Shivika OS || Dinner Chaos ||

Shivika OS || Dinner Chaos||

Shivaay dragged his feet back and forth, he don’t know what to do, upstairs his wife had trapped herself in one of the guest room, that too far away from their room and was not at all in a mood to open the doors, much to his dismay. But now what can he do? He was the reason behind all this. He made her angry, but she should understand his situation too.

Shivaay had totally forgotten about the dinner plan, more precisely he was forced to forget about it, the reason for this was annika was going to cook food for everyone today, for the third time and the difference was just that today everyone will be the target of that awful dishes, he shouldn’t say this but still the taste of burnt butter paneer masala and those boiled vegetables haunt him to no extend but being a caring husband, which indeed he is,will ever so easily gulp them down who always refused to pass through his throat.

He was asked to come home fast so that they all will have the dinner together but out of the blue, that exact evening one of his closest buddy from Cambridge, showed up in his office and then everything went so blurry he didn’t realize that he was freaking late that too with full stomach.

Reaching home when he saw his family in the dinning room, he had simply refused to take even a bite, little did he notice the shocked expression on everyone face, or rather the hurt expression on his beautiful wife’s face he would have laughed at that very moment saying that he was just kidding but it didn’t happened.

when he started to move towards his room,annika called him and when he turned at that exact moment someone from the table warned him to bend down and so in an instant, he did and he was glad for doing that because if he hadn’t done it then a plate full of some kind of dish, would have been plastered on his face, because annika had thrown the plate on his face, cursing him under her breath as her eyes filled with unshed tears.

He was thrown back to the earth when he heard Rudra saying that he was really disappointed with him as how come he did this to his bhabhi who had especially made all his favorite dishes and it was surprisingly tasty but they doubt that annika hadn’t listen anything as she just made a ran towards the guest room. Shivaay cursed himself under his breath that how come he had been so forgetful? He was feeling guilty for doing this to her.

“Sir you called me”Khanna said in urgency, “Yes, I called you and consider this as your last call”shivaay said with a straight face, making khanna look at him in confusion”Why Sir?”

“Because you are blo*dy fired” shivaay said with a swift of his hand making him gasped in shock. “but how? Have I done anything wrong?”

“yes you have done wrong”he said irritately “You never reminded me that today I had to go home early”

This sentence was met with a series of gasp which belonged to his own family, and the most high pitched was of his soon-to-be-ex-bodyguard (according to him), who was at the verge of having a severe heart attack.

“You never told me about it”this was an instant reply when khanna recovered from the shock.

“but you must have told me that”Shivaay was repulsive “I should go home as it is late”

Khanna was at short of words, he dare to say his ill tempered boss to go home as it is late, and when once he had told him, he was shower with a month of cold glares and even his salary was at the verge of being cut down and from then on he never in his wildest dream thought to ask him that awful question and see the irony, here his boss is accusing him for not reminding him to go home as it is late when he was busy with one of his staunchest old chap.

“Shivaay stop this nonsense”Janvi said sternly “Khanna you can go now, i think your Shivaay sir had really lost his mind, he is accusing you for nothing”

“But ma’am”khanna fumbled giving a glance at shivaay who was looking like he had been slapped on his face.

“don’t worry, you are not fired and no one , i said no one is going to do that to you, you can go now” dadi said affirmately.

The smile on khanna’s face was something worth to be captured and with just a last glance he was out of the threshold of the mansion.

“Why you send him?” Shivaaay started doing back forth again”I never told you to do that”

When he didn’t heard a word from anyone, he stopped in his tracks to see his whole family gazing at him accusingly, “why you’ll are looking at me like this?” He fumbled because he know he was wrong but getting deadly glares from everyone he know he can’t save himself from his family because he had done a sin making their Annika sad, and so a defeated sigh escaped his mouth and he sat on the couch.

“I’m sorry” he whispered which to his oblivion everyone heard it but instead of forgiving him each of the Oberoi ladies passed him some taunt and moved to their respective rooms leaving the Men alone who was looking at him sympathetically and he was glad that they were with him but rudra was no less then the ladies he was continuously passing comments on how he can be so irresponsible and many more.

“I think” shivaay said thoughtfully “I need to talk to annika”

“Oh waoh! Bravo Shivaay” Om said amusement dripping from his words “At last, after doing all this stupidity, you got to know that you have to talk to annika, what a smartass you are”

Everyone passed each other a glance of knowing look,”we can’t do anything,” Tej said “it’s between you and her so you had to figure it out yourself”

And for the first time, Shivaay had to say that one word which he thought he will never say to anyone other then his wife,, “Please I need your help”

soon an idea came from rudra who said that this is all because he hate seeing his bhabhi sad and so shivaay was helplessly, irrevocably left with the only option in hand, that is climbing the pipe to the room and entering it through the balcony.

After a few minutes, khanna came running with a long ladder, well being called after a few minutes where he was being threaten to fired and asked to bring a ladder was really new for him but he also know that his boss’s wife is someone who can make his arrogant boss do anything. Om placed the ladder carefully leaning it towards the small balcony of the room where annika reside and looked at shivaay.

“Is there no other option then this?” Shivaay asked helplessly, but got only one answer that was a No, he could see all of them suppressing their laughter and even khanna was doing the same, because of her he had to do all this but at the same time he was scared too.

“I would rather go for a picnic with Hitler rather then doing this,it’s kind of dangerous..” shivaay said eyeing the length of the ladder.

“Brother, Love is beyond fear “Rudra commented but that exact moment, a smack was met on the back of his head from Om, “It’s ‘Victory is beyond fear'” he corrected him but rudra shrugged it off, saying in this situation that line was more suitable.

“Shivaay you can do this,My boy” both of the senior Oberoi tapped his shoulder simultaneously and with that shivaay was climbing it. “I’ll surely throw that shitty phone of yours if you’ll continue to do that” shivaay screamed at khanna who was taking the video but he was smirking at his boss” we never get to see this scene ever so just wanted to capture it for the future” he said “Sir just be like that” and he took a snap as he winked and shivaay cringed in response. If he wasn’t on the ladder then khanna would have been dead until now.

“Bro stop screaming and do the needful else I’m going to leave this ladder” Rudra countered and with that shivaay was focused on his work, making other chuckle in response.

Taking each step cautiously he finally was able to reach the balcony and heaved a sigh of relief that he reached there without having any broken bone. Looking down at the men he smiled as all of them gave him a thumbs up as if trying to encourage him.

“I hope he will be alive, bhabhi was really angry,I’ll surely miss him” Rudra said as he moved towards the hall with the others, hearing his words everyone laughed and hoped for the best.

Settling the blue transparent curtains aside so he could have a view of the dim lighted room with out any hindrance, he saw it empty, moving with slow steady steps he got to know that she was inside the washroom,”God please help me, what the hell have you done shivaay?”he murmured some curses under his breath rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

Annika cleaned her face with the towel as she walked her way out of the washroom, she went towards the mirror and looked at her self, she was still red with anger, why wouldn’t she? having secret cooking classes from the last few months so that she could learn to cook food, just for him and when she dare to do that, he came home saying he had eaten a lot and didn’t want to eat more. Was there any forgiveness for this?No.

Cursing her husband under her breath, she caught something in the mirror and turned to see her evil husband leaning on the balcony doors, a grin plastered on his face.Something surged through her and she was back on her angry mode,”what the freaking hell are you doing here?” she started to move towards him”and from where have you came? I have locked the door, I assume”

“Well firstly, I’m in one of my guest room, you see, my house my room”he shrugged “and secondly, because of you, I had to come from the balcony” he pointed towards his back showing her the ladder which peeked from the railing.

She gasped, not because how he came but how he was so full of himself.

“you know what Shivaay” she started “You are a king of ego—”


“No,A general of the jackass Army , admiral of the Idiot navy–“she was so angry, her nose was literally red in color.

“Woohoo! Lady dragon”Shivaay said amused” I get it, that I’m a big Idiot”

“Captain of idiotic” she corrected not at all looking at him while he sigh.

“yeah, you are right,” he said warily, turning her towards himself “I’m crazy annika, I just wanted to hit myself for doing this but trust me I have never in my wildest dream had though to hurt you, can’t i stand a second chance?”

“No”she said looking straight in his eye”You shouldn’t have done that shivaay, You know I was so excited for this, but you just…you just ruined it”

Seeing tears brimming in her eyes, he felt worst, he really shouldn’t have done that, Oh gosh, he will never forgive himself.

He left her and moved towards the washroom, she looked perplexed by this just stare as he went inside and with in second he was back but two bucket of water was accompanying him,”You can literally drown me in water if it requires but please don’t be angry with me”

She refrain the sudden urge to go and pull his cheeks and tried hard not to smile at his cuteness. She know she can never be angry with him but been a little upset can be acceptable.

“I won’t do this”she said as she turned from his side,her back facing him.

And soon the sound of water splashing entered her eardrum and she turned, her mouth hanging in the air,eyes widen in shock as a head to toe drenched shivaay stood there with a puppy face, the two empty buckets laid beside him, And soon bubbles of laughter danced inside her stomach and she started laughing like a maniac, “Oh god”she said between her laughter”What have you done shivaay?”

She moved towards him not before taking a towel, and rubbed his face with it,”I’m sorry” he whispered not meeting her eyes anymore, she laughed again and giving a peck on his cheeks she said, “I Love you”

Shivaay’s eyes literally came out of his sockets as he stood there in the flood of water surrounding him,”what the wuck!” it was so instant, before he could excess it, the word was out of his throat.

She smiled and made him sit on the bed,”I’m not angry anymore, after what you’ve done with yourself but yes, from now on don’t do this again, otherwise i will surely drown you in water”

suddenly She giggled a little, when she remembered what she did,throwing the plate at him was all new for her but she wasn’t in her senses, whatever was on her palm, she threw it at him “I have literally threw the plate on your face, I hope it’s enough”She smiled cheekily drying his hair “thanks to gauri who saved me, otherwise your shot was so perfect, but it was so unexpected”Shivaay said not at all able to pocess the mere idea of it.

“I know, I was too shock”she once again giggled, now sitting beside him with a thud.

There was silence for a few second but it didn’t last long as both of them were laughing like maniac landing themselves on the bed sheet.

After catching his breath, shivaay turned as his face rested on his elbow, he looked intendly at his wife who was still laughing.Feeling the heated gaze at the side of her cheeks she stopped”What?”she asked turning towards him”I’m sorry” he said again and annika shook her head in disbelief,”I told you, I’m not angry anymore” she whispered looking at his startling blue eyes, “I just…”he trailed off, shrugging his shoulder.

There was silence again, they were so close, there breath was mingling with each other, when something flickered in shivaay’s eyes as his eyes moved from her eyes towards her lips and again, it was so fast,annika would have ignored it but she didn’t.

“Annika”he whispered while she just hummed, their eyes still locked.

“What?”she asked when she didn’t heard anything from him,”nothing”he said ever so softly,making her breath erratic.

“You behave so weirdly sometimes Shivaay” she racked his eyes with her piercing one “it’s hard to say what you’re thinking or what you want” looking at the white ceiling she gave out a sigh unable to look at him anymore.

“Do you want to know what I want?”he whispered,laying back on the bed,his clothes wet, but he was smiling.

“yes” she nodded

“I want to kiss you”the words just rolled out of his throat like silk as he rolled to her side,looking at her.

“So why aren’t you doing it?”she swallowed hard, looking straight into his eyes.

“I thought you won’t like it, after all what I did”

Annika sighed, she really don’t know what is going to happen with him?he is really a gone case. Holding his cheeks with her palm,she moved closer, letting her lips brush against his,”but I will love it” and with that, he rolled over her and smashed his lips against her,while she opened her mouth to let him in.the wave of desire surging through their veins.

She locked her finger in his wet hair while he wounded his hand at waist, the bed dipping further in as they tasted each other hungrily.

breaking apart,they looked at each other,trying to calm their breath”more”she moaned and pulled him again for a ravishing kiss.

they were still busy with each other when the knock on the door made them move apart, “who would have been here at this time?”he asked as he stood up while she composed herself,he went and open the door slightly to see rudra grinning at him,”Oh great, so you are alive, I thought..”he trailed off making shivaay roll his eyes, “do you want something?”he asked from behind the door,his face only visible to rudra.

Rudra made an irked face but move a little aside and came back”Bhabhi hadn’t eaten anything” he eyed the food on the tray which he was holding,”I thought to let you know”

now opening the door fully shivaay took the tray with a smile full of gratitude, but he didn’t knew that rudra will start laughing,”What?”Shivaay asked accusingly “Oh gosh, that’s the reason you weren’t opening the door’he said between his laugh eyeing his clothes who were fully wet, shivaay cursed himself under his breath”I think you should go and sleep, it’s already midnight” saying so he shut the door at a laughing rudra who screamed a good night.

“what was rudra saying?”annika asked as she came out of the washroom “he said that his crazy bhabhi didn’t have her dinner”he said sternly making her smile sheepishly,”Actually, I was angry so I didn’t..”she trailed off.

“but now you will”, he made her sit beside him,”I’m not hungry”she tried to protest but shivaay didn’t listen”Okay I will, but you will also eat with me”

“if you haven’t even told this, I would have eaten”he grinned and annika popped a morsel into his mouth making him close his eyes in bliss as he chew the food,the food she made for him,”how’s it?”annika asked with hopefull eyes,”It’s amazing! No it’s out of the world” Shivaay answered as he took another mouthful making annika squeal like a small girl.

“is it?”she asked unable to believe”Yes”saying so he put a morsel into her mouth”now say,is it a lie?”he asked and annika shaked her head negatively.

“I just can’t believe I made this”her eyes were wide open making shivaay chuckle at her cute antics,he leaned forward and gave a peck on her lips”well the same is with me”he grinned as annika hit his shoulder playfully.

“but really I won’t ever forget this dinner chaos”


he laughed out loud.


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