SHIVIKA OS – Annika’s bracelet

Hi everyone I’m here with my next os. Thank u so much for your support and love to my previous os. i don’t know whether this will meet your expectations or not. Ishqbaaz team rocked in SPA 2017. They surely deserve all the awards.if u want next os from me then like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

this is one is specially dedicated to kanfi. thanks for your support and love.

SHIVIKA OS – Annika’s bracelet

Shivay’s pov

My mind was only filled with one thought “Annika”. My wife, this mere thought gave me immense pleasure. I always felt connected with her from our first meeting. No one ever had the gut to speak against Shivay singh oberoi but she was not afraid of me. She corrected my mistakes, proved me NKK never defines anyone character. I accepted her as my wife whole heartedly. But still I didn’t confess my feelings to her.

I am having a newly found habit guess what right now I am staring at my wife things. She is taking bath and I am staring at her bracelet. Annika’s bracelet, it’s her identity mark. This bracelet always added charm to her.

I took it in my hand and caressed it lightly. I felt thousands of emotions inside me. Her bracelet always reminded me of that night when I mistakened her as tia and hugged her. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. I never felt so calm and felt something different. I used to hug tia but that never gave me any kind of feeling but this time it felt so different. I felt my adrenaline rushing in my body. But when I realised it was Annika that I am hugging my excitement turned into worry. What if I am not able to hold her again in my arms? I might sound funny but she always affected me. I may not admit it to her because of my so called tadi. Look at me I started to use her weird language. When next day Annika was running behind me to get her chand but I ran away from her. Still she came into my room, held my hand and took her chand. Not only this she also gave me a lecture. omru teased me a lot in the following days but my mind always revolved around that hug.

I remember one more incident when I proposed tia for marriage. Previous day I and Annika had an unusual encounter. I was almost about to confess my feelings but sleep overtook me. I slept on her lap. I was afraid of those feelings. I don’t want to give false hopes to her. We never had a future together. On that day I was not able to look into her eyes. She didn’t let me to touch her and behaved with me formally. I was hurt that day but still her behaviour was justified. I was afraid to admit my own feelings then how can I expect her to behave with me nicely? But again her bracelet connected us. I was walking on the corridor and I saw her coming opposite to me. My mind reminded me of love angel’s word. “When u will see her your heart beats will become faster”. Our eyes got locked for a second. I reminded myself not to look at her and leave as soon as possible. I started walking and she too. I crossed her but suddenly I felt someone pulling me. I stopped and turned around. It was Annika’s bracelet that got stuck in my coat’s button. She looked at me, her eyes showed pain but moreover she seems to be nervous. I slowly released her bracelet from my coat. We just turned around and went away from each other. I walked as fast as I could and hided in a pillar nearby. My heart was beating so fast. I even wanted to stop love angel’s broadcast. She filled my minds with stupid thoughts. But I left that idea only because of rudra. He was a great fan of her. He will definitely start crying if I do that.

One day chabras visited our house for priyanka’s alliance. I was busy in talking with someone. i welcomed Mr.chabbra but along with me one more hand was there. I didn’t realise what happened but all I found was Annika beside me. That’s when I noticed her bracelet got stuck in my button. I released her. My heart jumped in happiness when Mrs. Chabbra addressed Annika as my fiancé and asked about my honeymoon. Seriously I was flying in the sky. I saw annika’s face, her face was flushed. But my mom cleared her misunderstanding. She asked me to tell mrs. Chabbra about us. With heavy heart I told her she is not my wife. That’s when I realised I have to marry tia. That mere thought gave me lot of michmichis.

During that memory loss drama I was getting married to tia. During my sangeet Annika helped me wearing my sherwani. After that we had a heated argument but she didn’t reply to any of my questions.I walked ahead. Her bracelet got stuck in my sleeve button. I broke her bracelet in anger. I saw the bracelet chain and recalled the old moments. But I droped it and left from there. Once tia got exposed I repaired her bracelet and gave it back to her. Even I said sorry to her as it was not a part of our plan. But what to do her bracelet get always stuck in my dress. She smiled at me and hugged me. All I knew about Annika is she never expected anything expensive all she need is pure care and love. From today I will ensure that I will give her all the happiness in the world. I kept her bracelet down and smiled.

Annika’s pov
I came out of washroom. I was moving towards dressing table. I noticed Shivay, wait a minute was he smiling? It’s a very rare site. He never smile often. He considers himself as a wall, the one which protects his family. He always hide his emotions, his happiness and his feelings. To him his family members happiness is prior than his own happiness. I am very lucky to have him in my life. Our intial days was not nice but as the days passed I found his real self. No one in this world cared for me like he did to me. When he called me as my wife in front of everyone I was not able to believe myself. I remembered that day when he made me wear my bracelet. I remembered each and every word he said to me that day.

“Since I know you, I identify this, even when you did not say how much imp is it, your innocence, foolishness, courage, attitude and this bracelet, all this makes you Anika.”
“this is not just bracelet Anika, it’s a feeling, your support, you know why there are so many moons in it, as you are scared of darkness, this moon is mad like you to leave in darkness, but one who leaves in darkness, lights the dark night, you don’t need moon to get saved of darkness, because those who are alone are scared, you are not alone now. I’m not Jugnu/lightning bug, I’m Suraj/sun, those who are with sun is not scared of darkness.”

All his words lighted my soul up. I am no more afraid of darkness because he will protect me. I am no more alone in this world.

With all those thoughts I went to him.

Annika: Shivay kahan koye hai aap? (Shivay, where r u lost?)

Shivay: tumhare khayalo mein (in your thoughts)

He realised what he said and turned around. He saw a shocked Annika. He smiled at her.

Shivay: kya hua Annika? Tum tik ho na (what happened Annika? R u fine)

Annika: nahi woh main…. She started blabbering. She was not out of the shock yet.

She started to move away from him. He pulled her towards him and she collided on his chest. He kissed her earlobe. Her mouth widened in shock. She stammered and said

Annika: Shivay aap yeh kya kar rahe hai? (Shivay what r u doing?)

Shivay: jo mujhe bahut pehle karna tha (which I should have done earlier)

Annika: aapko kya ho gaya (what happened to u?)

Shivay: aaj tum kuch nahi bologi. Sirf mein bolunga aur tum sunogi (today u will not say anything. Only I will say and u will listen)

Annika: haan par

Shivay kept his finger on her lip. She looked at him like an obedient child.

Shivay: Anika you are so beautiful. Since you came in my life, colors filled in my life, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast. If I don’t see you, my breath stops, if I don’t talk to you, my day does not get complete, you have spread everything in my heart, you made me Ishqbaaz. I love u Annika.

She cupped her mouth in shock.

Shivay: Annika

Annika: I love u Shivay

He hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears

Shivay: thank u Annika for accepting me in your life. I will always keep u happy. Saying so he broke the hug.

Annika: see I told u. u will say that to me. I won the bet. I defeated SSO. She laughed

Shivay: Shivay singh oberoi never lose any challenge. But for your smile I am ready to loose myself to u.

Annika: aww , saying so she hugged him tightly.

“when someone’s happiness is your happiness it is love” – lana del rey

the end

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