Shivika os #ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h

Hiii guys I m back with a os sorry for not posting my ff we r made for eo I m a bit bzy thses days but I will soon post..anyways this os I had written on thought to write on shivika also..

Note- mature os.. If u r comfortable than oy read it..

Anika was in a naughty mood today after all the twist nd turns from their life has gone..1 week before shivika came to Mumbai as shivaye has some business meeting and they confessed their love but not yet consummated there marriage….shivaye was too bzy frm last few anika decided to get her hubby’s attention back to her. She decorated the house with roses,candles a perfect romantic ambience.

Shivaye entered the house nd was shocked to see the ambience, he kept his office back on side table, entered the living room decorated with roses nd candles. He called out for anika and then felt two soft hand on his back than a silk scarf covering his eyes, he sensed his wife was up to something naughty today, nd he left himself to go with the flow, nd heard a song..

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Bahad aur beshumar aaya h

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Behad aur beshumar aaya h

Anika hugged shivaye frm back,her hand moving on his front nd she slowly took of his coat nd thows it aside,she came in front of him nd pushed him on the couch shivaye fell on the couch with a thud, she sat on his lap nd started caressing his face with her soft hand sending a wave pleasure through her body..

Her fingers travelled down his neck on his chest, anika opened top 3 bottoms of his shirt nd her hand sneakes in side tacing circles on his toned body. Teasing shivaye to his limite, the scarf covering his eyes made him too excited to see how his wife was looking today nd what has gotten into her today that she is so ummm..leave it

Toote toh toote Teri bahon mein aise
Jaise shakhon se patte behaya
Bikhre tujhse se aaur simte tujhse mein
Tu hi mera sab legaya
Na fikr na sharm na lihaj ek baar aaya

Anika opened all the three buttons of his shirt nd now shivaye stood up taking the scarf frm his eyes nd tried to move away frm anika but she held his handnd tried to pull him towards her, she moved towards him nd took of his shirt frm behind throwing it in a far corner of the room nd hugged him frm behind the touch of her finger to his bare body was like an electrifying experience he turned towards her nd saw how ethereal she was looking in the ted saree with a sleeveless blouse nd adding to him the blood red lipstick him go over to his biwi

Phir zarre zarre main dedar aaya h
Phir zarre zarre main dedar aaya h

He kissed her on cheeks his hand travelled to her back nd pulled her closer to himself the fabric of her saree giving a tingling sensation on his skin..anika’s hand moved to his back

He moved the pin holding her pallu nd allowed her pallu to flow down, his hands travelled to her bare waist nd pulled her more closer to him not even a ince gap between them.

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Behad aur beshumar aaya h

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Behad aou beshumar aaya h

Tu hi meri awargi
Tu hi dua had shham ki
Tu khamakha tu lazmi
Tu hi raza tu hi kami
Aur tu hi vo firak h jiska
Hai silsilo ne mere pass laaya

He started a trail of light feathery kissed which travelled frm her hand to her shoulder nd than moved to her neck he kissed her hard at neckline giving a Bright red love bite anika winched in pain but the pleasure soon took over her..

Hooton pe tere izhaar aaya h
Hooton pe tere izhaar aaya h
Behad aur beshumar aaya h

Anika rubbeed her thumb at her lips her lipstick got on her thumb she brushes the same lipstick on his lips teasing him nd it took no tym for shivaye to capture her red hot lips in a breathtaking kiss when they both feel the need of air they parted away, shivika eyes was full of passion shivaye picked her up in his arms nd took her to their bedroom the bed has a heart rose on it..

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Behad aur beshumar aaya h

Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Ajj phir tumpe pyaar aaya h
Behad aur beshumar aaya h

Shivaye placed her on the bed gently nd captured her lips for another kiss within no tym he covered themselves with blanket nd made love..

Few hour later
Anika’s head was placed in shivaye’s chest their legs entwined hands held together..shivaye asked anika
Shivaye- vaise wat happened to u today, y u became so wild all of a sudden Mrs oberoi
Anika- aur kya krti main..u were ignoring me frm last few days engrossed in ur work so this was the only way I could have ur attention..
Shivaye- so my wife also misses me..vaise anika now u made hard for urself I m on leave frm office of days. There is no way I m letting u go out of these room..
Anika- we will see..
Shivaye- yeh we will se..
And followed behind was a trail of laughter which was sometimes turn into pleasure able moans..
The end..

Hope its not vulgar.. Do share ur views

Bye guys

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