Hlo everyone and sorry for not posting the episode yesterday. Oh I forgot HAPPPPYY VALENTINES DAY to all of you. Love you all loadsssss. Let’s start the episode.

The next day anika was feeling some uneasy as she was not ready to face shivay again on the other side shivay who was not knowing that his meeting is with anika only was a little frustrated after the previous day’s incident. The meeting time came. Shivay and anika both went to the spot shivay was shocked to see anika there, no words came out from his mouth only he could do was to stare anika.
Shivay: mallika do we have the no. of that girl?
Mallika: which girl shivay?
Shivay: the girl in red dress.
(anika was wearing a red dress and ahana was wearing a pink dress)

Mallika: no but we have the no. of that girl wearing pink dress.
Shivay: hmmm so who is the girl in pink dress?
Mallika: she is anika’s P.A.
Shivay (shocked): you know anika?
Mallika: yes our deal is with her company only
Shivay: what?
Mallika: yes why are you so shocked?

Shivay: no no nothing.
The deal got fixed anika was little bit hesitant but ahana insisted her so she agreed to the deal. Everyone was about to go.
Shivay: mallika you go I have some important work with somebody
Mallika: but with whom?
Shivay: something important you go
Mallika went away shivay goes towards ahana
Shivay: so you are ms. Ahana right?

Ahana: yes sir
Shivay: you are looking stinning in this pink outfit.
Ahana: thank you sir
Anika was standing on the side of ahana and was getting jealous on seeing shivay’s closeness to ahana
Anika: ahana can we go our meeting is over right?
Ahana: yes anika let’s go
Shivay: ahana if you won’t mind then can I talk to your mam for this deal as she did not say a single word during the meeting
Ahana: sure sir
Anika rolled her eyes on ahana

Ahana: anika he wants to talk to you. Actually I should go from here may be he wants to talk something important.
Shivay: so ms. Anika we can go to the garden of this hotel it is really a nice place
Anika: no shivay I want to go back there is lots of work pending at my office
Shivay: hmmm so you remember my name I thought you must be calling me mr. oberoi but…
Anika tries to go away but shivay holds her and forcefully takes her to the garden.
Anika: shivay nothing is left between us anymore please leave me shivay
Shivay: do you remember anika today is Valentine’s Day?
Anika thinks for a while and then all her memories with shivay on valentine’s day comes infront of her eyes. A lone tear escaped from her eyes but she wiped away the tear.
Anika: ya so what?
Shivay: so what? Ok so you will not accept that you love me?
Anika: shivay it is past and it is better to forget our past.

Shivay: hmm so you have changed this much? You are no more that anika whom I loved
Anika: what can I do shivay situations changed me and my life
Shivay: ok so it does not affect you that today is valentine’s day?
Anika: why will it affect me?
Shivay: fine then I called you here to give you an invitation for Valentine’s Day party at sunrise hotel. Please do come and ya don’t forget to bring ahana along with you.
Anika: but why ahana?

Shivay: anika something is burning over here can you smell it?
Anika: who said I’m jealous?
Shivay: who said that anika, no one said I’m just telling that something is burning
Anika: whatever
Shivay: don’t forget to bring her along with you
Anika: you want her in your party fine I’ll bring her with me

Shivay: that means you are coming?
Anika: someone is inviting me for a party how can I deny it
Shivay: ok then meet you tonight sharp at 7 pm and ya you are looking in this colour
Anika: I know that
Shivay: anika I love you

Anika goes away without giving any answer. She sits in her car and remembers her past. Shivay was planning to bring back anika to his life as he has hurt her very much 10 years ago. He is lost in his thought while mallika asks him to get ready for the party. He gets ready; he wears a wine red suit. On the other side ahana and anika get’s ready for the party; she wears a blue coloured gown.
I think it is a small gift from my side to all of you on this day. Bye and keep commenting and encouraging me. Once again a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. -NILASH

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