Shivika Os || A drive towards Home|| [old episode] (By Anya)

Set much before the wedding as well as daksh entry. (michmichi feeling after being remind of him LOL)

Kindly ignore grammatical mistakes and typos.

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Shivika Os||A drive towards home||

From the past half an hour shivaay had his gaze at the crook of annika’s neck,hand curled into a tight fist making his knucles white while eyes spitting fire. If anyone would have happened to see shivaay’s expression at that very moment than he would have thought that the lion is hungry and is going to pounce at you,eating you in one go.

At first he thought he is mistaken but later when annika laughed her heart out throwing her head backward in mirth,clearing the view of her neck had made him realize that he Was Right. He had looked around to see all his family members sitting comfortably on the couch having a hearty talk with each other and he wondered why no one had saw it yet,Maybe they were busy in their own work and havn’t noticed it,but it is good he will only ask her about it Privately.

But doesn’t it’s wierd that as soon as he came here,the first thing he saw was that”this is because the first thing you do when ever you come near her is to check her out”his heart said making him knits his brows for a few second and then pushing that thought at the very back of his head.”It’s not the time to discuss all this Shivaay focus on the things you were doing”he mentally tried to awake his dizzy head who had been once again lost in the charming beauty of his wedding planner and once again his gaze caught hold of that small portion of her neck which had converted him in a volcano for just a glance. He hoped that no one is disturbing him because if there would be anyone than his whole anger would be on that poor fellow he doesn’t mind in that but still he was just making sure.

Annika once again laughed followed by the whole clan and for a few second the whole mansion was filled with the voices of laughter,She always had the capibility to make every member of his family rolling in mirth but he never did that as shivaay Singh Oberoi had his own persona.”Bhaiya how funny that joke was”rudra elbowed him making him come out of his thoughts”Shut Up Rudra! I hate such jokes”he said casually while acting as if he is doing something important on his phone. Rudra just shrugged it off but someone voice made him look up and gave a glare”Arre rudra tumhare bhaiya ko kaise ye sabh accha lage ga? don’t you know?if he will laugh his height will become short kyu billuji main thik bol rahi hoon na?”she said while making faces at him and ending it with a smirk,making shivaay give out fire from his eyes which will burn her into ashes while the others just grinned like foolish cat.

“Annika you! Just shut the hell up Nahi toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga”he warned her while pointing his finger towards her. She just made a perfect O face but then said something making everyone giggled”dekhiye billuji you don’t need to advertise every now and than that aap se bura koi nahi hoga becoz I know Aap se bura is duniya main kya jahannam main bhi koi nahi hoga”she said casually while extending her palm infront of him and mimicking him.

Rudra laughed at this but later asked something making everyone roll their eyes in disbelief”By the way what is jahannum?”he asked with a confused look scratching his head, Om gave a slight smack on his head”it’s Hell”he said making him understand.

“Annika you ar–“he stopped midway as soon as he got the sight of that small portion of her neck, he closed his eyes to calm down his anger because if he started than there is no end to it and all of them will come to know that he is being jealous ? Me jealous like really? Holy crap what is happening with you shivaay? It’s her life she can do anything why it is bothering you so much? Get a grip dammit! He mentallly smacked his head for thinking all this.

He moved out from there with a slight wave of his hand showing he is not interested in fighting with her making her wonder that wasn’t she dreaming as the bagad billa went away without giving her back but later it acted as a blow to her ego as no one has the guts to stop her In between the fight and going away ignoring her. “how dare you The he devil SSO? ” she thought with an angry look and moved from there not before making an excuse of some work and heading towards shivaay who was in his room.

“What the wuck! Mishra my mood is already bad and you are at this moment telling me that you weren’t able to please them for the conference? See give them whatever they wanted,give them more profits and at any cost I want that damn deal! Did you listened to me? I want It that too with in an hour I hope you don’t want to loose your job”shivaay screamed at the poor fellow who unfortunately had become the prey of his boss anger. He shutter a little And in a frightened voice said that he will do it and ended the call wiping his forehead who was drenched with drops of sweat.

Shivaay felt the Hair at back of his Neck stood up and he realized that she was there. He turned and looking at her, unable to keep his anger, he throw the phone Angrily side ways making her flinch in response because of the intensity. She thought that this is not the right moment for her to continue her fight as The sweet billuji is In his Devil avatar,so she just stepped back,turned and Was about to run when she was stopped by his voice.”Annika wait”he said coldly making her shiver but she didn’t turned to look at him so she just hummed in response.

“I’m talking to you not to your back so turn around and face me”he said irritately”Billuji Dadi is calling me I need to go we will talk later”she mumbled and ran as fast as she could. shivaay tried to get hold of her but she was too fast for him.”dammit!”he groaned while swaying his fingers in his hair making it messy.

Later in the evening when it was time for Annika to go as usually being the personal chauffeur of Annika from the past month shivaay was the one who took her to her house. She as usual refused to it and today she was really stubborn at her dicision as the look shivaay was giving her from the morning is giving a very bad vibes. So she made her way outside the mansion leaving dadi shake her head in disbelief and a grinning Omru as they saw Their brother also Making his way behind his clumsy employee.

Shivaay won’t lose the chance to talk to her today so he was determined to make her have this ride, She was walking on the already empty road when she heard the shrill sound of the honking of a car. she was irritated as there was a whole lot of place for the car to move but it continued to do it. She turned to give a lesson to the stupid driver who seems to be blind and stood there with her mouth wide open as she saw billuji the owner of the Car. She saw him signalling her to come inside the car but she was still the stubborn girl didn’t reacted,turned and started walking with long strides.

Shivaay sighed at her stubbornness and thought of an idea. When she turned to look as she didn’t heard anything she saw the road empty and there was no car in particular. She sighed but was bumped in a manly chest making her fall as she was walking looking behind and closed her eyes to experience the pain but nothing came like that instead a strong Pair of arm was slided inside her waist making her not to fall. She opened her left eye to see that she was dreaming but her eyes widen in shock when she saw bluish green orbs staring At her with an admire look.

Shivaay held her close to his Chest but his gaze fell on that portion of her neck Making him boil in anger and with that she was on the ground winching in pain.”Ahh.. ” she cried out as she got the pain of the ground hitting her ass.”what the hell is this?”she asked while throwing her hands in the air when she saw him going inside his black jet Mercedes Benz ignoring her. She made an O face when he started honking once again in front of her and she thought that if she continue to hear it than her eardrums will burst out any moment.

With a highly irritated face she stood up rubbing dusting Off the Imaginary dust of her jeans and with Two long strides Reached the driver’s door and knocked at it furiously. She was pissed off by his behavior. She don’t know what was her crime that he was giving her this type of tortures. Yeah he is a bagad billa but he never behaved like this for the past few days but this sudden change of his made her nerves cringe in response.

“Billuji opens the window”she screamed while he sat there unaffected. “What the hell is wrong with you”she asked while screaming her heart out. Shivaay slowly slides down the glass and asked her to simply come and sit inside the car so that he can take her to her house and then go to his house fast. “so who is asking you to take me to my home? I can go by my self so just go. bagad billa”she said irritately and whispers the last part and started to move to the opposite direction.

Suddenly she felt a tight grip on her wrist and before she could do anything she was smacked between his hard chest and the hard exterior of the car. She gasped at this sudden change of events and was breathing heavily bcoz of their close proximity but it seemed shivaay was today OK with it but he was not looking at her face instead his Kanij aankhen was on her neck. She gave a confused look and tried to get out of his grip but he in turn tighten his hold while holding her tighter by her waist. A shiver ran down her spine as soon as his cold hands come in contact with her warm skin. Her breath become swallow and she continue to wriggle in his hold”leave me billuji what are you doing? “she asked in an almost inaudible whisper as she was not able to make any sentence.

“Are you in a relationship?”he asked out of the blue making her knit her brows together and stop struggling. She was looking at him as if he had said that her only grandmother had died. “What? “she asked with amusement.”I asked that are you in a relationship?”he whispered hoarsily in a threatening voice. “what Is that with you? “she asked being irritated by his behavior. He just smack his hand hard on his car making her flinch”I’m asking you again are you in a relationship with someone”he asked now looking sharply at her cocoa brown orbs.

Annika twisted her mouth in a weird manner”What if I Say yes?” she whispered and soon she was away from his hold. He was standing just a mere metres away from her but this was way much far from the previous one.”but why did you asked this question to me? “she asked with a raised Eyebrow . He just shrugged his shoulders and fisted his hand in a round ball. Annika had sensed his body becoming rigid and eyes becoming jet black but she just let it go.

“Annika I don’t want more discussion come and sit inside the car so that I can take you to your home”he said not meeting her eyes ,went and sat at the driver seat. “if you won’t come than I have my own way to do it”he Said while closing the door and waiting for her to come up. She gulped as she know what he can do and simply went and sat beside him In the passenger seat.

The whole drive was silent,annika was widgetting in her seat as the act which she had experienced a few minutes ago continue to haunt her. Her gaze caught to the rear way mirror and while keeping a keen look she realized a red bruise at the crook of her neck. She rubbed it with her hand to remember how she got it and realized that yesterday morning when she woke up she realized that an insect had bite her there and because of constant rubbing it got bruised.

Shivaay was observing her every move from the corner of his eyes and realized that she was lost somewhere rubbing that bruise with her hand. this made him furious and he stopped the car nearby making her Jerk and look around to see that there is still some distance left for her house to come.”Arre billuji why did you stopped here? My house haven’t come yet”she said in a confused voice while he just turned towards her”what if your answer is no? “he asked with a hope. “Billuji aap abhi tak uss cheez ko lekar bhaithe hua hai Arre I’m not in a relationship. Mere pass time hi kahan hai ki main ek ladle ke saath rahun? “she said with a slight shrug while he sigh in relief but then another question crept his head that how she got That bruise?”billuji Kahan kho gaya? “she asked while swaying her hands in front of his face.

“mujhe lag raha hai na app subah se bhoklaye hua hai! Aakhir his kys hai aapko? “she said while rotating her index finger at the side of her”What with the language Annika? Now what is… Watever”He said irritately while not understanding the word. “Arre you don’t know about this Arre bhoklaye Arre jo upar se thore dhile hote hai”she said while making patterns in the air with her hands”you mean mad? What you think I’m mad? “he asked in a stern voice”main sooch nahi rahi hoon mujhe yakeen hai”she said instantly.”Annika! ” he called out irritately while she made a puppy eye making him Feel like pulling her cheeks.

“Ok let’s go”she said after a pause but He looked at her with the look she is totally aware of “what do you want to ask? “she asked simply Making him gasp in shock”how did you know that”he asked”annika’s magic you know”she did with pride while he rolled his eyes In response. “hmm.. Than how did you..I mean”he said fumbling making her irritated”why are you behaving like an abla naari spill it out”she said”how did you got This bruise Then?”he asked making her roll her eyes as he was doing all this drama just to ask this”hmm..this was just an insect bite and nothing else”she said casually while he sigh as he thought That it was a hickey making his blood boil in anger as the thought of other man touching his Annika.

“oohh.. I thought that it was a hickey”he said much to himself but annika heard it. “abh ye hickkey kahan se aa gaya? She asked confused”hmm it’s not hickkey it’s hickey”he corrected her.”so what is this hickey? “she asked while scratching her head.”hmm.. It’s—” he was going to spill out the meaning but stopped midway and said nothing but Annika was Annika she wanted the answer and asked him to say the meaning of it. But when he simply refused she opened the door and sat on the road making him shake his head in disbelief.”what are you doing Annika stand up and don’t behave like a child”he said while rubbing his forehead with his index finger “No I will not stand up until you will tell me it’s meaning” she said like a stubborn child while shivaay sighed.

He just went to her and forcefully scoop her in his arms while she hit him on his chest with her soft hands and he made her sit inside the car locking it so that she doesn’t escape once again.”billuji just tell me the meaning. You bagad billa you are really bad I hate you wait I will make the theme of your wedding purple purple than you will regret not telling me it’s meaning”she said with a pout while shivaay started the car ignoring her curses and when he reached her house he stopped the car and asked her to go out”see I’m warning you and I’m hell serious I will make the whole thing purple and also made you wear purple clothes so just tell m—“she tried once again but her words caught in her mouth when she saw him moving closer to her. She inturn was moving backward and when her head smack with the window she looked with nervousness towards him.

“what are you doing billuji? ” she whispered being Out of breath.”showing you what is hickey” he too whispered and moved towards the other side of her neck and gave a bite there. She hissed in pain as it hurt Her While she felt a lot of fireworks bursting inside her tummy making her feel giddy. She gave out a soft sigh as his tongue acted as a balm to her wound Making him smile against her skin. She was lost In her own world when she realized that he was sitting in his seat properly having a save distance between them with a devilish grin.

“hmm I hope you got the meaning of the word hickey and now you will not make my wedding theme purple”he said simply while the smirk was still in it’s place perfectly. Annika turned in a deeper shades of red and was not able to meet his gaze. She looked everywhere except his eyes and after a few seconds open the car’s door and made her way out.

As she was going to step on the first stair she felt a tug on her wrist”you haven’t given me my asnwer”shivaay’s husky voice was heard from behind”Yes I got it”she said with great difficulty and get out of his hold. ” and I hope that you won’t ask me any meaning of any word from now on but if you still do it than it will be my pleasure to make you know about it’s meaning”he said a little aloud while annika turned “cheapde kahin ke”she said a little aloud and went inside her house closing the door and leaning against it. She could hear him chuckle from outside and after a few second there was The screech sound of a car zooming out.

She sat there for sometime and her hands involuntary went towards the hickey she got from shivaay and smiled dreamily. Shivaay on the other hand was smiling like a fool through out his drive and when he reached home everyone would have seen his changed behavior, Omru grinned like idiots at each other as they totally understood that something had happened between his brother and Annika Didi through their drive towards home.


The END.

I know I’ve messed it up at the last but still I was missing the old days of IB very much. So here the result and I hope I didn’t Bored you all and you all liked it.

With Love,
-Anya ; )

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  1. Awww, it was lovely
    Even I miss the old IB days, n the current track is just getting on my nerves. …

  2. Pooja26

    o god !!!!!!!
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  3. Thedreamsoul

    This is so sweet and Awesome Anya dear , you wrote it so well that I didn’t want to stop reading . The hickey part was funny and cute too , I just thought it will end where Shivaye and Anika are together . He is really a Naughty Singh oberio ! Loved it and keep writing dear ?

  4. Awesome

  5. Mehakchalag

    Amazing..Yaade tazaa ho gyi.Too good loved it.

  6. Haridhra

    Wht Anya di do u even know wht’s the meaning of bore.. U r a thief di, u stole my heart ?? with u OS n I will kill u if u say it was boring.. N loved the jalna wala SSO ..poor Ani didn’t knw wht’s the meaning n ended up as a tomato??..(hehee)… Di U know wht I’m now fully painted with laal
    (wink).. Ur last few paras did oh my mata to my lips it’s not getting over the kidkitod smile. Waise Shiv tu itna naughty bi hun haan …u did it intentionally so u can show the meaning to her u naughty boy???..As always I’m in love with ur writings di..???

  7. Neha_Pheonix

    Awesome..Haha hickey..Anika was blushing ohhh. Great job done, naughty shivu…I remembered the bhuk wala dialog after reading this.

  8. It’s just superb…. awesome….loved it….

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    It was lovely anya…liked it…even i didn’t know its meaning….hehehe

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      Hello Kanfi! Hahaha..No problem!I hope you too understood it’s meaning!
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    Awesome, fabulous, lovely ??loved it to the core

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  12. It is very nice anya di.i am too missing those old days

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    Beautiful os

  14. Jerry_36

    Hey Anya. Its amazing dear. How can you feel it is boring. I love the story through and through. Dare you say it boring !!
    Shivaay becomes Jealous Singh Oberoi? Hickey concept was a great idea to put in. Bahut achha samjhya shivaay ne,now she will never forget?
    Come with more. Love yaa❤

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