Hlo thank you very much for all those love of you all on Valentine’s Day. Here comes the next episode. And MITHILA I just loved the style you have written bye. Let’s begin then………
Shivay, mallika, anika, ahana and all other invitees go to the party. The party begins.
Shivay: so ladies and gentlemen enjoying the party?
Crowd: yes
Shivay: so no presenting the most important and very gorgeous person of my life..
Anika thought it to be her so she looked at shivay with full of expectation in her eyes
Shivay: ….mallika
Crowd: woooooo….aww…..mmmm…oooo
Shivay: ok silence she is a very close person to me.
Mallika: stop it shivay
Shivay: why should I stop I’m telling the truth afterall
Mallika winks at shivay and then shivay holds her hand and kisses on her back side of the palm. Anika remembers om’s words that shivay is dating a girl named mallika. She is pained deep inside her heart. She could not resist her tears from coming out from her eyes and she ran outside the hotel and sat down at the bench outside the hotel. All couples at the party starts to dance. Ahana also gets a partener for her. Shivay and mallika were dancing together. After sometime shivay realized that he has hot seen anika for atleast 45 minutes. She asks mallika to take rest as they were constantly dancing for 45 minutes. And then he starts to search anika. He goes outside the hotel and finds anika sitting on a bench. He is shocked to see anika’s eyes full of tears.

Shivay: anika
Anika wipes away her tears after listening to shivay’s voice. Shivay comes to her and hugs her tightly. Anika was standing still she does not reciprocates the hug.
Shivay: do you know I got tensed as I could not find you anywhere inside.
Anika: I just came here as everyone was busy with their partners and I don’t have one so what is the point standing over there like a dumbbbo.
Shivay: you should have told me at least once before coming out and why are you crying?
Anika: who said I’m crying actually something got into my eyes and so water is coming out from my eyes.
Shivay: really? Or these tears are because I declared mallika as the most important person of my life?
Anika: I basically don’t care about that shivay
Shivay: then also you will not accept na that you love me
Anika: why will I accept if I don’t?
Shivay: ok MISS ANIKA ALUWALIAH just give me 1 month and I promise you will be mine by then, you will become MRS. ANIKA SINGH OBEROI after one month
Anika:oh really nothing is going to happen like that
Shivay: so you are challenging mr. shivay singh oberoi
Anika: if you take my words as a challenge then it is a challenge to you
Shivay: ok challenge accepted. Just remember shivay singh oberoi has a very bad habit of winning challenges.
Anika: and anika aluwaliah does not allow anyone to win challenge.
Shivay: ok then let’s see who wins and who loses.
Anika: done let’s see

Shivay: ok now let’s go inside I has been almost half hour that we are outside.
Anika: you need not show this much tadi to me. You are now behaving like a bhagad billa.
Shivay: what type of language are you speaking?
Anika: I speak like this only agar tumko machmachi machti hai to I can’t help it
Shivay: whatever just go inside.
They both go inside. The party gets over at 10pm. All went greeted each other happy valentine again and they went on. That night anika could not sleep shivay’s words for mallika, om’s words (that mallika is shivay’s girlfriend which he told when anika left shivay) and her and shivay’s challenge’s words are ringing in her ears.
Anika: I’m sorry shivay but I can’t go back to you. I have already hurted you so much 12 years ago. I don’t deserve you. Mallika deserves you as she has taken care of you when I left you because of such a silly reason. Please shivay forgive me I can’t go back to you. Now I fear that if I go back to you and again hurt you then you might not handle it for second time please shivay try to understand we are not made for each other. Please. You are thinking that you love me still now but it is wrong. I feel you and mallika are going to marry each other and after what you declared today at the party made me clear that you love mallika and not me. Please forget me and forgive me.
She thinks all these the whole night.


I am overwhelmed by the previous comments of your again do comment and encourage me to write. Love you all loads. And shivika will unite after3 episodes may be. So stay tuned till then to know how they unite. Bye -NILASH

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