosly hitting the button as if it will take her to her floor in a jiffy.

He slowly held her hand from back”Stop doing that,it will not take you to your floor all of a sudden”she just jerked his hand away and once again hit hard on the button being irritated.”Annika..” he whispered “don’t call me that,I’m your PA so call me that only”she said with greeted teeth”as you don’t have any answer to my question”she added and just then the door opened and she came out,the corridors was empty as it was past 2 “because I..I lost my heart to you,I love you aannika”he whispered,came out and got hold of her hand while she wipe off her tears and was elated but soon another thought came to her mind and the smile which had came on her lips vanished.

“Are you telling this to make me feel better than please leave me I don’t want anyone’s pity”she said in a voice which lack any emotions and tried to get out of his hold,started moving to her room”You know I never show pity to anyone”he said and moved behind her”Yeah I know but at this moment I think it’s just your grief which it speaking and nothing else”she said in a crack voice and was going to close the door behind when he came and stood in between the door”leave me Mr.Oberoi I don’t have any energy left to have a talk with you”she tried to close the door but he overpower her and came inside closing the door behind him.”so when you are going to have a talk with me”he asked”when you’ll prove me why I’m everthing to you”she said not knowing in which trap she had made herself fallen into”ok then let me show you how much I love you”he said with eyes clouded with love and desire sending shiver ran down her spine.

with that he kissed her forehead tenderly while she closed her eyes,he than kissed her eyes and moved downward to kiss away her tears and then did the same with other one.He held her waist and started giving a series of kisses from her jawline to the nape of her neck,as he moved towards her lips staring straight in her honey brown orbs”What are you doing?”she whispered “showing you what you wanted”he said huskily against her lips,she opened her mouth to say when he cut her off”Not now” and crashed his lips on her.

He kissed her with such a force that she was literally squeezed in between him and the door,making her feel dizzy.She held the lapel of his coat pulling him closer as he continue to devour her lips nibbling sucking and at times biting it. she moaned in his mouth as he slided his hand inside her waist’s slit and started making patterns there.She just pulled his hair hard making him groan in response and as a punishment he bite her lips hard and his tongue made it’s way into her mouth and yet once again they started fighting for dominance.

Shivaay let her win the battle and sensing this her tongue entered his mouth and created havoc there.She sucked his small tongue making him groan in pleasure and yet increasing his need for her in thousand folds.She discover every deep corner of his mouth and after a few minutes broke apart. “Arrghh..this oxygen”she whispered irritatingly as she was enjoying this while he chuckled at his impatient lady love. “someone is really impatience for me”he said teasingly while she turned into a deepest shades of red”Oh my God!The great annika is blushing let me take a pic of it”he said amused as she was not the shy one but the bolder one”No I’m not”she said sternly and looked straight in his eyes with a fierce look and once again took him in for a wild kiss.

He dragged his hand towards her butt and as a single she locked her legs tightly on his torso as they continue to taste each other. He started to move towards the bed and bumped her on the soft mattress,while coming on top of her.”You know what you taste heavenly”he whispered against her skin and howered over her neck giving her open mouth kisses and sucking hard on her black spot near her ear while she throw her head back moaning his name making him arouse.

Soon after both of them were naked and he made love to her.When they met each other in every senses shivaay looked up to see tears sliding down her cheeks and realized that it was her first time,he was overwhelmed by this feeling that he was the first man to give pleasure to her and also the last one.

Being out of breath they pecked each other and went into a deep slumber wrapped into each other.

The morning rays fell on his face making him stir when he felt a heaviness on his body and onpened his eyes to see the girl with whom he was in love sleeping peacefully with mouth slightly open,head placed near his heart and hands wrapped around his torso squeezing him as he was her soft teddy. His hands wrapped around her bare waist with their legs entangled into each other. He always wished to wake up like this in the arms of his lady love and now he is experiencing it and it felt like being in heaven.

He was staring at her while keeping a keen look on her facial features and put a few strands at the back of her ears making her sleep disturbed.She flicked her eyes to see her surroundings and realized that she was sleeping on top of someone and lifted her head in jerk to see who was the owner and sigh in relief to see him”Good morning Love”he grinned and kissed her nose “Morning”she said sleepily and once again bumped her head on his chest kissed his bare chest just above his heart and cuddle into him. He started making patterns on her bare back giving a tickling sensation while she jerked her back when a sudden pain shoot up in her whole body making her shudder .

“Aah…”she voiced out her pain while shivaay as if being alert rolled over,making her back hit the soft mattress and he moved to her side holding her face”What happened Baby?Was I too hard on you?You would have stopped me…”he asked with concern dripping from his each word”Shh..just shut up..How many questions will you ask me? first of all I’m alright it’s just I’m a little tired and nothing much and dare you say that can never hurt me understood and in case of stopping you for your kind information I too need you and you were not at fault”she said softly while playing with his hair and pecked him.He smiled and kissed his forehead.”why didn’t you told me that you were a virgin?”he aksed softly while rubbing his thumb on her lips”I thought you’ll make fun of me”she said and downcasted her eyelashes being embarrassed,he just chuckled at her innocence.”but I can’t believe this as how can a person can’t love this pure soul” he said with a serious tone”It can be something else also may be that girl didn’t let him to do that”she said with a smile”why?” he asked with a raised eyebrow “because I was waiting for the best”she replied tenderly. He was overwhelmed by this as he understood the meaning behind it”I love you baby”he said and pulled her in for a kiss as if showing his gratitude towards her.”I love you too”she said as soon as they broke apart and nuzzled into his chest, once again going into a deep slumber.


So this is the end,How was it?
I don’t know what to say as I’m feeling like going and hiding my self somewhere.To be true I don’t know how I wrote such wild thing but anyway do give your review on it and silent readers also as I’m eagerly waiting for it and yes chamelis are most welcome. ; )

With Love,
Anya ?

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    It was so romantic

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    Hey Anya darling…..back after so long….how was your trip?? I know this is the first time u r writing something like this….N it’s awesome….u know there is a thin line between a good piece of writing n vulgarity…..N u know the difference between them very well…I love this os….

    PS- please upload both your ffs soon….

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      yeah the trip went well and thank you for the feedback dear<3
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    ya I’m not trying to criticize you or anything but virginity is a really sensitive topic thus I feel that thus sometimes your oses completely exceed the limit. I’m not saying anything against your writing skills: You have written some oses which are my favourite on the TU page. But all I’m trying to say is try to make it more family-friendly. Sorry if I hurt u but I have been wanting to voice this for quite some time now. Another reason I’m saying this is that u and I both know that Shivika are not like that.

    Peace out✌✌

    1. Anyakhan32

      hey dear!
      No you didn’t hurt me or anything like that , I appreciate this feedback as it will help me to write more family-friendly stories and I’m glad that some of my stories are your fav but dear at the top I have written that it is not related to the actual story–means it’s just my imagination and nothing much I don’t wanted to hurt you or anyone by showing Shivika like this but it’s just I love them so i took their names.

      Romance is something which I love to write so yeah few of my Oses contain this but believe me i never wanted to hurt someone.

      Loove you always,
      Anya ; )

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