Shivika Os || My Crazy WIFE ||

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Shivika Os || My Crazy Wife ||

It was a usual day in Oberoi Mansion and all the members were having their breakfast talking with each other when suddenly Rudra screamed OH MY MATA making everyone look at the direction where rudra’s eyes were stuck and a no. of gasp escaped their mouth while Om literally chocked on his food as there stood Shivaay singh Oberoi in Jeans and shirt. Annika was the only one who was looking at him admirably while Shivaay was embarresed.

“Saumya please pinch me as I’m seeing bhaiya in this attire” rudra said and a highly shock saumya pinched him making his hiss in pain”Ahh.. not that strong also” he said “And this true! Oh gosh! Bhaiya is really wearing this. Let me take a pic of it” he said amused and took out his phone to take some pic of him. Shivaay came forward and with an awkward smile wished everyone while all of them just nodded not able to make a sentence. He next to annika and Gauri as all of them continue to gawk at him. “Oh my mata shivaay what happens to you? have you fever or what?” pinky came to his side and checked his forehead but it was normal “Yes mom I’m fine what will happen to me?” he asked irritately and with taht everyone started to question him about this.

“Enough Everyone Enough! Not a word more regarding this I swear I will not leave anyone of you” he screamed amking everyone stop and act as if they were busy having their breakfast. “Ok I’m running late,I’m going to office” with that he stood up to go “You will go like this”everyone chorused except annika making him close his eyes in frustation “I said nit a word regarding this didn’t I? and what is the problem in going like this?is there any problem?” he aksed and without hearing anyone’s answer he made his way outside the mansion. He stood their for sometime when he heard the sound of his family laughing like crazy and he knew that annika had told them about the deal.


Never in his wildest dreams Khanna had thought to see his well mentained boss,The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi in jeans and casual shirt because from the last 7 years of his duty he had seen him in three piece business suit and thought to see him like this in the coming future but today seeing the scene in front of him had shook his believe into ashes as there stood his Kanji Aakhon waale bagad bille boss,as mention by his boss wife in a simple White Shirt with Deep blue check paired with a denim jeans And white keds , hair which always mixed with jel like water and sugar was today in a messy condition. Oh how this can be happened?He must be dreaming?Right?Because this is impossible. His boss dress like this will only be possible if the sun will set in the east which is not gonna happen. So this is not at all true.

Wake up khanna you are on your duty and it’s a bad habit sleeping at your working hours. He mentally said to himself and tried to wake up when he saw his boss calling him out. He shrugged it off because he thought that it was just a dream and turned his head when the sharp yet angry voice of his boss entered his eardrum and he was back to reality,shock to hell that this all things were true and he was not at all dreaming. Oh good lord his boss will not leave him as he was calling him and he being the foolish thought that it was just a dream and didn’t went to him.

He walked to shivaay who was fuming in anger but when khanna got the view of his boss once again in his attire he shook his head to believe taht he was dreaming and blinked his eyes twice in an attempt that this all will be vanished but to his utter disbelief it didn’t. “Khanna have you lost it?Why are you gawking at me as if I have done a crime?” shivaay asked irritately while khanna continue to stare at him with those looks.

Shivaay felt embaressed but didn’t show it and now screamed his heart out making him flinch in response and bowing his head down. “I’m blo*dy talking to you? Can’t you listen and I said you not to give me that stare dare you do that again” shivaay threatened him,pointing his finger at him while khanna just pouted”If you’ll come like this then I had to give you these stare sir”he whispered making shivaay groan in frustation.

He closed his eyes so that he can control his anger which was now touching it’s peak right now and he is worried that what will happen in the office when he will enter there,Khanna is shocked than what will happen to the rest of them. “Khanna let’s go it’s getting late for the office and today I have an important deal to crack so move” he ordered khanna who had his mouth wide open and eyes seemed to pop out at any instant.

“You will go like this? Like really?”he asked him and whispered the latter to himself. “What do you mean that I will go like this? Ain’t I’m wearing clothes and shoes that you are asking me that how can I go like this” shivaay screamed at him frustatingly”But sir how–” khanna was cut of by shivaay”Khanna Enough! I’m running late let’s go”shivaay ordered hoarsily making khanna nod his head affirmatively and with that he ran to the garage to bring the car for shivaay.

Within a second the car was in front of him. Khanna just came out and opened the door for his boss and then sat in the driver seat and zoomed towards the office. He was just looking at him from the rear mirror whenever he got the time and when he saw shivaay looking up he instantly looked the other side. He was shock to hell that his sir was going to office in this attire and an urge to ask him about it make his mouth open “Sir can I ask you a question?” khanna asked with a trembling voice while shivaay just hummed in response as he was busy reading the newspaper “sir aapne ye kapre kyu pehne hai?” he asked in a curious tone while shivaay looked up at that very instant and gave a glare towards him “I said I won’t give any explanations regarding this so shut the hell up” shivaay said angrily while khanna just nodded his head like an obedient employee and continue to drive.

All his way he was wondering what was the reason behind this sudden change of his boss when a particular person came to his mind and he smiled proudly as he was able to make out why his boss was doing this or more precisely forced to do it. And once again the urge to make his thoughts clear he tried to ask him once again but was scared a bit. Soon they reached the Office and when shivaay was going to open the open to come out Khanna stopped him “Sir” he said making shivaay look up at him with a confused look “Yes khanna what happened” he aksed looking at his phone as a msg came up “Hmm ek doubt clear karna tha” he said while shivaay just nodded his head.

Taking it as a affirmation from his side “Kya aap ye kapre annika madam ke wajah se pehne hai? Q ki wahi hai jo aapse ye sabh karwa sakti hai. She is just awsm” Khanna started in a frightened voice but later it was turned into a proud as well as admired tone. Shivaay was shocked to hell but at the same time hearing praises from someone forced him to smile a bit but it soon changed itno an irked face “What the wuck! Khanna I told you not to talk about this matter didn’t I? and it’s nothing like that”he said in a warning tone and started fumbling at the last. Khanna know that his boss was lying as whenever he say something false he started to fumble.

“Kya aap sach bol rahe Sir?” he asked casually looking at him with an spectacle look from the rear mirror. Shivaay just shut his eyes as he was not able to tell a lie. Oh what will happen with you shivaay?You weren’t able to say a lie to your bodygaurd? get a grip on yourself,he thought and with a shrug opened the door and went away leaving a grinning khanna behind.

As soon as he went towards the door the gatekeeper who was working there for more than 10 years had his mouth open wide while Shivaay seemed unefected as now these reactions were normal for him although deep down he was feeling like puking but still he maintained his composure as he was in his office. The man stood up from gis seat,mouth still open and with a shocked voice greeted him A Good morning as well as a happy day while shivaay with a nod went inside muttering “Who said this is a good morning? It’s the worst morning. Oh god why I just agreed to Annika’s will? you had went insane shivaay. INSANE.” he muttered angerly while making his way to the elevator escaping the gasp and muttering of the people around him as he walked past them.

He just stood there waiting for the elevator to come when a slight tab on his shoulder made him turn and with that the person stilled. “Sir you here?” Mishra asked terribly shocked “What do you mean Mishra? I’m in my Office not in a park that you are asking me why I’m here” he said irritately as this was the umpteenth time he is facing this situation and this is all because of his Crazy Wife. “It should be me to ask you that are you in a park or what?” the man asked amused while shivaay just stared at him as if he was going to eat him alive. Mishra just gulped down his saliva as he now know the consequences of it. “Mishra just leave me alone do you get it otherwise you will be fired” shivaay tried to calm himself and with that entered the elevator making the man sigh in relief.

As shivaay entered he pressed the last button of the floor and stood there for it to come. “Oh gosh! Annika what have you done to me” he sigh a defeated one.



Rudra stood at the kitchen door and was keeping an eye everywhere wearing a binoculars. He turned around and gave a thumbs up to annika who was looking at his expectedly.She gave a sigh of relief and started to work on her dish which she is secretly making for Shivaay as from the last 1 week she is learning this dish from Gauri and finally she held up her courage and made up her mind that today she will make the food today for shivaay. It was a surprise so she had made Rudra to stand outside the kitchen to keep a check so that shivaay didn’t got to know that she was making something, else he would run away from there as the nightmare of burnt Paneer Butter Masala came haunting him and whenever there is a mention that annika is going to cook today he would not come the whole day, and would come late at night when everyone was asleep.

“Bhabhi!” Rudra screamed making her flinch in response and making the knife slip from her hand. “what shivaay is coming, Oh No! thus can’t happen.” she whispered as she heard the scream getting more loud and fast. She moved towards the door to remind rudra to stop shivaay rather than screaming like a child who had seen a cockroach on the floor but to her dis belief she was right as there Rudra stood no scratch that,he was jumping here and there screaming bhabhi again and again as near the corner of the right pillar stood a cockroach. she just smack her head for keeping this dumbell on this duty and went screamed his name making him stop “bhabhi cockroach” he said and went and stood behind her hiding himself.

Annika turned with an irked look and gave a smack on his forehead with the spoon which she was holding”What the hell is this Rudra?you just got scared to look at the cockroach and top of that you scared me”she said with a sigh while rudra pouted. “What would have I done bhabhi? You know na I got scared of cockroaches and so it happened” Rudra tried to justify his deeds with a puppy face while annika melt away seeing him like this. “Ok leave it it happens” saying this she once again went to the kitchen to do the left over thing not before asking him to continue his work.

After an hour everything was ready! Annika called Omri as well as Rumya so that they could predict the dish. As soon as Rudra entered he was the one to go to vessel and with a spoonful of it put it in his mouth,he jumped in pain as it was hot and saumya was the one to have him drink the water to lesson his pain. “What Rudra who does this? You should have blown some air on it so that it become warm but see whta you have done? You always tell me that I’m foodie and all but what do we think now?” Saumya scolded him while he just twisted his mouth in a wierd way “I just wanted to taste the dish first as I was the one who helped bhabhi in keeping a check outside”he pouted.

“Arre saumya I think rudra is right BTW how’s it?” annika asked with a hopeful eyes “Actually in all this I wasn’t able to taste it perfectly” he smiled sheepishly while the rest rolled their eyes in disbelief. “Tera kuch nahi ho sakta Rudra”Om said smacking his head lightly.

“Arre waah! Annika bhabhi this is amazing. You have made it ten times better then me”Gauri said as soon as she had a morsel of it making annika smile brightly. Om and saumya too tasted it and they also praised it.

Later in the evening-

Shivaay came home late at night from a hectic day when he saw annika waiting for him on the dining table. He went towards her while adjusting his blazer on his shoulder and put his hand on her shoulder while making her come out of her daze state. ” Annika? you havn’t slept yet?” he aksed concerned while she stood up and made him sit on one of the chairs and started to serve him the food. Shivaay was delighted to see Stuffed bell peppers for his dinner. “Hey these are my favourite” Shivaay said making annika give him a wide smile “Yes I know now eat as it is really late” she said,he was going to have a spoonful of it when he stopped making annika look at him confused “What happen?” ” nothing. Have you eaten your dinner?” he asked concerned while annika bow her head. “I knew it! Annika Iv’e told you a hundred times that have your dinner when I’m late but you never listen to me” He scolded her while she murmured an apology.

“Ok have this” he said and made her had a spoonful of it while annika to did the same and this is how they have their dinner. “this tasted like Gauri had made this Does it?” he asked curiously “it tasted much more better than that” he exclaimed happily as he really loved the food. “Hmm..actually I made it” she whispered while fidgeting with her finger making shivaay eyes widen in shock. “Are you serious?did you made it?” he aksed shock when he whine in pain as annika pinched him”What the wuck! What was that annika?” he asked irritated. ” I did it to make you realize that it was me who had made this” she said with a wide grin mkaing his smile at her lovingly. “But still I can’t believe that you made this” he teased her “Shivaay!” she chided making him chuckle.

“ok sorry now for this dish I’m gonna gift you something,just ask me anything I will do ot for you” he said while caressing her cheeks “But there is no need o–” she was cut off by the index finder of his on her lips “Shhh.. now just tell me” he asked her softly. “Okay let me think” and with that she started to think about it,”You will do watever I will ask you to do?” she asked after a long pause “Anya doubt?” he aksed with a raised eyebrow”No not at all but still first oromise me that you will do it” she said and withbthat both of them entangled their pinky with each other doing a pinky promise.he saw a mischievous smile on her face making him fear the most but he waited for her to continue”hmm.. for one day you will wear Shirt and Jeans with–” she was cut off by him ” What the wuck! Are you joking right annika?” he asked shocked.

“No not at all and wait I havn’t finished yet, so where was I,Yes you will wear jeans and shirt with no gel and you will wear keds and you will go to office like this” she ended with a grin but shivaay’s eyes were popping out on her each words,he gulped down a glass full of water but chock at her words”And you had promised me that you will do this because we shouldn’t break Pinky Promise and I know you will not do that” Annika was doing salsa in her mind seeing shivaay shocked face. She just pulled his cheeks while he made an irked face “Kitne cute lag rahe hai aap shivaay” she said and then kissed his cheeks making him smile but it last only for a second.

“No annika I can’t do this.And that too in Office? No never! I had a reputation there” shivaay stood up from his chair “Okay so can’t do even this small thing for your wife? and in top of that you promised me that you will do it but you are breaking it” she said melo dramatically faking some tears. Shivaay was trapped in a very big mess because if he will not do it then annika will be sad and if he will do it then he will be sad,more precisely but annika’s happiness is more than big than all this “Shuvaay it’s just for a day you can do this” he mentally tried to encourage himself and with closed eyed he said yes making annika jump over him like a small child muttering a I Love You with a peck.

Flashback End.


The beep sound of the elevator made his come out of his thoughts and he realised he had reached his floor. With deep breath he exit and moved to his cabin and the same thing happened,he could hear gasp,his Secretary wished him shocked but within a second it was changed into a seductive smile as she was lost in his charm. He smirked but made his way to his cabin as soon as possible. as all of them were staring at him if they have seen a ghost.

As he sat on the chair he thought about his crazy wife. What have she done to him? He is going all this crazy thing juat for her sake .The Shivaay Singh Oberoi never in his wildest dream he had thought that he will do this. But see he is here though in jeans and shirt that too in his office. She had completely changed him but at times she also horrified him because of her antics but he will always love her. These are the only things which make hee differ from everyone and she is his Annika. His wife and he felt lucky to have her. But now he just wanted to curse her because of his situation,he don’t know what will happen this all day but he will do it, he will get over all this in just few hours.

“My crazy wife!” he sigh and started to check his schedule for the day and hope everything will went fast so that he can go to home as soon as possible.


So this is it! I know at last I just messed it but I hope you all like it. I was a little bored in writing angst filled story so thought to write something refreshing.

Author’s note.
Hello my dearest readers well I wanted to say sorry to you all because I wasn’t able to reply to you on my previous works.I was struck with some work so wasn’t able to do it and so I wanted to thank each one you for the feedbacks it really means to mean.

This is especially for Cutiepie aka Jerry my darling.❤ thank you very much for that long feedback and you can take this is as a rectification for making you cry and as well for those who had felt sad after reading my last previous works.I’m really sorry for that.

With Love,

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  1. Sairan

    Out of the box.. amazingggggg

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      Thank you <3

  2. Awesome. I wish ki ib mey bhi aisa ho.
    Toooooooooo good.

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  3. Anujohnson

    OMG this is too good my I was trying to control my laughter because mom and dad were here..or else I would Have laughed to the fullest. Enjoyed it to the fullest….

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      Anu *Big hug* Thank you verymuch darling.Glad that you like it.

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    Seriously outstanding. Couldn’t get a laugh better than this di

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  5. Kanfi

    Hey anya,…
    It wss sooo cute,,…
    Sso becomes sweet singh oberoi….!!

    Its beautifulll….!!!

    U r a wonderful writer,-.!!masha allah

    When will u post next part of yr ff’s….eagerly waiting

    Gd night

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      As now it is night,gud ni8 to you too baby.

  6. awesome

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  7. arre waah!ekdum kidkitodh!
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    update sume more soon

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      InshaAllah will come with more. : )

  8. plz continue this OS, or maybe write a reversed version also, where anika has to do what shivaay says… u r 1 of d best when it comes to OS

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thankooo Baby!
      Well I was thinking of the same, and If times permit me than I will surely think to write something regarding this. ; )

  9. Your os are just fantabulous n this one is also tablatodh.How I wish in real ib also shivaay is seen wearing this kind of outfit n shown this kind of craziness.thanks for making me smile as I was really disturbed

    1. Anyakhan32

      Hhahahahha Tablatod! It was hillarious, Well thankoo vey mmuch for your kind words dear <3
      I hope now you are feeling welll and glad that I was able to lift up your mood dear.

      stay blessed and happy,
      Anya ; )

  10. Gayathri.visu

    OMG! The great SSO wears jeans n casual shirt!! Unbelievable man! But this is different thought. I loved it. I still laughing like a mad. This is totally opposite from the prev one. Last time I cried very much but this time I can’t control my laughter……

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you baby!<3
      Glad that I was able to make you laugh as in my last previous works everything was sad sad! : ( but anyways Thank you once again.

  11. Surbhi Sharma

    GOD !! This is totally amazing. As usual you have nailed it di .
    You are seriously a fabulous writer . I really love your writing . Muahhhh?????

    And post soon , the sequel of main phir bhi tumko chahunga . Waiting for it . ??

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you Surbhi for your kind words <3 ( correct me if i'm wrong)

  12. ‘Aww-dorable’… ?
    Totally it was one of your cutest Os ever!…
    I really loved it.. ?..
    It was cute with a dash of humour too. ?..
    Our SSO turned from Sophisticated Singh Oberoi to Cool Singh Oberoi for his dear ‘crazy wife’ ???…
    Amazing concept… ?
    Post more such amazing Os soon…?

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you Sofiya <3
      Yes bagad billa turned to billu. ; )
      Will surely do it.

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      Thank you dear. <3

  14. Wow!!!! Just amazing!!!
    Like who would imagine ‘The Shivaay Singh Oberoi’ wearing casuals to his office…
    Superbbbbbbb thought… Loved it!!!!

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you Bhavana <3 well I will always take him as Nakuul Mehta. ; )

  15. Priyadas

    It was really cute dear… I seriously was imagining the real tadibaaz SSO like that… The OS was awesome and really funny…. Do come up with more like the same….

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you dear fopr your kind words <3
      Will surely come up with more.

  16. Wonderful.. loved it…

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      Thank you dear <3

  17. Jerry_36

    Hey Anya !! Today once again I am lacking with words?? That was so sweet of you to dedicate this ever amazing os to me. Really touched by your gesture❤

    I never try to give you long comments but when I have to describe your works, words do not stop and I go on writing, appreciating you?

    I loved the picture of Nakul ?!! He is looking so handsome. Coming to the os , your title My Crazy Wife, justifies it all. The os is fantabulously fantastic?

    Poor Shivaay ?!! He was in a such a romantic mood and Anika did Oh My Maata of him. He faced so much embarrassment the whole day, I was having a hard time to control my laughter, true I did not cry this time, it was so hilarious?

    Lovely one. So cool and yess a out of the box thought, your awesomeness overloaded ideas are just driving me crazy? This was just superb se bhi upar.

    Finally, I know I am sounding a little irritating but I am desperately waiting for your next part of Pal bhar? I am having a hard time resistaning myself to ask you again again. Do post soon?

    And thank you very much for giving this stress buster os. It was a little releif after reading your Pal Bhar- the emotional turmoil. Love you loads❤❤

    1. Anyakhan32

      Cutiepie *Big Hug* Thank you very much for this.As always my heart is overwhelmed by this. : )
      Well when I was writing this I was having a picture of Nakuul Mehta in my head and so this is the result,Well I have writtten it on my phone as much before I was in a function and was bored so started to write this but ended it yesterday 😛 I’m really glad that you like this piece darling. Well Iv’e updated it,you can have a look on it. And don’t feel embarresed in asking me when I will be updating it or will you update it as before being a writter much before I was a reader and Iv’e experienced this or more precisely experiencing it yet.

      Love yaa,
      -Anya <3

  18. Arthi

    This was ek dham kidikithod perfect…… Just imagining the great taadibaaz SSO in this attire…….and it was spell bound dear……. Do post some more like this …

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you Arthi <3 Well you can imagine him as nakuul Mehta! ; ))

  19. Awesome….Loved it…
    Shivaay is an amazing husband….
    He was totally embarrassed not only infront of his family bt also his workers….
    Kept smiling throughout….
    Keep Writing….. 🙂

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you dear <3 He is indeed the best husband and he can do anything for his dearest wife,For his paanika's happiness.

  20. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…. You know what dear… While reading your update I can’t stop my laughing and my friends look me as a alien because I was in a computer lab…..
    You are too good dear….
    Eagerly waiting for your next updates…

    1. Anyakhan32

      hahahaha.. Der control yourself It’s a bad habit laughing in the public.Ok kuch zyada hogaya? right? hehehehe.. arre I also can’t stop my laughter so it is completely normal,and if they feel like you are crazy than scream at them and admit it that you are crazy! Everyone is crazy and so I’m.–very simple you know?
      Thankoo very mch!


  21. FANTASTIC…………sorry for commenting late……… was funny , cute , awwdorable and much more………….would u like to accept me as ur little sis anya di ?

    1. Anyakhan32

      Arre it’s completely ok if you are commenting late my darling and I will accept you as my little sis with wide open arms.Love you my choti chuhiya(Ok from now on I will be callling you this ; ) ope you like it )

      Love from your sis,
      -Anya <3

  22. Yvonne Codner

    Anya, this OS was super funny..I was DWL all the way to the end..Thanks for the humor!!

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      Thank you darling <3 Glad that I was able to make you laugh.

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    Amazing updt

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