Shivika Os▪Fear▪ based on current track (By Anya)

Hey yaa Everyone again back with an Os based on the current track (Annika being shot) I mean it’s a little different as I have started writting it before the news of annika being shoot but ended it today ?

Hope you all like it..I dont knoe how it is.I’m still not convinced by it.

Kindly ignore grammatical mistakes and typos ?

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Shivika Os

Shivaay was not talking to annika or rather say was angry with her from the past 4 days as she risked her life in exposing that Imposter much to shivaay’s annoyance and was hospitalised for 2 days.She was not really harmed but inly the bullet touches her skin and moved out and a few cuts but all this was enough to make shivaay taking the whole hospital on his head! He was behaving as if annika was in a critical condition. he literally threatened the doctor of making the hospital close if she is treated badly or she got hurt making the doctor shed some drops of sweat being frightened by The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s anger or rather say his concern.He would have choked that imposter to death there at the schedule spot for hurting his annika but was stopped by Omru who tried their level best to save that poor fellow from shivaay’s warth.

He had only once came to see her in the hospital bed when she was unconcious due to weakness and after that he didn’t spare a look towards her from then on. He made himself busy in office works,going early morning when no one was awake and came home late at night when every one was fast asleep. In all this annika was the most affected because of her condition she was not able to leave the bed and if she dare to do that or just her leg touches the carpet ,she was showered with non-stop scolding from everyone which last for more than 30 mins but she always try to escape from there as she wants to see her dear husband who didn’t even came to see her.

“haaye annika puttar ye tu kya kar rahi hai tu abhi kamzoor hai meri bacchi u should take rest”

“ayye..annika ye harkat ek aur baar ki toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga understands”

“Anni tumhe kissi bhi cheez ki zarurat hogi toh mujhe bata dena main tumhare liye laa dungi”

“annika didi according to the university of Michigan it is proved that a person recovers soon when he/she rest to the fullest”

“Annika darling you shouldn’t be moving around like this your wounds are still fresh and you are doing all this this is not going to be tolerated.”

“Bhabhi aapna bilkul baccho ki tarah behave kar rahi hai..main bhi itna nahi karta tha jab mujhe fever hota tha aur ek aap hai..thik hai agar aapko bore feel ho raha hai toh mujhe bata dena I can dance on anything and O will accompany me along with chulbul”

“Haan annika bhaujai main na salman ki ja bahut bara fan hoon toh hum aur rudy ji toh stage mein aag laga denge”gauri said and gave a Hifi to rudy.

“Yes annika tumhe kuch bhi takleef ho tum is dumbell oberoi ko bata dena ya mujhe hum sabh ek jhatke main aa jaayenge”

And this continue until everyone was satisfied that she would not do that stunt for today and they can sleep peacefully. It had been a ritual in Oberoi masion after annika came to home that every night after dinner all of the youngsters would come to annika’s room and sit and chat until she feels drowsy but they don’t know that she was a great actress and was just acting in front of them so that she could stay for sometime alone and gather her thoughts.

Annika once again turned the other side while keeping a check on her wound and closed her eyes trying to sleep.Finally she laid on her back and looked upwards at the ceiling thinking about Shivaay. Why are you doing this to me shivaay?I know every night you come over here,kiss my forehead and stay here for sometime mumuring something god knows what? and then went away. I know you are angry with me as I risked my life but cant you see I’m here fit and fine and still you are not talking to me showing Tadi. I also know that you call everyone to ask about my whereabouts every hour but then why can’t you just come and ask me? You don’t realize how it is difficult for me to be away from you.

Annika got used to sleep in the arms of her husband and now when he is not there sleep was far away from her eyes,she tried her level best to sleep but to her badluck it never came.When he used to come to see her she just acted to be in deep slumber
and feel his each and every moment.

The night when she was discharged from the hospital she sensed some wetness on her hand and also heard someone sniff and she realized that he was crying,she felt her eyes becoming moist but she controlled her self and didn’t dare to open her eyes fearing that he would leave from there,after sometime she felt asleep.When she woke up next morning she realized that he was sleeping by her side with his head beside her sitting on the floor face having tear strains.She caresses his hair and as a light sleeper his sleep got disturbed and was going to wake up when she acted to sleep.Few seconds later she realized someone hot breath franing on her lips,making her breath uneven but then she realized that he kissed her forehead tenderly while caressing her hair and went away.


Shivaay on the other hand know that his family was taking great care of his wife but because of his restlessness he used to call every hour to know how was she. At times rudra would become irritated because of his continuou calls and ask him to come and see her by herself when he’ll come home. But he doesn’t wanted to face her because of his own issues.It’s true that he was angry with her as the bullet was shoot on him but at the right moment she pushed him and become the victim.But as we say god never did wrong to good people nothing muvh happen to her. But seeing her lying lifelessly on the ground was enough to take away his breath.He felt as if all the air had been squeezed out of his lungs and he was unable to breath,his head spinning ,body numb,he didn’t know what to do at that moment,eyes filled with unshed tears and fear of loosing her. The thought of losing his annika had shook him inside out but he tried to make him realize that nothing can happen to her.His faith too come true.

But what if the bullet had hit her then what would have happened?She would have left him. The mery though was making him shudder. How would he live without her?.He would have died at that very moment. He thought of the incident when rudy was shoot at the conference and he realized that the same concern had eaten him up at this time also but this was way more powerful than the previous one. He always thought that the way he loved his brothers the same way he loved annika but to his dismay he discovered that the person he loved the most was his wife his annika.That day he realized that how much he loved her,how much he need her without her he was incomplete,she had become a part his soul. He just wanted to go and tell this aloud to her but one thought had struck his mind which was not making him face her.

When annika was in hospital for a day as the doctor suggested that it will be good if she stays in the hospital for a day,that night when he was sitting outside her ward all of a sudden the past started to creep inside his head making him drown into the pool of guilt He realized how evily he had treated this pure soul.Flashbacks of his wedding day came rushing down his head,how he forced her to marry him by keeping his brother’s life at stake.How he had manhandled her,pushed her,holded her cheeks tightly causing her pain,how he had given her the divorce paper the next morning of their wedding,how he had introduced Tia as his wife in front of the media totally neglecting her,how he had pointed a finger at character calling her characterless girl who sold herself for a few sum of money and many more.If he will started to count his sin then he will lost its count.It’s not like he didn’t felt ashamed or angry on his self or he didn’t apologize to her,he always try to redeem his mistakes whenever he get a chance but this also seems to be small in front of all his wrong doings.It’s like the small apology seems to be an invisible spot of dust in this big atmosphere which resembles his sins.

But despite of all this she was with him,she forgive him amidst his sins.How can a person be so selfless? how? He sometimes wonders that what good deeds he have done that he got her as his life partner. He came to know that he was lucky to have her but she deserved more,more happiness.He is not worthy of her love,the condition in which she was all happened because of him.If he was not with her than nothing would have happened to her.This means that he was a constant thread to her.His presence would be dreadful to her.So it’s good to be away from her.Yes he will stay away from her.But his damn heart he doesn’t listen to him and always crave to be with her,to love her,to take care of her.So every night when she was fast asleep he would come there and see her,to make sure that she was fine.

The night when she was discharged and also the day when he realized how badly he had treated her,he came and sat beside her caressing her hair but he didn’t know when fresh tears started to spill out of his eyes and he started crying.He didn’t know why he was crying.Was he crying because of his guilt which was killing him every moment or on his fate as he can’t express his love to his wife because he fear he would loose her if he started to come closer to her.He wanted to laugh out loud at his fate,as he wanted to love her but can’t.

But no he will not be selfish,he will not risk her life for his selfish needs.


“Ye shivaay abhi tak aaye kyu nahi?” Annika thought and extended her hand to the side table to take her phone to see the time.12:10 it reads and she wondered why shivaay haven’t come yet as he always came to see her till 12 but there was no sign of it.She thought that maybe he must be late and waited for him to show up.Being restless as it was 12:40 and still he didn’t came so she though to go see by herself.After fidgeting with the though for the next ten minutes she thought to give it a try.

She slowly with great difficulty came out of the room and started moving slowly toward the hall and looked expectantly at the door but no one came.When suddenly she heard footsteps of someone coming and as a reflex she made herself hide behind the stairs and waited for that person to go.She looked ahead from her hidden place and realized that the person who came was Pinky aunty, she saw her moving towards the kitchen mummering”Shivaay ka phone aaya tha ki wo aane waala hai q ki aaj bahut kaam the office main toh main uska dinner oven main rakh deti hoon wo garam karke khaa lega”she said while making her way towards the kitchen hurriedly and after a few minutes went to her room.Annika was seeing all this and thought to go and serve the food to him.

She went towards the kitchen slowly and took the hot foods in a vessels, placed it on the dinning table and sat on one of the chair waiting for him.

Shivaay who came home after a hectic day entered the house and straight to his room where annika was sleeping peacefully but when he entered he saw it empty,he saw the time and wondered where she was at this time.He went towards the washroom and realized it was empty and came out to look for her.He was looking around when he saw someone sitting on the dinning room fast asleep when he was passing by and headed there to see Annika sleeping soundly over there with mouth slightly open.He diverted his gaze around to see that hot vessels of food was placed on the table and when again he saw towards her who now had a frown on her forehead and smiled went to her side and caresses her forehead while a small smile crept on her lips as if she recognized his touch.

He went , sat beside her and kept his head on the table facing her and continue to stare at her.When he saw her making a pained expression and flicked her eyes,making him realize that she was still weak and sleeping in this condition can hurt her.

She opened her eyes and stared straight into the pair of greenish blue orbs which belongs to the one person her eyes were dying to see. She blinked her eyes in a way to believe that it was true and when she was fully convinced by it that she was not hallucinating and it was real,she extended her hand towards his face and with much tenderness caresses his cheek feeling him after a long time while he closed his eyes in contentment.But suddenly he came out of his daze state and stood up to go.How can he face her at this moment?No he need to be away from her.

As he turned to go he felt a tug on his hand”abh bhi aap mujhe chor ke jaa rahe hai?” she said with a cracked voice.He closed his eyes and controlled his emotions. He looked straight in her slightly red eyes and sat beside her unable to see her tearing up.”Aisi baat nahi hai”he said softly ,his eyes too tearing up as he gulped.

“I wanted to tell you something”he after a pause”Nahi abhi nahi pehle aap khana khaa lijiye phir humlog baat karenge”she said and sat up straight while he did the same.He opened his mouth to argue but was stopped by her glare.She started to serve him the hot dishes while he continue to stare her with an admired look.

He saw her taking a morsel from the plate and extending it towards his mouth while he nodded his head in a no and turned it towards her mouth”Maine kha liya hai shivaay aapko kya lagta hai ki sabh mujhe aise hi soone de denge, mujhe toh lagta hai ki agar main aise hi khaati rahi toh main ek din moti ho jaaungi”she said and giggled at her own words while extending her hand towards him again,he smiled and took the morsel and it continue until it was finished.

“Accha chaliye ab boliye aapko kya bolna tha”she asked while keeping aside the dishes and resting her face on her elbow looking at him with a raised eyebrow.”Yahan nahi”he said and stood up.”Okay”she said and stood up but was lifted up by two strong arms as shivaay scooped her in his arms and went.She rested her head on his chest feeling his heartbeat which was in Sync with her’s while warpping her hand around him.He kissed the top of her head and tighten his hold on her.

As he moved towards his room err..their room he made her laid down softly on the bed and sat beside her holding her hand.They stared at each other for some time when he thought to break the silence”How’s you?” he asked tenderly while caressing her cheek with his other hand.”at last aapko yaad toh aaya ki aapki ek biwi bhi hai nahi toh ek hafte se koi ata pata hi nahi hai aapka.Aur rahi baat main kaisi hoon aapko kya lagta hai meri haalat kaisi hogi aapke bina? aapko bas mujhe pareshan karna hi accha lagta hai”she said softly with a hint of anger in her voice”main maru ya jiyun aapko isse kya fark padta hai?”she said after a pause with a frown while shivaay glared at her”hey watch your language annika what are you saying?”he said a little sternly”toh main kya bolon? aap hi bataiye.1 hafte se aap mujhe dekhne ke liye bhi nahi aaye toh iska matlab yahi na ki mujhe kuch bhi ho jaaye aapko koi fark nahi padta”she said arguing back while she didn’t knew what her words were doing to him.They were increasing his guilt at much higher folds, he wanted to stay with her every day but he couldn’t.

“I’m Sorry annika”he said with a defeated sigh.Once again he can’t do anything but say sorry. It seems that the word Sorry had made a permanent place in his vocabulary. He wanted to say it aloud that every night he came and stay with her but it seems she had read his mind”Ok I’m sorry mujhe ye nahi bolna chahiye tha,to be true mujhe pata tha ki aap roz har raat ko yahan mujhe dekhne aate the”she voiced his thoughts making him look at her with amusement “tum..tumhe kaise pata?”he asked fumbling”jaise aap mujhe sense kar lete hai na waise hi main bhi kar leti hoon aakhir biwi kiski hoon? aur aapko toh pata hai ki main kitni acchi actress hoon so sone ki acting karna toh mere daayen haat ka khel hai”she said and winked while he gave a small smile to her.

How can he underestimate his Pannika?She is one of the craziest girl he had ever met.She entered his life like a hurricane and messed it up,broke all his believes on the principle on which he had lived all his childhood,she was the one who was able to break apart his wall and look beyond it and took his heart away from him.He didn’t know how he lost his heart to her but he didn’t feel bad for it thus he was happy,happy because she was the one who stole his heart and not any other random girl.Yes Random girl because she was unique in her own imperfections.He smiled a little brightly at this thought.

“I’m sorry “she broke the silence bringing him back from his thoughts,holding his hand tightly.”Huh!” he said as to register her words.”I said I’m sorry” she said once again but a little louder this time”why?”he asked confused as to why she was asking for his forgiveness,hence he was the one apologising “hmm..actually I risked my life much to your negligence and you were angry with me for that right”she pouted and played with him hair not meeting his eyes. He just wanted to pull her cheeks at that very moment but pushed that thought aside,”It must be me who would apologize not you”he said softly and made her look in his eyes.He closed his eyes,took a deep breath and with heavy heart said what he wanted to say making her slip her hand from his cheeks in shock”annika you need to leave me I will arrange for the divorce and than you will be free,free from my captive” he said and looked aside so that he couldn’t meet her eyes as it become hollow with nothing in it.How he hate himself for doing this to her.

“Are you drunk or what?what are you telling divorce? now from where does it came from and how do you know I wanted to leave you?”she asked angrily “I’m not asking you I’m telling you”he said while keeping his voice steady”look at me and say this once again”she said and made him look at her”say!” she said a little aloud. “say shivaay” she whispered pleading while fresh stream of tears made it’s way from her dove shaped eyes wetting the pillow on which she was sleeping.

Seeing her crying broke his heart in a zillion piece”you know I don’t like when you cry”he said and rubbed her cheeks while she just jerked away his hands”then why are you making me cry?just tell me once that you wanted to leave me I will stop crying, I promise”she sniffed.Shivaay was cursing himself for telling all this.”Yes I wanted you to leave me”he said while looking in her eyes as his gaze started to become hazy”and why will I do that?” she asked with a thick voice and stood up,went towards the big window and stared at the moon while tears continue to descend down hee eyes.” there’s not an option left for you,I will divorce you”he said and blinked his eyes to not let the tears spill”but your eyes are saying something else”she said and turned to look at him”It’s nothing such”he shrugged off his shoulder.

She started to move towards him,went and stood in front of him while he was sitting on the bed”Okay agar aisa nahi hai toh kyu aapne mere saath itna accha behave kiya?aap waise hi rehte jaise aap the bilkul akdu bagad billa type.Aap ne mujhe ussi din divorse de diya hota.Aap uss din daksh ko bolne dete q aapne sabh ke saamne mujhe apni biwi bola?kyu?Agar aap mujhe chor denge toh mera kya hoga?Iss sabb se accha toh mujhe wo goli lag jaati aur main ma…”her voice died in her throat as shivaay hugged her tight by her stomach and cried his heart out.She just stood over there ruffling his hair letting him cry as much as he want.”I was scared main darr gaya tha,tumhari ye condition meri wajah se aisi hui hai. na hi tum mere saath rehti na hi ye sabh hota,I’m not good for you I’m only a threat to you.Maine tumhare saath kya kya nahi kiya.kitna kharaab behave kiya par tumne uss sabh cheez ke bawajood meri jaan bachai.Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata then How would I live?I love you more than anything else but I can’t risk your life. No I can’t”he said between his sobs hugging her tight as if his life depend on her and didn’t realize when he confessed his love to her.

Annika listened to each of his words but all of then vanished as soon as he confessed his love and a wide smile spread across her face with tears of happiness.She took him out of the embrace and lifted his head to face her,slowly she bend and kissed his forehead with much tenderness while he looked at her innocently,eyes red due to constant crying.”aap kitna bolte hai?aap hi the jo mujhe daante the ki main kitna bolti hoon par abh dekhiye aap hi itna bol rahe hai.Shivaay dekhiye main aapko hazaar baar bol chuki hoon ki maine aapko maaf kar diya.Wo sabh purani baat hai abh wo sabh ko yaad karke kuch faida nhi humme apne aane waale kal ki sochni cahhiye and regarding that you are a threat to me than FYI ye jhoot hai.Mujhe toh lagta hai ki aap mujje abhi tak jaan nahi paaye main annika shivaay singh Oberoi hoon aur ASSO ki jaan aise itni asaani se nahi jaati aur agar uske saath uska bagad billa hai toh koi bhi mujhe nuksaan nahi pahucha sakta”she said while holding his cheeks in her palm”Samjhe aur aage se agar aapne aisa phir se bola toh main aapko sachi main chor ke chali jaaungi aur phir kabhi bhi waapis nahi aaongi chahe main aapse kitna bhi pyaar karti hoon”she added with a smile and rubbed off his tears while sitting in front of him.

He just took her into a bone crashing hug”I love you annika and I promise I will never leave you”he whispered while she smiled amidst her tears when a mischievous idea came upon her mind,”Aaah…!” she smirked.He immediately left her and scoop her into his arms making her comfortable on the bed mummering a apology”Annika are you ok?kya main doctor ko bulao?main bhool hi gaya tha ki tumhare wounds abhi bhi thik nahi hua hai I’m sorry”he said panickly while annika grinned in response and kissed his cheeks”Aap kitne cute ho”she said while he looked at her as if she had grown horns on her head”Are you crazy? main tumhe puch raha hoon ki tum thik ho aur tum ye sab kar rahi ho?” he asked amused “Arre mujhe kuch nahi hua main bas mazaak kar rahi thi”she said giggling while he glared at her”you just took away my breath”he said and smiled seeing her holding her ear and mumbling a sorry.

“aage se aisa mat karna”he said sternly “promise nahi karungi”she said “aacha thik hai now you rest”he said making her lay down on the bed and covering her with the duvet.He sat beside her and started stroking her hair while she felt asleep.After sometime he stood up to go when he felt a tug on his hand”Kahan jaa rahe hai?”she asked with eyes closed,he smiled”fresh up hone ja raha hoon”he said “okay”she whispered and left his hand.

He went and came in his nights clothes and slept beside her while she turned and cuddled into him mummuring”I miss this and more than that I missed you”saying so she tightened her grip on him.”Me too”he said and kissed her hair and both had a good sleep after ages as they were in each other arms with a smile adorning their lips.


So here’s the end.I really hope it was good for a read..As i don’t know how I written it.
I know there are alot of loopholes in this as I have written this on my mobile so do bear with me. Criticises as well as all tyoes of Cahmeli and rotten tomatoes are welcomed .

With Love,

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