Shivika – # Office Love Story


#Office Love Story

Note- This is a totally different story. Shivaay and Anika both works in a office. No one from Oberoi Family is here. Hope all of you will like it.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

Kindly ignore mistakes and typos…..

Anika has got job in a company after her graduation. She has got placement directly from her college and today is her first day in office.

In Office

She enters in her new office. She goes to reception and shows her documents to the receptionist. Receptionist asks her to wait for sometime because she has to attend a meeting and her task will be given to her there only.

She waits in the waiting room. Shivaay enters in the office and receptionist told him about new intern.

In Meeting

Anika with other employees was sitting on their seats when Shivaay enters there. He greets all of them and starts meeting. In between meeting

“New Intern Miss Anika..” asked Shivaay looking at a new face in the meeting.

“Yes Sir…” Anika replied to him while standing up.

“Welcome here.” he wished her.

“Thank you Sir…” she thanked him and he nods in response, then he continued meeting. When meeting was over

“So Miss. Anika Can you tell me how many times I had bounce up this ball during meeting” asked Shivaay to her, a ball in his hand which he was bouncing and catching again and again.

“Sir… I… don’t …” replied Anika hesitatingly keeping her gaze down.

“Miss Anika the first rule of this business world is always keep your eyes and ears open. And second rule is always speak up what is in your mind because until you will not speak up no one will listen to you, Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir…”

“So from next time you will be…”

“Attentive and keep my eyes and ears open… And will speak what is in my mind” she completes him.

“That’s good” he replied to her and at that moment there was entry of someone.

“Shivaay is everything okay? Do you need anything?” asks Daksh to Shivaay entering into the meeting room when he sees Anika there.

“No I don’t need anything. Thanks…” replied Shivaay to him. Daksh comes forward and looks at Anika. Anika was looking at Shivaay while Daksh was looking at Anika. Daksh was checking her out when

“Daksh do you need anything?” asked Shivaay.

“No No Shivaay… Nothing” replied Daksh and went away from there.

After some days

Shivaay left his phone in his cabin. When he didn’t find his phone in his jeans and car he goes back to office. He reaches there. When he was going towards his cabin he sees light of a cabin, which belongs to Anika, on. He enters there and finds her working there on some presentation. He shakes his head and smiles at her. He enters there but she was busy in her work so she did not notice him entering in her cabin and coming towards her. He coughs to get her attention first she ignores it but when he coughs again she looks up and was shocked to see him there. She stands up and file in her hand falls down on floor.

“S… Sir aap Yahan… Iss waqt… Humara matlab…” She spoke stammering with his sudden entry.

He bends down and picks up the file.

“Haan main yahan… Tum iss waqt itni raat ko yahan par kya kar rahi ho” he asked her, giving her file to her.

“sir vo bas ek presentation puri karni thi bas thoda sa kaam baki tha toh maine socha ki main aaj hi usse pora kar doon… Toh bas isiliye…” she stated her reason.

“Konsi presenataion…” he asked her.

“Sir vo actually jis new company ne deal sign karne ke liye contact kiya hain uski presentation…” she told him.

“Oh toh ab puri ho gayi…” he again asked her.

“Yes Sir… Sir If you can spare me two minutes and just check it once…” She asked him.

“yaa yaa sure” he replied and checked the presentation on her laptop.

“Anika this is amazing … really superb.” He complimented her after seeing the presentation.

“Really Sir…” She was amazed by his compliment unable to believe herself she asked him again.

“Yes its really amazing Anika. Why you don’t believe yourself?” he asked her with a smile after seeing her reaction.

“No sir, nothing like that. I believe myself and what I am today is because of my hard work, my belief in me. Voh Sir actually listening all this from you … So…” she replied to him hesitatingly

“So…” he asked her

“Sir, leave it… So Sir this presentation is ready.. And tomorrow in meeting I will give it to Tia mam.” She changed the topic.

“Why Tia? Why not you? This is your work so you must represent it by yourself don’t forget until you will not speak for yourself you will not …” he was shocked with the information that she will give it to Tia and Tia will be giving presentation instead of her in meeting. Now everything was cleared to him so Tia was giving her presentation till now since the day she joined the company and getting all the credit by herself.

“Sir actually Tia mam is senior here and she knows things well so…” she replied to him

“So …” He repeated her

“So she will give this…”

“No way, you are going to give this presentation in tomorrow’s meeting and ask about meeting time from Tia” he declared.

“But Sir…” she tried to deny when he cut her off

“No If’s and But’s”

Ok Sir”

“That’s good” he said and then asked her “Tumhara jo kuchh kaam tha vo ab ho gaya na”

“yes sir” she replied to him

“Toh ab ghar kaise I mean…” he asked her.

“Sir I will go by with my friend…”

“I will company you till your friend comes…” He offered her his help

“No Sir it’s okay I will manage … par Aap iss waqt yahan office mein…” she denied and asked him the question that why was he there in office at that time.
“vo actually I just forget my phone in my cabin so…” he told her “You wait here I will be back in a minute” and left from there to his cabin. Anika packs her bag and takes her phone. She comes outside of her cabin and waits for him there

“Chale” he comes there with his phone and asked her

“Nahin Sir hum chale jayenge abhi sirf 7:30 hua hain humari dost humari dost bas aane hi wali hogi…”

“Ok toh main tumhe tab tak company deta hoon jab tak tumhari dost tumhe lene nahin aa jati…” and both of them was standing at the entrance, talking with each other. When her friend came there on her scooty.

“Sir my friend Priya is here so I should go..” and she left from there to Priya when she turns back and

“Bye Sir”

“Bye Anika” he wished her same and left from there after making sure that both of them had left from there.

Later in night he messaged her and asked her if she has reached her room safely to reply to which she sends him a yes and both of them slept.

Next Day

Shivaay with three more colleagues and Tia were coming out of meeting room. Anika comes there running and bangs in Shivaay.

“Anika kya kar rahin ho tum. Itni jaldi mein…”

“Sir vo actually humein laga ki agar hum meeting se pehle aa jayenge toh achha rahega isiliye hum ek ghanta pehle hi aa gaye…”

“Anika meeting khatam ho chuki hain. Meeting ka time 9:00 baje tha aur ab waqt dekha hain 10:30 ho rahein hain… This was the biggest opportunity for your carrier and because of your carelessness you have just let it slipped out of your hands…” he was very much angry on her and was trying to control his anger.

“But Sir Tia mam told me that meeting will start from 11:30…” she replied, tears threatening to come out of her eyes when Tia interrupted her

“Anika don’t lie ok. If you cannot come on time then don’t blame someone else for your carelessness. I told you to come here sharply at 8:30 and now you are saying that…”

“Mam this was one of the biggest opportunities of my carrier and I can never do mistake in this…” and she left from there with tears flowing through her eyes. Shivaay through a quick angry glance at Tia and left from there.

In Cafeteria

Anika was sitting at a far corner in cafeteria, far from everyone. Cafeteria was on 10th floor. She was looking outside the window, at the traffic of Mumbai. Shivaay enters in the cafeteria and looks everywhere and founds her sitting in a corner and looking outside the window.

He goes to her and sits on the chair in front of her. She notices him there and wipes her tears.

“Sir aap yahan par…”

“Naye logo ke beech mein adjust nahin kar pa rahin ho…”

“Sir mujhe ye sab nahin samajh aata… ye humare liye baahut hi impotant project tha aur hum ne isse aise hi …”

“Anika it’s okay. Ye toh bas shuruat hain aage aur bhi bahut se chances honge… Please stop crying. Kyunki jab tum roti ho na tab utni achhi nahin lagti … toh ab ek badi wali smile…” And she smiled at him

“That’s my girl”

He ordered two cup of coffees for them and both of them talk about their life, funny incidents…

“Toh ab se tum mere saath kaam kar rahi ho… And jo koi bhi presentation, koi bhi problem, koi bhi idea you will share everything with me…” he told her.

“Ok Sir…” She replied to him.

“Ok and Always Be happy”

“Thanks Sir”

” For What?”

“For everything”

“You’re welcome” he replied to her smiling and both left from there towards their cabin.

Anika and Shivaay starts working together. They spend their lunch time in cafeteria together. Both of them were close friends now.

After Two Months

“Anika kya tum mere ghar par aakar presentation de sakti ho actually Mr. Mehta is going to Sydney due to some family problem tomorrow evening. So meeting will not be able to hold tomorrow. Mr. Mehta asked me to discuss the project with him at my house today evening. So if you are comfortable …”

“Ok Sir I will be there. Please send me your address”

“Thanks Anika”

“You’re welcome Sir. See you in the evening”

“Bye Anika”

In the Evening

Mr. Mehta comes in Shivaay’s apartment at 6:00 PM. Shivaay welcome him and then they discuss about the deal. Anika gives her presentation. Shivaay was admiring her when she was giving presentation. Mr. Mehta was happy with presentation and he signed the deal. It was 8:30 now. Mr. Mehta leaves from there.

“Thanks Anika. The way you give the presentation … Mind blowing”and claps for her.

“Thank you Sir.. ab mujhe jana chahiye 8:30 ho gaye hain.”

“Tum jaogi kaise…”

“Sir I will go by cab”

“No way. I will drop you ”

“Ok Sir”

She dials her friends number but she doesn’t picks up the call.

“Kya hua” he asked her after seeing her worried expressions.

“voh sir actually hum PG mein rahte hain toh entry sirf 9:00 tak hi hoti hain aur iss waqt 8:40 ho rahe hain aur PG yahan se 40 minutes ki doori par hain toh hum apni roommate ko call kar rahe the par vo call hi nahin utha rahin hain…” she told him.

“ab” he asked her while she was trying again.

“ab bhi nahin utha rahin..”

“Anika if you don’t mind then you can stay here…”

“But sir hum yahan par kaise…”

“It’s ok Anika bas ek raat ki hi toh baat hain…”

“Ok Sir…”

“Tum ye room use kar sakti ho aur ye isme kuch kapde hain toh you just freshen up mein tab tak dinner ready karta hoon.. If you need anything else then please let me know” he showed her, her room.

“Ok Sir”

In Kitchen

Shivaay has almost finished his work when Anika comes there. Shivaay looks at her and was mesmerized by her when she offered him her help

“Sir hum aapki kuchh help karein…”

“No No bas sab kuchh ho gaya”

Anika helps him in setting dining table and serve both of then dinner. Both of them finish their dinner together and put the dishes into dishwasher. After washing their hands and drying them with towel Anika wished him good night

“Good Night Sir”

“Good Night Anika”

Shivaay was working on his laptop in his room when he hears some sound. He stand up from there and came towards his window when he sees Anika near swimming pool. She was sitting there with her legs dipped in water she was lost in her thoughts. Her fingers were making some patterns on the water surface.

He switches off his laptop and lights of his room. Anika was going to stand up and about to turn when she sees Shivaay there and she slips and in order to stop her from falling she catches Shivaay shoulders but both of them fell into the pool with a sound. After sometime they stabilize themselves and looks at each other and then burst out laughing. Both of them laughing and Anika was clutching his shoulder. When they look at each other again, something changed in air there. Both of them were lost in each other eyes. Shivaay placed his hands on her waist and they came forward. He clutches her waist with his one hand and with second hand he traces her face. Anika closes her eyes in pleasure. Shivaay pulls her towards him more and now their bodies were crushing with each other. He was tracing her skin with his fingers and Anika was losing control. Shivaay traced her lips with his thumb and a moan escaped from her. He then placed his lips on her…

Next Morning

Both of them were lying in each other’s arm in Shivaay’s room when alarm rings. It was 7:00 AM. Shivaay wake up with the alarm sound but Anika was still sleeping. Shivaay opens his eyes and found himself sleeping with Anika. Anika was sleeping with her head on his chest. He looks at her and smiles. He kisses her forehead.

“Good Morning Ani” he wished her.

“Good Morning Shivaay” she wished him back.

Wake up now”

“Bas thodi der aur”

“Anika now wake up its 7:15 now”

“Anika you Ok”

“Yes I am OK kuchh nahin…’

Get ready for office”


“Feeling uncomfortable…”

“No nothing like I mean…”

“It’s okay. I understand… If you don’t want then its okay you I mean we can take leave also…”

“No Shivaay. I am completely fine. There is no need for leave…”

And with their little make out session again both of them get ready for office and left for there after breakfast.

In Parking

“Anika tum pehle chale jao agar staff ne hum ek saath aate hue dekh liya toh kahin koi scandal na ho jaye…”

“Ok Shivaay..”



Anika enters in the office. Everyone was staring at her. She was feeling uncomfortable with those stares when peon came there and told her that their head was calling her.

“Miss Anika You has to resign from here because we don’t want any employ to feel that because of your relationship with Shivaay you are getting extra privileges and we cannot lose Shivaay for anyone. Shivaay is one of the most important person of this company and this company is nothing without him. So for a new intern we cannot take any risk so you have to resign …” Miss Kalki told her.


Anika comes out of the cabin. Shivaay was standing there waiting for her when she comes out. He holds her from her shoulders

“I am sorry Anika…”

“Sorry for what, for yesterday night or for because of me…”

He holds her tightly

“I can never be sorry for yesterday night… Get it” before he completes he was interupted

“Anika mam Daksh Sir is calling you” a peon comes there and tells her.

“Shivaay main bas abhi aayi…” and she left from there.

In Daksh Cabin

“Hii Miss Anika… So as Mrs. Kalki has told you that you have to resign I can give you two options…” and he holds her from her shoulders. Anika was sitting on chair.

“No Sir I don’t need anything…”

“Are Listen Anika you don’t have to resign if you will agree with me” and he comes in front of her “you have to just sleep with me…” and she slapped him hard.

“You slapped me. You slapped Daksh Khurana… You will bear the consequences” and he left from there.

Anika comes out of cabin with tears in her eyes. She takes her bag and left from there. Shivaay was in his room when he notices Anika going out of Daksh Cabin with tears in her eyes.

He leaves from there and comes in parking slot searching her. He did not find her there and comes out from there. He dials her number but she did not pick it up when he notices her in a far corner of the garden sitting on a bench..

She was sitting with her eyes closed.

“Anika …” he calls her softly and placed his hands on her shoulders and kneels down in front of her.

She opens her eyes and found him there kneeling down in front of her.

“Please Anika…” But he was interrupted by Anika.

“It’s Okay Sir you don’t have to say anything… I will resign from here and I am really sorry for everything what has happened…”

“Anika It’s enough.. Why you just cannot get one simple thing that you are not wrong. Whatever has happened between us is with our consent. I can never be sorry for yesterday night Anika. That was the best night of my life I love you Anika… I really love you why you just cannot get it…And I have asked my friend and he have one post in his company and that is even better than this one Anika…”

“Its okay sir…I don’t need your help…”

“Anika it’s Shivaay…”

“Shivaay… Why everyone, everything is like this?” she said while losing herself in his hold and tightly hugging him “Why I should accept this thing? What ever happened between us is with our consent and it is our personal life… You know what Daksh Sir have aksed me…”

“What? What has he said? What he asked from you?”

“he asked me to sleep with him for one night. If I will do that then I don’t have to resign… and he tried to harass me…”

Listening to her Shivaay closed her fists in anger and closed his eyes.

I will not leave him… How dare he?”

“Anika we both are resigning from here now come with me…”

“No not now. First I have to make sure that Daksh Khurana learns his lesson… I will not keep quiet after all this…” and she goes away from there after wiping her tears with determination…

In Night that day

Shivaay was in her flat thinking about Anika when there was notification about a post by Miss Anika on Facebook. That was about the s*xual harassment and she has shared her views, her experience on it. Shivaay read that and was surprisingly shocked with this. Tia, Daksh, their company managers, employees everyone read that post and that became a hot topic of social media.

Next Day

Anika was standing in the balcony of her PG. She was there from night. Her roommate comes there and handovers her cup of tea.

“Anika is this right? I mean …”

“It’s right Priya. This is the only way left to me. Person like Daksh are not a human at all they are demons in the form of humans… they need to learn lesson… I know this step can cost me very much, even my life, my respect but I just cannot sit quite after all that. I know everyone in management will support him…” when she was cut by the ringing of her phone. It was call from her office asking her to come to office as there was a board meeting after her post in social media.

“Ab…”asked Priya

“Kuchh nahin bas vahan par jana hain…”

“If they proved you as wrong…”

“I will see it..” and left from there.

In Board Meeting

“So Miss Anika according to your post on social media Mr. Daksh tried to harass in office..” asked a member, adjusting his spectacles.

“Yes Sir”

“Miss Anika if you are playing games so that you can be here then you is completely wrong. This move of you is totally uncalled and you can be charged…” Mrs Kalki tried to scare her when she interrupted her in middle

“Mam I have not done anything wrong. I am not playing any games and about resignation I am already resigning this company because I cannot work at any place when there is no privacy about personal and professional life of their employees…”

“Ok just leave that…Miss Anika kaise kapde pehne hue the aapne uss din, kyun gayi thi aap unke cabin mein, kya aap sure hain ki aapki aur se koi ishaare nahin kiye gaye.. When you are already in relationship with one employee of this company then how can we believe you that you have not done anything and Mr. Daksh tried to molest you…” Said another board member.

“Yes Mr. Ahuja when Miss Anika is already in a relationship with Mr. Shivaay then how can we …”

But was interrupted by Anika.

“Yes You are right Mam. I am in relationship with Shivaay Sir but the difference is that , that is with my consent. I am in relationship with him with my consent but what Daksh Sir has tried to do that comes under the s*xual harassment…”

“Ok We agree with you Miss Anika but Do you have any proof about the charges which you have put on Mr. Daksh…”

“No I don’t have any proof”

“Then how can we believe you that you are saying truth…”

“yes how can you believe me? because Daksh Khurana is one of the board members here. He is working here since so much time and have 10% shares of this company and I just a simple employee… Aapko pata hain mein ek orphan hoon. My parents died when I was in fifth standard. I completed my studies by taking loan… and for taking loan I slept with someone. When I came here then I slept with someone so that I will be able to get accommodation… I slept with someone so …” but she was stopped by someone…

Shivaay comes there

“Anika…” and put his hand on her shoulder. She wipes the tears which fell from her eyes.

“All of you have asked about proof so I think this will be enough” and saying so he insert a pendrive and switch on the projector.

There was the live footage of Daksh Cabin of that day. Everyone sees that, the way Daksh tried to come close to her and his talks…

Daksh was fuming.

Video ends.

“I think that was enough to prove that who is wrong and who is right? I am not able to understand one thing that if a woman employee works late in the night then it is considerd that she is giving signals, if she wants to discuss something then it is considered that she is trying to gain your attention, if she wants to give you new ideas that this is considered that she is trying to gain limelight… I mean when we will change ourselves. Why every time question raises on a woman character why not on man? Why she have to bear some one others punishment? Why she is the one who have to resign in cases like this? Why everything that happens like this, why it happens? There are so many Why?’s but not a single answer to them” and he stopped for a minute and look at Anika “I am resigning..” he declared and come towards Anika who was smiling amidst tears in her eyes. Everyone was shocked with his decision. He puts both of their resignation letters on table. Then he turns towards Anika

“#Can we go for coffee ” asks Shivaay to her.

“#yes” she replies with a smile

“#will you love me and marry me and be mine for forever” he askes her again

“#I already love you and will marry only and only you. I m only yours” she replies with a happy smile, her eyes shining with happiness.

“#I love you too” and he kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly.

They broke their hug and left from there, their hands intertwined.

This is a new start of their new life with each other.

Journey of their life with their love by their sides..


Hope all of you liked this story. This is just a random story. Just hope you don’t get bored….

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