Thank you to everybody for motivating and encouraging me to write the next episode. Thank you so so so much. Ok enough of stupid emotional talks let’s start.

A girl is shown with papers spread all over her desk; on the other side a man is shown scolding one of his staff.
The man: can’t you just make all the papers ready without committing any mistake?
Staff: sorry sir I will make this paper ready in an hour
The man: just go then what are you waiting for? Make a move before I lose my temper just go.
The staff goes from there
The man: disgusting fellows
A girl comes from behind asking the man to relax.
The man: how can I mallika you know na the deal is tomorrow and no papers are yet ready. This is not expected from these non sense staffs.
Mallika: relax shivay everything will be ready before evening I promise you
Shivay: then just ask those staff to complete each and every page of that file because the deal is really important for us.
Mallika: ok I am telling them.

Scene shifts to that girl’s office. The girl is sitting with all messes infront of her.
The girl: ahana just look at these papers again. Just confirm that there is no mistake
Ahana: I checked these papers for 5 times anika they are alright.
Anika: No check it again because tomorrows deal is really a important one. Tomorrow the deal is with ‘THE OBEROIS’, oh my god just have a look at these papers again and put them in the file in sequence.
Ahana: ookkk
Next morning anika and shivay both get ready for their respective deals. Anika and ahana was going for the meeting.
Ahana: sorry anika
Anika: why are you saying sorry?
Ahana: I’m really sorry just give me half hour I will fix it
Anika: hey have you gone mad what are you talking about?
Ahana: I left a paper of this file on your desk. Just give me 30 minutes I will go bring that paper from office
Anika: what? You are……. uffffff…….. ok go but come back soon
Ahana get’s redy to get down from the car
Anika: why are you getting down?
Ahana: to get a cab to go
Anika: are you crazy? Now you are getting down to get a cab? It will take atleast 15 minutes and after that you will go then it will surely take one hour for you to go and then come back. Just take the car.
Ahana: but??
Anika: now what?
Ahana: ok ok I’m taking your car. There is a park over here you can just go and sit over there and wait for me. And keep this file with you only and check everything else is right or not
Anika: ok fine you go fast.
Anika enters the park and opened the file to check it. shivay was already standing there along with his file and was trying to call somebody. His car’s engine stopped working at the middle of the road so he decided to wait for another car to come. Finally shivay get’s the person on call whom he was trying to call
Shivay: where are you mallika? From 10 minutes I’m waiting for you and your car to come.
Mallika: I’m sorry but may be it will take 30 minutes to reach over there because of this huge disgusting traffic please do wait please.
Shivay: ok come soon

Shivay was very busy in calling and anika was busy reading the papers. Suddenly boom… both the files fell down and all the papers got messed up. Shivay was stunned to see anika. He is shocked to see anika like that because he never saw anika with an irritated face. Anika did not look up to see the person who collided with her rather she sat down to put up all the papers. She was murmuring in angry tone
Anika: oh mr. can’t you see? God has given eyes to see so you can make use of it right?
Shivay: anika……
Now anika get’s up to look at the person who collided with her and who also know her name. She looks up
Anika: shivayyy??…!!
A thin layer of water is formed in their eyes. No one could utter any word after that. Both were looking into each other’s eyes or it is better to say they were lost in each other’s eyes. Just then both of their phone rings together. They realize that and turn to other side and go away from that place.
Ahana: here is the paper come let’s go.
Anika: can’t we cancel the deal today.
Ahana: what are you saying you want to cancel the deal with ‘THE OBEROIS’ are you sure
Anika: yes ahana I’m suddenly not feeling well please.
Ahana: ok I’m trying to do that but…
Anika: just try ahana
On the other side shivay get’s up on mallika’s car.
Shivay: mallika can’t we cancel the deal for today?
Mallika: what are you saying shivay? Are you crazy you were only saying na that the deal is important for you.
Shivay: ya but I’m not feeling well please.
Mallika: but shivay..
Just then mallika’s phone rings
Mallika: see they are calling may be they have reached so shivay
Shivay: just tell them I’m not well and postpone the deal.
Mallika puts up the phone.
Ahana: hello mam ahana here from ALUWALIAH INTERIORS.
Mallika: ya actually..
Ahana (cuts mallika in between): mam actually can we postpone the deal and do the meeting tomorrow because the owner of this farm is not well so she wants to postpone the deal?
Mallika: oh okk no problem then the deal will be on tomorrow at same place same time.
Mallika cuts the phone
Shivay: what happened?
Mallika: they only want to postpone the deal so I also agreed.
Shivay: oh ok
Mallika: shivay where is the file?
Shivay: file?
Mallika: yes the file of the deal
Shivay: oh no that means anika took my file also along with her. Damn..
Mallika: what are you saying and what name did you take?
Shivay: nothing actually I lost the file we have soft copy of that file. Just print them and arrange the file again
Mallika (in irritated tone): what is all this happening shivay. Suddenly you are feeling not well you lost the file also what is all this going on?
Shivay: nothing mallika just keep quite because I’m not in a mood to talk please.
Mallika is shocked to see the sudden change in behavior of shivay but she remained silent.

On the other side ahana was again arranging the messed up file and then she get’s the papers of shivay’s file also.
Ahana: anika whose papers are these?
Anika: what do you mean?
Ahana: these papers are not of our file wait wait these are paper of ‘THE OBROIS’
Anika: what?
Ahana: ya may be the papers of that deal only for which we were going but from where did you get these?
Anika: I don’t know. Just separate the papers and put in different files.
Anika was thinking that is shivay the owner of ‘THE OBEROIS’ she then remembers that shivay’s bade papa was a business man and they are oberois. She got shocked and curses her fate that destiny again braught them together.


I hope everyone will like the upcoming episodes also. Thank you -NILASH

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