Sorry for not posting this ff for long actually I was not willing to post the disaster as it will hurt many of you but after disasters only love regains its actual meaning right? So let’s start…

It is mid of august suddenly anika stopped talking to shivay. Shivay went to her to talk but she ignored.
Anika: shivay just stay away from me from now.
Shivay: just tell me anika what happened to you suddenly?
Anika: nothing but I don’t want to talk to you any more
It seemed to shivay as if a big tree fell on his head. He could not understand any words of anika all he could do is stand at the place and stare at her. She vanished from his sight. Days started to pass like that. Om came near anika to talk in this matter but everytime anika ignored the topic. They all passed class 9. Two months are over that they are in class 10. Anika came to know about news about shivay that shivay is dating a girl named mallika. She enquired about mallika from om and came to know that she studies at different school but same class and stays near shivay’s house. She felt something broke down inside her heart. A lone tear fell from her eyes but she did not cry. After some days she went away to shivay
Anika: shivay I love you please come back to me
Shivay: I can’t come back to you anika because the thing that you did to me after that I’m sorry but I cannot believe on you

That night anika cried for whole night remembering all her and shivay’s moments of togetherness. They passed class 10. In class 11 also nothing changed between them rather they ignored each other. Passed class 11 and now class 12 have started. One day anika decided to tell the truth to shivay.
Anika: I want to tell you something
Shivay: ok go for it
Anika: I want to say about the class 9 matter
Shivay: ya ok just say it
Anika: are you sure?
Shivay: yes I am just give me the reasons for which you left me that time
Anika: that time…. that time actually my mom came to know about our relationship and she was totally against it as we were too small. She asked me to leave you or else she will change my school. I cannot leave without at least seeing a sight of yours so I decided to leave you. At least by doing that I will stay near to you. I really loved you.
She looked down after saying this much

Shivay: your mom was actually right you will get a far better buy than me. So always be happy and never cry thinking about our old moments because it is over now.
Anika was not expecting this answer but she could not force shivay to love her again. She and shivay both went away in opposite direction. Anika looked back but shivay was walking ahead then anika turned forward, then shivay looked back and only he could see anika walking ahead. A misunderstanding again grew in their heart. But after that day no one came forward to clear the misunderstanding. They passed class 12. They both lost each other’s contact after they left the school. Only the memories of both of them remained inside their heart.


I know this episode is a heart breaking episode but the upcoming episodes would be interesting ones. I’m sorry because I know I have hurt many of you through this episode but I promise I will fix shivika love story soon. Please do comment. -NILASH

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  1. Angela

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      thank you ANGELA i will surely post the next part soon

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  2. I am a silent reader … but i am seriously in love with this ff ….. good going

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      thank you SAALINI for loving the ff i hope that you will love the upcoming episodes also

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  5. Aree yaar! Rula diya mujhe?….. Epi was awesome….waiting for the nxt… Update asap!

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  6. I can’t for the next part it’s sooooo gooood plz post fast

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  7. Dear…. Plz give a valentine’s special In your ff plz plz plz…. It is my request…..

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      i will surely keep this request of your in my mind and thank you for the valuabel suggestion

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    Nice… Hoping shivika will reunite soon

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    Awesome ff.. But plz unite SHIVIKA as soon as possible

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    hey nice one….
    silly reasons also sometimes does big damage i agree….
    hope shivika will unite soon…

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