#shivika New Os (One-Shot) by #annie

Hey everyone this is my last OS (ONE SHOT) on this track *hope so*
{{let’s start from the 3-month lapse}}
After three months…
Shivaay’s POV
She na *ragini* I told her that I don’t want to go to that restaurant but she is stubborn…if she wants me to meet her fiancé she should bring him here why some café and restaurant only?
Shivaay gets ready in jeans and white t-shirt
Reaches the restaurant and joins ragini and Siddharth ….
Shivaay – I’m sorry for being late actually I got stuck in traffic…
Ragini – its ok… meet him shivaay he is Siddharth and Siddharth he is shivaay my friend…
They both shakes hand…
Ragini – okay let’s order something?
Sid and shivaay nods and calls the waiter…and orders something
Shivaay – *feels restless* why only this restaurant?
Sid – actually we met here first time so for us this place is lucky…
Shivaay – *feels annika’s presence* hmmm

Flashback 3 months ago
They both shivika reaches this restaurant and settles on a table
Annika – shivaay why only this restaurant?
Shivaay – actually it’s my favorite…
Annika – you na your choices are weird…
Shivaay – *holds her hand and kisses it* even you’re my choice, are you weird?
Annika – *shies* shivaay leave my hand everyone is here… and I’m not weird…
Shivaay – yeah you’re different not weird…
Annika – you na…
Shivaay – I want to say something…
Annika – say?
Shivaay – you’re
Annika – yes I’m?
Shivaay – looking… very
Annika – yes?
Shivaay – *kisses her hand again* very weird *laughs*
Annika – shivaay… *annoyed* you *throws a rose on him which was on table* I hate you…
They both laughs…
*flashback ends*

*present time*
Shivaay is smiling with tears…
Ragini – what happened?
Shivaay – nothing…
Sid – guys you talk; I need to go to washroom…
They both were talking while shivaay was still feeling annika’s presence and by passing time it was just getting more and more…
Ragini – ouch *rubs her eye* shivaay please help me I think something went in my eye…
Shivaay – okay *checks her eye… blows it by getting much close to her* is it okay now?
She nods and shivaay looks at her back…
Shivaay – *shocked* annika…
Annika was standing still and a layer of tears was formed in her eyes hearing shivaay she comes to her senses and giving a final look to shivaay turns and walks off…
Shivaay stands up and runs behind her leaving ragini
Shivaay runs behind her shouting her name and held her by her arm when she was about to cross the road…
Shivaay – are you deaf? I’m shouting your name from restaurant and you’re not even bothered…?
Annika – who are you? Why should I listen to you?
Shivaay – I’m your husb…. *stops*
Annika – why you stopped? Because you can’t say that? Well let me clear you’re not my husband neither I’m your wife so please leave…
Shivaay – but… why you walked off?
Annika – my wish…
Shivaay – you
Annika – me? Actually mr oberoi I think you have lost your mind and don’t know what you want to say, so it’ll be better for you to just go back to your GIRLFRIEND
Shivaay – *pulls her in anger* she’s not my GF
Annika – I’m not interested in knowing who she is to you…
Shivaay – but I want you to know, I want you
Annika – *turns freeing herself waves to the other side of road* samar I’m coming…
Shivaay – *pulls her again* you’re not going anywhere… who is this samar?
Annika – I’m not interested to tell you about him
((frees herself again and walks off))
She crossed the road and shivaay stand still with tears after reaching the other side of road her feet twist and she falls…
Shivaay shouts annika and walks to her without noticing the car coming toward him annika turns to him and shouts shivaay, hearing her shivaay looks to the side and car hits him and leaves without stopping
Shivaay was laying in pool of blood and looks at annika b4 closing his eyes annika who was in shock comes out of it and runs to him with her twisted foot in-between falling and bumps in a bike and falls down on road but she doesn’t give up and tries standing but this time she couldn’t so she crawls up to him and puts his head in her lap and holds his hand
Annika “shivaay please open your eyes, please you can’t leave me alone you promised me you will never leave me alone please open” she cries and shouts for help samar who was in a shop comes out and from other side ragini and Sid too comes and were shocked seeing the scenario
Annika was crying samar and Sid-ragini sees eachother
Ragini – bhai
Samar – ragini
Side and samar picks up shivaay and gets in car… while ragini give support to annika to stand up and they both get into car too
Samar in one car and Sid ragini in a car with shivika…
Ragini – annika *giving annika a stroller* please tie it on your head it’s bleeding much…
Annika checks her fore-head and reminds of hitting with a bike…
She took it but ties on shivaay’s head…
Ragini and Sid were shocked soon they all reached hospital and shivaay were taken into emergency, whilst annika refused for any checkup b4 she gets any news of shivaay
Ragini informed OF and soon they reached hospital and saw annika standing near the door of OT with the support of walking stick and sid-ragini and samar outside sitting on the benches with their hands on faces…
Pinky – oh my mata ragini?
Ragini comes to senses while annika were still lost in looking at door
They all comes near benches…
Om – what happened to shivaay?
Sid – he met with an accident
Rudra – how?
Ragini – rudra we were in a restaurant for lunch there he met annika and followed her and after sometime we heard the car breaks and rushes there to saw them in this state… they both met with accident…
Dadi – how?
Samar – only they know…
Pinky – she’s manhoos every time she comes near him he goes near life-death state…
Jhanvi – pinky just shutup…
Rudra – *goes near annika* Bhabhi…
*no response*
Om – bhabi?
*still no response*
Omru – *shook her* bhabhiiii
She turns to them
Rudra – bhabhi… o look her head Is bleeding…
O – bhabhi come you need a checkup
Annika – no… I will not, let him wake first *cries* he is in this state because of me only…
O – bhabi don’t cry you know he’s shivaay nothing will happen to him…
Gauri – yes bhabhi omkara ji is saying right…
Bhavya – bhabhi soon he will be fine…
Rudra – look bhabhi even I’m not crying then why you’re crying?
Annika wasn’t replying to anyone and just looks at door soon the doctor comes out
Annika – doctor how is shivaay?
Doc – we can’t say anything… he isn’t getting conscious lots of blood loss happened but we have given the blood but due to his heart condition he’s quite critical if he doesn’t wake up in next 5 hours then it’ll be a sorry from our side
Annika – noooooo nothing will happen to him; I won’t let it happen…
Nurse was taking him to ICU
Annika leaves the stick and walks toward the stretcher and falls down near the stretcher
Rikara and ruvya helps her to stand and nurse took him to ICU…
Annika – *holding om’s kurta* nothing will happen to him *cries* I won’t let him go anywhere…
Om – yes bhabi…
Annika – I will not
And mumbling this she faints in the embrace of Rikara and ruvya…
They took her to the emergency ward where she was treated…
After nearly 1 and half hour she was conscious but wasn’t allowed to walk due to her fractured foot…
Annika – I need to go to him
Om – bhabhi you can’t…
Annika – why?
rudra – because you can’t walk…
Bhavya – yes bhabi you can’t walk your foot is fractured
Annika – take me to him or else I know how to go…
Gauri – bhabhi…
Annika starts to stand up while omru says – okay we will take you
Bhavya goes and comes with a wheel chair
They made her sit on that and took her to ICU taking doctor’s permission they were about to enter
Pinky comes and stands in front of the door
Pinky – I won’t even let her shadow fall on my son…
Om – choti maa please move
Pinky – no I’ll not move take her away from here
Rudra – choti maa she isn’t going anywhere move aside
Pinky – I said I’ll not if you want to go you will need to go crossing my death body
Annika – if that’s so I won’t mind killing you for seeing my shivaay aunty g
Dadi – annika what are you saying?
Annika – that I should have said a long b4, aunty get aside or
Pinky – or what?
Annika – I told you I won’t mind killing you for seeing my shivaay
Gauri – choti maa ji move aside na otherwise bhabhi will kill you
Pinky – bhavya is here she’ll arrest her… but I won’t move aside
Bhavya – aunty I’m not on duty so move aside
Annika – move aside aunty I’m asking you for the last time next time I’ll not ask I’ll do
Pinky – what you’ll do?
Gauri – not she I will do, ek jhaap me dewar par satha denge
Jhanvi pulls pinky and slaps her
Jhanvi – I should have slapped you the day when you did all the damn conspiracy against annika
Youngsters entered the ward without delaying further

((inside ward annika sit beside his bed on wheel chair))
All were sitting on the bed side some on couch
Annika held his hand in her and kissed it with love full of feelings
Annika “shivaay, please wake up I never wanted to hurt you. I’m so sorry. I just wanted to go away from you so I won’t have to face you. I never wanted you to fell in this state. I just wanted to see you happy. I just wanted you to be fine and safe. I’m sorry because of me you’re in this state fighting with death, shivaay please wakeup if something happens to you I’ll never able to forgive myself. If something happened to you I’ll finish myself too, please shivaay wake up. *leans on his hand* I love you shivaay I can’t live without you. Staying away from you was bearable but losing you isn’t please wake up I promise I’ll never hurt you again”
She cries and rest standing/sitting in that ward also breaks down and cries
((outside ward))
Dadi – Jhanvi what are you saying conspiracy? That too against annika?
Jhanvi – I’m saying what is truth, I was quite till now just for the sake of shivaay and annika’s promise but today I won’t she is still coming in-between two lovers. How could you pinky?
Shakti – what’s the matter bhabhi?
Ragini sid samar were fully attention toward the matter
Jhanvi – what you all think? Annika did that all 3 months ago because of money, no! she was forced to do that so shivaay himself kicks her out of mansion… and the one who forced is none other than pinky
Dadi – what?
Jhanvi – yes mummy ji she was in secured that once annika and shivaay gets more close or completes their marriage shivaay will not care for her so she blackmailed her to leave otherwise she will tell the truth to shivaay…
Ragini – aunty g which truth?
Jhanvi – that shivaay is illegitimate child of shakti and kamini
Shakti – what?
Samar – what?
Sid – what?
Dadi – what?
Ragini – what?
Jhanvi – yes and annika agreed to leave because she couldn’t see her shivaay breaking down and she left or to say got kicked out by shivaay as wished by pinky…
Shakti – but shivaay isn’t illegitimate.
Jhanvi – than it is mahi only?
Shakti – no even he isn’t illegitimate, actually I got to know about all this just few months ago when mahi replaced shivaay then I confronted her about all this and there she admits that mahi is shivaay’s twin I was just sorting out thing b4 bringing mahi but here pinky just ruined it all.
Dadi – but shakti, how come mahi with kamini? And why pinky you called shivaay illegitimate?
pinky – because he is, kamini gave birth to both and handed him to me as I gave a birth to dead boy.
Shakti – this is all non-sense, kamini was never pregnant, and shivaay and mahi are your sons only kamini stole mahi because she was the nurse there where you gave birth to them.
Jhanvi – whatever it is she should not have done this with her son despite the fact he is illegitimate or not but she raised him as her own so why she did this with him?
Dadi – yes, it doesn’t matter whether he was your son or not but you accepted him as your son and did raised him than how could you play with his feelings? How could you just have ignored his happiness and cared about your so called in securities?
Pinky was all mum
Ragini – aunty never thought you can fall so low, you were trying to get me engaged with him so you can do same with me? You know what none could be best life partner for shivaay then annika. And today I promise you I will patch them up. Whatever it may take but I assure you all in a week they’ll be together again like b4 only. I’m his friends he did a lot for me and sid now it’s our time to do something for him and payback.
Sid and ragini left the place after ragini said this.
All just ignored pinky and sat down praying for shivaay

((in ward))
They all were silently crying.
Annika was still holding his hand and crying when she senses his heavy breathes, she looks up and sees him struggling for breathes. All gets worried and soon his heart beats start dropping pulse gets low.
Annika – *shouts* call the damn doctor, *tries waking him up* shivaay please open your eyes…
Om went to call doctor making members sitting outside more tensed soon returned with doctor…doctor asked them to leave while annika refused doctor tries pumping him but there was no response from him and he said sorry to them and stands with his head down
Rudra – *held doctor’s collar * how dare you? How could you say that he is no more? He is shivaay singh oberoi and his life won’t go so easily nothing can happen to my bhaiya, did you get it?
Om hold him and they both cries in eachothers embrace
Annika tries getting up to touch his face while crying bhavya and gauri helps her and she sits on his bed beside him
Held his face in her hands and caresses it.
Annika – *crying* shivaay this doctor has lost his mind; he doesn’t know nothing can happen to you. You’re shivaay and shivaay never breaks his promise. You promised me you’ll never leave me alone like others did. You need to prove them wrong who are trying to prove you wrong you can’t break your promise. *hugs him* you can’t leave me alone I’ll die without you please open your eye’s
Bhavya who wasn’t able to handle it more left the ward crying and sat down on the floor outside the ward and starts crying loudly OF rushes to her and Jhanvi took her in embrace sitting beside her
Jhanvi – *tensed* bhavya why you’re crying please beta tell us something?
Bhavya – *hugs her* maa bhaiya *cries* doctor *cries* said he’s no more *cries*
Dadi stumbles while pinky tries holding her.
Dadi – *jerks off her hand* it’s all because of you. Leave

((in ward))
Annika kisses his whole face “look even I kissed you, you always asked me to give you a kiss look here I’m giving you please open your eyes shivaay”
She touches his forehead with his and cries…
A tear drops of her fell on his eye and here it happened
He took a long heavy breath opening his eyes.
Annika looks at him and hugs him happily saying I love you shivaay.
Shivaay looks at her and again goes un-conscious, for doctor it was not less than a miracle he checked him and informed them that now there’s no danger, and asked them to leave he need some rest.
They all left the ward together.
Gauri was smiling which shocked all
Bhavya – bhabhi in this situation you’re smiling.
Doctor – mr. oberoi is fine now, it’s not less than some miracle but she *annika* bring him back to his life, she is savitri for shivaay.
Saying so he left and everybody were happy and hugs eachother.
Dadi apologized on behalf of pinky but annika said you need no to say sorry, it’s not your fault.
Annika – I want to go home; samar can you please drop me?
Samar – sure…
Rudra – but bhabi why you want to go don’t you want to meet him?
Annika – I need some rest I’ll come back as he’ll get conscious till than bye
Om – I don’t think the matter is as simple as it seems…
Annika – you’re over thinking, and yeah don’t you people trust me that I’ll never to something bad for shivaay?
Omru – bhabhi we trust you more than anything else, well bye
The both hugs her and soon she leaves with samar who took her to her home which is of chanda ofcourse…

After sometime…

Shivaay gets conscious omru were sitting beside him while riru were standing by their side and rest were standing in front
First word shivaay spoke was annika… he called for annika but she wasn’t there he gets up and asks about her
Ragini – she’s not here, why she’ll be here?
Shivaay – I know she bring me here I see her I think.
Sid – you think na, but she wasn’t here
All looked at both of them in surprise as they both were lying
Shivaay – no, I’m sure she was here just now I saw her sometime b4, she was crying where is she tell me?
Om – you’re mistaken *continuing the game of lie started by ragini and sid so they don’t get insulted for lying* only we were here by your side why annika bhabhi will be here?
Shivaay – om even you don’t believe me?
Rudra – bhaiya we believe you, but I think you needed her and imagined her as she wasn’t here.
Bhavya – yes bhaiya, why she’ll come when she even doesn’t know about your accident, ragini and sid bring you here.
Shivaay – no she knows about it she saw me when the car hit me.
Gauri – then she simply ignored the fact and left.
Shivaay – *was on the verge of crying as there each word against annika ignoring him were pricking his heart* please leave me alone…
Everyone knew the situation so left quietly
Shivaay’s POV
I know she saw me at that time and even I’m sure that I saw her only b4 sometime, why they all are hiding about her? Even Om lied about her. Why? Is something serious something happened to her? Or they are saying the truth? She doesn’t get effected I live or die? She moved on and forgot me so easily?
He bursts out and cries vigorously burying his head in the pillow.

@chawl of chanda
Samar – annika you’re not doing good.
Annika – I know samar what I’m doing is good or bad, are you not ready for helping me?
Samar – annika it’s nothing like that I just meant to say you must think about shivaay for once?
annika – what you think? I’m doing this for me? No! it’s for shivaay’s goodness only, if I don’t do this than you don’t know what will happen…
Samar – annika listen to me
Annika – samar no more talk just sshh and post this envelope on the name of shivaay.
Samar – why to post? I can hand over this to him directly now only! Post will take some days…!
annika – I don’t want him to get this now only
Samar – whats the need to hurry, we can delay this for some more time…
Annika – samar I think we have delayed a lot already so we will go today only.
Chanda – please…
Annika – don’t start, give me that *pointing toward something*
Samar – okay as your wish I’ll bring sahil and will post this letter too…
Chanda – but…
Samar winks at her and she quiets annika is asking her to give her things as she can’t move

Om – shivaay you’ve already showed your stubbornness a lot so no more tadi and you will not get your mobile…
Shivaay – what stubbornness I had shown?
Rudra – bhaiya you forced us and doctors to discharge you now only…
Ragini – okay leave it, I’m taking him to his room bhavya please bring soup for him.
Ragini took him to his room

@some place
Man1 – here give him this *handing something*
Man2 – just give him this as soon as possible
They both bids bye and leaves in their respective cars…

@shivaay’s room
Ragini – shivaay why are you not talking to me?
Shivaay – because you lied to me…
Ragini – what? When?
Shivaay – in hospital
Ragini “okay I accept it I lied, because *stops him from her hand to not speak in-between* I promised them I won’t tell you that she was there, she didn’t wanted you to know that she was by your side when you were fighting with death for life, she didn’t wanted you to know that she was crying for you when you wasn’t even in state to console her, she didn’t wanted you to know that she begged you to open your eyes for her sake, she didn’t wanted you to know anything because she loves you more than anything and she can’t see you in pain so she plead in front of me to hide this truth so you won’t get affected”

Shivaay “ but why? Why she thinks like that her present will make me hurt? Why can’t she understand the fact that not her presence but her absence hurts me?”

Ragini “shivaay it’s because she isn’t aware of the truth and she is still assuming that if you’ll get close to her or even if she comes near you, the truth will be revealed to you… she isn’t aware of the fact that you’re not illegitimate and is keeping the promise made to your mom”

Shivaay “illegitimate? What promise?”

Ragini “you never doubted her doings? You never even had a single doubt why she changed a lot suddenly? Shivaay you know what even if pinky aunty was the one behind annika’s moves, but more than pinky aunty you’re guiltier…”

Shivaay “ragini I’m not getting what you’re saying… in fact I have no idea which guilty and faults you’re talking about”

Ragini “shivaay it’s useless to talk about faults with you because you’ll never see your fault so let’s just come to the point. Annika, whatever she did 3 months ago was done by annika but someone forced her to do that so you kicks her out of house and your life… and the person isn’t someone else she is your mom only who blackmailed her if she doesn’t do as said by her than she will tell you that you’re illegitimate son of shakti and kamini and innocent annika who knew about DNA report and was aware of the fact that you and mahi are twins believed that you’re illegitimate and if you gets to know this you’ll be shattered accepted whatever pinky aunty said… but your mom wasn’t aware that kamini is lying *tells him what shakti told them*”

Shivaay was shattered listening to the conspiracy his mom played behind his back with his lady love he breaks down and ragini consoles him…

Sid enters and gives a packet to shivaay

Samar “annika are you sure you want to go? Still you’ve time… please?”

Annika “samar I’ve decided to go and it’s my final decision, none can change it”

Samar “annika it’s not about you only it’s about shivaay too he can’t live without you”

Annika “samar he can’t live happily with me, there are many reasons and I’ve no time to tell them now so just don’t ask me the same question again”

Samar “okay annika as you say in next 2 hours we will be going for the boarding”

Annika hummed in the reply and they both sat down in waiting room along with sahil ((annika is still on wheel chair))

@shivaay’s room
Shivaay – what’s this sid?

Sid “open it fast and read you’ll know otherwise you’ll regret”

Shivaay tears off the sealing and takes out the letter in it along with a mangalsutar

{shivaay reads the letter along with his POV}
Annika’s mangalsutar? But what’s in the letter? Something serious?
I should read it fast…
“shivaay… I know after reading this you’ll be angry on me and I know when this will reach you by that time I would have left India and it will be a week I think; I deliberately send this through POST instead of sending it by someone as I don’t want you to stop me. Yes, shivaay I don’t want you to stop me because I don’t want you to fall in danger again, whenever we come close you fall in trouble. Pinky aunty was right I’m manhoos for you, whenever my shadow falls on you…you fall in trouble… how much I try I can’t forget you and being in the same city and country I won’t be able to stop myself from meeting you after all this happened today I mean the accident day as you will be getting it late…I wanted to live with you but now I don’t as living with you will be risky for you…I never believed on these talks like manhoos and all but now I strongly believe on them, I just can’t ignore the fact that because of me you had to suffer a lot…the accident happened because of me and to avoid further bad happenings I’m leaving…yes shivaay I’m leaving for NEWYORK I had to leave a month ago as samar jeet Malhotra my friend started a business there and he made me manager there and arranged everything for me there but I couldn’t go I never had enough strength to go this much away from you so I kept on making excuses and he being the good and best friend tolerated it as he knew it I can’t go I can just say…today when I asked him to arrange tickets for today only he was trying to make me understand that I shouldn’t go, haha it seems funny… well I know you wanted to know why I behaved in that way b4 3 months but shivaay trust me, I think you can do it at least today? So trust me something’s are better left unsaid otherwise they can create a huge mess in your life, and I don’t want to do that I can’t see you suffering…I know without me you’ll suffer too but not more than that being with me…I always believed in love and even I wished or you can say craved for it and guess what I got it from you and your family only and sahil too… you loved me a lot shivaay…your care…your concern…your love I can’t forget them ever…being with you I got to know what love looks like…I wished to stay with you and spend my rest life with you…share our happiness with eachother…share our sorrows with eachother…share each and everything with eachother but as I used to say my fate is so cruel to me whenever I gets it GOD snatches it from within days only…and take years to give just little…by this time you may have known why they lied to you about me not being in hospital, so I forced them to lie and if someone had told you so you know why I did so… after making this much huge mess in your house and life I have no courage to face you ever…I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you but please take care of yourself…I don’t want to take any of your thing with me because it will make difficult for me to stay there with any of your thing so I’m even leaving this mangalsutar here…I could have stayed back only if someone have showed some trust on me….
Shivaay yes, this is for you only, I wished…I prayed…that on the day of our marriage when I created a huge mess you could have shown a little piece of trust on me… I know when it’s the matter of your family you can’t bear anyone…but did you ever think…even I was your family, but I think you never really considered me as your family…despite all the things why I did this and on who’s saying…you could have behaved me in the way you behave with your family when pinky aunty fights with tej uncle over the heir thing…what if I revealed the illegitimate truth of omkara even then you could have sensed something fishy but you failed…I’m not complaining shivaay…it was just in my heart so thought to just let them out b4 leaving…I just want one answer from you…why always me? Why you never trusted me? First time it was of chip when you didn’t believe me…then that tia matter you showed me my place by ignoring what I’m saying…you even called me gold digger, and after that attack on me you called me that I’m obsessed with you? And attack thing is fake, and then in daksh’s matter you believed what daksh said and not even bothered to ask me but just blamed me…you didn’t trust me at that time too…then this naintara matter you didn’t believe me I told you pinky aunty bring her but you didn’t trust me then I was crying and saying I didn’t let the door open for ranveer but still you didn’t trust me…so how can I even trust myself now when the one whom I believed to be my strength turned out my weakness and never trusted me I lost my trust on myself too…so I’m done I hope I justified the reason why I’m leaving you I can’t let you fall in any more trouble and I never give promises to break, so leaving you for these reasons bye shivaay b4 leaving I want to let you know that I LOVE YOU,YES I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD AND IT’LL BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU BUT FOR YOU I CAN BEAR THIS PAIN TOO…TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND FAMILY SHIVAAY BYE YOUR ANNIKA WAS HERE…”
What she left?
Shivaay fell on his knees and cries holding the letter near his heart and shouts “annika” as loud as he can

Om “shivaay what’s the matter” om sat beside him
Rudra “bhaiya why you’re crying? Taking bhabhi’s name?”
Shivaay “she left me, she left me for forever…” cries while omru take him in their embrace…
Sid “shivaay you are not getting it; I know she left you but still there’s half an hour left for her flight”
Ragini “I think you shouldn’t delay more and reach as soon as possible”

Shivaay nods and gathering his all strength taking his car’s keys runs out of mansion shocking everyone present in hall as he just got discharged from hospital…
Shivaay sits in car and was about to leave rudra runs to him and give him the mangalsutar “bhaiya you will need this, we will come reach fast”
Saying so he leaves and shivaay drives off… by then ragini sid and om told everything to rest of OF
And they too leave for the airport
20 minutes were left for their flight shivaay was getting mad and driving fast but his bad luck there was traffic jam he banged his hand on steering and taking the mobile left the car there only and started running toward the airport which was 30 minutes away from there he was just running madly and even bumped into many people’s… after 30 minutes breathing heavily he reached the airport and falls outside the main entrance where people helped him getting up giving him water and drinking little to get strength he again runs inside airport and on the information desk he asks about the flight and got to know it’s Gonna take off now in few minutes… he asks her to cancel it at any cost but his total strength wasn’t with him so he failed to threaten the girl and runs inside where boarding was on alerting the security and making them chase him, soon he reached the counter where NEWYORK BOARDING was going on but to his bad luck it was closed and the flight was taken off… he fell on his knees and shouts her name and falls on floor completely sobbing while the guards hand cuffed him *sobbing* I couldn’t stop her…
By that time the rest ((RAGINI, SID, OMRU GAURI BHAVYA)) reached there too and get stop know about a man going in forcefully so they took commissioner help and ACP BHAVYA help and reached there and frees shivaay while he hugs omru and sobs about how he lost her…

“jiju” listening to this word shivaay looked up at sahil who was standing in front of him smiling…
“sahil, you didn’t leave?” asked shivaay while holding his hands “no jiju actually di fainted so we couldn’t catch up the flight and booked the next one” explained sahil
Shivaay “but where is she?” sahil “di is there…”
He pointed toward a man they all were facing his back “who is he?” asked omru “he’s samar” replied ragini
Shivaay – annikaaaaa *shouts her name with all his strength*
Samar turns with a wheel chair on which annika is sitting shivaay was shocked as hell to see her in this state and turned to look at omru “accident” this was the only word came out from Rudra’s mouth
Shivaay again collecting whole strength stands up and walks to her but falls in mid feeling dizzy annika who was coming to him by the help of samar sees him falling and with a jerk stands up and tries to run but falls there only… samar and sid made her sit back while omru looks after shivaay and soon they both were close to eachother…

Annika – *crying* why you came here? Look at yourself how weak and injured you are…
Shivaay – what else I should have done? When you were leaving me? And going far away… *cries*
Annika – but *sobs* how you came to know?
Shivaay – only you left the letter…
Annika looks at samar who just smiles…
Annika – shivaay, I can’t stay with you now, I have moved on with samar and I can’t return to you *wipes her and his tears* so it will be better that you too move on…
Shivaay – annika *cries* don’t do this with I’ll die without you…
Annika – *puts her hand on his mouth* please shivaay don’t say like this…
Shivaay – I know you’ve not moved on yet and you can’t even move on ever and even I can’t move on so why to punish ourselves without any reason if we could just…
Annika – *stops him* no shivaay there is a reason and I can’t tell you all… so it’s better I leave and let me leave please, I don’t want to hurt you more…
Shivaay – you don’t want to hurt me… but you’re already hurting me *placing hand on his heart* it pains here when I think of you going away…annika I won’t ask you to forget and come you can punish me for whatever wrong I did with you and I’ll not even say anything and will happily accept whatever punish you’ll give me…
Annika – shivaay it’s not that easy and nothing will get fine but will worse only so please juts forget that there was any annika in your life ever…
Shivaay “annika I know why you don’t want to come because you promised my mom you won’t come again, and I know everything now and that blackmailing game too but I want to let you know few things and then you can take whatever decision you want to take…so I’m not illegitimate son of shakti and kamini and neither mahi *tells her what ragini told him* I know I’m not good for you and you think the same way for yourself… but annika none else can be better than you for me, I know you don’t trust me anymore because of my silly behavior and doings I did in past, I never trusted you as you said in the chip matter in the tia matter and daksh than in mom and prianku matter but you always trusted me in pregnancy drama then in the matter of gaytri murder every time you showed faith on me and trusted me more than anyone, it’s the last time please trust me and I’ll never let you fall again I promise you, please I will never repeat the same thing again or ever, annika I need you I really need you believe me or not but I’m nothing without you only you completes me, without you I’m a lifeless soul who don’t know how to laugh or get happy without you I’m nothing…I need you… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANNIKA… please annika if you’ll leave this time I won’t be able to handle …this and may die…”
Hearing his last word she slapped him “how could you even say that? How dare you? What you think leaving you I’ll be happy? I don’t want to hear that die word again I want to see you happy and if your happiness lies in me I won’t leave, but if you dare to repeat that word again I’ll give my life here only now only” she hugs him crying and he too reciprocates….
“I LOVE YOU TOO SHIVAAY” said annika while hugging him and he quietly made her wear her mangalsutar still in HUG and the peoples who were standing there making the video of their confession and eager to know the result clapped hard for them… and soon they got apart and shies seeing the crowd clapping and shivaay sets his self and took annika from there and rest followed him…

Om “the great shivaay singh oberoi who was afraid of falling in love fallen in love and who was afraid of saying sorry in front of only one said that in 1000 of people’s and who wasn’t ready to confess his love for annika in front of her only confessed it in –front of many…despite the fact that many people were there he was on his knees for her crying for her requesting her this Is love… I told na”



They all smiles…
Guys do comment please; I wrote 3 4 OS on this track including one SS so I think this is last one…hope you’ll like this too so let me know how much you liked it through the comments…and silent reader please do comment… and if any confusion and doubt ask them too…
So guys this is me annie signing off bbye take care everyone see you soon <3

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    Samar is such a good friend… he united shivika and gave the letter to shivay before hand.
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