Hello everyone! I’m come back with a new story of shivika. This is just intro. I’ll continue it only after the completion of there is a love after love failure.

Here goes…….
The story is take place in the New York city. There people busy with their job and some of them are migrate to here for their higher studies. In coffee shop there is girl she look very sad but keep a fake smile on her face. She work there as her part time job.
Manger: Anika, there is ur customer
So the girl is our anika

Anika move towards her customer having fake smile
Anika: good morning sir, what u like to have
Boy (in mind): she look like a Indian but how ill I know. Then he got an idea
Suddenly the boy splash water on anika’s cloth (not full no one in the coffee shop see this).
Anika: pagal hey kya

Boy starts to laugh and anika look at him surprise
Anika(in mind): god he is laughing because I’m tell something good about him. god he is really a mad person my first customer is like this then what would be others. her thought was disturbed by the boy
Boy: sorry for making ur cloth wet actually I was testing whether u r a Indian.
Anika now have a real smile and she don’t know anyone in New York. she is also happy to see a Indian
Boy: I’m shivaay singh oberoi from Mumbai.
Anika: I’m anika from Mumbai

Shivaay: nice meet u and I want ……he order something and anika leave from there

So this is the intro. Hope u all will like. If not u can tell freely and suggestions are acceptable. Kindly ignore the mistakes. I need ur support to continue this ff so plz comment
with love

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  1. Alekhika20

    NYC intro

    1. Sam-99

      thank u dr …..hope u support me in upcoming part also ……..

  2. Pooja26

    post asap……

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u dr……….hope u support me in upcoming part also…..

  3. Awesome intro…. Post soon…

    1. Sam-99

      thank u i look forward ur support in coming parts ……

  4. Radhika.k

    So Shivika in NEW YORK!!!! I personally love that place!!!So i think its going to be interesting!!!All the best dear!!post soon.

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrr……..ur comment means a lot………hope u support me in next parts

      1. Radhika.k

        Ofcourse will support u always!!i will do my best dear!

  5. Ankita27

    Great start.. waiting for the next update…

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrr…….ur comment means a lot ……look forward ur support in coming parts…..


    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrr…….ur comments means a lot dr …….hope u will support me in coming parts…..i think u r from kerala right ?

  7. Sagithya

    Great start yaar m.

  8. Sagithya

    Great start yaar …

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrr ………hope u support in coming parts ……..

  9. Jerry_36

    Excited for it, post soonish !

    1. Sam-99

      i’m very much happy seeing ur comment it means a lot drrr……support me in next part also ha na?

  10. Ahsana98

    Hi sumi Eniku ninde new ff ishttapettu, All the best for your ff dear. I’m waiting for your new ff .Its was nice idea ??

    1. Sam-99

      hlo chechi njn othiri happy ane chechide comment kandappol …..anike othiri encouragement chechide comment njn inium chechide support prethishikunu……..

  11. Kanfi

    Hey sumi
    Looking intrsting..
    Do remind me when u post

    1. Sam-99

      hey my bestie i’m so happy that u like this ff and i’m really waiting for yours and neha di comment ……….yeah of course i’ll remind u……i’ll disturb u with my links heheehe

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