ShivIka: Lunch OS by Sophie

Hello Everyone,
This is my first OS on ShivIka
Hope you like it…
She was a little nervous. Oh sure, they had talked about this meeting for months, and they had more than twenty years of knowing each other all that time too, yet, this was different. He had never married, and she had been married only a brief time- to brief to leave even memories. Just a blip, blur, and not even enough pain to break her heart. The best she could come up with to describe her marriage was this: it was disappointing.

This was different. This was lunch with Shivaay. She had known him since sixth grade. He had made her laugh with his talking sandwich, he had sat quietly listening when her heart was broken: in High School, in College, and even after her marriage ended. He never intruded or hinted- he treated her and her words with equal measures of respect and honesty. She took his friendship for granted- kind of.

Now, she was thirty something, so was he. No longer were they twelve and sitting on a bus seat together, or a back porch, or a swing set, or the hood of a car—leaning back against the windshield. No, this time they were both adults with some worn tread on their life tires. This time she wouldn’t be sitting next to him talking about someone else, she would be sitting across from him talking about “us.”

Sure it was only lunch. But it was their first real lunch as a potential couple. As he said over the phone:

“Annika, everyone but us thought we should get married. That was decades ago, and everyone that knows us, still thinks that. We just weren’t ready. I am not who I was at twelve, or even twenty, and…neither are you. I think we are ready to acknowledge something we forgot to share with each other. We are soul mates. We always have been. It just felt so natural, we ignored it, because don’t you have to work at both being in love, and loving? We never had to.

I trusted you from the first time I met you. I never had to Shivaayce around the meaning of words, and could just ask you what you meant to say, to see if it matched what you did say. I think you felt the same way too. (She did) We are ready now to see what everyone else always saw. “

She agreed with Shivaay. Just that made her smile, as she realized she often agreed with him. It was like they were always in harmony. Harmony. What a beautiful word when it is feeling between couples. No wonder they say: “We can make beautiful music together.” Yes, we can. No sour notes to contend with, no marching to a different drummer, we follow the same beat, the beat of our hearts.

She got to the restaurant early. It was so crowded she had to wait outside. Shivaay got there just minutes after she checked their reservation- and when the Maître’s told them it would be about thirty minutes until their table was ready- well, he just took her by the hand and went outside with her.

There were about ten steps leading up to the restaurant door, and Shivaay took Annika to a step about half way down the stairs. He took his sweater off, made a little pillow out of it on the step for Annika to sit on, and sat down next to her. Their thighs were touching as she leaned into him a little, and their hands, when not busy adding touches to whatever topic came up, nestled into each other’s hands without fanfare.

The meeting started just like they were twelve- sitting next to each other talking, unselfconscious, unworried, and unhurried. She was no longer nervous about lunch. It would be just fine. They would get a booth, not a table, and sit next to each other, not across from each other. She would lean in to him. He would lean on her. Life had taken different routes to put them on those steps — and because of that, they were ready for the same path.

“Table for two, is ready!”

Shivaay and Annika got up as one. Lunch is served.
I hope you liked it… I have written some One Shots on KaIra and only wrote this one because I got really positive response for them
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  1. Fenil

    Loved it.

    Awesome work Dii on Shivika also.

    I hope u will come up wid Sharman , Naksh=Naitik and Akshara And Ishkara .

    Love u dii .

    1. Thank you Fenil
      Glad that you liked this one as well
      Will surely try to write more
      Love you too bro

  2. Orchid

    Aap ne rulahi diya. Kas koi sach mein ho jo humse itna payaar kare kas. Awesome update di can’t stop my tears plz continue with some more OS or I will cry to the hell. Love u. And again fantastic ep.

    1. Thank you very much
      I will try to write more but can’t promise
      Now don’t cry too much, read it and forget it
      Love you too

  3. Superbbb

    1. Thank you Bhavana

  4. Anujohnson

    Its awesome di…loved it…I expected this frm you..its so natural and a kinda casual story apart frm others..this is a kind of jolly story and I love these kind of stories..thankyou so much for writing this one..and again you didnt pm me the link..chal I am not talking to u… 🙁

    1. Thank you Anu
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      Next time I promise I will send you the link
      I am so sorry
      I love youuuuu Anuuuuu

      1. Anujohnson

        Hmm ok dear..friends..we are bff’s forgot..ok love you loads

  5. It is awesome dear…

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  6. Awesome….
    Do come up wid another 1… 🙂

    1. Thank you
      Will surely try to write more

  7. Archisha

    This was awesome di and I hope you write more “OS”s like this. And when you do, kindly pm or post the link. Love you ?

    1. Thank you very much Archisa
      Glad that you enjoyed it
      Will surely send you the link
      Love you too

  8. Awwww…di is was so spellbound os don’t have words to describe.. Luved it..plzz try to write on twinj..
    Luv u

    1. Thank you Adeeba
      I am writing the TwinJ one now..
      Will post it tomorrow
      Love you too

  9. Manya

    Loved it❤️
    Write an OS on DEVAKSHI too?
    Love u?

    1. Thank you Manya
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      I have started to write the DevAkshi one, will post it tomorrow
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  10. Ishika_ishu

    Thank you di for sending me links…its really nice…i mean its awesome…nice work….keep writing like this…????????????…love you di..??

    1. Thank you ishu
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  11. Pooja26

    its just awsm dear
    loved it !!!!!! 😉 😉
    post more os lyk dis…..

    1. Thank you Pooja
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      Will try to write more

  12. Aana

    Its…lovely. U have perfectly defined the expression or feeling wtever u say to that. .nd u kn many can relate their life situations with this. Just loved it…waiting for more …

    1. Thank you Aana
      Glad that you enjoyed it
      Will try to write more

  13. Shivika


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  14. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome di . I loved it to the core . Muahhhhhhhh ????????. Please come up with another ffs os and everything soon . Plzz .

    1. Thank you Surbhi
      Glad that you liked it
      Will surely try to write more

  15. Neha_Pheonix

    It’s so fantastic. You are amazing stories in your mind which are unique!??. I like when people give chance to their relationship again. I am ready to read your os on any character! Love ya!!

    1. Thank you Neha
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      I will send you the links to my new posts
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  16. Superb…..loved it…

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  17. Abhija17

    an unique , beautiful n realistic story. itz awesome…di u have a great tallent..we want more from u ..keep writing..luv u…….

    1. Thank you Abhi
      Glad that you liked
      Will surely try to write more
      Love you too

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  18. Soumya85

    Again it was awesome di never stop writting OS u r fab….Love u di ?sorry for late comment

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  19. Thedreamsoul

    This beautiful and amazing ! 🙂

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  20. Chanya

    Awesome di..loved it..sorry for the late comment..

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  21. IME

    LOVED IT!!!
    sorry for late comment
    love you

    1. Thank you Ishu

  22. Mrunal

    really nice…
    the bond u showed between shivika was blissful…
    loved the way u portrayed it…

    1. Thank you very much Mrunal

  23. It was a pleasure to read.ohh it was so cute n heart touching.i will pray to God that all should get soul mate like amazing superbbbbbb amazing I don’t have words to appreciate

    1. Thank you ARJS

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