Shivika OS

hai guys this is my first os based on current track.

In morning everyone busy with their work today vikaram and annika’s marriage. maid came to annika’s room ,she gave dress, jewelry to Annika

Maid: mam shivaay sir send this to u. she gave another jewelry box to her. Annika open the box , diamond neckpiece, matching earings and bangle in that box. She closed and put on her bed and signaled maid to leave.
Pinky and ragini came to saw the things which send by shivaay

Pin: Oh my matha my son send diamond jewelry for u. look my son his big heart person that means he settle down everything perfectly. I wish u permanently go away from my son’s life. Ragini takes diamond necklace and put her neck.
Ragi” aunty look this is very cool I like this. I ask shivaay to brought this type of jewelry for our wedding to
Pin: dnt wry beta shivaay gave better than this. Pinky and ragini taught Annika. But Annika not expressed anything. Gouri and bavya came to help Annika. Pinky and ragini leave that place.
Gou: yeh 2 wat ru dng here
Anni: thay came to taught me. Annika takes her cloth and goes changing room. GouYa confused For annika’s activities. Annika did not express anything ,her face is palm. She doing her work mechanically. Gouri and Bavya request to Annika told everything to Shivaay but Annika signaled no.
Gou: bhojay this only way to stop this marriage. we know how much u love Shivaay bhaiyya. Atleast just request him to stop the marriage
Anni: he never hears my speech. he is the great shivaay sign oberoi if I say to stop this marriage he definitely asks the truth I dnt want to say truth to him. Better I get married. Annika finished her makeup she looks beautiful. Bavya gave juice to Annika.
Gouri: bhojai plz drinks this juice I know u did not eat since mrng. Plz drink this juice. Om calls gouri.

Gouri looks her phone. It is low battery so she put charge. Gouri leaves to meet om. Dadi called bavya for take pooja plate. She leaves. Annika lock the door and takes sleeping pills from she hid the place. She poured the pills on the table and takes water bottle. She writes letter to shivaay. But she turn the letter ,she thinks y I write letter to explain him. he knows me very well without saying anything. I want only shivaay understand me not others. He did not give a chance to run away from marriage. he tightened the security in the house. It’s not possible to run away, so she decides to kill herself.

On other hand vikram try to explain shivaay he does not ready to marriage. shivaay could not listen his words. He gave shervani to vikram and said get ready. Shivaay went his room and chipped his espresso.

Shivaay pov:
Now everything is perfectly ready just Annika came to me and said entire truth. Else she will get married vikram. No Annika never do 2nd thing first thing is happens soon. I know Annika u loves me only. There is no other way to do that’s y I doing this. u pressured me to do this. Came on Annika come and say everything after I will handle everyone.
Pov end

Om rudra came to shivaay
Om: shivaay plz stop this drama u know shivaay, how much this hurt us
Shi: ok I will stop this just say truth to me. y Annika left me. y she put that situation on me. come on tell me
Ru: no bhaiyya we cant. bhaiyya plz this is not right. If Annika bhabhi married vikram. Plz bhaiyya. Bhabhi can do anything for hid the truth from u. plz bhaiyya understand
Shivaay not accept their points ,he is much adamant. he hope Annika never marry anyone. Function, starts shivaay bring vikram to mandap gouri going to take annika. But Annika came alone. Everyone surprised annika’s act.

Pin: I think Annika much interest to marry vikram. Annika not respond her. she going to shivaay, shivaay looks her. thir eyes meets.annika avoids eye contact.
Shivaay: wat? U want to say anything to me? Annika nodded yes
Shi: hmmm tellme wat? Shivaay eagerly waiting for the truth unfold

Annika: shi… shivaay… wo… wo… thank u for everything. None doing this to ex-wife. Thanks for everything maybe I dnt have any chance to say thanks after. her eyes filled with tears, her voice broken. I want to say thank u for everything. I want one more favor from u please do it for me.
Shivaay except Annika says truth but she says thanks and asks favor. He nodded yes
Annika: I want You have to give a mangalsutra to vikram, he will tie my neck. Shivaay shocked.
Shi: wat r u saying
Annika: u already done lots of help. it is simple plz. She knows it is very difficult to him.
Shi: ok I will complete ur wish. If u want this definitely I do.
Ani pov : no shivaay plz say dnt marry him plz plz stop me plz
Shi pov : plz Annika dnt do this I dnt see u like this plz turn come to me plz atleast said I dnt marry plz dnt
Annika sit mandap pandit starts mantra’s .everyone worried for Annika and shivaay except pinky and nagini.
Om: gouri where is ur phone. She checks her phone and remembers.
Gou: ohh omkraji I put charge wait I will get Gouri came to Annika’s room and get her phone and turns she saw tablets on the table and checked the dustbin. she saw some turn paper pices in dustbin. Immediately she called om.

Om: wats happineing y u called here. Gouri shows tablet and paper pieces. It means bhabhi eats sleeping tablets ohh no came fast. RiKara run to stop the marriage. Shivaay tied ther cloths. Vikram start to take round. Om entered the mandap and shouts “stop”. Everyone looked om. But he came near and separate the cloths
Om: rudr call doctor immediately. Bhabhi I always thought u r very strong but u. wat is this bhabhi. He shows tablets cover.
Shi: om wat r u dng wat is this
Om: this is sleeping tablets shivaay bhabhi ate this before coming mandap.shivaay hell shocked and looks Annika. Annika shivered little and she says open her mouth to say something.shivaay hold Annika tied.

Shiv: wat is this Annika. U ate sleeping pills r u mad. If anything happens u I will die, I just want, u came to me and say the truth that’s y I start this drama but u think easily finish ur life. U dnt think of me, my family. it is ok u dnt think of me but y u don’t think sahil. He had u only na. why u doing this Annika. Why? why ? shivaay shakes Annika continuously. She felt unconscious. Shivaay tapped her cheeks but she not open her eyes. Shivaay split water on her face but no use. Shivaay takes Annika to his room.

Docter came to check her. docter said everyone go out.

Om: shivaay now u happy u want this na. y shivaay y u leave that truth. Y u does not understand ? y u doing this? look bhabhi wat done with her? If she able to say that truth then she definitely tell u? still u will stay stubborn, u completely lose Annika bhabhi?

Ru: bhaiyaa plz understand she loves u. she never get engaged anyone. She loves u only. If anything happens to bhabhi. We wat will says to sahil.
Pinky came that place and said”look shivaay that girl doing drama for get u back dnt believe her. she is not good girl. She runs behind money, she is a gold digger”
Om: not a word about my bhabhi everything happens because of u. plz leave this place else I dnt know wat I’m dng. Leave.
Ru: chottima plz leave we dnt want talk to u. look bhaiyaa how much worried? U never seen love his eyes for bhabhi. u never be a good mother not a good women plz leave. shivaay noticed their reaction belongs to pinky and understands pinky done something . docter came out.

Dr: my oberoi nthng to worry she did not ate properly, that’s y the faint. She never ate sleeping bills.

They get relief after hearing this everyone came to Annika she is lied on bed.
Om: bhabhi we get much scared. Thank god u dnt ate that pills
Rud: haa bhabhi we get scared dnt do this another time. Gouri saw shivaay near the door.
Gou: bhojai take rest we will came later. She signaled everyone to leave.
Shi: u really gng to ate that pills?
Annika: I try to ate but I cant. I want live for sahil. If Idead,who will take care of him. that only thought stops me else I will shivaay cupped her mouth
Shi: dnt say Annika I dnt want hear any more. This 30minitues I realized how much I love u. seriously om said u ate that tablets I thought I lose u forever. No no I’m not leave u like this. shivaay hugged Annika tiedly. Annika hugged him. I just want know the truth. I dnt think u do such things.
Anni: now u want to know the truth shivaay?
Shiv: no I dnt want that truth.because of that I gng to lose u. take rest I will bring hot soup for u. shivaay came out of his room. He came to pinky’s room

Pin: shivaay i told u na she plays drama. I know her she is a cheap girl.

Shi: mrs.Pinky sigh oberoi not a word against my wife. I know wat u did her. I know everything now so plz keep quite. U dnt have any rights to point my wife’s character. First u asks same question who is cheap. I told before na pinky thinks his words on daksh issue “ if anyone tells anything to her that hurts her, I will not tolerate that person, so before saying anything to her, think a thousand times, if Anika’s heart gets hurt, then none will be worse than Shivaye Singh Oberoi.”
She lalways want my happiness but u never considered my happiness u just want to rule this house. That only in ur mind. U never thought I ur son. U want to use my name for ur purpose. Annika never runs behind money u the only person rus behind the money and name. Next time u try to speak anything about my Annika I will leave this house forever. After I leave u have no value in this house, so stay away. Shivaay turn to leave. they saw whole family members in the door. dadi came to pinky and slaps

Dadi: I never thought u go this much of low. U never eligible for my bahu.
Sak: I always feel proud of u now I feel ashamed. Plz dnt talk me. if u want divorce I will give u.
Jha: I already told u na. now u get ur deeds.
Tej: hmmm I like it. OmRu nthng say to her they leave. OmRu came to kitchen they saw shivaay prepare soup for Annika
Ru: bhaiyya how u get to know the truth.
Shi: I dnt know the truth .Annika told me befor but I forget it. U guys every time taught Mrs. Pinky sigh oberoi so I guseed something is happens because of her. still i dnt know truth. I dnt want to know. But I will try to know the truth. Now I will go bye.

Shivaay enter his room. He saw Gouri bavya talk to Annika. They silently leave that place. Annika try to get soup shivaay stops her and he feeds her. after shivaay gave tablets to her. Annika try to speak shivaay he stops her and said to sleep. He covered with blanket. He went to pool side to sleep.
In morning shivaay came to Annika. He gave saree to Annika and said wear it. After some time annika wear’s saree and came out. Gouri takes Annika to living room, everyone presentented. Dadi asks shivaay to put mangalsutra over annika’s neck. shivaay does wat dadi said. Gouri gave sindoor to shivaay. shivaay puts sindoor on her mang. Everyone claps. They takes blessings to everyone.Youngsters congratulates them.

Shivaay takes divorce papers in his cupboard and burns. Annika enter the room. She saw the ashes. Shivaay stretched his hand, Annika hold his hand. Shivaay pulled her close. they loosed their balance. They landed over the bed. Annika try to stood but shivaay pulled her and hugged
Anni: shivaay plz leave me if someone came to see
Shi: no one came. I ordered them to dnt came this side.
Anni: ohhh… wat…
Shiv: haa because we newly married
Anni: newly married ????
shivaay locks her lips before she askes too much questions. Annika lose her completely. She holds his shirt. Shivaay look Annika she does not respond his kiss. She closed her eyes tied.
Shi: Annika open ur eyes.annika open her eyes but she not ready to face shivaay. she hid her face to shivaay’s chest. He understands her. shivaay upped her face and looked her eyes.
Shivaay: I love u Annika I love u so much. annika’s eyes widen.
Annika: I I love u shivaay I love u too. They confess their love. They happy to together. shivaay tucked her hairs behind ears. Shivaay understands her nervousness. He starts his lesson slowly. They travelled new world. Shivaay and Annika became one.

She never thought hide the truth but She had no courage to told him. he decides never asks that truth. She is important him more than anything. he understands it is big truth he never tolerate the truth that’s y she hid from him. one day truth definitely comes in front of him that day Annika give him full support. Not only Annika his brothers also give their support to him.

plz leave ur comment it’s negative or positive.

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