“Mishra, I shall call you later” Shivaay said rather ordered him in the phone and hurried in the mansion. As soon as he entered he saw Rudra running towards him and hugged him very tightly. Not Rudra but Om also joined them in bone crushing hug.

” Bhaiyaaa!!!! you will not forget ur Rudy na?” asked Rudra anxiously.

“Why? I had earlier also signed the deal” asked Shivaay. Shivaay had cracked a very tough deal that day.

“Shivaay actually……” before Om could finished Pinky came and hugged Shivaay very tightly.

“Oh My Maata Shivaay.. Why so lates? And thank yous fulfilling my wish!” Pinky said Emotionally,(Guys here Pinky is positive.)

“What wish Mom?” Shivaay asked curiously…

“Anyways I am going to my room and freshen up” Shivaay said and walked towards his room.

“Haye mera Billu ! Mubarak ho puttar!” Dadi said joyfully. (Oh! my Billu congo my son) and patted his cheeks…

“Thank u Dadi” Shivaay said and started walking.

When he was walking away,Shakti congratulated and hugged him. Even Tej came and gave him a smile.

He was wondering as the deal was important but his family’s reaction surprised him.
He thought his family has gone mad. But he did not know he would go mad in sometime..

When he was near staircase Gauri and Bhavya came and hugged him. They forcefully fed Kheer and congratulated him.

“Congo, Bhaiyaa” Rivya exclaimed..

He then went to his room and saw Jhanvi sitting with Anika and was explaining something to her. Anika was blushing and nodding her head.

“What happened Badi Maa?”

“Ask Anika” Jhanvi replied. “Take care of her.”

Here Anika was blushing and kept her head down. He became anxious and asked if she was sick or not.

Just then Anika keeping her head down whispered in his ear,

“Ummm….Well Shi…vaay….umm…We g..oing to have a junior SSO next year.”” Anika blurted out the last part.

SSO was dumbstruck and asked her to repeat what she said.

“Well we are going to become parents very soon.” anika said excitedly..

“Congo Bhaiyya/ Shivaay / Anika/ Bhabhi/ Bhoujai” family exclaimed.

“May Matarani keep ur child healthy” Dadi blessed them.

Suddenly Rudra shouted,” Dil Bole…..”

Everybody said in unison “Oberoi!!!!”


Hey Guys I’m Anitaaa3 a member of PKJ Family.. This is my 1st FF..
So kindly bear with me and give reviews that I should continue writing or not
and what to do for imp
roving my writing..

Till then Bye….

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